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The Weave

by Mikel

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The whole company was excited about the new breakthrough. The applications for the new material where unlimited and would be very lucrative. The military applications alone would be worth billions as body armor, light vehicle armor and almost indestructible insulation for any area needed to be protected. Kim had been a part of the development team since it was first started and had played a major role in the material’s conception. Kim’s goal’s were different than the other people working on the project she was hoping to use the super strong material for her other obsession, bondage and chastity.

During the project Kim had taken samples of each stage of the material home experimenting with each. Her first attempt to use the material had been making new wrist and ankle restraints cutting strips of the material with the laser at the lab after hours. The material was designed to be light and thin so she folded it three times before sewing it together making the wide cuffs heavy enough to support her weight comfortably. The locking system she had used allowed the cuffs to be closed tightly around her limbs while making them impossible to remove until the computer program activated the locks. The cuffs worked perfectly being so comfortable she started sleeping in them normally locking them together and setting the program to open them before she had to be at work.

Next was a tall posture collar, the material was so flexible she had to reinforce the folded material with steel rods. Once completed the collar held her head rigidly in perfect posture and like the cuffs was controlled by the computer. Since the pieces of material she was able to sneak out of the building were small she had to continue her experiments with what she could get. During the months of development Kim had made cuffs for her wrists, ankles, two sets for her thighs another for her elbows and the collar. The gag had been her most exciting idea yet modeling it after her favorite panel gag. Kim made the large mouth filling bulb first then incorporated into the large adjustable panel before attaching it to the harness that would encircle her head each of the straps being lockable and could be controlled by the computer.

Kim had spent many hours locked in her creations while she wiggled and twisted as her body fought the restraints while her over filled pussy and ass shook her insides making her orgasm violently. During the months she experimented she only had one problem and that had turned into one of her greatest adventures making her want it more and giving her another idea for a full body restraint. Kim had arrived home late Friday night having worked over twelve hours with her pussy and ass filled. The plugs had been locked inside her by the extremely tight leather chastity belt and had kept her aroused all day moving slightly inside her as she walked and moved around. Kim had added straps made out of the strong material to her highest heels and was now forced to wear them until the program released the locks.

The idea of being locked into her restraints in public excited her greatly so she had decided to wear these items to work wishing she had a way to lock her nipple clamps onto herself. The steel collar she wore under the turtle neck sweater was another favorite of hers and the keys to it were also at home. Now on her way home Kim was glad her long day was over, her feet were throbbing and the inert plugs had kept her excited all day but she knew they could not satisfy her needs until she could turn them on. The rough leather of the belt had chafed the inside of her thighs and when she walked had rubbed the insides of her ass cheeks making it feel like she had covered them with Ben-gay making her squirm in her seat.

Her original plan had been to restrain herself as soon as she got home but now she wanted nothing more than to release herself and take a hot bath. Arriving home Kim remembered the computer had control of the keys to her belt as well as the shoes and would not release them until Monday morning. Kim sighed as she remembered what she had programmed and sat looking at the frozen countdown screen and resigned herself she was stuck until Monday so she would continue with her plans. Kim ate a small meal and cleaned her body before removing the steel collar and locking the new posture collar around her neck. Letting the computer lock each of her cuffs as she snapped them closed sealing her fate for the next two days and three nights.

Now Kim looks at her body smiling at the image of her arms and legs with the cuffs encircling them around her elbows and wrists. She holds her legs forward admiring the tight cuffs around her thighs, and below her knees and wondering if locking the cuffs over the straps for her shoes would cause any problems. Kim took the gag stuffing it into her mouth and wrapping the straps around her head and locking them quickly before she chickened out for being unsure how well she will handle wearing the gag for forty eight hours. Now fully committed to her bondage Kim moved to her bed checking the locks lying on it before lying down. Kim had programmed the vibrators to come on randomly starting at midnight and knew it was almost that time.

Kim took the locks and snapped them closed in between each of the straps around her legs. With her legs now firmly attached to one another she took her nipple clamps and carefully attached each to her tender buds. Kim set them by squeezing them tight before tightening the springs to keep them on her as tightly as possible. Kim clipped a strap to her elbow cuffs and pulled until they were almost touching tying it off in front of her.

