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Sylvia’s Bunny

by Stingray 5

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© Copyright 2005 - Stingray 5 - Used by permission

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Sylvia’s Bunny by Stingray 5

This story is based on some factual events, although I wish it were all true.  Sylvia is my ex boss though and knows something of my penchant for feminine dress.  For U.S. viewers, tights read as pantyhose.


I had the rare opportunity to do some overtime at work.  It wasn’t a regular thing, but afforded me the chance to act out a little adventure that I had been longing to try.  Sometimes, things act as an inspiration for some crazy self bondage game and the Easter themed sale offer - that Sylvia had put up in the shop window downstairs - was something that had triggered an idea in my head.  I loved the idea of combining my obsession for tights with self-bondage – even better, being in a location where there was some risk, all adding to the excitement and suspense.

At 5.30, my boss Sylvia shouted goodbye up the stairs on her way out and I heard the door close.  She was a short, plump-ish brunette, divorcee in her late 40’s.  In the day-to-day work environment, I found her bossy demeanour overbearing and was one of the least compliant staff members; in secret, her dominant attitude was a turn on.  She didn’t have a great figure and was a little short for my liking, but always wore heels and tights, more so since the recent divorce. 

At this point, I had butterflies in my stomach - that familiar feeling that came before one of my little experiments.  Another added stimulus that was now starting to overpower me was the double dose of viagra that I had taken 30 minutes earlier.  After taking one, I had waited, expecting a sudden rush of sexual excitement.  Stupidly enough, after 10 minutes, I had taken another; thinking the first hadn’t taken affect.  30 minutes later, I was starting to really get the effect – my cock was hard and I felt like it wanted to jump out my trousers.  I was sure I could keep the feeling under control, but had been more than a little silly to take two.

I was alone in the office and I began to unpack my “kit” – tights, handcuffs and a few little extra things.   I had to be careful, as I could possibly be seen from outside, so going around the corner behind all the stationery stocked shelves, I began to undress.  Once fully naked, I began to ease the tights over my feet and up my legs – wow, the feel of the nylon and Lycra went straight to my cock.  I particularly loved black, sheer to waist, shiny, opaque style tights and I always carefully cut a hole in the gusset to allow my cock, balls and arse to show through, ensuring I was able to stimulate them fully when needed.

I then put my special condom over my cock and balls.  Something I had sent away for specially, it was made from extra thick rubber and covered my cock and balls completely like a second skin. My balls hung down as normal, but encased in their own rubber sack.  Next, I put the thick leather belt around my waist with the handcuffs attached at the back.  Finally, the last little prop and one that would add the final indignity - if I were discovered (which I didn’t plan on).  I placed my bunny girl ears on my head; I could already feel a strange sense of humiliation already.  

I had everything in place and on schedule – I was expected to work till 7, so I now had over an hour to remain cuffed and have my little adventure.   I put my arms behind my back and started to close the cuffs.  I could feel them tighten as they ratcheted closed and I used the little key to click the safety on so they didn’t tighten anymore.  I stood there for a minute, feeling the nylon tight on my legs and arse.  I perched myself up on my nylon toes and felt my cock push forward – I had never felt so turned on in my life.  The hardness was very intense – I could almost feel it throb and this was without any self-stimulation.  I teetered back to the desk and placed the key alongside my personal belongings.  My clothes, handcuff keys and one or two little extra bondage accessories were at my desk and I had the whole building to play in.

As my heart pumped ten to the dozen I began my little adventure.  Even though I was alone, I tip toed off, up the stairs to the print department.  This was so kinky, being alone, dressed in something as erotic and humiliating as this, restrained and yet putting myself in a risky predicament.  On the top floor, I walked around, sometimes, crouching away from open windows.  Wow, half naked and bound – my cock twitched away as the viagra seemed to take an even stronger hold of me.  It was really starting to grip me and I decided I needed to go down to Sylvia’s office for some cock rubbing on her chair – the ultimate demeaning thing and also a big risk.

I tip toed downstairs.  It all felt so strange in my stocking feet, being at work and dressed as I was – if my colleagues could see me now, how utterly humiliating I would be.  I had to make a little dash at the final stair section and into Sylvia’s office.  Once inside, I really felt I was in a risky situation.  My heart raced and my cock pulsed.  Intuitively, I knelt down by her office chair – my boss’s office chair  - and began to stroke my rubber-sheathed cock up and down on the seat section.  Sheer bliss! The viagra made my cock so hard and sensitive, that everything felt so stimulating.  I thrust my nylon-sheathed hips back and forth as my cock pumped against the surface.  I was lost in the self-stimulation like a man possessed – if only I could use my hands, I would be able to orgasm and reach the final level.

