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Suzy’s Day Off

by Steve Spandex

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© Copyright 2014 - Steve Spandex - Used by permission

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Suzy pulled on the tight fitting cat-suit with a rising sense of anticipation. The shiny metallic black outfit glistened in the morning sunlight that streamed in through her bedroom window as she slowly eased the skin-tight fabric up legs already sheathed in black tights; smoothing out any wrinkles as she proceeded up over her thighs & hips to her waist, then onwards over her bare breasts & shoulders, slipping her arms into the waiting sleeves before finally reaching her throat.  Dexterously reaching behind her back, she pulled the zipper upwards to her neck.

She was now encased from ankle to neck in the figure hugging suit; the stirrups under her feet ensuring that the legs wouldn’t ride up. Turning to admire herself in the full length mirror, the image that stared back at her was of a slim young woman in a second skin of shining spandex that produced a faint swishing sound as she sashayed across the room. Suzy always deliberately purchased her cat-suits – of which she had many – a size too small. That way she ensured that there were no folds, creases or wrinkles; just one smooth layer that clung to her skin over every square millimetre of her beautiful young figure. 

The clear blue sky presaged a day of warmth & sunshine; a perfect early spring day to be out in the open air. But Suzy had other plans for this Friday. Indeed, she’d taken the day off work for one reason & one reason only; so that she could tie herself up. For not only did Suzy love the feeling of ultra tight clothing, she also had a passion for being bound & gagged as securely as possible.  And that was how she envisaged spending most of today; in a self induced state that was as near to inescapable as safety would allow.

Being a solo endeavour, of course, she knew that she could never attain that longed for state of complete helplessness that she one day hoped to experience. Being too embarrassed to broach the subject with any of her friends, no one else in the world knew of her kidnap & bondage fantasies, so to date she had never had the pleasure of being inescapably bound by a third party. Self bondage, however, was the next best thing & as close as she could get to this ultimate goal for now.

Suzy tied her long brown hair back into a ponytail & began preparing for the day ahead. Firstly, she positioned the sturdy upright chair that was to be her binding point in the centre of the room, close to the foot of the bed. Next she opened the bag that contained all her bondage equipment: the ropes, straps, tape, gags, handcuffs etc, which she’d acquired over the past few years. Laying out what she needed on the floor, she sat down on the carpet, took the first length of rope & bound her ankles together as tightly as she could. Cinching the rope so that she would be unable to wriggle free, she knotted this first bond & tested its efficiency by pulling & wrenching with all her strength.

Satisfied that no amount of struggling would in any way cause the rope to loosen, she took the next rope & performed an identical procedure just below her knees. Two more bonds - one just above her knees, the other around her thighs – completed the immobilisation of her legs. Holding onto the chair, she stood up & checked her appearance in the mirror; the clean, bright whiteness of the rope contracting starkly with her shiny black cat-suit & panty-hosed feet.

Placing the rest of the items needed to complete her captivity on the bed, Suzy sat herself down on the chair & picked up the next length of rope. Attaching one end of this to the already secured ankle bond, she bent her legs up under the seat of the chair as high as they would go, pulled the rope upwards  behind her as tightly as she could, then wound it around the back of the chair several times, before bringing the ends back down to her ankles. This manoeuvre proved extremely difficult as, with her feet now incapable of reaching the floor, she had to lean precariously to one side & stretch underneath the seat to secure the knot at her ankles. The chair was, however, manufactured from strong metal, extremely heavy & almost impossible to knock over. Once complete, Suzy sat upright again & tried to lower her feet to the floor. She found, as she had hoped, that this was now impossible; her feet instead being suspended in thin air six inches or so above the carpet.

More bonds soon followed, each aimed at ensuring that she had no way of moving away from the chair. First, a length of rope that encompassed both the seat & her thighs, which prevented her from attempting to lift her upper legs up off the chair. Secondly, a length of rope that she wound several times tightly around both her waist & the back of the chair, cinched this between the small of her back & the lower struts, then brought the ends around to the front & secured them with a firm knot on her stomach.

Next, a rope harness that she commenced behind her neck, pulled down under her armpits, brought around to the front & criss-crossed her breasts,  then continued over her shoulders back to its starting point, before repeating the process a further four times. Each circuit, of course, also encompassed the vertical metal struts on the back of the chair, so that once she had sealed the final knot just beneath her breasts, she found that she could no longer lean forward more than a fraction of an inch; her entire torso being lashed securely to her makeshift mooring post.

Although Suzy was now well & truly trapped on the chair, she still had one or two more items to secure in place before she was satisfied with her handiwork. Firstly, she took a black leather collar & tied one end of a short length of rope to the attached D ring. Putting the collar on, she secured the buckle at her throat, with the rope dangling at the rear of her neck. Reaching around, she sightlessly grabbed the free end of the rope, swiftly wound this around the top horizontal bar of the chair-back, pulled it taut so that her neck was forced backwards, then secured a knot which prevented her moving her head forwards again.

Suzy’s bondage was now almost complete. First, however, she slipped long black spandex gloves over each hand & pulled them up as high as they would stretch, which was just above her elbows. Next she took two pairs of tights, which she had previously rolled up into one tight ball, & pushed this into her mouth. The ball was too large, once wedged behind her teeth, to allow her to completely close her jaw. Nor would it be particularly easy to spit out. Not easy, but not impossible however. And for this reason Suzy knew that if this gag was going to effectively silence her, then she had to take action to prevent this being a viable option. To this end, she picked up a roll of grey duct tape off the bed, placed one end over her mouth & proceeded to wrap the instantly bonding tape around her face & lower head. Several circumnavigations later, each of which had been strategically placed either slightly higher or lower than the one before, her face, from chin to just below her nose, was smothered in a  mass of tape, with the rolled up tights now sealed beneath. 

