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The Table Tied Mistake

by Johan

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© Copyright 2005 - Johan - Used by permission

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The Table Tied Mistake by Johan
Tha story follows! let me know what you think please!

Hello! My name is Johan and I am a 28 year old man from a small town in Sweden.

I weight 78 kilos and I am 1.83 cm tall. I have been into self bondage since I was 15 and have been a true visitor to Gromet?s sight for many years. I like reading all the great stories that has been written through the years, and here in Sweden it's hard to find a Mistress so many of them has inspired me to many hours of self bondage. About a half year a go I was on the move to a new apartment, and I had been planning a longtime self bondage adventure before I left the apartment for the last time.

Monday morning 10.00

It was time to set everything up.
I went down to the local pet store to get 2 dog chains (the strangle ones in metal that has 1 large ring at each end. After that I went to my old apartment with tools, 2 1.5 liter bottles and the bondage gear I was going to use for my adventure. In the kitchen stood my old kitchen table that was going to be the center of my greatest Self bondage adventure ever.

I took  up the too 2 dog chains and measured and cut  them so that when one of the rings was standing at the top of the bottle the chain would hang exact straight down and just touch the bottom. When this was done I filled the 2 bottles with water and put them standing in the freezer.

Now it was time to set up the table!
I took a black pen and placed my self standing spread eagle at the table and then lean over so everything above my belly was touching the table. I laid my head so that my face touch the table, and took the pen and draw my contour. I also draw out my neck. I then draw points at the sides of my nipples and with a little work I also managed to point out the center of my hands that where stretched at the corners at the head side of my table.

Now it was time fore some drilling!
I started with drill a hole at the line of my face contours; when that was done I drilled 2 larger holes at each side of the neck contour. Next out was 2 holes at the nipple points and then the 2 holes at fore my hands. Now I took my jigsaw and cut out my face contour and made a 5 cm long cutout from one of the nipple holes to the other (this would give me free space fore some nipple torture. When that was finished I took a knife and cut away any sharp edges that could injure me. Well that was it for today, time to go home.


The alarm clock woke me up at 08.00 in my new apartment. I was fast to get up and in to the kitchen in and made my self Breakfast with Coffee, the smell of coffee in the morning usually makes me calm but not today. I took a shower and then it was time. I decided to walk to my old apartment which was about a 30 min walk. When I got to the apartment I started to feel my dick getting hard, it knew what was coming and it was so hard just by the thought of my adventure.

I looked the door and walked in to my kitchen that was going to be my  dungeon for the next 4-5 hours. I took of all my clothes and took out the 2 bottles from the freezer and grabbed two 3 m long ropes and went to the top side table legs. I securely tied the bottles about 5 cm below the table at each leg . I then took two 40cm chains and two padlocks. I then went to the first bottle and pulled one of chain ends though the whole I drilled for my hand, I then brought the chain through the ring at the top of the bottle and back up through the hole. I placed one padlock through the chain ends but left it unlocked. I did the same thing with the second chain.

Now I took a  padlock and a chain that was about 50 cm long and pulled it down one of the holes I drilled at the neck contour  and up the other and  place d a padlock through the ends without looking it. I took the key from it and tied it to a string that I always had tied  to my favorite thing the ball gag. By this time I was shaking by excitement, and I wanted to do this so much. The clock had just past 10.00 and I was getting more and more exited by every second. I took out my ankle and wrist leather cuffs, my leather blindfold. The nipple clamps, two 4 meters rope, one 2 meter rope, two 30 cm and two padlocks.

The time had come.

I first looped the two chains around the legs (one at each so only the ends was loose) and placed one padlock through the ends of each chain. I then put on my ankle cuffs and locked the padlock at my left leg at the left ankle cuff, and then took the right padlock through the right ankle cuff. I felt my heart pumping hard when I stood straight up. I then took the 2 meter rope and tied it round my belly and then around my penis and for the good fun around my balls so I could feel them stretch and ache just a little. I then took one of the 4 meters rope and lopped it a round the topside of the left table leg and the started to secure my left leg so it stretched to the left. Then I repeated this on my right leg.

WOW the feeling was great, I couldn't move my legs a bit.

Now I put on my leather wrist cuffs, and then put on the ball gag.