I could stay like this all night, I thought, as I rocked back and forward, kneeling at Sylvia’s “throne.” The fact it was her chair added so much extra spice to the event.  Even the loud sound of telephones ringing in the background didn’t distract me from my masturbatory heaven.  I crouched, pumping back and forward almost animalistic, gasping and groaning – my cock felt so energised and hard as steel and seemed to impel me to satisfy its need for stimulation.  I had lost track of the time and the minutes flow by.

I crouched, thrusting, pumping, gasping, drooling - and then, “what’s going on?”  It felt like someone had suddenly gripped my head in a vice and my bubble suddenly burst!  I heard Sylvia step towards me from the doorway and stand behind my back.  I daren’t look round.  “I don’t know what all this is, but you are in my office and it doesn’t look much like work to me?”  Her voice had that sharpness and manner she showed when irritated with a member of staff- but this was a little different.

I was speechless and was still trying to catch my breath from my incessant self-stimulation.  As she edged in front of me, I could see her plump-ish, nylon sheathed legs and over the knee skirt.  She was dressed in tan coloured nylons - 15 denier maybe with a sexy sheen from the Lycra.  A light blue blouse and brown skirt, matched with brown, 3 inched heel courts.

She eased the chair behind her and sat down.  My face red already - was now burning with shame.  I kept my head down slightly, but my cock remained adamantly stiff and erect.    I heard the rasp of nylon, as she crossed her legs.  “I regard this as very unseemly conduct.  I am paying you to be here working overtime and I come in to find this.  I rang you several times and you didn’t answer, so I came back thinking there must be a problem…and what do I find?”  I felt like I was sinking into the carpet and felt dizzy. “I have never seen behaviour like this from any member of staff; what if someone else had come in and found this…this…this behaviour?”  I let out a small whimper.  “Would you like the other members of staff to know what you get up to when working late?”  

She semi taunted me with the words and I felt like my whole world was falling apart.  I couldn’t even use my hands to get up and run away – I felt like a trapped animal.  But still my cock had a mind of its own and twitched and strained in its rubber sheath.

She crossed her legs in an arrogant and controlling way, “well, what do you have to say?”  I could here my heart pounding and my cock throbbing – abject humiliation and yet my hard erect cock showed another side.  Then her fingers lifted my chin up and my eyes met hers, “well, Mr Bunny.” Her eyes widened behind her glasses and I could see she had a wicked smile on her face.

“Syl…Syl…. Sylvia,” I stuttered, “ I am so sorry – I can try and explain and I apologise…I…” 

Her finger pressed to my lips, “Shush, now lets look at you - stand up.”  I eased myself up off the carpet, fully aware of my cock bobbing around, comically.  I could feel my ears balanced on my head and had to carefully stand up with no help from her.  As I stood, she sat back and looked me in the eye; a look of amusement as if to say, ‘do you know how stupid you really look?’  My eyes sank to the floor again and yet, because of the viagra, I couldn’t take my eyes off her Lycra clad legs.  She instantly saw the connection and re-crossed her legs, making a rasping noise again and causing my cock to twitch eagerly again.

 “Well, it’s your choice – would you like me to tell Leslie and Jacquie and even Linda, or shall we deal with this ourselves – your choice” she purred.  

I stood there, exposed, throbbing, red faced, with my hands wriggling in pathetic hopelessness – caught in a trap of my own making.  “Can…can we keep this a. …secret Sylvia?” I whispered.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t quite catch that?” she said, amusingly, enjoying every moment of watching me squirm.

“Please keep it secret and I will promise to be a perfect employee,” I whimpered.  My nylon knees trembled and the tights held me in their Lycra grip of shame.

“Of course. As long as you do as you are told, it will be our little secret. Now lets see – I think some staff training may be required.”  This was a sarcastic reference to the regular staff training she did, midweek, which I didn’t attend.  Stand there and I need to make a few adjustments to your ‘uniform.’”  She walked out the office and came back in a few minutes later with some items from the shop.  “Now these are some new items we have in.  I think once fitted ion you, I will feel much more assured that you are behaving yourself for me.”  She sat back down and wrapped her hand around my cock – the feeling was electric!  “Come here, a little closer,” I shuffled forward as I almost went dizzy from the stimulation of her hand.  I hadn’t realised she was this kinky!

