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by Sean Malone

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© Copyright 2001 - Sean Malone - Used by permission

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The throaty sound of Mark's Ferrari receded down the long curving driveway. Helen jumped excitedly in front of the bedroom mirror. This was too good a chance to miss! He would not be back until at least mid afternoon, and for once he had forgotten to restrain his favourite slave. She looked down at the golden ring that peeped so cheekily from the neatly trimmed tuft of golden hair between her legs. There were so many ways to chain a ringed girl. She ran her fingers lightly down over her breasts to test their shape. They were as perfect as a girl could hope for. Her nipples were erect even before she touched them, as usual. They were guaranteed to turn a man's head, even if she dressed with impeccable modesty.

She did not dare to wear nipple rings in the street. An unobtrusive pair of flesh coloured sleepers kept her piercings established while revealing nothing to strangers. The ring between her legs was much easier to hide. Quickly she removed the sleepers from her nipple piercings, and inserted a thick pair of hinged golden rings. She pinched them hard until they snapped shut. She loved the feel of them. They were more than just a distraction. Every movement became a sensual event. Wearing them all the time had increased the size of her nipples. Her friends in the aerobics class had become quite jealous. She smiled. They would go nuts if they saw her like this. It was difficult enough to hide her pussy ring in the showers, but so far nobody had guessed her secret. She wondered what it would feel like doing aerobics, wearing nothing but her rings.

Stretching lithely, she examined herself once again. Satisfied, she hurried out of the bedroom, and down the long curved staircase. It was exciting to be nude in the old oak panelled hall, and the study where the entrance to the playroom was concealed. It was a place that reeked of maleness. She pressed a catch. The panel slid aside to reveal the hidden door. She had watched Mark enter the combination often enough. The numbers worked first time! The bank vault door swung heavily open to reveal brightly lit steps leading down. Before she was halfway down the steps she heard a smooth whirr, and a muffled clunk as the door closed automatically behind her. At the bottom of the stairs was the heavily padded door that opened into the playroom. Trembling, she pressed the button to open the door and stepped inside. The door closed behind her with a soft click. She paused for a moment to take in the scene. There was plenty of time.

In the centre of the room, out of reach of everything else, the burnished steel column emerged from the floor. It was potent but inert, fascinating in its cold severity, with its levers, and the buttons set into the floor tantalisingly out of reach. Its sharply curved tip, coated with shiny teflon, would slip easily into even a reluctant slave's moist pussy. Helen's pleasure bud tingled as she stepped cautiously a little closer. It was irresistible. This was the chance she had been waiting for every since her first visit to the playroom.

The cuffs she wanted were on their shelf in the display cabinet. It was unlocked. She buckled them round her elbows and wrists. A wide strip of velcro ran up the inside of each arm, from wrist to elbow. She tied a cord to a ring behind one elbow and passed it behind her back, then through a matching ring behind her other elbow. The cord easily reached the floor. She squatted to examine the main keypad. It was well out of reach of the column, but there was another button in the floor much closer to the dildo post - the release button. A girl mounted on the dildo might just reach it with an effort, but that was not as easy as it seemed. The button was covered most of the time by a large steel disc that rotated very slowly, and the button was exposed only when a hole in the disc was positioned exactly over the button. She set the rotation speed to expose the button for the first time after an hour. She knew it would slow down gradually after that, so it would expose the button at longer and longer intervals if she missed it the first time.

She turned to the dildo post itself. It felt very solid. Two levers extended on each side of the column, near its base. Above her two small hooks hung from the ceiling on thick elastic cords. She pressed the buttons to raise and lower them until the height was just right. The mechanism whirred quietly when she pressed the start button.

The column seemed weightless on its cushion of air. The top was sharply curved. Her fingers strayed to the warm pool of sweetness between her legs. She anointed the teflon coated tip of the dildo with her juices. She pushed it down while she positioned herself carefully. Once it was wet it felt incredibly slippery. It pressed gently upwards. She let it rise until it touched her tightly clenched sex lips. The pressure at the soft depression of her vulva was deceptively comfortable. She pushed the left hand lever down with her foot until it folded neatly into the column. The column was suddenly rigid. The dildo tip was motionless. She could relax for a moment. It was like a hard finger reaching just between her sensitive sex lips, and it felt delicious when she moved.

She remembered the two elastic cords with small hooks. They were a little in front of her. She reached out, pulled them down to her breasts and hooked them onto her nipple rings. When she let go her nipples were stretched gently forward and upward. She bent her right leg back, and felt for the cord with her toes. She straightened her leg, pushing the cord down. Her elbows were pulled closer, closer. The velcro strips met and stuck fast all the way from her elbows to her wrists. She struggled experimentally. She was perfectly helpless. Her breasts were utterly provocative with her nipples stretched into taut cones. Mark was really missing something, she decided.

With infinite care she pressed the right hand lever down with her other foot. It felt delicious as the dildo's pencil thin tip parted her lips. The shaft grew thicker as it pushed deeper into her body. With effortless ease it opened her vulva until she felt incredibly stretched, and she was forced up onto the tips of her toes before the lever snapped into place. She explored tentatively with her toes. The column felt perfectly smooth where the levers had been. It was far too late to have any misgivings about this. It was going to be a long uncomfortable hour before the release button appeared. She was helpless.

Oooooh!' she gasped. The column was vibrating gently. It was a delicious feeling. She knew she was going to climax in seconds. The more she struggled the sooner she would climax again. She had an awful thought. What if the mechanism increased the strength of the vibrations when the button appeared. She might have to endure this for much longer than she had planned. If Mark got home before she had freed herself, he would certainly dream up a very different kind of stimulation. Her bottom cheeks burned at the thought and liquid fire exploded from the softness of her core. Tears ran down her cheeks as she convulsed with pleasure. Wriggling only made it worse. This was harder than she remembered. There was an interminable interval before the vibrations began again. Even if she had been wearing a watch she could not have read it. She was far too distracted to reach the release button when it popped into view for the first time. Every few minutes the vibrations brought her again to a heady state of weakness. The second time the button was exposed she was in the throes of another violent convulsion.

Much, much later she was too exhausted by the incessant stimulation to climax when the button appeared for the third time. She scrabbled with her toes to reach the button, crying with desperation as she realised she didn't have enough strength to reach it. Her ordeal would just go on and on until Mark finally realised where she had gone. She saw the disc rotate over the button again, and she knew she was lost.

'Well, what have we here?'

Mark's voice had never sounded so welcome, although he did not sound at all pleased. He was a stern Master, the best a girl could wish for.

She looked up adoringly into his face as he released the hooks from her nipple rings. It was a blessed relief. But then he stepped behind her. Cords lifted her wrists until her bottom was unprotected. She struggled wildly as the cane swished through the air.

'Aaaaaah!' She screamed as white hot fire streaked across her tender cheeks, but she knew that nobody would hear her protests deep in the heavily sound-proofed cellar. She was going to receive a lesson in obedience. A deeply felt lesson. Warmth blossomed at the tender source of her pleasure, exploded once more, impossibly intense. It was terrible to be a fixture, while the confusion of pain and pleasure merged and finally became one.

   Sean Malone, © 1991 - 2001


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