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They Don’t Make Them Like They Used Too!

by Steff

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Adrian was an archaeology major two years away from her PHD. She accepted a spot on an archaeology dig in South America. They had discovered an ancient city deep in the rain forest. So far they’d uncovered only the service of a few building. Adrian was really looking forward to this. Nobody could figure out who built the city of even how old the buildings where. When she arrived she was sent to help Jose, another student in her archaeology class, work on another possible building.

After about three hours of digging they finally came to the structure they were after. They work quickly and we able to clean off the whole roof before they quite for the day. Adrian got up early so she could get started first thing. After about 30 minutes she uncovered some strange looking markings on the roof. As she was cleaning the markings she entered the pattern. She was startled by a bright flash of light. For a second she was in a dark room that gradually lit up to a comfortable level. She looked around and noticed the room she was in looked like it was made just like the same construction of the building she was working on.

The room was about 15’ X 20’ and had one door. On the floor was a symbol like the one she was in before she was transported there. She opened the door and followed the hall until it opened into a large room. The room had packages on the walls. In the middle of the room were several tables and there were items on each. Adrian walked up and picked up a sheet of paper that was sitting on the closest table.

The page read: “Welcome to the Prize Zone. You’ve won your choice of items. You can pick 12 items. The directions for the operation each item is on the table with each display. Please feel free to tryout the samples. All items are self cleaning and repairing, so they should last forever. Once you picked out an item just find it on the shelves and put them into this bag.”

She picked up the bag and looked at it. “It looks kinda small but I’ll play along,” she though. She walked over to the closest table and looked at the items on it. Sitting on this table were four leather cuffs. Each cuff only had a small strap attacked to them. The cuffs also didn’t have any form of clasps. Adrian picked up the papers and read it.

“Rule #1 THESE ITEMS CAN ONLY BE USED ON WILLING PEOPLE. Wrap cuff around limb, it will tighten on its own. Once desired cuffs are on then decide what to secure the wearer to. Once decision is made the straps will extend and secure itself to it. The wearer will have no control over the cuffs. If used in self bondage attach cuffs and instructed above, decided how long and tight you want to be bound. After all is set then decide where and how. Then think go. You will be bound the way you wanted for the time you wanted.”

Adrian picked up one set of cuffs, looked them over and put one around her wrist. The cuff tightened and sealed around her wrist. She pulled on it and the cuff didn’t come off. “Attach to that beam for 15 seconds,” she said. Like the paper said, the short strap extended, wrapped around the beam and pulled her arm up. She pulled, twisted and jerked but couldn’t get loose. After about 15 seconds the strap on the beam released itself and shrunk to its original size. The cuff also came loose. “Woe that was cool.” She started to think these could be fun. She’d been interested in bondage for some time and liked the idea of self bondage but was never able make it tight enough for her liking.

She moved over to another table to examine the contents on it. On this table there were a few articles of sexy clothes. Tights, long opera gloves, leotards and others were all over the table. She picked up the direction sheet and read it. The directions were just about the same: only a willing wearer that will have no control. The options were the same for self bondage. These items had attachment points for bondage devices. The leotards sounded interesting. The color, tightness, and texture could be changed at the time it is put on. The leotards can also sprout vibrators with effects desired by the user. The victim’s orgasm can be controlled or denied. A random setting can also be used to keep the victim guessing. The leotard also stopped the need to relive yourself as long as it was being worn

Since the cuffs work good she decided to try one of these out. Adrian removed all of her clothes and stepped into one of the leotards. As she was putting it on she decided 15 minutes with a vibrator in her pussy on a random setting. Once it was on the leotard tightened up really tightly and sealed leaving no seams. Adrian yelped as a dildo grew and slid into her pussy. Feeling the leotard it felt like a cross between latex and spandex. It squeezed her firmly but wasn’t too tight. Feeling along the edges Adrian wasn’t able to get even a finger between it and her skin.

