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The Third Time & Released

by Topgun1956

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© Copyright 2014 - Topgun1956 - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; naked; outdoors; rope; straps; cuffs; gag; bfold; toys; insert; nipple; cbt; urine; torment; true; cons; X

I built a basic 2x6 “box”. It was the height of a kitchen chair, and 8 inches deep. Once I had attached the “L” brackets to the inside corners to make sure it would hold my weight, I took it out to the dog pen, and screwed it to the tree.

I fed my spreader bar through the box, and put bungee cords on either side, then hooked them to the fence.

Over time, I have added various anchors to that old tree. They run up both sides, and out across the main branch. These come in handy, as you will see.

This morning, I have given myself a wine enema, and the effects of the liquor are already getting to me. I go out to the pen, with my bag of goodies, and lock the gate. Then I strip off my clothes, and prepare myself for the day’s adventure.

First, I buckled straps to both ankles, then a second set just above my knees. Using lubricant, I slowly fill my ass with my favorite plug. Once the lower part of me is set, I get my new clover clamps out. I finally bought the kind that grip tighter as they are pulled from you. I grab my left nipple, and pull it as far out as I can, then clamp the clover deep into the skin. The burn is intense, but quickly dulls to a constant ache. Then my right nipple gets the clamp. I strap my “T” strap around my cock and balls, and snap the divider strap across my balls, just below my cock. This allows me to take more weight than my balls alone can handle, and my plan for today involves quite a bit of weight there.

I take a rope around my waist, and just above my hip bones, I tie it behind my back. I take the two hanging ends, and run them through my ass cheeks, around my balls on either side, through another O ring in front and pull them through the ring. I leave the ends alone for now.

I move my bag closer to the box, turn around, and lock my ankles to the bar. I sit down on the box, take the bungee cords attached, and hook them into the straps around my thighs. When I let go, my legs are pulled almost to a ninety degree angle- forcing my entire crotch wide open.

Reaching into the bag, I remove the first sock/ice combination. This one is a special size ice release. Due to the actual size of the padlock I was using (the biggest I could find), I had to make a block bigger than a normal ice cube. I take one of the two O rings out of the bag, and looping the sock through the ring at about stomach height, I tie it off to one of the ropes dangling in front of me. I get the big padlock and hook the hasp to the ring, and then take 2 large speaker magnets and snap them to the bottom of that padlock. Next I snap a clip to the divider strap, and then to a simple dog chain. I take the open end of that chain, and run the hasp of the lock through it, then click the lock closed. I adjust the clip to create just a small amount of pull to my genitals, and let go. When the ice melts, this lock will drop, first yanking on my cock and balls, then dangling between my stretched out legs until I can release myself completely.

I take the second sock out, and pull it through another ring, then tie it off about shoulder height. To this one, I lock a smaller, normal padlock to the ring. And run the hasp over the chain between my nipples. When the padlock drops, this one will yank my nipples, and force the clover clips to clamp down even harder to the flesh trapped in the jaws.

Next comes the crotch rope. I take the loose ends, and reaching to either side of the tree, I tie them off. The rope digs into my ass, pushing at the plug, and makes my balls bulge out from the tension. This also binds me to the tree for the duration. I reach down and take an ass cheek in each hand, and open myself wider, feeling not only more of my plug, but also the rough edges of the 2x6 I am seated on.

My gag is next. It is a simple ball gag with a hole drilled through the middle. I tie it in place around my head, making sure it is deep enough in my mouth to hold my tongue in place.

Above my head hangs a 3 cup funnel. I had plugged the end of the funnel with a wine cork, and filled it with my piss, then froze it. This morning, I replaced the cork with an old enema hose. I take the hose, and force it into the hole of the gag. Already the piss has melted, and is dripping into my opened mouth. With my tongue held down, I am not able to push all of the urine out, and will need to swallow quite a lot, letting the rest drip out of my mouth and run down my chin on its own. My main release is another bottle filled with ice, and string. The string leads back to a hook over my head, and dangles there, holding the handcuff keys about a foot over where my head is.

