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The Trip

by Lee

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© Copyright 2007 - Lee - Used by permission

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I enjoy dressing as a female. I do it as much as I can. I wear nylons or tights, support panties or girdles, and bra’s regular or long line under my clothes. I have a pair of knee high boots with 4” heels that I wear when I can. I am also into bondage. Every now and then I get a chance to do both. This is the story of one of those times. I had to make a trip from Memphis to Nashville. It was to be an overnight stay. It also was going to be a daring fetish bondage trip.

I packed for the trip. More bondage and cross-dress than anything else. I took ropes, cuffs, my favourite vibrating dildo, ball gag, and several baby doll teddies. Boots, panties, bras, tights, leotards, etc. Then I set about getting dressed for the trip. First I put on some makeup. I learned this from a friend that is understanding to my fetish. She has helped me with clothes, makeup and more. I don’t use much, just to highlight some features and female some. 

Finished with my makeup I put on a long full blond wig. It came to below my shoulders. Then I started to get dressed. I use two pairs of Danskin flesh coloured tights. As I pulled the first pair across my legs the sensations ran up my legs and brought my dick to life. The first pair on I started to put on the second. The feeling of the supplex moving across my legs against the first pair was almost enough to cause me to come right there. I got them straight and put on two pair of Maidenform control high leg panties. I use these control panties because the front panels pull in and totally hide the fact that I have extra equipment. I can were tights or a snug dress and look totally female. Plus the pressure against my member is a definite turn on. They have wide waistbands that keep them from rolling or bunching. 

My high heel boots went on next. Then I chose a white laced slightly padded bra. Next I filled my breast. I use balloons filled with water or Karo syrup. This time I used water because I didn’t have the time to fill the balloons with syrup. With water it’s easy. Snap the balloon around the faucet head and fill to size. With syrup you have to use a plastic bottle for pressure. I use the heavy-duty balloons; you can lie on your “chest” and get excited with out an accident. I chose about a C cup size. Fill them with warm water if you try this unless you want a shock when you put them in your bra. They felt wonderful, warm and when I got them positioned just right look as real as they can get unless you can afford the Pro versions that glue on. The knots that tied off the balloons were positioned to look like a hard nipple. A pink-laced baby doll came next. I selected a leather belt and buckled it around my waist over everything, pulling it uncomfortably tight. 

I checked myself in the mirror and with my clothes set right I packed everything else up and got in the truck. I started with about 50’ of nylon rope. The first loop went around the arches of my boots a couple of wraps. Then up to my ankles I wrapped about 6 to 8 turns. I then made a crisscross up about 6” and made another 6 or 8 wraps right on my calf’s below where my boots ended. Another crisscross and about 6 turns wrapped just under my knees then 6 turns just above my knees. Another crisscross and about 6 turns with a cinch in the centre this time. Again a crisscross and 6 turns midway up my thighs again with a cinch in the middle. Then I ran the rope up my back to a steel loop mounted in the middle of the leather belt, through this loop and around the outside of my hips, down between my legs, and bring the ends back around the same leg. Then making 6 or 8 complete loops around my upper thigh with a centre cinch. I tied the knot under my legs so the tails of the rope would not show. The pattern of the ropes on my legs was perfect. Coils of rope with an X of rope between each of the coils. The rope was tight and restrictive. Just writing about it makes my dick start to rise. I took a second piece of rope and made about 4 or 5 loops about 4’ in diameter. I put my hands through one side then the other leaving the folded ends in the middle. I cinched the rope around the centre of my wrist about 6 or 8 times drawing the loop tighter around my wrist each time and knotted the ends off with my teeth. This bound my hands together with about 2” between them. 

Now I was ready. There I was female and bound. I started my truck and headed for Nashville. I was guaranteed a 4-hour trip dressed and tied. This was sending my need for an orgasm up the wall; my dick was rock hard and pulsing. The only thing I was missing was my ball gag. Now I have been known to ride around with one in, but never on the interstate, and never during the day, well almost never. I don’t think that the troopers would understand my fetish.