She started to wrap a plastic band around the base of my cock and balls.  It fastened almost like a watchstrap, but used a special tool to seal the end.  I felt it grip me really, really tightly and a feeling of warm came through.  “Now this little ring is self sealing.  There's an adhesive inside it that’s activated on contact, so its now keeping your little rubber covering firmly glued on.”  I was still lost in the sensation of her handling me down there, so I couldn’t fully focus on her words.  She then applied another one round the base of my balls, so they were stretched down.  She tightened it and I felt my balls separate downwards from my body.  Once again, there was a feeling of heat as the plastic bonded to the rubber sheath then only the tightness of the two rings making a constant grip on my cock and balls.  Looking down my cock looked even bigger and more strained in its rubber sheath.  She had put a small D ring through the testicle band which she then tied some cord to.

“Now sit down,” she ordered.  I shuffled round and sat in her chair whilst she gathered a few more things.  “Now open wide, ” she cooed, as I looked up wide eyed as she started to pack my mouth with several pair of her worn tights that she had in her desk.  Soon my mouth was chipmunk like and I mewed behind the packing.  “Sooooo pretty,” she whispered, as she began to place single strips of thick insulating tape over my lips, beneath my nose and under my chin till at last my lower face was sealed and soundless.

Standing me up, she then said “bend over;” she pushed my back forward and I bent forward.  “Now, I think big bunny needs a baby bunny inside him – just relax.” I felt her start to press something to my anal passage.  The hole in the tights stretched from my cock and balls, to just above my arse, so she had full access.  I could feel something soft and rubbery begin to ease into my back passage and grunted in surprise.  “Shussssh – just a little something extra,” she cooed in a mock motherly tone.  It was a good job I was clear up there, as I felt her fingers push one of the inflatable novelty bunnies from the window display, up inside me.  Finally it all nearly felt there and I couldn’t believe what was happening – problem was, my cock was practically shaking with appreciation at the extra prostrate stimulation.  I then felt more fiddling round, as she used a small tube, inserted into the valve on the bunny, to inflate it.  I heard her blowing and could feel the rubber toy start to inflate in my bottom.  I groaned as it enlarged and began to fill all the space available.  Just when I didn’t think it would go any further, she lodged the cap into it and sealed it with glue.  I felt like I would give birth through my arse and as she eased me up, I could barely keep my nyloned legs straight.  I pleaded with me eyes, “awwwwwwwwww, there, there” she stroked my face in mock sympathy

“How’s that,” she said, as she squeezed my balls tightly.  I whimpered and tried to shriek, but hardly any noise came out.  “Lets get you back to you desk, shall we – work isn’t over yet.”  She fastened some cord to the d ring at my balls and slowly led me out the office and up the stairs. I waddled behind her, gripped by the site of my bosses Lycra clad legs, leading me along.  My cock bobbed up and down and I could see the pre-cum frothing already at the tip.  The spunk was simmering and bubbling in my balls and felt as though they had swelled up to double their size.  I followed her in my stocking feet, arms behind me, having gone from humiliation to sex drugged slavery in a matter of 20 minutes.  

Reaching my desk, she looped my ball leash to the chair and collected the cuff keys.  “These must be for your little cufflinks, I see,” she winked at me.  “Now I think we should begin your staff training.” She suddenly had a look in her eyes like she had really trapped her prey.  She began to position me.  Firstly positioning me so that I was sitting in reverse on an office chair, then easing me backwards till I was lying on another chair.  This meant my arms weren’t squashed beneath me, but I was between the two chairs in a prone position.  I watched her as she spoke and began to take off her blouse and skirt.  She slipped her tight looking girdle over her tights and down to the floor, and then stood over me in her bra, tights and heels.  She took a small envelope opener and began to cut into the gusset of her tights.  She then straddled me and I was helpless to move anywhere.

“Training time,” she said, as she gripped the cord to my balls and started to lower herself onto my rock hard cock.  She was already dripping wet from her sense of control.  She beamed down at me, as she lowered right down, took me in deep and pulled the slack on my testicle leash.  I was gripped by nylon, lycra, bondage and feeling like I was completely full from the bottom bunny.  “Good boy” she cooed as she took her first ride of my cock; her eyes glinted with desire and control.

