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by Jill

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© Copyright 2007 - Jill - Used by permission

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I have always enjoyed self bondage. My adventures have been enjoyable and very exciting at times.  My latest adventure almost proved to be too much or too close to pushing the limits.  Read on and you will see what I mean....

It was Saturday morning.  I woke up early to begin my new adventure.  Today, I was going to push my limits and try some things I have never tried.   Last night, I took some rope and cut in into 4 pieces.  I took 2 pieces of rope and put the ends in a gallon milk jug full of water.  I placed it my my big freezer, I did the same with the other 2 pieces of rope in another jug of water.  This morning, they were both frozen.  I don't like to use keys too much for the reason of not being able to unlock the locks, but I have used them before. 

Beside my house is a 10'X10' storage building.  I guess the people before me used it to store their lawn mowers and such.  It is very old.  The door is weathered and doesn't close most of the time.  Sometimes during storms, the wind will blow it open and keep me up all night banging.  It doesn't have any windows and smells of gasoline.  When I bought the house, I knew I would only use it for my adventures.

It was now around 5:30 AM. It was still very dark out and I wanted to get started before the sun came up.  I grabbed my ropes from the feezer and started to my back door.  At the door, I took my robe off and laid it on the washer and dryer.  I decided to do this task totally nude.  I opened the door and took a step outside.  I looked around, but it was still dark and everyone was still sleeping in the neighborhood it seemed.  I closed the door and locked it.  I placed the key under the mat on the steps.  I started around the house as the ice blocks banged against my legs.  Today's temperature was going to be in the 90's so the ice should melt fairly quickly. 

I reached the building and opened the door.  I stepped inside and closed the door, the door doesn't latch as I said earlier as it is too weathered.  I get inside and lay the blocks on the floor.  It was still early so the ice had not begin to melt, but would so begin so i would need to get started.

The building was empty except for a metal bucket and some old broken shovel handles that had been left from the previous owners.  I am not sure what type of bucket it is, but it has two holes in the top.  I decided to use the things I found in my task rather than my bondage toys.  In most of my tasks in the past I have used dildos and vibrators, but today, things would be different.  I took two of the broken handles and placed them in the holes in the bucket lid.  By the time they reached the bottom of the bucket, they had about 4 to 5 inches hanging out of the top of the bucket.  They were side by side with little room in between.

For today's task, I would lower myself on these handles, one in each hole on my body.  In the past, I have found I could move around while sitting and I thought this would prevent any movement at all.  The wooden handles would be more uncomfy than a normal soft vibrator or dildo.  I took each end of the rope and threw it over a supporting board on each side of the building, bringing the ends next to the bucket on each side.  Having the ends close to me on the bucket, I would tie a slip knot in each one so there was no chance of removing them unitl the ice melted. 

First, I begin to sit on the bucket.  I lubed up the wooden handles and lowered myself on.  The handle in my rear hurt going in as it was a little bigger than I was used to and it doesn't give like rubber does.  Once down on the bucket, I took a moment to catch my breath.  I then reached for one end of the rope and slipped the loop over my foot and pulled it tight.  Then, I reached over for the other and did the same.  Now for the final touch, once my hands were in the slip knot, there was no chance of getting them out unitl the ice melted.  I reached down and grabbed both ends, one in each hand.  As I pulled the ropes, they lifted my feet off the floor.  I looked as if I were doing the splits on this bucket.  The handles then slid in to their capacity.  Carefully, I slipped one hand in a loop and then the other, and pulled down.  Now... I was totally trapped.  I could not put my hands together to remove the ropes or remove the ropes from my feet.  I was sitting  spread eagle on a bucket with two handles spearing into my body.

By now, the sun begin to appear around the cracks on the door.  I was unsure of the time, but the pain begin to sit in on my hips as my legs were streched to their max.  My hands and feet both had became somewhat purple for lack of blood flow.  I tied to find some comfort, but the handles prevented me from moving from side to side.  Suddenly, I heard a door slam.  It was the neighbor.  Then, I heard the mower start.  My neighbor was about to mow his law which was right next to mine.  I begin to grow nervous.  It seemed like forever as the sound of his mower got closer and closer to where I was.  Eventually, I could hear the mower hitting the side of the building.  I hoped the door would remain closed or that he wouldn't look in here. 

I pulled on the ice, but it was no use, it was still not warm enough to release me.  I begin to moan some as the pain was starting to get the best of me.  Finally, the mower stopped as I became relieved.  Then, the sound of a weed eater drew near.  I again became nervous.  What would I do?  What would I say?  I struggled once more to no avail.  Time passed and he eventually stopped working in his yard.  I did not know what time it was, but the ice was beginning to drip and so was I.  Hours went by and the ice continued to melt.  My hands and feet were now numb.  The handles no longer bothered me if I made no movements.  I could hear cars going by, kids in the neighborhood playing, and people talking.  I grew more nervous with each new sound.  Thoughts raced through my mind as what could happen.  With the added excitement, I had my first orgasm.  My body tensed as the pain took over. 

More hours passed and one ice block was about to melt and release one side of me.  Minutes later.... my foot falls to the floor.  One hand and foot was now released.  The pain was almost unbearable.  As my foot hit the floor, I was reminded of the handles.  Then.... I heard shuffling around the outside of the door.  I thought, "oh my gosh", who's there? 

Then it became clear, it was a dog licking the melted ice running off the concrete floor.  As he did, the door would move with each lick.  I thought to myself, no, not that.  How horrible that would be if he came in.... then, I heard a voice call..... here boy, here boy and I heard him run away.  Relief came over me. 

By now, the ice had begin to melt very fast.  The building had now become very hot.  Sweat was pouring off my body.  I looked as if I were melting.  Then.... my other foot falls to the floor.  I sighed with relief.  I slowly begin to stand as the handles slide out of me.  My legs were still numb.  I laid on the floor and dozed off.  Later, I awoke to still the sounds of people out and about.  I stood at the door and opened it slightly.  It was still day light and I just realized, I didn't bring anything to wear inside.  What was I to do?  I would now have to wait until dark or make a run for it. 

I was now beginning to get thirsty and hungry.  It must be late in the afternoon.  I have not had anything all day.  I decide to pick up a piece of ice and start to suck on it.  The coldness drips down my body, but it fells good since it is so hot.  Also, in the back of my mind, is the urge to go to the bathroom, which I have no place to do, I try to think about other things.  I think of my day, how it would be if I were caught now.  I get excited and start to plan my next adventure since I have nothing else to do.  I sit on the floor and continue to eat the ice.  My body is now covered with dirt and grass from the floor of the building.  I decide to lay down again and once again, doze off.  I awake what seemed like several hours.  Now, it is dark out.  I think now is the time to make my run.  I open the door and step out in the yard.  I run for the door and get the key.  I open the door and get inside, then close the door.  I just sit in the floor with relief and excitment.  I think to my next adventure.

I hope you enjoyed the story.  I have others if you wish to read them.  Just let me know.





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