I got on the interstate and set my cruise control where I didn’t have to use my legs for the gas. As I looked over to check the left lane I noticed I could see the reflection of myself, and my bound legs in the window when the light was just right. This conjured up fantasies of being bound and kidnapped, as I looked at the reflection of my bound legs I would struggle to escape the bonds. This got my cock pounding in a hurry. 

My legs look as good as any females when they are in tights. As I gazed into the reflection or looked down at my well-formed breast, and on to my rope bound legs. My member swelled more and pulsed. As my mind went from the sensations of bondage to the feel of spandex to the movement the road was giving my breast. I could feel the waves of pleasure coming over me. The ropes, the tights, the way my legs looked as I struggled as if to get loose. It didn’t take long to reach an explosive orgasm. I know the people behind me wondered why I veered a little. I knew that I would experience several more before I reached my destination. I glanced at my tied legs reflection in the window. I could see a different fantasy coming. 

As I was rolling in fantasy I noticed the semi drivers as I started to pass would lean forward to look at my truck coming around them. And after I passed them they would grab their CB mike. And blow their horns at me. It seems that I had forgotten about their height and their ability to see into high pickup trucks. At first I tried to run past them so they didn’t have very much time to look. I realized they thought I was a female. Then the thought of them getting off turned me on even more. They were seeing a stacked kinky chick dressed in tights and a pink baby doll lingerie, with her legs and hands tied up. They honked and waved all the way to Nashville. And I had one orgasm after another. 

I got to Nashville after dark and released myself from the ropes. I was exhausted and all I wanted to do was eat and relax for a while. I removed the baby doll and slipped on some jeans and a tank top. The girl at the counter was checking me in and I noticed she was smiling at me. Her name tag said Kelly and then it hit me. She looked a lot like Christina Applegate. When I looked down I realized that she could see my bra around the tank top. As she handed me my room key she suddenly said, "If you adjusted those straps out a little it wouldn’t ride up like that. The bra I mean." I almost creamed in my already soaked tights. I reached for my room card and felt her fingers lay on top of mine for a moment as our eyes met. She looked like she was about to say something when a phone started ringing. We held eyes for a second more and her fingers slipped from mine. She was beautiful, long brunette hair with long luscious legs that ended in a set of heels that had to be 4 1/2” high. I thought the straps looked a little severe for work shoes.  She was wearing a short tight skirt that I know violated the dress code at the motel. 

I tried waiting a moment but I heard her say, “just a moment and I’ll check” to the other end of the phone. With that she disappeared through a door into the other office. The vision I got as she walked away from me caused me to shiver. I revelled in her vision for a second or two and filed it under a future fantasy. I got back in my truck, adjusted my bra and drove around to the closest door to my room. It was dark so I pulled my jeans and tank top off and pulled on a tight leather dress that fell about to my mid thigh. The top narrowed just above the breast to a tight neck collar. This showed my breast off nicely and since the dress came up tight under my arms with a wrap of leather around my arm everything that should not be seen wasn’t seen. I brushed my hair, fixed my makeup, grabbed some of my things and headed for my room.

As I passed several windows the reflection I gave was a turn on I was an attractive woman. As I was looking in the windows I caught sight of something that made me back up. Through a slit in the curtain I was looking at I swear two women doing sixty-nine. I paused and watched for a few minutes. As I was standing there enjoying a very good show. A couple coming up the sidewalk startled me. I had not seen them till they were just a few feet from me. This is what a cross dresser is afraid of. I know I look female and I think a really pretty chick. But that’s me. The question is how do I look to other people. Do I actually look good enough to pass as female in public? How good do I look? I had not been out that much in full dress.