I started to mew behind the nylon gag as she began to piston up and down.  My arms strained in their useless captivity.  I wriggled my feet in a pathetic sign of sissy helplessness.  I felt her legs slide as our Lycra lubricated thighs hissed together.  As she rode up and down, I felt the bottom bunny pump and contort in my arse, but it remained wedged deep and firm.  She started to bite her lip and gasp as she felt the intoxication of it all.  She looked into my sex drug fuelled eyes and I whimpered back at her.  I couldn’t believe how tight her pussy felt on my rubberised cock.  Her bottom pumped up and down on my spunk filled balls.

Up and down, she groaned and gasped.  My cock felt like it was filling up with spunk and about to explode.  My balls felt like they were expanding by the second.  I couldn’t believe, Sylvia, my dominant bitchy boss was riding me in her bra and tights.  I had no control over her as she began to speed up and I could feel a weeks worth of backed up spunk waiting to spill into the condom. She felt my cock give an irregular twitch and could see my wide eyes start to blink, as I was about to come.  She lifted her legs and dug her heels into the top of my thighs, like I was a pony.  She also tugged the testicle leash sharply and smiled at me – I winced and grunted and felt the pain put a stop to my orgasm.  She wasn’t about to let me finish now.

As I tried to catch my breath, she quickened her pace and pushed down more firmly.  Her hand rubbed away at her swollen clit and she gasped as she reached another plateaux of pleasure – at my expense.  I couldn’t even jerk my hips and my bunny filled bottom felt like it would pop any second.  But still my cock raged even harder and I felt my balls pump more spunk into the head of my cock.  

The office chairs began rolling slightly as she rode me harder.  I rolled my head and pleaded with my eyes to be allowed to cum, but she just mouthed a big no with her lips and went back to a look of ecstasy.  I could really feel her nylon encased arse pumping against my rubberised balls.  I wiggled my toes as the only release I had from Sylvia’s frenzied rape of me.  Even though I pleaded with my eyes, my cock remained firmly planted in her sopping wet pussy – penetrating deep and the throbbing giving her an almost vibrator like buzz.

She started to really gasp now and buck her chest forward.  Our eyes met and for the first me, she showed some element of loss of control.  Her eyes widened and I signalled to her that I knew she was close to cumming.  She stared at me and bit her lip; her hips bucking up and down and her pussy gripping my cock in the final stages of her imminent climax.  “Oooooohhh” she gasped.  I felt my cock twitching again and the fluid levels starting to rise once more.  I was wide-eyed and about to go out my mind if I didn’t cum soon.

I managed to get some leverage and to start to pump my own hips up to meet hers.  We synchronised and began our climb towards orgasm.  I thrust up and she pumped down, my cock in a vice like grip.  Our tights were sweat soaked but still enabled us to slip together.  She started to moan and I began to mew in unison.  The pace became faster and the thrusts shorter as my cock was gripped inside her almost locked by her vaginal muscles.

We both looked at each other and nodded as though to say, ‘now.”  As she let out a long and deep moan, I felt my penis begin to pulse; all my backed up spunk began to rise up through my hot cock, then  - bang! I was back down to earth as she dug her heels in and tugged mercilessly at the ball leash.  The pain froze me and I couldn’t reach my orgasm.  At the same time, she was writhing around, leash in hand moaning and in ecstasy.  I was moaning behind the gag, in pain and frustration.

As she slowed she looked down at me and let out a long deep sigh.  Wiping her sweat soaked hair out of her face she eased off me.  My cock remained erect and there was froth inside the rubber from the pent up pre-cum.  By balls ached and I lay there helpless to even touch myself.  “Such a good boy” she gasped.  “Now, you want some release don’t you?” I nodded my head in desperation.  She knelt down by me and eased my legs up so that my feet where resting on the top of the back of the chair, as though I was in labour. She looked me in the eye as her hand slowly gripped my cock.  “Mmmmmmm, that was sooooooooooooo good.  Staff training will be a regular thing from now on, but as for staff draining, we’ll see…” she slowly pumped my cock and it felt wonderful. Up, down, up, down.

