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Tale of Two Brides

by That Guy

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Story continued from "My Surprise for Him"

Hey everyone. It’s Devon this time. I know that it has been a while, but Allison really wanted me to share this, as it leads to our “Halloween” night of fun and horror. That later…

Anyways, now that we take turns playing our bondage games, we decided that now was the time to start taking risks. That risk, was doing this outside. The seasons are starting to turn, but it’s still early October, so no reason to prepare for snow or sudden bursts of cold winds. We have moved into a house in a neighbourhood, this time with an extra bedroom that we use to store our favourite items to be tied up in. This includes Allison’s wedding dress, and now my wedding dress.

Yep, we decided that it would be alright for me to get one. Again, if you had asked me even two months ago, after my ordeal at the hands of our old boss, and having cross-dressed for two years, I would have called you insane.

But that is our plan. Our first bondage walk will be as two brides. We had already gone on walks before, not dressed or bound, but to plan a route through the neighbourhood that would make us the least noticeable. We also wanted to check out when lights turned on and off, so that we could plan how late we needed to leave and how long we can go.

Now, back to my new dress. While it isn’t as impressive as Allison’s 80k dress, it was still expensive. The dress was two layers of satin, two layers of lace with embroidery on top, and the neckline was in the queen-anne style, something that is not common in dresses at least around here. While the dress did not have real crystal and jewels like Allison’s, it still had plenty of sparkle with at least 500 rhinestones on the top alone. For accessories to the dress, I had an even harder to find four-tier veil with a silver tiara (nothing special about it other than being silver), two layers of petticoats, white satin gloves, and a satin slip. The skirt was still long, but mine was more circular and not as long, but slightly wider, going 8 feet in the back and the sides while only going out foot in front of me. In order for either of us to walk though we had to hike our skirts so that we weren’t constantly stepping on wonderful dresses. All in all, this dress cost us 25k. Still ridiculous for a dress, but not as asinine as the 80k Allison’s parents spent on hers.

Enough about that. Back to our adventure. Eventually, after much discussion, deliberation, and thought, we decided to go through with this crazy plan of ours. We both knew that if we were caught out, it could be disastrous in more than one way. We could get exposed, kidnapped, killed, and other sorts of unpleasant events had the potential to spring up during this. This is partly why we were doing in this in our bridal gowns, so that we had layers to hide behind in case of an emergency.  We also got a pair of bridal capes to help cover our torsos for this event, and provide us with extra warmth if we needed it.

In the meantime, we had also ordered some new gear. A white armbinder with some white leather belts to go with it. Allison insisted on wearing this, although I’m not sure why. The armbinder had a d-ring on the end of it where we could attach a key, rather than have it dangling from a coil or rope tied around one of our bodies. We only had five days till we went on this adventure, and we spent as much time as we could practicing, walking with our arms pinned in massive skirts (we had some really long ball gown skirts that we kept around), and her with the armbinder. One thing that we found, that we would regret later, is that it was easier if her hands were bound before we put the armbinder on. Less chance of escape.

Well, soon enough, the days and nights crept closer, and soon it became the big day. We spent the whole morning getting ready, each person helping the other into his or her dress. We showered together, and our new master bath had heated towel racks, which we used to carefully heat our slips. We spent an hour together in the shower, just going nuts and then cleaning ourselves up afterwards. Thankfully, we realized that we were in there for too long with our slips being heated, but there was no damage done to them. After the shower, we put on our satin underwear, hose and stockings, and our slips. We had breakfast, used the restroom one last time, and then proceeded to get dressed. Even though there were two of us, it still took us three hours to get ready. And then we did hair and makeup. That was another hour. By now, it was 2 pm. But in our scouting “missions”, we realized that the ideal time to go was at 10:30 pm. We still had 8.5 hours to spare. So watched a couple of chick flicks, and then took a nap. When we woke up, it was 10:00 pm. We took extra enhanced pills so that neither of us would have to use the bathroom for the next 24 hours (about nine hours had already gone by). We had a quick snack, because we are still twenty somethings and we get hungry, and then we set about tying ourselves. Well, more me tying us both up.

