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Sweat Soaked and Speechless

by James Ellis

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© Copyright 2001 - James Ellis - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; rope; cuffs; gag; chair; stuck; cons; X

continues from Red Faced and Speechless


‘How on earth am I going to get free?’ I asked myself for the tenth time.

I had not learned anything from my youth, I still rushed in where wiser heads waited. Here I was gagged speechless and inescapably bound, soaked in sweat, praying nothing had happened to my friend, (already late) who was my only hope of freedom. There was no point having a back up anyway, because the way I had locked on these hinge cuffs, they were not coming off without help!

Yes, I had decided to rely on my friends offer of releasing me if I used the hinge cuffs in such a way that I couldn’t release them myself. I reckoned I would have an hour and a half perhaps two before my friend returned from the bank and shops. On this basis I decided that I could stand a fairly tight tie for thirty minutes or so. 

As it was a warm summer day I was only going to wear my black nylon swim briefs. Later I could put on a T-shirt, cotton shorts, ankle socks and trainers, which should hide any rope marks on my body and ankles, and sweat bands on my wrists would cover marks from the cuffs once the session was over.

I prepared my equipment, two long ropes; two shorter ropes, a sponge, some two-inch medical tape, my new hinge cuffs and a sturdy straight backed wooden chair. I put on my swim slip, soaked the sponge in water and packed it in my mouth and burnished three strips of tape over my lips and lower face. I tested this gag and could only make sound through my nose.

The chair back had two cross bars so I tied the two long ropes to these, the one at the top I left hanging behind and the lower rope I draped over the front of the seat. Next I tied the centre of the two shorter ropes to the rungs running from the front and back legs where the cross rung formed a T on either side. I placed the chair close to a low bookshelf so that I could reach back for the handcuffs and placed a key next to them.

I then went downstairs and made sure the front door was unlocked (just in case, my friend had a door key, but better safe than sorry), and propped a note on the hall table with the second key. The note read 'if you are reading this then you were right the hinged cuffs are escape proof, HELP!’ My preparations made I went back upstairs to begin my bondage session.

I sat on the chair and started by tying my left ankle securely to the left rung cinching it to take out any slack, this left my toes about an inch off the floor. With a bit more difficulty I did the same to my right ankle. Next I brought the long rope up between my legs over the top of my thighs back behind the rear of the chair back around the uprights then around my waist pulling out all the slack and tied it tight. This secured me to the chair back and completely immobilised my legs and hips. I then looped the remaining length of the rope around me and the chair back, tying it loosely so I would be able to work my arms inside the loops.

Then I fumbled for and found the second long rope I brought the two ends up, passing one over each shoulder and back under my arms. I then passed the rope ends back inside the respective uprights back round in front, behind my back, then around my chest, pulling the rope tight and knotting it securely in front. Then I formed the remaining rope into two chest loops as with the lower rope.

Now I was firmly attached to the chair my shoulders held back and my torso tied rigidly to the chair back, all I could move were my arms and head. I reached back and snagged the hinge cuffs and secured one to my left wrist with the hinged side out from the back of the wrist and keyhole toward my elbow. I reached back and snagged the key I had left on the bookshelf and used the point to activate the double lock. I flicked the key back on to the shelf. Now all that remained was to pass my arms through the two sets of rope loops and secure my right wrist and I would be truly helpless.

I looked over at the clock, my friend had already been out over an hour, should I wait until I heard the front door opening or should I complete my bondage straight away. I mused for a few minutes and then decided that it would be difficult to lock the second cuff on my right wrist back to back so at least I should get my arms in position. So I worked my arms through the two sets of ropes and then worked my arms behind the chair. I was right it was very difficult getting the open cuff on my right wrist with my wrists back to back, I couldn’t reach the loop with my fingers. I struggled and found I could just push the cuff to the bookshelf and ‘click, click’ the first two ratchets engaged I was loosely secured. Oh well, I might as well complete the job, a second push ‘click, click, click’ three more, a few more pushes and it was snug but not tight. That’s it my bondage is complete. 

Sunlight is streaming in through the picture window and warming the room, but I am in the shadow of the room safe from prying eyes. I look over at the clock my friend has been gone over two hours, I should be free shortly, but for now I can enjoy my bondage. I am a captured agent trussed up next to a ticking time bomb. I test the arm loops, they hold my arms firmly to the chair back, and with my wrists locked back to back I can barely wiggle my fingers. I can see why the cops cuff back to back now, there is no way I could get these cuffs off without help, I couldn’t even reach the metal loops with my fingers. The shoulder and waist ropes held my torso and hips firmly to the chair back and seat. I tried to move my legs but they were well secured, my feet held inches above the floor. I’ve made a real job of this I think to myself, good and tight. No one escapes when tied by this bondmaster.

I looked up at the clock nearly two hours since my friend left, my unwitting rescuer should return any time now. The room is getting very warm from the sunlight at the front of the room. A bead of sweat rolls down my nose and over my taped lips. 

I tested my bondage once more, still no give, turning my head I looked at myself in the mirror, a tape gagged, securely trussed prisoner looked back at me. That’s when the idiocy of what I had done hit me, once again I had broken the golden rule of self-bondage and totally immobilised myself, what was worse I had not even considered a back up release scheme!