Kim was now thoroughly bound, all her cuffs were locked together her mouth was full of the strong material that was now locked into her mouth by numerous straps. The tall collar was keeping her head and neck perfectly straight and her steep shoes were still making her legs cramp from being held in the arched position for so long. With the pains from her feet and nipples arousing her more she rolled onto her side and reached back grabbing her ankles and quickly locking each of her wrists to the outer d-rings of her ankle cuffs. Kim struggled to stretch her body gasping through her nose until finally she had her wrists locked in place and relaxed with a sigh.

Kim rolled over and stretched her neck to see the ice melting around the keys hanging from the ceiling knowing it would be several hours before she could release her wrists form her ankles and even longer until she could remove any of the other restraints. Kim lay gasping through her nose pulled into a tight arch waiting for the vibrators to turn on and relieve the frustration she had been feeling all day. Testing her range of movement she found she had bound herself masterfully and could barely move any part of her body without pulling on another. Even though she had never put herself in this tight of an hogtie or for this long before Kim loved having her body forced into a hogtie position, often sleeping in a loose hogtie.

Kim felt a slight tingle in her pussy and hummed knowing soon her lust filled dreams would come true. As the tingling continued she struggled to get closer to the center of the bed finding how little movement she really had and knew it was going to be difficult to get to her keys when they fell. The tingling stopped leaving Kim more frustrated after her struggles and she lay flexing her hands and feet waiting for the vibrations to return. Kim drifted off after waiting for what seemed like hours for the vibrators to come back on. While she slept her body continued to pull and twist against the restraints making her moan and whimper in her dreams. Kim woke up when the vibrators came on again this time on high making her flail and twist as her pussy and ass felt like they would be torn apart.

Kim finally rolled onto her stomach smashing the clamps under her making her scream into the gag as she desperately tried to roll back onto her side. Wiggling and bending her body Kim could not force herself onto her side, with her hands connected to the sides of her ankles she could not get enough leverage to roll over again. Kim tried to calm herself as the pain eased wanting to enjoy the vibrations that were pushing her closer to an orgasm. When Kim stopped fighting the pain from the vibrators increased making her moan and try to spread her legs to ease the pain but awakening the pain in her breasts as she struggled in a never ending cycle of fighting the different pains. Two hours later Kim was sweating and weeping as she was so close to an orgasm but couldn’t quite climax.

Kim had finally twisted herself onto her side and lay panting from her exertions and hoped she could now climax from the vibrations when suddenly both plugs went silent. Kim screamed behind the gag knowing she would be left gasping without any satisfaction as her body continued to struggle. Kim lay on her side gasping for air, her head held off the bed by the stiff collar while she flexed her arms and hands. She was trying to keep her arms and hands from going numb but since her elbows were held so close together while her wrists were spread out and attached to her ankles it was making them pull outwards on her elbow restraints cutting off circulation and she could feel her hands going numb. In the position she was in she couldn’t twist her head far enough to see the ice so Kim decided to struggle to another place so she could see how much longer she would be trapped in her tight hogtie.

In her attempt to change direction she felt the covers of the bed that had wadded up under her too late and her body rolled over the top of the pile onto her pinched nipples once again making her scream as the pain hit her again. Kim tried to continue the roll so she could stop on her other side but ended up rocking back onto her breasts making it hurt worse. By the time she was able to get on her side again Kim was weeping not only from the pain in her breasts but from the pain in her shoulders and legs. Her frustration was building to the point of desperation and she continued to try and turn her body to get a look at the keys. Another hour passed before she was finally able to strain her neck to see the keys still hanging from the ceiling, the ice block looked exactly like it had before making her whine as tears flowed heavier from her eyes.

Kim collapsed in her bonds as she realized it would be hours before she could free herself and quickly fell asleep from exhaustion. The ice block wasn’t nearly as big as she had thought and while she slept her keys fell within reach once she had managed to get to the other side of the bed again. Kim slept until sunlight in her eyes woke her, she fought her restraints desperately trying to figure out what happened ending up on her breasts again screaming as she remembered what she had done to herself. 