“Make it tight,” she said out loud. The leotard tightened up a lot. Each of her breasts were squeezed separately. Her waist was cinched up as if she was wearing a corset. In fact it looked like she lost about 4 inches to her waist. The collar portion tightened up to the point on making breathing just a little bit more difficult. The crotch also tightened up. She could feel the dildo pushed deeper into her plus the material had worked its way it between her cunt lips. “That’s good.”

No soon had she said that then the vibrator started to vibrate and move inside her pussy. Since the vibrations were slow she decided to look at another table. On this table there were gags and hoods. Reading the paper Adrian found out there were a few different types of gags but they all do the same basic thing. They control the amount on noise the wearer makes during the games. The amount of noise can go from a normal gag of the same type down to no noise at all. The wearer cannot remove the gag. Some of the different types are ball, ring, cock, and full mouth. The ball gag is a ball that fits behind the teeth and forces the mouth open. There is a strap that secures it in place. The ring gag, like the ball, goes behind the teeth, forces the mouth open and is secured in place. This gag will shrink or grow to allow for comfortable (for the person not wearing the gag) oral sex without the fear of teeth. The cock gag covers most of the mouth but has a cock that is stuffed in the wearer’s mouth. The cock’s size will alter to fill the mouth without any discomfort. It too is secured in place. The full mouth gag covers the whole mouth and most or all of the chin, depending on the type. The gag can use a ball or cock to add to the effect. The person putting the gag in place determines what, if anything is stuffed in place.

“Sounds fun,” she though just as the vibrator increased intensity and also began to fuck her deeply. She collapsed onto the floor as she was hit by a mind numbing orgasm. Wave after wave of pure ecstasy rolled over her. The orgasm continued for several minutes before the vibrator slowed enough to allow her to calm down; however the vibrator continued to keep teasing her.

She rested for couple of minutes then got up and read about the hoods. Again, there where many different styles of hoods. All the hoods covered most or all of the head. They have removable gags. The hood blocks whichever senses the person putting it on chooses. The wearer of the hood, when gagged, does not need to eat, drink or breath (from the point of view of the wearer breathing is minorly difficult). When the gag is in the person putting it in decides how much, if any, sound gets out. There are two different locking modes; first: anyone, besides the wearer can remove it, second: it can only be removed by the person that put it on the wearer. It is available in black, red or blue. As with all the toys self bondage worked they say “decided the effect and time and then enjoy.”

Adrian was about to look at another table when the intensity of the vibrator increased and she could feel another orgasm building so she just sat on the floor and waited for the leotard to stop. She was brought to one orgasm quickly then kept on the edge on another for about 10 minutes before she allowed to cum. Even with her best efforts she couldn’t bring herself to that orgasm. When she finally recovered from the last one the vibrator was gone and the leotard had loosed up. She removed it easily and by the time she walked the 20 feet to the table she found it at, the leotard was clean and dry. She immediately found on the shelves along the wall and put it into the bag. To her surprise the leotard fit inside the bag and the bag still looked empty.

The next few tables that she looked at contained many different types of bondage and sex devices. Some of them were armbinders, hobble skirts, body bags, vibrators and lotions. One table really peeked her interest. This one contained chastity belt and bras. She picked up the directions and read them.

Rule #1 THESE ITEMS CAN ONLY BE USED ON WILLING PEOPLE. The amount size and type of vibrators are chosen at the time the belt is put on. The wearer has no control over her sexual pleasure with the belt on. The person that controls the belt controls the wearers pleasure, or lack there of. When it comes to pleasure the belt will cause whatever stimuli required to generate the pleasure that the controller desires. The belt can also be set to tease the wearer to any degree the control decides. When worn natural bodily function (in the covered areas) will not happen and there will be no bad side affects after the belt is removed. The belt is ALWAYS locked on. The wearer cannot remove it. There are a few different ways the belt can be locked on. First: anyone can remove and control it with verbal commands. The controller just has to touch the belt and know what it really is. Second: only the person putting the belt on the wearer controls it and can remove it. Third: only the person putting the belt on the wearer controls it and can remove it. The controller must kiss the belt then the belt can be controlled by a mental command. Forth : Is just like the third but anyone who kisses the belt with the intent to control it is able to. Finally if used on self then decided the time and number of orgasms desired and the belt will be locked in place and take care or the rest. It is available in black, red or blue.”