I started with my wife. First, I wrapped the white tape around her wrists, and then again around her elbows. Then, I put the armbinder on her. This was a zip up with a cover flap that could be buttoned over it and criss-cross shoulder connectors that were snapped and magnetized to the armbinder (as you can already tell, this is not your custom armbinder). It also had loops built in for additional restraints to be threaded through, like rope or belts. This is where I begin to use the leather belts. It had three sets, one that would allow a belt to be wrapped around the waist, and two more, one above and another below the breasts. I made sure to not allow her veil to get trapped here in any way possible, as that was part of our cover.

Next, I did the gag. While we were at this point used to stuffed gags, we had never done it with panties. That changed tonight. I took two pairs of satin/silk panties and stuffed them into her mouth. By the time I was done, she couldn’t even get her mouth to close around them. I used the white tape and wrapped it around her scarfed head, again avoiding the veil, until you couldn’t see the lower half of her head while making sure she could still breathe. Ensuring this, I tied a plain white silk scarf in an over-the-nose fashion (OTN) to hide the tape and hopefully the gag as best as possible. I secured the key to the d-ring on the armbinder, and then put the cape on her. This completely hid her bounder form. I gave her a kiss, and then lowered her veil.

Now it was my turn. I started with the gag. It was exactly the same as on Allison. Now comes the difficult part. For my bindings, we decided on using our non-fail-safe rope coils. In other words, we had two types of rope coils, ones that could be done by the person who was bound and a set where if you tightened them they could only be undone by another person. This mistake would come back to haunt us. I started by getting four coils of our white nylon rope, two coils around my fake breast line and another two around my waist. Then I took a fifth coil and tied it around my wife’s waist, with a sixth connecting us. The ideas was that we would walk together, but if anything happened, we would be connected (the length of this cord, once tied, was only 6 feet). I took a seventh coil and used it to secure my elbows together, after I slid my arms around the coils on my upper chest and tightened them. This was an ordeal, and I’m sure Allison was laughing at me behind her veil and gag.

Eventually, I was able to slide the rope around my elbows, and got to work on my hands. This too, was fun (not). I forgot to mention that after my gag and doing the ropes around my body and the ones connecting me to Allison, I had to put my cape on and lower my veil. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to do that at all once I got this far. By the way, if anyone has put a cape on while having your hands and/or arms bound, please let me know, because I believe that that is impossible. Back to the story. I had to manoeuvre my bound arms in such a position as to grab this last coil. It seemed like an eternity, but I did it. Please don’t ask me how. I slide the coil around my wrists, and with a heavy sigh, pulled them tight. There was now no way either of us could get free without assistance. We were ready.

I nodded at her, she nodded at me, and we proceeded towards our front door (at this point it was past 11 pm). This is where problem two comes in. We both couldn’t fit through the front door together, and as we tried figuring out how we were going to get out, we each independently realized that we could not get back in because we had an auto-locking door. However, we were already this far, so we said to ourselves “to hell with it” and proceeded any way. Another mistake. We managed to sneak out, but then we had to walk past the door to allow the skirts of our dresses to get out the door, and then had to go back to close the damn door. This also took a while, for reasons that need not be explained.

We listened carefully to ensure that the door had locked, and once it did, we got underway. Now, normally, you might think that our route would be short, no longer than, let’s say, an hour and a half. Nope. Not for us. Ours was going to be a six hour journey. Why? Because I guess we are both secretly masochists I guess. I will say that for future reference, that while we have gone on outdoor bondage walks since this, we have never come close to this. Our second longest was 45 minutes.

We walked down our sidewalk, down the driveway, and took a left on the public sidewalk towards the park. The whole way we were trying to enjoy ourselves, and while I can’t speak for Allison, I can say that I was equally aroused and terrified. I also don’t know about Allison, but a lot of my effort was focused on not stepping on my dress and either ripping it, falling, or both.