Kim’s body ached all over but because her arms and now her legs had gone totally numb she only had the pain in her breasts to deal with so she pulled and twisted her body until she flopped over on her side. Kim was gasping for air and flexing her arms and legs trying to get the feeling back in them as she twisted and pulled her body towards where the keys should drop once they are free of the ice. Kim didn’t want to struggle to look up at the ice again she figured she would just wiggle to where they would be and wait until they dropped. Kim fought the seemingly mountainous pile of blankets and sheets that had been wadded and twisted around the bed making her movements difficult and sometimes unstable.

Kim had forced her bound body up the pile of blankets knowing she would be right under the keys and precariously balanced herself on top of them and lay gasping while she flexed her hands waiting for the feeling to return. For two more hours she lay flexing her hands while the vibrators teased her only running on their lowest settings making her weep more out of frustration and the need to stay still not wanting to slide off the pile of blankets. Kim cursed herself for the random setting not expecting it to only come on a few times and only tease her and couldn’t wait to free herself and change the settings and forced herself to orgasm. Kim’s neck was beginning to cramp from having to hold her head up so the tight collar wouldn’t bind around her throat and her hands were beginning to buzz as the feeling returned to them.

When the vibrator in her ass increased to medium Kim moaned loudly and started struggling in an attempt to orgasm. During her struggles her body slipped slightly moving her knees towards the edge of the bed. Kim had shut her eyes as she flexed and twisted on top of the blankets ignoring her brain screaming to stop as she continued to struggle slipping further. Kim felt her body slipping more and twisted her legs upwards and tried to roll over on her breasts. As she twisted her buzzing hands felt something brush against one making Kim freeze in her struggles and flail her bound hand around finally able to grasp the thin string that held her keys.

Kim squealed loudly realizing the key was now free, in her excitement to roll the string up she relaxed her tired body slightly letting her knees drop off the edge of the bed and begin to drag her body with them. Kim felt her body shifting and tried to pull her knees up again but they had dropped too far and her effort to pull them up caused her to not only slip further but forced her to roll over onto her tortured breasts. Screaming as her body slid off the edge of the bed dragging her breasts over the mountain of blankets ripping one of the tortuous clamps off as she fell to her knees. Kim was still screaming and whining as she settled onto her knees leaning fully on her breasts causing the one remaining clamp to hurt worse than it did when both were on.

Kim stood on her knees her arched position made worse by her body being stretched further and the one clamp being twisted upwards pulling hard on her nipple. It was the fact that Kim knew she would not be able get back up on the bed bound as she was and she had no other keys in reach that made her scream and begin to cry openly. She knew no one would come to find her and she could not call anyone so she was stuck in the painful position alone in her room. Kim continued to struggle twisting her wrists and ankles desperately trying to find some give in any of her restraints hoping if she twisted them enough they would break. Leaning on the bed for an hour while she struggled she could take the pain in her breast no longer and she forced herself to drag her knees in wards until she could sit back on her folded legs.

As she sat back she felt the strain on her elbows increase until it was painful making her squeal and twist herself onto her side as she fell backwards. Her tortured nipple screaming with pain as the clamps chain swung freely twisting her sore nipple in different directions. Kim had shut her eyes again as she fell over waiting until she stopped moving to reopen them to find herself looking up at the ceiling. Her body was partially lying on her back allowing her to notice that the string that had been holding the keys was no longer hanging from the ceiling! Kim twisted and strained her neck and was sure that the string was gone and squealed as the hope that it was on the floor with her came into her head.

Kim struggled around in a circle hoping to find the string but seeing nothing. As the hope was dying she thought it was still on the bed she felt something against her hand again and began flexing and stretching it finally finding the string wrapped around her high heel and ankle. Kim squealed as she began working the string trying to find an end and carefully pulled and rolled it around her finger tips. After another hour passed Kim had still not found either end finding that each time she pulled on the string it tightened up around her ankle and high heel. Kim was gasping for air as she stopped to rest. When the vibrators turned on again this time both ramping up to medium speed slowly making her very excited. The more she felt the vibrations the more she tried to free the string. Kim concentrated on the string even though her body was betraying her as it continued to build towards the much needed orgasm.