Adrian continued to the last table. On this table were two bodysuits. They were made out a shinny, soft and smooth silver material. She picked up one suit and it looked too small so she picked up the other one. This one too looked too small but it was a little heavier. She found a dildo in the crotch. She put the suit down and read the directions. The suits were made out of a super stretchy material that would fit anybody and would also stretch to accommodate dildos. According to the paper all activity done by the wearer will be converted to sexual stimuli. The amount of stimuli will increase the longer it goes on. The stimuli will continue until the wearer stops moving.

After thinking about all the toys, she decided to give some of the toys a try. After looking around one more time she decided not to try out the silver suit but to try out the chastity belt and bra. She picked up the chastity belt, stepped into it and pulled it up over her hips. Once it was in place the belt tightened itself up. Next she put on the bra. It wrapped around her waist and attached in the back. This two tightened up once it was in place. She decided on one hour at a random setting with at least two orgasms, after she was done. She next put on the thigh high tights. They turned into latex like she wanted and they tightened up…really tight. “Guess that’s what I get for asking for it really tight,” she said out loud. A cock gag was next. She wanted it to block off all sounds. The armbinder was the last thing to be put on. Once the gag was in place she slipped on a hobble skirt and it tightened up squeezing her legs together preventing her from even walking a little. Finally she picked up an armbinder. She decided one hour and to make it tight enough to make her elbows touch, but that’s no tighter. Adrian put the shoulder straps into place. She reached around, put her hands palm to palm and stuck them in the end of the armbinder. When her hands were in, the armbinder tightened up. When it was tightened up her elbows touched and the armbinder was snug all over and fit perfectly. She lay down and the straps on the cuff wrapped around her legs. By the time they were done her legs were completely wrapped up from her crotch down to her toes.

As Adrian lay on the floor struggling the chastity belt grew 2 dildos that slid into both her holes. Once in they began to vibrate and move on there own. Like the leotard the belt kept her on the edge of orgasm for a long time. After about five minutes the bra began to massage her breast and her nipples were sucked on. After about 10 minutes of being kept on the edge all the activity stopped. She screamed into the gag but no sounds got through it. Adrian began to really struggle but her choices for restraint devices did there job well. The armbinder prevented her from moving her arms much and her legs could only be bent at the knees, which was difficult.

Soon after she gave up trying to get loose the chastity belt and bra began to work. This time the vibrations from the dildos were really intense. She was brought to her much wanted orgasm quickly. Her orgasm rolled on for minutes and all she could do was lie on the floor and enjoy it. Not even her moans and screams of ecstasy escaped her restraints.

The vibrations subsided and she came down from her massive orgasm. Once she regained her breath the though, “That was totally awesome…” her thoughts were interrupted as her pussy was hit by an electric shock followed by more vibration. The shocks and vibration were mild enough to just tease her. She was brought up to the edge of orgasm then allowed to calm down several times before her second orgasm hit her. This one was shorter and not as intense but it still felt good. All activity stopped in the belt after thing one but the bra came to life. Not only were her breasts getting massaged but her nipples where being gentle nibbled on.