I cant explain the feeling the ball gag gives me. I tried to shout out and as usual all that came out was some humph. Next I took the nipple clamps ( I have the ones with built in vibrators) and placed  one on each nipple. The pain is not that hard the firs minutes but I knew it was going to be, and as I knew I was going to be like this for a long time I decided to not put on the vibrators. I then put on my leather blindfold.

I now lean over and fix the vibrator balls through the long whole I made the day before. I then place my face in the contour hole I made for my face and let lose the ends of the chain in the neck and pull it around my neck. It takes a bite to get the chain s locked together so I cant move my neck so it don?t hurt and still I am really secure.

Now for the last part. 

I stretch out and with some work I get one chain end through the D-ring on the left cuff and then get the cuff locked as far up at the chain I can stretch. A then start working with the right hand and this is really hard, but after some tries I get it padlock to the right position and 'SNAP' i am locked to place.

I tried out my bounds but I hade done everything just right, I was tied and locked secure. My nipples was starting to hurt and there would be a long time before I could get free. I drifted away in fantasies, that I Mistress had tied me this way and left me to come back when she wanted to play with me.

I don't know how long I had been bound like this when I heard the doorbell ring, I started to struggle a bit but then I remembered the door was locked. The doorbell rang again, but all I could do was wait for that person to understand I was NOT there 'he he'

Then I heard a key in the door lock.

Now I really started to struggle, but there was nothing I could do. I couldn't move a bit. My neck was forced down, I could not say anything and I could not see anything with the leather blindfold on. My hands stretched out to each top side of the table, and my legs was so tight bound I couldn't move them at all,


The door was unlocked.

"Hello" I heard a female voice. I started to sweat.

"Hello any one here?" the woman in the door called out.

"This is Jenny, I am the one who is going to move in here."

The door closed.

And I screamed in my thoughts, what was she doing here.

"hello" she called again and I heard how the woman started to walk in to the apartment.

"he... oh my god!" I heard her.
I heard her walk towards me and stopped at my side.

"are you al... ohm I see.."

"hmmm.. that was not a bad setup."

"you done this to your self right?"

I didn't answer.

"well" she said.

I nodded and humph through my ball gag.

"I see, nicely done!"

My head was bussing and I all could think was 'what am going to happen?'

I heard how she stretched down and took up my bondage bag.

"Well then," she said. "This is my apartment now and if you are in it then you are mine. I am going to remove your gag so you can answer me, OK?"

I nodded.

I felt the strap released and she took out the gag.

"well then, now that you are bound in my kitchen you understand that I can do what I want with you?"

NOO I answered!

She grabbed my hair and pulled my head back..

"oh Really you slut."

She let go and I could hear chains pulled out.

I felt my left hand pulled a bit, and I could hear chain around wood, and a padlock klick 'oh no!'

I then felt my right hand pulled and once again I heard chain around wood and a new padlock click.

"well you little slut, now your time mechanism wont do you any good."

She walked away. What was going to happen if I didn't agree to her demands?

She came back. "You have 2 choices! Either you agree to that as you are bound in MY kitchen you are mine, or I will call the police and tell them you are an intruder."

Oh no! what was I to do?

I decided that I didn't want the police involved.

"well do you agree?" she said

yes I answered.

"YES WHAT?" she screamed

"Yes MISTRESS I am yours."

"Good" she said. "I have to go to my old apartment and I don't want you to call for help."  I felt the ball gag forced into my mouth again.

"Ohh! And by the way I want some light in here so i am going to pull up the blinds."

I momphed behind my gag,

She laughed and I could hear the blinds pull up.

"well se you in a while my slave!"

I could hear her walk out and lock the door,

Oh my god. What had I gotten myself into. Now I was even tighter bound and the gag was strapped on even tighter. And the blinds, If this apartment hadn't been on the second floor..

I don't know how long I had been standing there, when suddenly I hard voices from somewhere outside.

"oh look at him.. damn he is hot, bound like that!"

"why cant we have some fun with someone like that."

Then I could hear the owner of this apartment. "Well girls you really want that?"

Ohh noooo!

"Yes" I could hear them!

"Well come on down here then."