Kim was torn between getting free or climaxing, her main worry was if she climaxed she would lose control of the string and have to start over again. Kim bit down harder on the gag and concentrated on the string ignoring the vibrations she had been waiting for almost twenty four hours. The string tightened up telling Kim it was tangled somewhere and Kim desperately tried to look at her ankles but the stiff collar stopped her well short of being able to see. The added frustration of the collar and snagged string pushed her body over the edge making her orgasm harder than she had ever felt and making her body flex against her bonds while she moaned loudly and her whole body shook.

Kim lay panting after the massive orgasm feeling the vibrators still running and distracting her while she pulled at the cuffs on her wrists hoping for a miracle and one would pop open. While she lay there enjoying the vibrations she realized that her restraints would open, Monday morning when she had programmed them to open and she would be free. The thought of being bound this stringently for another thirty six hours was difficult to accept but it was better than the idea of her dying and her body being found in this position by whoever came to check on her. With this new revelation Kim relaxed and enjoyed the vibrations letting her body struggle and twist as she felt another massive orgasm building and hoped she could have at least one more before the batteries died.

Kim struggled for another hour as she felt the batteries slowly dying leaving her frustrated again as she lay on her side whimpering. Once she calmed down she started pulling on the string again working it around her fingers until it tightened up again. Kim pulled hard on the string noticing she could feel it tugging on her ankle and took her finger and carefully felt around and found the string was wrapped around the lock holding her wrist to her ankle. Kim continued working on the tangled string until it popped free and she coiled it to her waiting fingers relieved as she felt the keys. Unlocking her wrists took almost another hour due to the tension on her limbs and her still buzzing hands. Finally Kim felt the lock snap open and whined as she moved the key to her other bound hand. Using both hands made unlocking her wrist quicker and she whined again when she could finally stretch her legs and lower her arms.

Now Kim struggled to her feet leaning back on the bed Kim and began to struggle with the knot holding her elbows tightly behind her back. Unable to look down Kim could only twist the strap and moan as she fought the knot frustrating her more as she began to kick her bound legs making her pinched breast bounce and begin to hurt again. With her arms pulled together behind her she couldn’t reach the last dangling clamp and was forced to endure its twisting and pulling while she fought with the stubborn knot. Kim was finally able to untie the knot and moaned as her arms were allowed to hang by her sides. After flexing them for a few minutes she carefully opened the remaining clamp from her extremely sensitive nipple screaming into the gag as the blood flow returned. Kim couldn’t even touch the burning nipple without squealing so she concentrated on opening the locks holding her legs together while her nipple cooled.

Kim lay back stretching her arms and legs groaning from the relief then sat up quickly and turned to her computer to see that the vibrators should have been running right now. Kim moaned behind the gag knowing this meant the vibrators were completely dead and she would not be able to climax again until the keys for the belt were given back to her. She clicked over to the countdown screen and saw she still had thirty nine hours to go. Kim grunted as she thought about the time left quickly adding it up in her head and figuring it would be ten or eleven Monday morning before she would be allowed to unlock her belt, collar and shoes along with the remaining cuffs locked on her arms and legs.

Kim kept re-adding the time mumbling “No” as she kept coming up with the same results she would have to go to work Monday for a big meeting and now she would be wearing everything! She tried to dig her nails under the cuffs at her wrists then around her thighs achieving nothing and sat panting around the gag filling her mouth. Kim sat thinking about why and realized she had come home much later than she had planned and started the timer late without resetting the clock. Kim sat cursing herself as she counted the hours again figuring that the gag would be released at about four in the morning on Monday. Kim cursed herself again knowing she would still have the marks from the gag and hoped she would be able to cover them with makeup.