The bra kept her excited but she was able to get a good rest after her last orgasm before the belt began to work on her again. This time it started with slow vibrations that gradually increased in intensity. After a few minutes the vibrators began to fuck both her hole and the speed and depth also began to increase. She was getting really excited when her clit received a mild electric shock. The shock sent her over the edge and a small orgasm rolled over her. She came down from that one quickly but the belt and bra continued to assault her. The intensity of the activity continued to grow and push her closer to a huge orgasm. She remained on the threshold for couple of minutes then her clit was jolted with electricity and was rocketed into her most intense orgasms yet. She twitched and jerked around in pure ecstasy. She lost all conscious control of her body and mind. All she knew was the primal pleasure. Adrian’s orgasm was so intense she it took a few minutes to realize that it was over and her restraints had releases themselves. She just removed the armbinder, hobble skirt and gag then passed out on the floor.

She awoke to find she was still in the room with all the toys and she was still wearing the chastity belt and matching bra. She stood up, removed them and returned them to there respective tables. Looking around, she noticed that the other items she’d used were back in there place. After looking around for a few minutes she realized that she felt fully rested, as if she’d slept all night. Adrian picked up the bag and decided that she would keep some of these toys for herself; they were too much fun to get locked away in some museum. She took her time and looked over everything on more time before deciding. She choose an armbinder, three pairs of cuffs, a ball and ring gag, the silver suit, a full face hood, a pair of leggings, a chastity belt and bra. Like with the leotard, the bag didn’t fill up or even change shape. Adrian walked back to the room she arrived in. She looked around the room and couldn’t find anything that looked like a door, or even a switch. She decided to try just standing in the circle.

As she walked into the circle on the floor there was a bright flash of light and the next thing she knew she back outside right were she started. Looking around it appeared that she’d just left. Jose walked up said good morning and went to work. After a few questions throughout the morning it appeared she wasn’t gone at all. During lunch she went to her room and emptied the bag out. All the things she got from her little trip were still there, also there were three other things. There was a jar containing a thick liquid. There was also a pair of clips and a vibrator. She reached into the bag and discovered a sheet of paper it said the three things where extras and it also included instruction on there operations.

The jar contained a substance called “Gunk.” Gunk is a clear jelly like substance that comes in pint sized containers. When it is put on the body it will moves around by itself and coats the whole body. When the games are over give the command word and the gunk will return to its container and be ready for the next time. Once started the gunk then begins building sexual feeling. The person coated will begin to have multiple orgasms. The orgasms continue in intensity, duration, and speed till they are constant. After a 30 minute long orgasm there in a 10-minute rest cycle then the process starts again.

The clips were really cool. The devices chip to any part of the victim. The tightness and shape of the clip are decided before they are put on, and can be adjusted to the desire of the user. Once a clip it put on the victim cannot remove them and they will not fall off. They must be removed.

The last item was called Vibrator of Multiple Orgasms. Like the new suggests, these toy vibrates. The size and shape of the vibrator are determined just before each use. Due to its magic nature the time it takes to reach orgasm can be controlled. The duration and intensity of the orgasm can also be controlled.

After finishing out the day Adrian was too tired to play with her new toys but she was looking forward to the weekend. The crew was going into town for the three day weekend. She wanted to do to some playing. The two days that followed were slow but Friday morning finally came and they left on a bus. During the three hour bus ride Jose asked if she wanted to meet up at one of the restaurants and then go to a club. She agreed to meet him Saturday afternoon, leaving Friday for her own games.

After the bus ride Adrian went up to her room. After a quick shower she pulled out the continents of the bag and spread them out over the second bed. She decided to try out the silver suit. She was surprised at how much the she stretched and how slick it really was. Another surprise came when she discovered there were two dildos in the crotch of the suit. Since the dildos were coated with the same material as the suit they easily slid into place. She finished putting the suit on and true enough the suit stretched and fit her perfectly. As she walked over to the mirror she could feel the suit starting to massage, not only her privates but her whole body. She got to the mirror and looked. The suit fitted her perfectly, not even a wrinkle and it looked like a second skin. Adrian walked over to the bed, sat down and relaxed. After about 10 minutes the suit stopped working.