“Now as I pump you, you must pump that little baby bunny inside you – it’s time to ‘give birth’, so to speak,” she giggled and I looked shocked through my sex-crazed gaze.  How could I push that thing out?  She tugged my cock in an encouraging way and I began to start to pump my arse at the same time.  I let out a babyish mewing sound and she cooed at me in a motherly supportive way.  Up and down, up and down she pumped, “good boy, good boy for mummy…. come on…that’s it, we want to see baby bunny come out.” Her ministrations and encouragement drove me wild and I squirmed and wriggled my arse.  As I pumped my bottom I could feel the rubber toy start to budge and rub.  She increased the speed to encourage me and smiled a reassuring smile.  “If you’re a good boy, I won’t tell anyone…so come on.”  The threat of even more humiliation was enough to make my cock throb even more and it now pulsed in her grip.  She giggled, as she knew how to push my buttons.  Up, down, up, down.

Her hand and my arse were in synch now, as she pumped and I pushed.  I started to grunt in desperation, but she only increased her hand speed when she decided.  If I slowed my bottom pumping, she would slow her masturbation speed, so I had to keep in time with her.  “That’s it, good boy.” I was lost in a world of subservience and humiliation. Pump, pump, pump, pump.

We began to get faster together and my hips bucked up and down.  Her hand slid on the slick, pussy, soaked rubber and as it came down, pressed against my balls and pushed the spunk pressure up further.  Finally I started to get real close.  I locked her gaze with my eyes and she looked back at me, reassuring with her eyes that I she would allow me to cum.  Her hand was now pumping away like crazy and I felt my arse would expand - whether I liked it or not  - and release the toy.  Pump, pump, pump, pump.

Her grip was like iron and I felt the familiar push of fluids towards the head of my cock.  The spunk in my balls felt like it was boiling over.  I knew I was a few strokes away from release and she looked at me intently as if to say ‘I will allow it’.  I looked back at her, eyes wide as I felt the surge go through me.  My bottom gave one big pump and the bunny toy began to slide out.  My arse stretched wider than I thought possible and I grunted behind the gag.  At the same time, she mercilessly tugged the ball cord again – it felt like my testicles would come off – I screamed behind the gag, from shock, pain and denial.  “There he is…gooooooooooood boy.  You’ve given birth to a lovely baby bunny – ha ha!”  The toy slid out and I stared at the ceiling, denied once more and totally broken.

I lay there as she stood and dressed.  She had a look of satisfaction on her face and sniggered at my demoralised state.  “Right, just stay there.”  I wasn’t going anywhere as she walked away; I was lost in my own little world as she teetered back.  “Now, seeing as you are my employee of the month, you will keep this nice little rubber cock device on – that means the rings also.  Since they are glued on, you wont be taking any of this off, till I allow you to.  And since you aren’t allowed any fiddling round with it, I am going to add something else also.” She knelt down and took some scissors and snipped a small hole in the very tip of the teat of the condom.  Then to my surprise she started to slide what looked like a long tube down the hole and into my urethra (At this stage my cock was too drugged up to feel it).  When the tube was all the way in, I noticed there was what looked like an aerosol nozzle on the end.  She eased it till the rubber was around the nozzle and sealed it with special solvent.  “There, all sealed in.”  I looked in total disbelief – my cock and balls were sealed in the rubber condom, with the rings glued at the base of my cock and also round the base of my balls.  Now she had inserted a make shift catheter with an aerosol cap into the end of cock!

“Basically, you can pee, very carefully through this, but it’s so small as you wont be able to pass any sperm.  This all stays on, “ she said firmly, “or I tell the girls – UNDERSTAND?”  I nodded my head – I already knew no one would believe she had practically raped me, but were more likely to believe that I was a pervert that wore tights in bondage.  She helped me up and unlocked the cuffs, and helped me ease the tape off.  I felt like I had really been through it physically and mentally, but my cock remained  - as ever  - hard and straining.  

“One more thing – you must wear these all week to work as well as your tights – I want you to know you are under my strict supervision at all times.”  I pulled her panty girdle up my Lycra clad legs.  Easing it up, I felt it push put even more pressure on my balls – they were full to the brim and I was sure they felt so much bigger than yesterday.  “Now when you pee, you must do it over a sink, as it will spray out.  And remember, don’t try and masturbate with it in – you’ll only end up with a nasty accident as your spunk is too thick to get past the nozzle – plus you wont be able to pee then will you – silly boy!”  I nodded my head as I dressed.

She gave me a lift home and dropped me off.  From then on, things were certainly different for me at work.  I lived in constant fear of being exposed.  She gave me my daily dose of viagra to keep me nice and hard in my tights and panty girdle.  The little blow up bunny sat on my desk as a constant reminder of my ongoing predicament.  

There were other incidents too…


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