Monday morning Kim sat waiting for the gag to open so she could prepare herself for the long day ahead. She would have to eat before leaving having not eaten since Friday night. Kim had been able to force liquids past the gag that now felt like it was ripping her jaw off but the strong material held it firmly where she had put it. When the straps popped loose Kim quickly pried the gag out from behind her teeth moaning as she rubbed her jaw and tried to close her mouth. She was already dressed wearing a long skirt and another long sleeve turtle neck top. The ankle cuffs and shoes could clearly be seen when she sat down but it was the best she could do and hoped she could keep her feet under the table when she would needed to sit down.

Kim covered the gag marks while she continued to work her jaw muscles and was able to make herself presentable leaving her hair down around her face. She ate a small meal whining as she chewed and went to work, each step chafing her thighs and butt cheeks with the damp leather wedged in between them wishing she wouldn’t have to wait until she got home to remove it. Kim made it through the day only getting a few comments on her different hair style and sped home to remove the tortuous leather belt and high heels. Arriving home she clicked on the counter having expected the cuffs to pop open as soon as she walked in and saw it was still counting down from eight hours and thirty three minutes. “Damn it!” Kim cursed realizing the timer would stop when it fails to receive the signals from any of its controlled items.

Kim ate another light meal and lay down falling asleep from sheer exhaustion. Kim woke up about three am finding the cuffs had all released themselves and squealed as she jumped up pulling the cuffs off as she ran to her computer and snatched the key from the CD drive that had been popped open. Kicking her shoes off as she ran to the bathroom she unlocked the belt letting it drop to the floor. Kim let the inert vibrator slip from her damp pussy as she gently eased the plug from her sore ass. Kim turned on the hot water in the tub and sat down and relieved herself while the tub filled. Before climbing into the tub Kim grabbed another vibrator and slipped into the hot water and began working on her aching pussy. After two amazing orgasm’s Kim cleaned herself and went to work.

Kim kept herself restrained as often as possible during the next few months as the project advanced getting more excited about the possibilities of her next creation. Kim’s boss came to her and explained that the military wanted to suits made for tests one for a man and another for a woman. Kim was shocked when he explained that he needed her to be the model for the woman’s suit. He had been very careful how he worded his request thinking he might have offended her but Kim stopped him and said she would be glad to be the model. A mold of Kim’s body was quickly made and the tech’s soon had several versions of the suit ready for her to try on.

Kim was ecstatic when she tried the first suit on, she felt the tech zip her in and loved the heft of the suit but when she turned and saw herself in the mirror she was really disappointed with the fit of the suit as it hung loosely on her body. She looked at the techs and asked “Why did you need a mold to make this?” the techs smiled and pushed the button on the console and Kim squealed as the suit tightened all over her body. Kim looked in the mirror and smiled at how the suit now hugged her body everywhere even the gloves now fit perfectly. The techs explained how they had found because the weave of the fibers in the material they could apply a small amount of voltage and the material constricted up to thirty percent. Now each suit could be sized for the individual wearing it since once it constricted it would stay that size from then on.

Kim walked around encapsulated in the body armor for the rest of the day loving every minute of the feeling of being trapped in the suit. Kim was asked if she would continue wearing the suit so she could report on any problems, she quickly agreed almost jumping at the opportunity. Kim redressed and went home relishing the feeling of being in the suit only having one problem with it, she couldn’t lock it on. Arriving home Kim took her posture collar and was about to wrap it around her neck when she stopped and unzipped the suit. Kim inserted two vibrators into herself and closed her favorite clamps on her nipples then closed the suit and wrapped her neck in the collar setting the computer for six hours sealing herself into the suit.

Kim locked her shoes over the feet of the suit and closed all her cuffs around her arms and legs moaning as each locked closed. Kim was now locked into the suit for the next six hours and wanted to test out everything about it. After testing the openings for using the bathroom and making some notes she locked her gag on then locked her ankles and knees together. Running her gloved hands all over her encased body Kim turned on the vibrators and quickly locked her hands behind her back. Kim struggled inside her suit of armor for the next six hours enjoying multiple orgasm’s before the computer opened her restraints allowing her to turn off the vibrators. She sat panting as she rubbed her pinched nipples and sweat soaked body noticing how the material wicked the sweat from her skin.