They both said,“Excuse us miss.” I almost creamed. I was near the door and had some of my bags in my hand. When he reached the door and let his wife or girl friend through he held the door open for me. I couldn’t just stand there and look stupid staring into that window, even though the two chicks were going hot and heavy, so I went through. I could swear I felt his eyes on my ass all the way down the hall. It was such a turn on. I was in my high heel boots so my ass was wiggling anyway. I just straightened my legs a little and let my cheeks do their thing. When I reached my room I decided to give him the whole thing. I sat my bag down and dropped my card key. As I bent over to get it I kept my legs straight to make my skirt ride up my legs as far as I could. I knew he was looking because as I picked up my key I glanced up at him. As I stood up I flipped my long blond hair over my shoulder and smiled. He was smiling big time, looking back and almost bumped into his girl. At that she whacked him on the shoulder and gave me a dirty look. I went on into the room, shut the door, leaned against the wall, and lifted my dress pulled down my tights and with just a few strokes caused an explosion. I sunk to my knees consumed. That had to be the ultimate complement to a cross dresser. To totally be taken as a sexy looking woman.

There are many reasons why I dress as a woman. I don’t want to date men I have no wish to go that route. I just enjoy looking and feeling like a woman. The sexy look and feel that they have.  The clothing that they wear feels so good and sexy to wear. But if I were to become a woman I would be a lesbian. Huh! Would that make it all right? A man gets a sex change to female and then has sex with a woman. Sounds right to me.

I got undressed and cleaned up. I put on clean tights and panties. I changed in to a blue long line bra with under wire and lace. I selected a blue baby doll and put my boots back on. I just love the feel of heels. You know it’s funny a lot of women complain about high heels, but I found if I size the shoe or boot just right I don’t have a lot of problems. I can wear 4” heels all day and walk a lot, I mean in stores, the park, etc. I have a pair of High Lights that have a 4” heel. The heel is not a spike it’s about 3/4” thick at the bottom. I wear these all the time. I get some stares but I have gotten a lot of complements from women that say they look good on me. And they want to know where I bought them. 

I called room service and left a wakeup call for 7:30 and ordered a sandwich. I figured to eat light relax then use the night for some extended bondage.  TV sucked but I found something to watch while I waited for my food. It was a B class but it had Linda Blair in it and had some good bondage scenes in it. As I waited for my sandwich I laid out my bondage gear ropes, dildo, wrist and ankle cuffs. My plans were to do a self-hog tie. My sandwich got here and I ate while watching the movie.

Finished with that I decided the final position I wanted to use and proceeded to enjoy myself. I removed my tights and inserted my favourite dildo. It’s a very soft 5” long and 1.5” in diameter. It has a suction base that I didn’t use this time. As I was putting on my tights it buried itself deeper in to me. Once the spandex of the panties and tights pulled in the ball sack on the dildo was sitting up between the cheeks of my ass. I grabbed the control and ran it up a little while I was putting on my boots. As I was sitting there with the dildo trying to disappear up my ass while the vibration was starting my cock to pulse I had to turn it off. I wanted the ropes. I didn’t want to end it early. I got a piece of rope and looped the end through a steel loop in the centre of a 2” leather belt I had around my waist. This went between my legs to either side of my balls up to rings attached to the belt on the front, back through my legs to the loop on the back pulled tight and tied. This pulled the dildo in deep and provided pressure against by balls by pulling the spandex in to the creases of my legs at my crotch.

I made sure my safety cutters were out of the bag. I forgot to do that once and like to have never got them out while I was hog-tied. In my fits of pleasure the rope knots to my wrist had twisted to where I couldn’t undo them. 

I reached beside me and grabbed the ball gag from the bed. As I lay on my side I put the ball in my mouth and using the straps pulled it deep in to my mouth. The straps ran around the back of my head, under my chin, over the top of my head to a V in the front that ran on either side of my nose and mouth back to the rings on my cheeks. I used two small padlocks to secure the gag harness in place. Now the ropes.