"Coming right away"

Now I was in deep. Just moments after, I could hear the door unlocked and open. The 3 girls giggled in the hallway and I could hear them whisper, then I could hear my new MISTRESS.

"Well seems you are a lucky slave today!"

I could hear the blinds going down again, and the my blindfold was removed.

"Look at me slave" I looked up at the left side and I could se a beautiful woman around 35 years old, She was dressed in long leather boots and a corset. And her body was the perfect shaped for a corset.

"Well now you have seen me. I want to introduce you to some new friends."

Two girls came up to my right side and they where both naked and really beautiful, but one of the girls was tied in great Bondage hand had a ring gag that was really huge.

"This is MISTRESS Lisa and her slave Stina." MISTRESS Jenny said.

"Hi" MISTRESS LISA said and the pulled Stinas hair and said "be polite"
Stina got out what sounded has HI.

"Well now" MISTRESS Jenny said, "Stina come here. I want you to stand away for a moment." Stina did as she was told.

"Lisa could you put on that please?"

"Yes of course" Lisa said. "And then show my slave what he is going to get soon!" MISTRESS Jenny said.

A moment later I could see MISTRESS Lisa standing there with a black big strap on dildo.

I yelled through my gag.


I feel a burning pain from a whip over my ass.

"oh shut up slave" MISTRESS Jenny said.

Then the blind fold came back on! "Stina" MISTRESS Jenny said. "That ring gag has one purpose so sit down under the table and wait. I'll help you down." MISTRESS Lisa said. I Heard the two MISTRISSESS whisper and then I could feel something drop down between my thighs. Next I felt something forced against mi anus. I tried but I couldn't escape the strap on dildo that has forced deeper and deeper in me! I have had fantasies about this but never tried anything like it, I know by fact I am not gay, but it made me even hornier. I was bound tight, blindfolded and a gag kept me quiet, my nipples was burning from the nipple clamps. And I was slowly fucked with a big strap on dildo.


Burning pain from the whip over my back.


"Fuck him hard Lisa" MISTRESS Jenny said. I could feel the dildo forced harder and harder.

"Harder Lisa" MISTRESS Jenny said.

My ass was hurting.


"Harder Lisa" MISTRESS Jenny said


"Now Stina, let him cum and swallow it all. I don't want his sticky mess on my floor."

I could feel Stina working her way to take my now really hard Penis in her mouth, I could tell that the bondage made it hard for her. But she had done this before and soon she took my whole dick in here mouth and sucked. It didn't  take long before I came, and Stina was told to stop.

But that didn't stop the two MISTRESSES. They  played around some more. And then they both helped out to get me free and then bound my hands behind my back. My Penis hardened once more and my gag was removed.

"I am going to fuck you now Slave" MISTRESS Jenny said. I felt her wet pussy over my Hard penis. My gag was removed and MISTRESS LISA forced her pussy over my mouth.

"Lick her" MISTRESS Jenny said..

I licked her the best I could, and she soon climaxed. Soon MISTRESS Jenny also climaxed. And I came a second time. I could hear the bottles tied back, And I was forced back to the table and Bound the way I was when MISTRESS Jenny Found me. I then felt a rope tied through the bully rope. But nothing more. The 3 girls talked for a while and then the 2 guest left.

"Well now slave" MISTRESS Jenny said. "I have decided to leave you as I found you, after all you wanted to be tied on you own."

I heard her walk to my back. "But I want to give you a gift." I felt something bigger then the dildo forced in my ass and I felt the rope tied around my dick and back to secure that big thing to my ass. "Now this will give you some nice experience." I then felt the Nipple clamp vibrators starting, and after that a vibrator in my ass also started but at full speed. "This is my favorite vibrator butt plug." MISTRESS Jenny said. "Hope you like it?"


I could feel the burning pain of the whip over my ass. She walked out in the hall way..

Minutes past.

"Thanks for the nice move in gift" MISTRESS Jenny said. And then the door was locked

It took me hours and I can't remember how many times I came. but when got free I laid down on the floor and fell to sleep. When I woke up I found a note with MISTRESS JENNYS Email and the note said, 'I would love for you to be my slave. P.s leave the Table for future fun.'

So I did and went home,

If you want to mail me about this story, pleas do so! it would make me really happy



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