It took us about two hours to reach the park, and when we got there, we were exhausted. Allison spotted a bench “nearby”, and begin walking towards it. Naturally, because of the connector rope between us, I had to follow. After ten minutes, we found this “nearby” bench and sat down. Another mistake. Because while we were resting, we forgot that this park was being monitored by the local police after some people stole some metal piping from one of the playgrounds. While we were viewing the stars in the sky and regaining our spent energy, an officer came by.

“Ummm, excuse ma’am’s?” He said questioningly.

At this point, we screamed into our gags out of surprise, not realizing that we could be in big trouble. We were also doing our best to hide our bondage.

“Oh, I’m sorry to scare you. It’s just no one really come out here this late at night.” He said

We said nothing.

“Oh, you must be nervous, being a gay couple and all that. That’s fine, I’ll leave you two alone now. And congrats, it’s about time this town began to understand that the LGTBQ community wasn’t so bad after all.” He said. He then kept his promise and walked back towards his squad car.

We couldn’t believe our luck. Here we were, dressed to nines and beyond, bound and gagged, and an officer of the law mistakes us for lesbians. This might be the tightest situation (pun intended) that we have ever been in, besides maybe the office ordeal.

After we saw him drive off (we knew because of the lights of his car), we decided that now would be a good time to head home. We got up and began the two hour walk home. At least it would have been. We ended up having to take a detour through the woods because along the way, we heard noise, as some people were drag racing down the street. And then two police cars came flying down and got the guys. But we didn’t see that. We were too busy navigating a forest half blind, bound in really long, thick, expensive wedding dresses.

This added another two hours to our journey home, because every time one of our many layered skirts got stuck on something, we had to stop and very very very very very carefully fix it, and the proceed again. We also had to stop a few times for animals that we mistook as people. Eventually, after six hours, we got back our street and our house. And herein lies another problem that we had. I couldn’t get to the key. I don’t know how long I spent trying to get at that key, but I just couldn’t do it. I wound up not being able to reach it because of the bonds strictly securing my arms to the back of my body, the armbinder and the belts securing her, the two thick capes and the seven layers of veils. But that doesn’t matter. What matters, is that we are now stuck outside as we are with no way to get inside.

Allison, coming to her senses a bit quicker than I did, begins to go around back. Realizing what she is trying to do, I quickly follow her, not that I had much choice. We are still very much connected at this point. We had a fenced in deck with some steps, which proved difficult to climb, but normally we leave this door unlocked for emergency situations. However, this time, we locked it. We scream for minutes and stamp away at the deck in pure frustration and fear at our situation. Eventually, we rest ourselves into a heap of lace and satin on our deck, and fall asleep on each other.

Eventually, something rouses me. It was our next door neighbour. Her name is Cara, and she’ll be joining us in the future. Here’s why. It was about 10 am and she was out letting her dogs use the restroom of the world when she saw part of our skirts hanging off the stairway of our deck. Thinking it was just Allison, she rushed over to see if everything was alright. Well, she found us both.

She lifted my veil and began to undo my gag. At this point, Allison was beginning to stir. While Cara was still undoing the tape wrapped around my face, Allison began to panic, thinking that were being kidnapped. Cara stopped what she was doing and rushed over to calm down Allison. After a few short minutes, she managed to calm down Allison and came back to finish removing my gag.

“Are you guys alright? What happened?” She asked. I didn’t reply. Neither did Allison.

“Do I need to call the cops?” She asked.

“No please don’t call them.” I quickly, and sharply, replied.

Allison, her veil having already been lifted at this point, also begged behind her gagged face to also not call the cops.

“Devon?!?” She exclaimed. I guess she thought that Allison was a lesbo at this point.

“Then what happened?” Cara, who by now had lost her sense of urgency and fear over us, began to replace it with an unnatural curiosity.

“Wait…you guys did this to each other.” She said.

I looked down. There was nothing that I could do that would make us look innocent. Our biggest fears had been realised.

“I’m not really sure what to say.” She said. Neither did we. As I sat on our porch trying to think of what to say, she undid Allison’s gag.