I started with my ankles. Two loops crossed my arches and around the heels of my boots then I wrapped about 10 loops of 3/8” diamond braid around my ankles. I cinched between my ankles with about 2 turns and knotted the rope in front. I did the same thing at the top of my calf’s, just below and above my knees, and in the middle of my thighs. I used a pair of padded wrist cuffs, which I locked in place. I tied a piece of rope to my ankle bindings and looped the other end through the d-rings around my ankles again up through the d-rings on my cuffs then back around my ankle ropes. I put a lock through the rings on the wrist cuffs and clicked it shut. I started pulling up on the rope till my heels were almost touching my ass. I then had to rock back and forth as I pulled them closer to my ass. When I could feel the heels of my boots touch my fingers I tied a cinch knot around the rope my ankles. When I let go the cinch slipped the inch or so to my ankle ropes. I couldn’t reach the knot if I had to. The only way I could release myself was the keys to my locks. With that my mind flashed where are the keys? I looked around the room. There they are on the table by the window. Well that’s going to be interesting to get to. I lost myself in the flood of sensations that were starting to rush into me. I found the control to the dildo and set it past max to auto. This thing would vary the level of intensity and time. It would carry you up to a max and just about rock and roll then it would back off. Who ever figured out the pattern was a sadist. OOOOhhhhh. Here we go.

I was rocking back and forth trying to help the dildo and humping the bed like crazy. The feeling of the pressure of my breast against the bed was luscious. This was UUUUHHHHhhh, MMMMMmmmmm, getting me just where I wanted to be. Damn the dildo just went down. I started to calm down and started to feel the love of the ropes. That’s what I liked about getting excited and backing off a little. I can test my bondage and lose myself in the sensations. As I was struggling against my bonds testing my limits the feeling of lying on my “breast” was starting to give me a new fantasy. I had never left them in during a hog-tie and I must say this is wonderful. I can only imagine what a woman in this position would feel. The balloons friction against my nipples was driving me crazy. It’s ironic I have very sensitive nipples when I get aroused. And this is a definite turn on. No more hog-ties without my “chest” MMMMMmmmmm, there goes the vibrator. 

As I was moving around violently on the bed, building myself a fantasy that included a girl named Kelly when I heard her voice. “Looks like I have some ropes and straps to adjust.” Wait a second that wasn’t in my fantasy. I froze for a second and then she walked around the bed so I could see her. I was horrified. How did? Then I saw the room card key in her hand as she tossed it to the table by the keys for my locks. 

She pulled up a chair and sat down. Crossing those long hose covered legs that started at those cruel high heels and ended, oh boy the hose were shinny but shear at the crotch and I was staring at a shaved pussy with a wet spot soaking her hose. AAAhhmmmmm, I moaned as the vibrator chose that time to go wide open. With the vibrator wide open and the vision of her crotch and those lovely legs, I started to hump the bed out of reflex. She reached over to get the control and turned it down until it was on very low. It was just enough to tease me.

“Now, Now, we don’t want to give up the ghost just yet do we?” She said in a low voice that dripped with sex.

First out of hornyness I shook my head yes, then immediately shook my head no. Trying to voice my opinion only got a response of “MMmmmmmmmm. ”

“After all I’ve been all hot and bothered just thinking about you.” Was her next comment. “You make a pretty convincing female. I like that, it’s one of my little turn-ons. I’ve found transvestites seem to be more concerned with satisfying me than getting their nut and leaving. If I didn’t know what to look for I wouldn’t have known with just a casual glance. I’ll be right back I have to run out to my car. Then we can have some fun. I don’t have to be back to work for 24 hours.” And with that she ran the vibrator up just a little more, left her nametag on the table and took the keys and walked out. My head was spinning, here I was in one of the best hog-ties I have ever done on myself, no way I can see to get out with no keys, and the most lovely creature I have ever seen, AAAhhhhhh, AAAhhhh, MMMmmm. I ground into the bed trying to get some relief. But I just couldn’t get there. I lay there waiting my fate. OOOOhhhh, just thinking about it, MMmmmm. Where was she?

