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Three Ways to Pain

by Dana

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© Copyright 2007 - Dana - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; pain; hum; fem; messy; cons; XX

I have tried many experiments with self bondage and self inflicked pain, here are some examples which i hope you find interesting:

1.Obstacle course.
Sbm; pain; stings; cons; XX

As my partner has previously written i have a fetish with eggs bumping and grinding around my balls and penis, so this fun time began with me putting 18 eggs in my thong. Around my waist was my bondage belt to which i would connect my cuffed wrists to. Then i attached 3 clothes pegs to each nipple, to the middle peg which was firmly attached to the most sensitive point tied  4ft string lines to which i tied a shoe to each. I then snapped the padlocks to secure my wrists behind my back.

There, I was set, I had to walk backwards and as I did the shoes dragged along the carpet painfully pulling my nipples. The eggs slowly stimulated me as I gradually made my way into the corridor where I put 3 saw benches. They were positioned in such a way that I had to walk with a leg either side. On top of the first I had put holly branches, the second gorse bush branches and on the third was bushels of nettles. At the end there are 2 steps down into our utility room where I had placed the keys to my cuffs on a plastic sheet which I poured lineament oil (Ben gay) which I would have to sit in to get the keys.

I approached the first obstacle, the holly pricked and scraped my rear and the inside and backs of my legs, my nipples being stretched as the string caught on the holly. As I proceeded towards the second bench I was getting hard and as I got harder the eggs stimulated me more. Just the thought of what I was doing and about to do was pushing my thong to its stretchable limits.

The gorse was a different proposition, the barbs stuck into me and the only way to get across them was a series of small jumps. This caused my nipples great pain as the shoes yanked and pulled over and over again. The gorse was not only attacking my arse and legs but now had pierced my thong and was giving my balls some serious attention. Fortunately with me jumping up and down the eggs had ensured my penis was rock hard and I was able to escape the gorse without it being attacked, unlike my arse, legs and balls, in fact it was quite a relief when I finally got over this second obstacle. I was unable to rub or check any damage as my wrists were cuffed to my belt, I am sure there was odd spikes from the gorse stuck in me.

Anyway, onwards to the next saw bench. I had gone a little mad with the amount of nettles (as you do ) they stood about 12" above the top of the bench and were bushing out and I had put these the whole length of the bench, about 3 ft long. What have I done, I am half way along the obstacle, I have been stung from the waist down to knees back and front, even my balls are being attacked, and now I am stuck, the shoes that are attached to my nipples have got trapped. I can't go back so with a big breath I pulled hard, one peg ripped off my right nipple (that hurt) the other one came clear but was now very painful.

I was off the nettles, the irritation, the pain, the stinging , the whole area was on fire, I needed to attend to all this but could not until I my hands were free.

Down the two steps I went, one nipple was still being yanked, towards the keys. There was no alternative I had to sit in the liniment oil, as I did it was like I had sat on a hot plate. I grabbed the keys and stood up my arse was getting hotter, unbearably hot. I was panicking trying to undo my cuffs.

I finally got into the shower and then smeared large amounts of lotion to ease the pain and irritation.


2 Water Torture
Sbm; stocks; messy; pain; cons; XX

This one involves a long piece of hose which I ran the full length of our shed, about 45ft, connected to a cold water tap. The other end I had bent the hose in two, about 4ft from the nozzle, to act as a stop tap I placed a brick on it to stop the flow of water. I had made a spreader bar out of wood which worked like stocks and they fitted around my legs, just above the knees holding my knees about 2ft apart.

I then fitted the nozzle in the middle of the stocks pointing straight up at my balls.

Hanging from the ceiling was suspended a 5 litre container of cooking oil with the top facing down with a bung stopping the contents flooding out. Attached to the bung was a chain which would be attached to the collar around my neck.

So I set myself, stocks padlocked on, hands cuffed and padlocked behind my back, chain, pulled tight so that I had to stand on tip toe, padlocked to my collar and tap turned full on.

I kicked the brick off the hose, once that was done there was no way of stopping the water, only by turning off the tap 45ft away. It hit my balls like a hammer, it was freezing cold. I immediately jumped and dropped off my tip toes, the bung pulled out and I was drenched in oil. I awkwardly started towards the tap but it was slow going due to the stocks limiting my movement and the floor was now very slippy.

The water was painfully dancing across my balls, arsehole and penis. It took an age, it seemed, to get to the tap. Once there I turned off the tap and unlocked everything.