For the next few weeks Kim wore one of the several suits that had been made for her everyday, each suit had different uses and fit different one even could be tightened and loosened as needed so the suits weren’t so “one person” oriented. Kim had already been given one of the suits to keep and had cut it at the lab and was now stitching it in the shape she wanted. Her goal was to make it like a sleep sac but really wanted a hood and had not had a chance to get enough of the material to make one yet. The techs had continued to increase the variances in the weave and soon had a suit that felt softer than the highest thread count material she had ever felt. The last suit she had to test was the most severe and she would be forced to wear it for twenty four hours. She had agreed to the test before getting all the info but eagerly waited for the time to test it.

Walking into the lab she almost giggled when she was asked to step into the closed legged suit, it was designed just like the one she was building but had internal arm sleeves and a hood that covered her entire face and head. Kim just looked at the techs and her boss questioningly and was told this suit was designed for the psychiatric ward as a full body “humane” restraint and asked to enter the suit nude. Kim smiled wishing she had brought her vibrators instead of leaving them in her office ignoring the techs as they explained about how it worked and what she should do if she had any problems and wanted out. All she retained was she would be locked into it and someone would be watching her to make sure she was ok though out the test. Kim told them that wasn’t necessary as she slid her arms into the sleeves trying to control herself and keep her body covered from the techs trying to “help” her into the sac as she was living a reoccurring dream of being sealed inside something and couldn’t release herself.

The heavy zipper was pulled up her body then just before covering her head the tech stuffed an athlete’s mouth guard into her mouth and pulled the hood over her surprised face. Kim heard the zippers snap into place imagining she was now locked in the indestructible sleep sac.  If she had listened instead of day dreaming she would have heard that she was indeed locked in the sac and that it was about to get much worse. The tech applied voltage to the suit and suddenly Kim was squeezed hard by the strong material scaring her as the air was forced from her lungs. Kim was scared and tried to say something but the material had tightened around her head and face so tight she couldn’t open her mouth. She gasped through the small opening in the mouth piece and moaned loudly.

Kim listened to the techs moving around the room finally hearing something about a malfunction with the voltage level. The techs seemed to be almost frantic as they kept telling each other to try different things. Kim calmed herself and tried to listen as the techs rolled her rigid body onto her stomach and began yanking and pulling on the zipper saying in hushed tones how bad they had screwed up and that the zipper was pulled too tight to open now. Kim almost climaxed as she realized she was now sealed into the body restraint and it couldn’t be opened. She was rolled back over and felt hands running all over her body as the techs continued to talk about the voltage spike.

Kim’s boss was the one rubbing her body with a large smile on his face, he had programmed the voltage spike knowing it would pull the material extremely tight. He had noticed her ankle restraints and even spotted her wrists restraints when she had come in for the meeting and knew she would enjoy being his captive. He had figured she would be the perfect person for this extended test wanting to prove a person could be maintained indefinitely while encased and be completely harmless to anyone around them. He figured a few weeks crushed by the sac would prove how valuable the arrangement could be to him and the company and since he planned on making it enjoyable for her she wouldn’t mind being the test subject.

Kim lay motionless for the next few days until one evening her boss came in and explained the situation to her and asked if she wanted him to make it more interesting for her as he laid the large vibrator on the hard shell over her compressed pussy. Kim immediately started humming so he asked if she wanted this than she would have to stay in her cocoon for awhile longer but she would enjoy her time encased and get a huge bonus afterwards. Kim moaned she wanted to stay and was quickly brought to a screaming orgasm. Kim’s boss tormented and teased her for the next few weeks while feeding her through the tube and using the sac’s evacuation ports to relieve her body functions. Kim was desperate to cum again but was not allowed and the frustration and her inability to move was starting to make her moan and whine more.