I heard the door open and close. She had been gone about 30 minutes. The vibrator went to zero. I turned my head and what I saw I only have seen in books. I was close enough to the edge of the bed and at the angle my head was at I saw her feet first. She was wearing black lace up thigh length high heel boots, leather panties, a red patent leather corset that pushed her tits into more cleavage but still showed her nipples, and they were at attention. She had shoulder length black leather gloves. Black fish net stockings showed on the skin between her boots and leather panties. She had what looked like a large gym bag. “You’ve got some nice toy’s, I brought some of mine too. I thought we could make a night of it. You know I treat you, then you could treat me”. Those thoughts ran through my mind and I almost blew my wad right there and then. 

She ran the vibrator up to high and, and, MMMMMmmmm. Then she turned it off. She said, “Why don’t we re-tie you where I can take advantage of the situation, Ok?” God I loved that voice. I shook my head yes.

She released me from my hog-tie and positioned me on my back with my feet at the foot of the bed. I felt the vibrator come on again, but it was just enough to keep me hard. I heard a snap which latter learned was a quick snap like climbers use being clipped to the legs of the hotel bed. She put one on all 4 corners. “We’ll start with your legs together since you’ve done such a good job on them.”

She brought the two straps at the foot of the bed together and passed them through a 2” metal ring, ran them up to my ankle bindings and back down to the ring and tied them off. My feet were just about at the foot of the bed. “I like your boots, where did you buy them at?” with that she grinned knowing all I could do is moan. She put a neck collar on me that had d-rings on the sides and front. I realized I was here with a beautiful woman I didn’t even know her last name. Trussed up in my wildest dream, when she noticed a wet spot where the tip of my dick was oozing cum. She paused what she was doing, leaned over and slipped her hands between my legs right at my crotch, and while she massaged the base of my dick sucked the cum through my panties. When she finished doing that she nibbled and nipped the head of my penis. OOOhhh shit, my whole body shook. 

She ran the straps from the head of the bed to the d-rings on my collar and back up to and through the loop of the quick shank. She rolled me on my side and unlocked my hands and looped the right strap through the d-ring on that wrist. She pulled till my arm was stretched fairly tight. She did the same to the other arm. She alternated between arms tightening the straps. As she pulled on the straps she was stretching my arm and pulling my head up at the same time. When she finished I was stretched pretty well to the limits. It felt wonderful. “How does that feel? Never mind she said, I know.” And leaned over to lick the cum that just showed up on my crotch. Again nipping the head of my dick when she finished. MMMMMmmmmmm, I arched up as much as I could for her to do it again but she had already moved away. “Easy Girl we're not half way there yet.” She called me girl. Believe it or not that in it self was a turn on. She ran the vibrator up a little more and reached into her bag.

My eyes were closed and I was humping the air in pleasure when I felt her climb on to the bed with me. She brushed my blond hair out of my eyes and sat across my legs just above my knees. I felt her slide my panties to one side and felt a little pressure at the base of my disk. I heard a snip, snip, snip. She had cut the panty hose and pulled my dick out through the hole. My panties spread to either side of my dick. It stood up straight as I was experiencing the hardest erection in my life. She licked the head of my dick like a Popsicle and as I moaned she wrapped her mouth around my penis and sucked it up till her lips kissed my balls. AAAAhhhhhh, I pulled against my bonds as she slid up and down my shaft. She stopped short of my demise and reached for the vibrator control. 

She raised up on her knees and spread a split in her leather shorts letting her lips come through. As she raised the vibrator up slowly she lowered herself on to my dick. As she clicked the vibrator on auto she slowly rose up and down taking in the full length of my now engorged member. Dammmnn, OOOhhhh, as she stroked up and down the vibrator started to rise. She lay down on top of me and kissed me right on the ball gag. MMMMmmmmmm. I did my best to drive into her but the way she had me stretched there was no way, I could only move a few inches. All I could do was impact her pussy as she reached the bottom of her slow torturous stroke. She had total control of the situation.