“Please, don’t tell anyone about this, please.” Allison pleaded.

“Well, lucky for you two, I’ve always thought of you guys as friends.” In truth, so did we. While we have only been here a few weeks, Kara was 26 years of age, in between Allison and I. And her husband, Tim, was only 28.

“So I’ll make you guys a deal. No, I’m not going to blackmail you two. What I’m going to propose, is that next time you guys do this, you have to invite me. Got it?”

We both quickly said “yeah sure please thanks now gets us out please!” (or something like that).

“See, now that’s what I don’t think I’m going to do.” She grabbed the panties that had been in our mouths for the past 11 hours and shoved them back in. she then took the scarves, and cleave gagged us both.

We both mmpphfed in confusion. Then she said “What I will do, however, is let you two into your home again. She managed to find the key still attached to Allison’s armbinder, unclipped it, and opened the door. She helped us up, get through the door, and then began to lock us in our home.

“Oh, and one more thing.” She came over to each of us and undid our capes. She then came to me and undid the first knot on the coil around my wrist.

Then there was a flash of light, and we were both temporarily blinded. “Insurance.” She said.

“Don’t worry about this here key, I’ll put this in the mail today.” And closed the back door behind her.

At this point, we were relieved to be home again. However, we were still bound and re-gagged. Even though Cara undid the first knot, the coil was still really tight. I tried for about thirty minutes to undo the coil, but it was just too tight. In the meantime, Allison went to the family room and sat on the couch trying not to cry about our predicament, I went to the kitchen. It took me a while to find the knives, but there they were, tucked away in the back corner. I walked on over, my many layers making all sorts of noise.

I finally got over to where the knives, turned around, and tried to hop onto the counter. The first try resulted in a fail, but not a complete fail. The dress caused me to slide right off the granite countertops. The second attempt was a bit worse than the first. As I slid off, my legs got tangled in the many layers of the dress, and fell onto the floor.

Not sure what happened, but I woke up with my wife over me. She had been trying to get me to move for a little while she told me, but not that long. Again, no concussion. I did end up with a cut on head, but it wasn’t bleeding very much. Then, with me still on the floor, she hops up and succeeds. I don’t know how, but she is able to slide the block over to where I can grab one of the knives. After getting myself off the ground, I stand up and very carefully pull a rather short one and begin cutting away at the rope. Thirty minutes later, and I have succeeded in cutting the rope off my hands. I’m able to slide my arms out of the rope around them near the waist, but can’t get any higher because of the rope around my elbows.

She gets down off the counter and lowers herself so that I can remove the leather belts holding her arms in place. I pull each one carefully, so as not to damage her, the armbinder, or the belts. And because I can only do it with one arm…

Allison, seeing this, carefully lowers herself onto her knees in front of me with her back to me. This allows me to undo the flap and the zipper of her armbinder, revealing her taped hands. Now I have to kneel and turn to the side so that I can get the tape off. Realizing that I still have the knife in my right hand, I cut at the tape around her elbows and wrists, and because I can see what I’m doing, without injuring her.

With her arms free, she begins to untie my arms. After another hour of that, we remove our gags and embrace each other. We had bound for over 14 hours and had just been discovered by one of our neighbours. We both in tears, but at this point, it was tears of joy at being free. We took our dresses off, hung them in their bags, and took a very long time in the bathroom. Finally, at around 5 or 6 pm, we put on some comfy pjs (for me it was some athletic shorts and a loose t) and fell asleep in our bed. We didn’t even bother to eat dinner.

There was no love, no sex that night as well. We were too afraid of what Cara was going to do…

This story was entirely made up and conceived within the depths of my own mind. Any likeness to an existing story, characters, or real life event is entirely coincidental. The names “Devon”, “Allison”, “Cara”, and “Tim” were not chosen to represent specific people, rather, they were names that I came up as I was writing this story. You can follow the beginning of their tale with Devon’s adventure in: My Wife the Shining Knight and in the second part: My Surprise for Him.

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