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Tantalising Self Bondage Tease

by Spanker

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© Copyright 2008 - Spanker - Used by permission

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My tale occurred a few years ago when my housemate James announced that his sister Sue was coming to stay overnight, but before getting to that I should briefly fill in the gaps of how I got there.

Like many of us I had developed an interest, if not obsession with bondage at a surprisingly early age. I enjoyed initial forays into self bondage as a young child & had become quite well practised by my early teens & even experienced my first self induced orgasm whilst in bondage. (lets face it I was doomed from there!). Over the following years I had several girlfriends, some of who would indulge in a little bondage, but none to any great extent & usually always with me in the dominant role. Some of them found my desires frankly quite weird & I guess I subconsciously kept it more & more to myself & retreated to indulging in solo adventures.

At the time of my story I had been single for over a year & had been indulging in more & more self bondage, using ever more elaborate scenarios. I found that the initial thrill of simply being bound & helpless quickly began to wear off & that, although I still enjoyed it, I needed more stimuli to maintain my horniness once I’d clicked the last lock into place. Over time I developed many variants to my self bondage, but they mainly revolved around two primary ways of providing this.

One was to introduce an element of the risk of discovery once bound. This could involve not locking my bedroom door but leaving it ajar, not knowing when my housemate would be home. Or driving to a secluded spot at night, then tying myself on display in the car. Obviously there was little chance of really being discovered but the possibility added to the thrill.

A second game I played was to take three wide Velcro straps I had & use them to strap two vibrators to my dick, a large one down the full length of the underside of my dick & a smaller one along the top. I would then hog tie myself , but before securing my last wrist, I would turn on both vibes to a low teasing hum to keep myself horny & frustrated until the ice for my keys melted.

The initial basis of the idea for the adventure in this story came one afternoon when I had the house to myself for a few hours. I decided to combine the vibe method with the risk of being discovered in a compromising situation & soon had myself bound & vibrated on James’s bed. It was extremely unlikely that my housemate would return before I was free, but the thrill was undeniable.

For probably only the second time I had used a spreader bar on my ankles to prevent me from rolling onto my side, in order to ensure that I would be unable to stop the constant tease. Unfortunately I had gotten myself so horny planning this that I got a little carried away & turned the vibes on quite a lot higher than normal. The upshot was that instead of being slowly teased I was ready to cum within minutes, as my body weight pushed my stomach tight down onto my dick forcing the vibes to squeeze my dick tightly, I realised I was about to shoot my load all over his bed!

I spent the following half hour or so desperately fighting it back & cursing myself, but somehow managed to survive without leaving a very difficult to explain cum stain on his duvet cover. The strange thing was that afterwards I found the experience to be a major turn on & jerked myself off about it furiously, enjoying the best orgasm I’d had for a long while. I soon began to try different variations on this theme, finding that being helpless & being forced to fight back my orgasm & not cum, was even more of a turn on than simply being teased. When my housemate told me about his sisters upcoming visit I began work on my plan for what was to be my horniest adventure to date.

At 19 years old Sue was the youngest of the family & over 10 years younger than James. I’d never actually met her but had seen several photos of her & she did look quite hot. Unfortunately I could never comment on this as James, along with his brother, was fiercely protective of her. Sue had an interview for a new job in our city in nine days time at 9.30 on Thursday morning. She still lived with their parents about seventy miles away so would take the train after work on Wednesday & be at our place by 7pm. The two of them would be going out for dinner before a reasonably early night in preparation for the following morning. James would drop her at the interview the following morning, after which she would go straight to the station & back home for work that afternoon. I spent the following nine days working on my plan, fine tuning it, hoping I would get the opportunity to put it into action.

By the time Wednesday morning arrived I was giddy with excitement & hornier than I’d ever been in my life. Of course I’d been masturbating like mad as I made my plans but, as part of the plan, had not allowed myself a single orgasm the whole time.

When Sue arrived that evening she looked even better than the photos I’d seen of her. 19 years old, 5’4”, brunette, dark brown eyes &, although she was too heavy set to be a model, a great little body. Although I was as hot as hell & my eyes were inevitably drawn to her great ass, I spent just as much time eyeing up her overnight bag.

James would be sleeping on the sofa & she would have his room, so she took her bag upstairs to quickly shower & change. I turned down their invitation to join them & dashed upstairs to lay all my toys out ready. When I returned downstairs Sue was still nowhere to be seen, so I sat & chatted with James & talked my way out of two more invitations to join them. Eventually Sue came down in jeans, sneakers & a simple red T shirt &, after one last attempt to get me to join them, they left saying they’d be back in 2 to 3 hours.