I could feel the heat building in her pussy. As her juices started to flow and she got hotter and hotter, the vibrator seemed to be matching the intensity of our lovemaking. It would increase and decrease almost in rhythm with her stroke. I pulled at the straps holding my hands. I wanted to wrap my arms around this goddess. She felt me struggle and it must have turned her on because she increased the rhythm of her stroke. I moved my legs testing my bonds and she stroked even faster. Her breathing was almost as fast as mine. She was sitting up, riding up and down on my cock; I was struggling loving my bonds as well as her. She reached down and grabbed my breast pressing them into my chest squeezing them like they were real. She was riding faster now and tossing her head back all I could do is look at her and ride the waves of passion that ran over the both of us. I struggled even more, and this made her rock back and forth grinding herself against my crotch. Faster and faster we both moved till she leaned her head back and screamed, then started to pound violently against my crotch, as though she was going to suck me completely inside her. AAAAAAAahhhhhhhh, I screamed into my gag. I could feel her pussy squeezing me as she stroked the length of my shaft. I could not hold any longer. I had the most earth shattering orgasm I had ever had in my life. We both came for what seemed like an eternity. 

As I lay there exhausted, she laid on top of me her tits pressing into mine. My dick pulsing occasionally, when it did her pussy would contract and she would purr like a contented cat. We laid there for quite a while until she stirred raised up and kissed me on my ball gag, giggled and reached to the night stand unlocked and removed my ball gag. She then kissed me like I had never been kissed before. As I explored the confines of her mouth and hers mine I felt her pussy contract and squeeze every now and then. This chick was still having orgasm after orgasm. She raised up enough to grab my breast again pushing and kneading them like I would her. As she did this she was rocking her hips grinding herself against me.

Suddenly she raised up and smiled. “Is that what I think it is?” I said the first words to her since she got here. Yes. I was growing inside her. Getting another hard on. As she kissed me and rocked ever so slowly my dick was getting a mind of its own. As I grew she would gasp and her pussy would grip me suddenly. When it was full size and pulsing she started her long slow stroke again. She was whispering in my ear, ‘Ready for another ride sugar?’ My arms were getting sore from being stretched like they were but as she engulfed me and started grinding herself against me, I gasped and shook all over; she then resumed her long slow stroking of my shaft. I whispered back as best I could, "I’m not going anywhere." The vibrator started to increase in intensity, my penis throbbed, and her pussy pulsed all at the same time. She smiled and started one of those long slow kisses. I knew it was going to be a long, long night.

I struggled against my bonds. Kelly was riding me slowly. She lay over onto me pressing her breast into mine. Forcing down into me, pressing harder with every stroke as she rode my shaft. My breathing was getting forced. OOOOooohhhhh. Her breathing was hot as she nibbled on my ear. “Oh! I missed your pierced ears.” She moved and bit my other ear lobe. I gasped and trembled.  “Both of them too. I see you like diamonds. A girl after my own heart.”  I loved it when she called me girl. She reached up with her hands and grabbed me at my wrists. Holding tightly she started riding me slowly. 

MMMMmmmmm. God that felt good. “OOOOoohhhhh.” She moaned. I tried to thrust into her but all I could do was struggle against my bonds. As she thrust on to me again and again she slid her hands down my arms. Pausing to grab a new hold as she pulled herself up again. She would rise up on my dick until just her lips were wrapped around the tip of my shaft.  Then she would thrust back down onto me until our bodies were one again.  AAAAAAAAAhhhhhhh. She made stroke after stroke. Making sure her hair would fall around my face as she gazed in to my eyes. 

She leaned back with her hands on my knees. “MMMMmmmm” she moaned. Her rhythm was teasing. I couldn’t do anything about it. I looked at this perfect female and asked her why me. She said “I have a thing for girls like you.” This made my dick pulse and she felt it. “Oh Yes” “OOOOOOohhhhhhh” she moaned. She paused at the bottom of her stroke and ground her hips back and forth. I arched my back and tried to force my self deeper into her. She said, “ You like that Girl”, and ground her hips some more. The vibrator was almost at max and I thought I saw stars. MMMMMMmmmmmm. Ah! Ah! Damn she stopped grinding and paused a moment. “Can’t do anything about it can you sweet heart. This is my party Girl” She started to fuck me slowly again. I closed my eyes for a moment and felt her slowly slide down my swollen dick. I could feel the wetness of her lips as I disappeared into her. As she sat against my crotch I could feel the vibrator slow down to almost nothing. As she started up the vibrator seemed to follow her motion and started to increase its speed. MMMMmmmm. I was drowning in pleasure. 