She got up and decided to go downstairs and have a couple of drinks before she played with herself. She put a leather mini-skirt and a short halter top on and went downstairs. By the time she made it downstairs the suit was working her really well. Her entire body was being massaged in a sexual way. Her breasts were tingling and her nipples were being massaged. Her clit was being shocked by mild electric shocks and was massages. The dildos too were a source of pleasure. They were moving inside her and generating shocks. The rest of Adrian’s too was being sexually stimulated.

The suit worked so well by the time she sat down in a booth she was hit by an orgasm. Some how she was able just relax and ride out the orgasm and remain still enough for the suit to slow down enough for her to order a beer and some food. By the time the food arrived the suit had stopped completely. Even the movement of eating was enough to get the suit working strongly. She had to stop twice while eating in order to prevent another orgasm. Once she was done eating she ordered another beer and watched the people in the bar dancing.

From behind her Jose approached and asked, “Do you want to dance?”

Adrian jumped in surprise, looked and said, “What are you doing sneaking up on me like that?”

Holding up his hand defensively, “Take it easy. I didn’t mean to scare you. Can I sit down and make it up to you?”

“Sure have a seat.”

Jose sat down and ordered a couple of beers. After talking over a couple of beers Jose grabbed her hand gently pulled her out of the booth and dragged her out to the dance floor. He pulled her in close and started slow dancing with her. “I like your outfit. What’s it’s made out of?” he asked as he slid his hand across her back.

“I really don’t know. It’s something I picked up just laying around,” she replied. As they danced she could feel the suit working her up. The more she moved the more the suit worked her. She was able to conceal her orgasm she had and sat down for the second. Despite her best effort she moaned as the next orgasm hit her. This one was long and intense.

When it subsided Jose asked “What do you have going on down there?” He was sitting beside her, blocking her from sight of most of the bar. His hand had slid between her legs up to her cunt. He was amazed to feel vibration and a dildo already inside her.

“I’ll tell you in a minute. I need to just sit here and let the suit finish,” she replied as she was rocked by another orgasm. Again this on was long and intense. She had 3 more orgasms before the suit finally quite and Jose was just grinning when she recovered. “What are you grinning at?”

“Just you, I had no idea you were into this kind thing,” he replied.

Blushing she replied, “You have no idea. However I’m kinda tired. I’m going to bed. I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow.”

“Say what?”

“You heard me I’m going to bed,” Adrian said.

“After that show, you’re going to sleep and aren’t even going give me a hint?” he pushed.

After a minute she replied, “Ok. To tell you the truth I found the suit at the dig, along with a few other things.”

He slid his hand up and down her leg, “You really expect me to believe that you found this at the dig?”

She explained the whole teleportation to the chamber and the bag. “Come up to my room and I’ll show you the other things I got.” He let her out and followed her to her room. She had a really hard time getting into the room because the suit was working her and she was in the middle of an orgasm. Jose took her key, opened the door and helped her inside. She staggered over to the empty bed and collapsed in a state of pure pleasure. This time suit the kept her cuming for several minutes and gave no sign of stopping, she was in such a high state of ecstasy she wasn’t able remain still. During a short break she begged Jose to help her get the suit off.

“What’s in it for me?” he asked.

“Anything you want,” she said as she was rocked by another long rolling orgasm. When she recovered Jose was sitting next to her rubbing her crotch helping suit keep her worked up. “PPPPlease help me out of the suit.”

“Can I use the other toys on you?” he asked.

“Yesss, anything you want, just help me out of this suit,” she begged. He sat her up and helped her out of the suit. She during the whole process she had no control over her limbs. All she could concentrate on was the pure pleasure the suit provided. It took her several minutes before she caught her breath and came to her senses. Jose was ready the directions for some of the toys.

“Nice to see you back with me,” he commented. “That suit sounds like fun. No wonder you were such a wreck.”

“It’s evil, but I like it. What do you think of my discovery?” She asked.