As soon as the front door closed I grabbed my ice key from the freezer & dashed upstairs. I entered James’s room & found what I was so hoping to find. Sue had hung her suit & blouse for the interview on the door, her shoes next to the dresser, & her fresh underwear was neatly folded up on top of it. I picked up the white silky thong & my cock throbbed. The material was a deliciously soft creamy white with a small flower embossed in gold stitch on the front. I longed to rub them over the head of my cock but forced myself to keep control whilst I looked around the rest of the room. Her overnight bag lay open on the bed & I quickly found it contained her make up, toiletries, hairdryer & the clothes she had travelled up in but no other change of clothes or underwear. There on top lay the panties she had changed out of & therefore must have worn all day. These were black cotton & a fuller fit but with something of a lacy edging around the waistband & leg. I grabbed them & positively ran to my room before I got carried away & jacked off with them right then & there. I closed my door & was ready to begin.

Firstly I secured my key so the string with my handcuff key would drop to my waiting hands in what I estimated to be somewhere between 45 & 60 minutes. I secured the 3’ spreader bar to my ankles, then padlocked the chain of the handcuffs to the middle of the bar & knelt up on the bed. Next I fastened my ball gag tightly into my mouth, then wrapped an ace bandage around my face covering the ball gag- I had to avoid drool for this game.

Now I took Sues clean white interview panties (the only clean pair she had remember), folded them into a rough triangle & wrapped them around the head of my now rock hard & frankly throbbing cock. I double wrapped an elastic band, pulled it over my cock head & secured it about half an inch below the head, thus securing the panties firmly wrapped around my cock. After that I used my Velcro straps to secure both my vibes along the length of the upper & undersides of my dick. I pulled them extra tight to ensure that my cock would get a good going over & that the panties would definitely not pull free no matter how much I struggled. By now I was positively shaking, partly through excitement & horniness, & partly through that tantalising fear one feels before a risky self bondage game, but I wasn’t about to stop now!

I took Sues used black panties & pulled them over my face (making sure the gusset covered my nose), then pulled my blindfold down to secure them in place. Quickly I lay down front first on the bed, adjusted my dick so it was comfortably snug between my stomach & the bed, then reached back, pulled up my ankles & snapped one cuff around my left wrist. This was it now! I took a deep breath, inhaling Sue’s private scent, reached under myself to switch on both my vibes, then before I could hesitate I tightly secured my free hand into the remaining cuff.

Thus I had set my deliciously tantalising predicament. I was desperately horny after almost 10 days with no orgasm, helplessly bound, & breathing in the delicious aroma of Sue’s pussy (the nearest I’d been to any for over a year). My throbbing cock was being worked over by 2 vibrators, whilst the spreader bar meant I couldn’t roll to either side to relieve the pressure or temporarily control the incessant march towards orgasm that my cock was experiencing. My problem now being that if I didn’t control it, I would be pumping my 10 day load into Sues’ clean white panties. By the time I could free myself I would have no hope of cleaning & drying them before the pair of them returned home. Sue had no others to wear & had laid them out ready, so there was no way in hell she wouldn’t notice them missing or maybe think she’d forgotten to pack them. No, I was the only other resident in the house. If I came I would be explaining to the pair of them why James’s kid sisters panties had a bucket load of my cum drenched through them! There was no feasible excuse for them to have gone missing & I was the only one home, so it was fight back the ever demanding & urgent need to cum or face the music & be hideously exposed as some kind of obscene pervert.

The battle to reach freedom was what I can only describe as epic. Being too horny for my own good, I had set my vibes slightly higher than the usually just controllable level, stupidly wanting to “make it a good one”. In addition to this I hadn’t realised just how sensitive my much denied cock had become. I couldn’t roll at all to reduce any of my body weight pressure squeezing my vibrated cock, & any attempts to do so only seemed to excite my dick even further, almost driving me over the edge.

My panic & urgent fight against the almost inevitable was making me breathe hard, but of course that just meant I inhaled even more of the aroma of that sweet little pussy making things even worse. So many times I felt my balls begin to throb & felt that familiar rush of cum heading up my shaft, but managed to squeeze my prostrate & fight it back to regain temporary control. Never has something usually so enjoyable been such torture. It felt like my teeth were going to break from so much biting down on the ball gag, & the tip of my cock had a fiery sting to it from being brought back from the brink so many times.

God knows how, but somehow after tears, screaming, deathly panic & almost biting the ball gag in two, I managed to survive till the keys dropped & I could switch off the vibes & free myself.

I still had problems though. As I removed the panties from my cock a big long spiders web of pre- cum hung from my penis head & pooled in the panties. I wiped them out with an ever so slightly damp cloth, then took the hair dryer to them. Luckily because they were white & because it was pre-cum & not thick Jism, I figured i'd get away with the end result unless Sue closely inspected them before wearing them. I also had to take the dryer to the black pair as I’d drooled right through the bandage & into them. Finally I returned both pairs to her room ensuring I replaced them exactly as they’d been left.

Needless to say, I then promptly masturbated to an orgasm that seemed to involve my whole body. This was definitely hot!!

After this my imagination kept growing, leading to many more different risky self bondage games that still continue to this day.

(If you enjoyed this story, let me know as I can tell you about some of my further adventures if there’s a demand -


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