My bits had shrunk to nothing in the cold water so I spent the next few minutes warming them up, which did not take long as I was well lubricated from the oil.

This seems setting and tidying up for 5 minutes of fun but it was worth it.


3 Toilet Training
Sbm; fem; nappy; messy; scat; cons; XX
WARNING: This section contains scenes that involve human waste and may be distressing to some.


This is something I have thought about doing for a long time and had to wait until I knew I had the house empty for a few days and the time had come.

I started off the day with food preparation, I had been shopping the day previous and had set the menus for the next 3 days.

Today menu was;

porridge with prunes

syrup of figs

spaghetti bolanaise

apple pie and custard

then for tea 10 tins of baby food

All laced with Sena laxative.

In between each course I took a large spoonful of cod liver oil. I made sure that I had plenty of tea as well thoughout the day, again laced with Sena. It was getting close to 5 o'clock, I was full but those meals may be the last for a while if I won't eat what I had put on tomorrows menu. I then went to the post box and mailed off the keys to myself deliberately missing todays post so that the keys would not arrive for 2 days, so I would have almost 48 hours to wait.

Back to the house and I started to get ready. Firstly I put on a towelling nappy and over those I put on a pair of plastic pants which I bought off the web, through the waist band ran a chain which I padlocked not too tightly around me. Then I put on a chain collar, again not too tight. I then padlocked 4 chains, equally spaced, from the collar to waist  therefore holding the pants on securely. Over this I put on a pair of frilly knickers, a short skimpy nightie, stockings with elasticated tops, all in white. My hair, although not very long, I put in bunches.

I suppose I had done all this because I was videoing my antics and got a kick in seeing myself humiliated.

It was now around 7 o'clock and was setting out my food for the next 2 days. I had put in all the food and drinks Sena laxatives, cod liver oil or syrup of figs. All the food I had made was what I hated but i would make myself eat it all.

Menu comprises of;

cold over-cooked sprouts in sour cream.

prunes in gravy.

cold beans with porridge.

cold curry and rice with chocolate sauce.

to drink was water which the sprouts were cooked in.

cold tea and gravy mix.

Once these were laid out I put on my leather cuffs and padlocked them to my collar chain at the front, so I was able to feed myself but do little else.

I had resisted the urge to wet myself but now I had nothing to occupy my mind, I was doing nothing but thinking about the inevitable. I went and lay on the plastic covered bed but I could not sleep due to increasing pressure on my bladder.

Nothing else for it I had to let go. The inside of my pants went warm and I felt the towelling get heavier and start to cling to me, It was a nice feeling combined with relief of an empty bladder. I drifted off to sleep.

It was about 2 am when I was awoken by an unbelievable urge in my bowels. I lay there, my stomach gurgling. I decided to lie on my front, as I rolled over it happened, I could not have stopped it if I tried to. Whoosh! the contents of my bowels emptied. The warm sticky thick lumpy liquid filled my pants. I do enjoy the feeling as it engulfs my balls and cock, which was starting to stiffen. I would have loved to have played with myself there and then, but my hands are cuffed to my neck collar. 

I got up and walked about for a while, as I was wide awake and thought about the predicament I had put myself in. I loved it.

I had eventually got to bed and woke early in the morning my insides churning. I knew it would not be long before I would mess myself again. Inside my pants I could feel the towelling stuck to me and as I moved it pulled and tugged me. I wet myself again, this freed things up a little and I could not believe that the pants had not leaked. This would not last.

I had gone a couple of hours but now I had to let go again.Whoosh. Hot, very runny shit filled my pants and it was not long before another load arrived. This time the pants could not hold it and it started to seep down my legs.

As the day progressed I started to eat and drink from my menu. It looked disgusting and tasted disgusting but I was enjoying every minute of my situation.

By midday I was wishing that I could remove everything and get cleaned up as I was starting to get sore, nappy rash.

As the night drew on I and my stomach was churning more and more, I decided to go to bed and try to sleep. Although I did drift off, I kept being awoken at regular intervals were another load would fill my pants.

I awoke that morning to find that my pants had leaked and that my legs, arms and body were smeared in my waste. Even had some in my hair, my nice white stockings, nightie and frilly pants were caked. It seemed a very long time for the post to arrive but eventually it did. Right up until 12.30 when the post arrived I was still messing myself and was now my rear was quite sore.

I spent the rest of that day cleaning myself and the house, but I the effects of all the laxatives lasted another 24 hours.

I had not told Dana  about my exploits until now and still have one or two more to tell her. I only wish I had told her years ago, but then again half the fun is in the threat of being caught.



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