Kim was lying alone whining, the excitement of her being trapped had worn off  and she was left alone more often and had now been left alone for hours when she suddenly felt the sac ease its grip on her body and she could flex her body and legs. Within minutes the techs had returned and were helping her out of the sac. Kim was taken to another room where she was inserted into the body suit and it was charged to full tension to ease the effects of her quick decompression. Kim felt the tension slowly ease over the next few days enjoying the new situation but wishing the suit would be removed so she could force herself to the massive climax that had been building inside her.

Once Kim had been nursed back to full strength and she was able to walk around on her own again her boss came to see her with an agreement for her to sign. He explained to her that the agreement said she had agreed to do the extended length test and she would receive the bonus he had promised as long as she signed it and promised to only tell everyone she had wanted to do the test. Kim quickly figured out he was worried about getting sued or at least bad press for the incident, neither she had even given any thought to but know she knew she had some leverage to ask for some things she did want. Kim’s boss could see her mind working and laid the large vibrator on the table and said. “I know your preferences lean towards, shall we say the more restrictive side”. Kim blushed as she realized it had been him that had teased her for so long leaning her tolerances and desires.

“The suit you are currently wearing is triple the thickness of what would normally be used making it impenetrable” he continued “I have seen fit to make sure your medical records show that you should have to wear it for at least the next few months”. Kim gasped knowing she would be trapped in the suit unable to remove it and also be unable to stimulate herself to the much needed orgasm. Kim smiled and said “What happens if I agree?” “Then you can write your own ticket, all most anything you want” he said with a grin. Kim signed the paper quickly and slid it back to him saying “Anything?” “All most” he answered leaving the vibrator on the table as he moved towards the door. Kim moved towards him and said desperately “What about this!” as she pulled at the suit. “I’ll talk to your doctors and recommend its removal, while you wait why don’t you write down what it is you might want, maybe a extended vacation with the bonus you earned?” Kim grunted as she watched the door close picking up the vibrator as she paced the room.

Kim waited impatiently for her release for the next few days being visited by several doctors and having her suit adjusted tighter each visit until she was finally compressed so tightly she could barely move and sat gasping when he came to see her again. “I see you have a list ready for me” he said as he entered smiling at the gasping woman. Kim smiled back and in a panting breath said “The last page is for you” He sat down while he read the last page smiling then just sat there with a surprised look on his face as he finished it. The two sat staring at each other for a moment before he asked “Are you sure THIS is what you want?” Kim smiled and nodded her head then asked him “If you’re up to it that is?”

Six months later Kim is back at the office still wearing the full suit she had been wearing since she was released from the sac , the only difference was the ballet boots that had been locked on her before leaving the lab six months ago. Kim only spent a few hours before being led from the building and taken back to her new home where the full body restraint suit was stretched over her body. Kim was laid down inside the large box before the voltage was applied and she gasped under the hood from the air being forced out of her lungs. She had asked her boss to keep her as his pet only allowing her to orgasm when she had earned it. He had agreed to keep her and had forced her to service him regularly but had never allowed her to cum because he understood that when he allowed it he would lose his control.

Kim had been enjoying her situation hoping that one day he would permit her to be his sex partner and she would finally be allowed to climax with him on top of her. The deal she had made would keep her employed with an extended leave of absence controlled by him. After she had spent six months he would let her return to work for one day a week so she could get caught up on the progress of her project then at the end of the year she would make her choice if she stayed his pet or would go back to her old life. Kim had been forced to be in a constant state of arousal by his attentions when she was bound and the inserts he would force into her when she was allowed to be free of her storage box. The plug in her firm ass hadn’t been removed for more than an hour or so in months and as she lay in her box thinking how nice it felt and dreamed of how his cock would feel in her damp pussy.

He arrived home and turned the knob to increase the tension on her body listening to her breathing quicken as she whined lightly.  Smiling as he got ready to have her bound body service him again. He wondered if after she found out it had been over a year since the agreed upon six months had passed if he gave her a choice right now if she would stay with him or if she would leave him. He had come to love his bondage pet and couldn’t bear the thought of it leaving him. He didn’t know she was living her dream and had decided long ago that she would stay with him as long he would have her as his own.       

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