She sat up and leaned forward, grabbing hold of my tits, squeezing them slowly and pushing down just as I would do to a woman. She increased her rhythm. As she was playing with my tits I noticed the motion was transmitting to my nipples.  Damn that felt good. She increased the speed of her assaults, a little faster. AAAAAaaahhhhhhh, AAAAAaaahhhhh  Shit, Shit. I was harder than ever as the heat from her thighs was trying to consume me. Her rhythm was faster now, as she drove on to me she would shudder and with every shudder she would speed up riding me faster. I wanted to grab this woman. I wanted to help her engulf me. She leaned forward with out missing a stroke and started to kiss me. Her tits were pressed into me; her arms were reached up to my hands with our fingers locked together. Her tongue was matching our strokes and a soft moan was coming from her throat. As she assaulted me at both ends her thrust started to increase in speed and intensity. I moaned as her tongue danced with mine. 

The sensations I was experiencing were different. I enjoyed bondage but it had always been self-bondage.  This was a new adventure to me. Someone else had control. I couldn’t get loose not that I wanted to. As our bodies were locked in a lovers embrace the ropes around my body were caressing me too. I was being ravaged by this Goddess and loved by the ropes that held my body. I struggled against the bondage, and submitted to the assaults from this vision. She had control over what we did, she could deny me or embrace me. That alone was a turn on. The waves of emotion sweep over me and I lost myself in them.

Her actions were violent now. She rose up to catch her breath and tossed her head back. Her hair flowed like a river around her head. Her nipples of her breast were hard and red shining with the moisture from our bodies. She came back to my lips and grabbed them with her teeth. I was breathing franticly and riding wave after wave of lust. I licked her lips and she started to kiss me again, with more force this time.  She would screw me for a while then with a hard penetration grind her hips back and forth rubbing her clit against my crotch. Thrust then grind her motions along with the vibrators was carrying me to a new level. I wanted to AAAAAaaa wait for Kelly but with the things she was doing to me I didn’t know DDDDDDaaaaaammmmmnnnnn. She must have felt my struggles because she looked into my eyes and as her hair closed around her gaze then parted with her motions, she asked me “Are you ready, I am.” I could hardly control my need to cum and told her Yes. She speed up slamming into me with every thrust. Her pussy was gripping me harder. The heat was building up till it was uncontrollable.

AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHhhhhhh, OOOOOOOOOOhhhhhhhhh, We both exploded. As we both came together everything seemed to go into slow motion. I wanted it to last forever. I could feel her contractions as she had orgasm after orgasm. Her body would spasm but she never missed a stroke. I was flooding her, my dick pulsing load after load of cum.  She wrapped her arms around me and used them as leverage to drive herself down onto me. As she pulled with her arms her breast forced into mine with every lunge. I could hear her gasp for breath on almost every stroke. But she refused to stop kissing me. Deeper she probed. Our tongues dancing in their own love embrace. It was like she wanted everything I had and I was trying to give it to her.

We rode like this at what seemed like an eternity. I was drained, Kelly had me driven into her as far as she could get me and was gripping me in spasms. She was still kissing me like it was going to be the last kiss she would ever get. She finally collapsed onto me with her lips by my left ear. I could feel her breathing. It was still heavy and she was still jerking in orgasms. As we lay there the spasms stopped and her breathing slowed. The smell of her hair was heavenly. Her chest was pressed into mine. Her arms were still wrapped around me and she squeezed me tighter. She kissed me on the ear and said. “If I can arrange it would you like to stay another night? On me, if you catch my meaning.” 

Now I am lying in a bound position, with what I have to say is the most gorgeous female I have ever seen. We have just had the most intense love making session of my life and she wants me to stay longer than I had planned to. What do you think my answer was? 


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