After he finished reading he said, “It sounds like we’re going to have fun. Since you look beat down I’ll take a rain check until tomorrow.”

Relieved she said “Thanks.”

He picked up the chastity belt, walked over to her “However just so you don’t change your mind I want you to wear this till we meet tomorrow.”

“Are you serious?” She asked. He grinned and nodded. She rolled her eye and let him lock it onto her. As he closed that last belt he kneeled down and kissed the belt. He stood up and began to walk away as two dildos sprouted from the belt and slide into both her holes. She yelped and asked, “You cannot really expect me to sleep like this…do you?”

He laughed and said, “I just wanted to find out if I really could control the belt with just a though. When I wake you up meet me down stairs for breakfast.” As he walked out the door the dildos pulled out and he turned to her “One more thing. Put the bra on before you come down and make it work in conjunction with the belt.” He walked out of the room leaving her alone.

She got up and showered. After the shower she crawled into bed and slept. She was woken up buy a dildo fucking her pussy and her clit being vibrated by a really powerful vibrator. She came quickly and it lasted for several minutes before the dildo and vibrator stopped, but the dildo remained inside her. She got out bed and took another shower. Once she got out she put the bra on and told it to work with the belt. She fixed her hair, put on a sun dress and walked downstairs. Jose was sitting in a booth waiting for her. She said hi and sat down across from him. As she sat down the belt and bra began to go to work on her. The dildo vibrated and her pussy lips were spread out and vibrating nub grew and began to vibrate her clit. The bra began to gently nibble on each of her nipples and the rest of her breasts were being massages.

“What are you doing?” she quietly asked.

“Just giving you something to think about,” Jose replied. “Don’t worry I won’t embarrass you. Now just relax and enjoy breakfast.”

True to his word the activity didn’t increase, there was just enough to keep her horny and worked up. After breakfast they went into town to do some shopping. By lunch Adrian wanted to go to the hotel and play, but Jose wanted to look at a couple more stores. As they walked into one the activity Adrian was feeling increased but it still wasn’t enough to get her off. She groaned in frustration and Jose just laughed and went to the next store. This was an adult book and gift store. As she walked in the activity increased and kept her really close to the edge of orgasm but not enough to make it happen.

Adrian was able to control herself, but to the people watching the attractive woman in the store, it looked like she was really getting horny looking at all the sex toys. Jose looked around for about 15 minutes before they left.

“Are you ready to play my dear?” he asked.

“What do you think? You’ve had these things keeping me on the edge for the last 15 minutes,” she replied.

Jose looked at her and said, “I guess they work well don’t they?”

“Yes they do. Can was please go back to the hotel and play?” she asked.

“Not yet,” Jose said. He walked down a narrow alley about half way then stopped. She stopped behind him and waited. “I just want to see one thing.”

As he said that Adrian was hit by a really intense wave of pleasure as she was shoved over the edge and an orgasm exploded inside her. She gave a loud moan of pleasure and collapsed into his arms. For a few minutes her whole life was just the primal pleasure she felt. When the orgasm stopped she stood up and straightened out her dress.

“That was great. Thanks,” she said and began to kiss Jose deeply. After a few minutes they walked back to the hotel with no more activity from the toys Adrian wore. Once upstairs and in Adrian’s she removed her dress as Jose looked over the stuff on the bed. He asked her what she likes the most. She told him the parts she left out of her discovery and adventure.

“Sounds like you were a naughty girl, but I cannot say I blame you. This stuff sounds fun. Let’s start with this,” he said as he picked up the hood. He wrapped it around her face and the hood tightened up. It also gathered up her hair into a neat ponytail. At first the hood didn’t block any of her senses, it just hugged her face tightly. “Are you ok?” She nodded and then he picked up three sets of cuffs and wrapped them around her wrist, ankles and knees. “I have a question for you. Do you any objections if I get physically involved in these games? Can I fuck you?” He grinned when she said yes. He removed her bra and chastity belt and laid her face down on a padded bench that was in the room. “Here we go,” he said as the hood blocked out Adrian’s lost her sight and the hood then filled her mouth with a cock gag. Despite the fact that she could breath through the gag as if it wasn’t there she was unable to make much noise.