I began to panic and struggle but all I could move was my feet and hands a few inches. I couldn’t touch the floor, I tried rocking the chair but I had secured myself too well, all I got was a slight movement forward and tired muscles. I tried screaming but the tape and sponge gag was as effective as ever. Sweat had started rolling off me and stinging my eyes. What if something happened to my friend? I’m trussed tighter than an oven ready turkey unable to move an inch. Stringently bound, gagged speechless and completely helpless. Exhausted I hung my head and thought ‘How on earth am I going to get free!’ 

Perhaps if I worked my arms out of the loops? It was no use, with my wrists back to back I didn’t have enough movement. Even without the arm loops I wouldn’t have been able to reach round to the knots tying me to the chair. Now my muscles were starting to cramp, my shoulder blades ache, but the gag still worked perfectly. I could here street noises coming in the window and see dust motes floating in the sunlight streaming through the window. Sweat was streaming off me but the tape held firm; thank god I was in the shade. 

I’m starting to feel my legs going numb, I look blearily at the clock, God I’ve been trussed up for over an hour and a half. That means my friends been gone over three and a half-hours now, something must have happened. I drop my head in despair, ‘How on earth am I going to get free!’ I think, as another cramp attack hits me and still the gag remains effective. 

I try shaking my head from side to side to get the chair to rock but its far too sturdy; I’ve barely moved an inch. But there is a glimmer of hope as I am edging toward the front picture window, another exhausting bout of head swaying another inch, at this rate it will take all day to get close enough to be seen. Why did I have to go for such a rigid bondage? I should have learnt from that time with the wardrobe and the posture collar. I look up nearly four hours since my friend left, what can have happened! 

I could die like this, and I can imagine the headline “Dopey deviant dies in bondage.”

Once again I start making the only movement I can and get a few more inches toward the window. God this is tiring, barely an inch, I am still sweating rivers and the ropes are soaked and tightening up. ‘How on earth am I going to get free!’ If I do make it to the window by the afternoon the room will be in shadow and I might not be seen until daylight! Even if I make it someone still needs to look up and see me bound and helpless, will they call the police or just ignore me? If it’s that nosy old biddy across the road that sees me she’ll probably call the papers rather than the police! Then I’ll be splashed all over the local paper, I can see the headline now “Daft deviant tied in knots”, “Kinky knotcase stuck in chair”, or “Turkey trusses himself”. I am really feeling sorry for myself by now, ‘How on earth am I going to get free!’ 

Then I hear a door slam and my friend shouts, ‘Sorry I’m late, there was a bomb scare in town.’

I try to make some noise, but I hear footsteps going down the hall and into the kitchen. I should be free soon I think. The minutes drag by finally I hear footsteps in the hall again. Then my friends voice, ‘Sorry I’m late I went to the Internet café.’ I hear footsteps on the stairs, but they go past my room, a few minutes later the door swings open, ‘Practising our escapology again eh!’ Says my friend and walks back out.

A couple of minutes later my friend walks back in and starts to examine my bondage, ‘Bloody hell! When you say help you mean it.’

I grunt and shake my head trying to get the gag removed so I can speak, shaking my head in the general direction of the handcuff key.

‘The gag is staying on for now,’ says my friend, ‘The handcuffs too! While I was out I did some research. I went on-line at the Internet café looking at BDSM sites, and it seems what you have done breaks a cardinal rule. You don’t have a failsafe! If I’d had an accident down town you would be stuck, completely helpless, right?’

I nodded.

‘You didn’t think to tell me you were going to tie yourself up, so I couldn’t have even sent help.’

I hung my head in shame.

‘Well let see just how escape proof this is, here’s the key, I’ll be back in half an hour.’

I grunt my protest as my friend walks out and closes the door once more, I squeal through my nose but to no avail. I desperately try to manoeuvre the key but get no where near the cuffs, and then all hope fades as it slips out of my sweat soaked fingers onto the floor. Thirty minutes later my friend returns and walks around me looking at my bondage.

‘Very efficient.’ Says my friend, ‘A very nice job, you definitely are not getting free without some help are you?’

I shake my head, no. 

‘Didn’t you stop to think something could happen to me, or what you would do if there was a fire?’

Again I shake my head, no.

‘Why not even a phone with the speed dial set for 999?’

I shrugged.

‘You must really have been panicking when I was so late back then.’

I nod in agreement and my sweat soaked hair falls into my eyes, but I am too tired even try to flick it out, I just let my head slump, my chin resting on my chest. The rest of my body still held rigidly by my self-imposed bonds.

‘You know this looks a pretty painful position to be in for any length of time?’

I nod despondently.

‘I suppose you waited until you heard me come in before you locked the cuffs?’

Again I shake my head no.

‘When did you tie yourself up then? Half an hour ago?’

I shake my head slowly, no.

‘An hour?’

Another weary head shake, no.

‘An hour and a half?’

Again no.

‘Two hours?’

Another weary nod.

‘Good lord, no wonder you’re soaked with sweat! You must be getting cramps by now.’

I nod.

‘I had better get a knife and cut you loose, fast.’

A few minutes later I’m free except for the gag and handcuffs. My friend helps me to straighten my legs and I moan into the gag. After a few minutes I have enough strength to stand up, I turn toward my friend presenting my still cuffed wrists.

‘Where has the key gone?’

I nod my head toward the floor. My friend looks down, picks up the key and at last the cuffs are off! I massage my aching arms and sore wrists. Finally I peel off the tape and get the sodden sponge out of my mouth.

I am free at last, thirsty, aching, soaked in sweat, but no longer speechless.

(June 2001)


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