I use another rope to bind my chest to the tree just below my armpits. My blindfold is next. Making sure the main ice release is set and working, I slip the blindfold over my eyes. Before I lock my wrists to the handcuffs nailed to the tree, I take one other strap, and buckle it over my eyes, then lock it to an anchor behind my head.

I reached up over my head and feeling around for the string tied to the keys, I make sure I will be able to reach it when it eventually falls low enough. I tie the string to my left hand, and lock both wrists into the cuffs.

Now I wait. As usual the pain and burn in my nipples first gets stronger, then fades, but never completely goes away. Being new to these clover clamps, I can’t believe the constant pressure they cause. I can only imagine what they are GOING to feel like in a while. Piss slowly drips into my mouth, and I swallow as I can. Without being able to lower my head, a lot of it stays in my mouth to be ingested. The salty, bitter taste of it makes me gag at first, but then only coats my tongue and throat as it makes its way to my stomach.

I can feel the small pull on my balls, as the strap seems to dig deeper into me.

I have the main release ice set for about an hour. This will be an intense session, if my nipple pain says anything about what’s to come.

Suddenly, the nipple chain gets yanked. Yanked  HARD. The teeth of the clamps do their job, and bite down harder. I let out a moan into my gag. But it is only a low sound, because my mouth is so full from the gag. My nipples are exploding with pain. I try to move my head back and forth just to relieve some of the bite, but I have locked myself too well to the tree, and cannot move it much either way.

Then the ball weight drops. I don’t know if my futile thrashing around helped that one drop or not, but it dropped with enough jolt to make me almost pass out. My entire genitals were now being stretched downward. The lock and magnets were swaying side to side, causing even more pain. When my head cleared, the lock/magnet had slowed its swing, and simple pulled down. I am guessing that with the padlock itself, and the two big magnets, I now had almost 1 full pound of weight yanking my cock and balls towards the ground. At this point, I was VERY glad that I had chosen to include my cock when I locked myself here. From what I was feeling, I am assuming that my balls would have been painfully torn from their sac if I have left them alone to take this punishment.

I have been in pain before, but this is more pain and torture than before. I have to try to keep from moving, as any at all makes either my nipples or cock/ball locks sway, only worsening the pain.

I’m already starting to sweat. I’m not sure if from the sun, or the pain. By now I am actually starting to dread this session. The weight stretching my cock and balls down, and the biting grip of the clover clamps, is almost more than I can take. But, I have no choice. I’m here until that last ice release melts.

Time seemed to drag. Every movement causes both weights to sway, yanking and pulling on my nipples or genitals.

Since I have myself tied quite tightly to the tree, I can’t move to help lessen the pull on my cock and balls. My nipples couldn’t be helped anyway, the way they are clamped, but SOME relief on my cock/balls would have been a good thing.

Piss keeps slowly running into my mouth, making the inside of my mouth greasy, and slime coated. The piss that drools out of my mouth has done the same to my chest and stomach. I have myself so tight to the tree, my back is getting roughed up from the tree bark, adding another form of pain.

After what seems like an eternity, I finally feel the third ice release let go, and I can reach the key to my freedom.

I unlock my wrists, and immediately grab for the clover clamps. But, still blindfolded, I only add more pain as I fumble with the clamps. I finally get them both off, and can’t resist rubbing the nips- added more torment, but easing the pain all the same.

I remove my blindfold, and looking down, I see that my cock/balls are a dark purplish color, rather than the normal pinkish. I unsnap the strap, and let them free, and the padlock/magnet combination drops to the ground with a “thud”

I slowly untie myself from the tree, and get dressed. I clean up the dog pen, and get back to the house.

Sounds from the neighborhood remind me that I have just completed this session in full daylight hours and with all the neighbors out and about. I am extremely glad that I had gagged myself. Maybe not with the urine drain, but the noises I know I made would have travelled all over the next door yards if I had let my mouth remain unfettered.

My stomach feels queasy now, filled with my own piss. My nipples stay a grayish/purplish color for about a half hour. They finally return to their color, though.

It was quite intense, and painful. But I will try it again, and send the story if I get more creative.



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