She was startled when the cuff around her wrists pulled her arm around the underside of the bench. They where pulled tightly to the under side and then the straps wrapped around the lower portion of her shoulders, trapping her upper body to the bench. Her knees were spread out and up. Then they were tied to the lower sides of the bench. Her ankle cuffs were secured to her thighs. One set of straps also wrapped around her waist pulling it down to the bench. She hadn’t realized it until then that with her legs spread out that way her pussy was hanging right over the edge of the bench. She was certain that Jose was enjoying the view.

Jose started by tickling her feet and sides. She kicked and wiggled but she was tied too tightly to slow him down. After a few minutes of that he walked between her legs and slid his hard cock into her wet pussy. He teased her for a few minutes before he really fucked her. He continued to fuck her until they both came together. Jose pulled out and grabbed the jar of “Gunk” and poured it on Adrian’s back.

Adrian felt a cold jelly like substance poured onto her back. She pulled against the bonds but wasn’t able to shake it off. The jell warmed up quickly and began to spread itself out all over her body. The areas that it covered began to tingle slightly. Once her body was completely covered she felt sexual feeling all over. There was no reason for the feelings but they were building anyway. She lay tied to the bench, an orgasm was building within her and nobody was touching her. After a few minutes the jell pushed Adrian to her first orgasm. The orgasm was quick but intense then it subsided. After only a few seconds her next orgasm began to build. The next orgasm that rocked her was longer and more intense then the first. This time when it was done another orgasm began to build right away. She tried, with a newfound strength, to get loose or at least get the jell off. She was held by her restraint and wasn’t able to slow the orgasm building within her. This orgasm was the most intense she’d felt. It hit her hard and kept her cuming for several minutes.

When she recovered Jose was standing in front of her. He’s removed the hood’s gag and put the ring gag in her mouth. “Was that as fun as it looked?” he asked. She nodded and then he slid his cock into her opened mouth. The ring inside her mouth adjusted in size so Jose could comfortable fit through and she was still able get him worked up. The ring prevented her from doing her best but she was still able suck him off. He pulled out and shot his load all over the hood and her mouth. He released her from the cuffs but left the hood on. Then he took her to the shower and cleaned her up. After the shower he fed her and only then did her remove the hood.

“That was fun,” she said.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it,” he said. “Do you want to play tomorrow?”

“What’d you have in mind?”

He laughed and said “Some outside games.”

“Ask me in the afternoon. I need to get some sleep,” She replied.

He gave his a kiss and said, “Give me a call when you wake up.” He covered her and turned out the room lights as her left the room thinking about how much fun tomorrow will be.

Adrian woke up at about noon or one in the afternoon. She took a long shower and then went downstairs for breakfast. When she returned to the room all of the stuff still spread out all over the second bed. She discovered all the stuff was clean and looked brand new. She was certain that Jose hadn’t cleaned any of it before he left. “This stuff is really cool,” she thought. She lay around the room for and then called Jose. She agreed to meet him in the parking lot with all the stuff. She packed the stuff into the bag and also a few personal things fit without increasing the weight and size of the bag. After getting dressed she met Jose and they drove out of the city to a wooded area overlooking a beach.

Jose followed the road until it end at the top of a cliff over looking a thickly wooded area and a beach. “I did some asking around last time I was here and now body really come down here on the weekends because all the natives are working and most tourist don’t like the idea the long walk down the cliff,” he said.

“It is a long way down,” she replied as she looked down.

Jose said “I got a tent and food. I’m thinking we can just spend the night and get back to town in time for the bus ride back.”


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