Almost finished now, Suzy picked up her prized possession, a set of metal handcuffs that still had the key protruding from the lock on one of the bracelets. Testing the key in both locks to ensure that the release mechanisms still functioned correctly, she removed the key & placed it on her lap. Reaching around behind her, she looped one bracelet through the rope at her waist just behind the struts on the chair-back. 

At this point she had originally intended to use the two remaining items on the bed – a leather sleep mask & a spandex hood that matched both her cat-suit & the gloves. However, from where she had positioned the chair, she realised that she could view herself in the full length mirror, & the thought of being able to watch herself struggling & writhing for the duration of her bondage game now appealed to her more than the option of being sightless. For once, she decided, she would forego the blindfold & hood, at least for the time being anyway.

Later, if she got the urge, she could always unlock the handcuffs momentarily & add these to her vast array of bonds, then cuff herself again. With this decision made Suzy placed both arms behind the chair. Encircling her left wrist in the waiting manacle was easy enough, as she could use her right hand to help the process along. The sound of the ratchets slowly clicking, together with a tightening of the metal bracelet, soon informed her that this part of the exercise had been successfully accomplished & that her hand could not now be removed.

Picking up the key from her lap, Suzy transferred this to her already shackled hand then tried to wriggle her right wrist into the still vacant cuff. This was a far more difficult feat, however, & it took at least two minutes before she finally had her wrist in the correct position. Pushing the cuff closed was also far from straight forward, as she didn’t dare use her left hand, for fear of dropping the key. However, pushing her wrist against the back of the chair, she managed to get the two arms of the cuff to converge, & the first click of the ratchet informed her that she was nearly there. Now, slowly & with great care, she transferred the key from her left to her right hand then used the left to complete her bondage. she felt the bracelet tighten to the extent that she now knew that her hand could not be prized out of the encircling steel.

Her bondage was now complete.


For an hour or two – it was easy to quickly lose track of time during these wonderful bondage sessions – Suzy luxuriated in her helplessness. She had, since she was young, always fantasized about being kidnapped & held for long periods of time in extreme & inescapable bondage, & the fact that she could view her mirror image wriggling & squirming in a mock battle to escape, proved an exhilarating experience.  With her feet pulled up beneath her, her thighs & torso lashed securely to the chair, & the tethered collar restricting the movement of her head, Suzy could hardly move at all. Added to this was the fact that the handcuffs had been looped within the strict rope around her waist, which meant that she couldn’t move her hands away from the back of the chair.

The only parts of her with any freedom at all, in fact, were her elbows & upper arms. It wasn’t that she had neglected or forgotten to attempt immobilisation of this part of her anatomy; far from it, in fact. In the past, she had experimented with elbow ties on many occasions. But she had discovered that it was almost impossible to create tight, authentic self bondage in this area & so she had given up. Better not to bother, she had decided, than to have her whole bondage session ruined by some loose, ineffective rope-work that fell away at the slightest movement of her arms. Someday, she hoped, she would be able to experience the sensation of having her upper arms pulled back behind her & securely trussed together. At the moment, however, she had no idea when that time might arrive.

Time moved on, with Suzy having no desire to end her bondage session. She was enjoying the delights that the sensation of inescapable ropes produced so much that she could, she thought, quite happily remain this way for the rest of the day. This carefree attitude to her situation was clouded only be one small nagging worry. What if she dropped the key? Although if this occurred it would only fall a couple of feet to the bedroom floor, it would be impossible, in her present state, to reach down & retrieve it. For this reason, she kept the hand that held the key clenched in a tight fist at all times; only occasionally transferring it from one hand to another, in order to stretch & exercise her fingers.


It must have been getting on for midday, when Suzy was suddenly awakened from her bondage fantasies by the sound of someone knocking on the door of her flat. Who could that be? She certainly wasn’t expecting anyone. At this point she was not concerned however. Give whoever it was a minute or two & they’d go away assuming that she was not at home. At least that was how she guessed things would turn out. So it was with great surprise, not to mention dismay, when she heard the familiar sound of the door opening. Damn it! She cursed herself for not locking the door.

“Hello, anybody home?”

This was the unmistakable voice of her friend Megan, & it was soon clear, from a second voice that quickly followed, that she was not on her own.

“Suzy.... where are you? You left the door unlocked”

This voice was also instantly recognisable as Julia, another of her closest friends. Suzy cursed herself again, this time for letting her friends know that she’d taken the day off work. If she’d kept quiet, they wouldn’t be here now.

What should she do? Should she keep quiet & hope that they’d go away? That seemed unlikely to happen, as they’d found the door open, so would be assuming that she must be somewhere in the apartment. Should she try to quickly get out of her bonds? No, that would take several minutes & cause a commotion which the pair would surely hear & come to investigate.  Maybe they wouldn’t look in the bedroom.  But Suzy knew that this was just wishful thinking on her part. And besides, the bedroom door was ajar. If anyone stood in the hallway directly outside they would instantly see her. It was a quandary that she had no answer to.

Even though she knew that getting out of her bonds before she was discovered was never going to happen, Suzy panicked & attempted to at least get the handcuffs off before her friends found her. In her flustered state, however, her attempt to open her left fist & grab the key with her right hand didn’t quite go according to plan, & resulted in the tiny key slipping through her gloved fingers. For a split second she tried to retrieve the situation, but her desperate fingers only grasped thin air & immediately a faint, almost inaudible sound, as the key hit the carpet, informed her that her worst nightmare had come to pass.

All of a sudden, Suzy’s dread at being discovered took on a different slant. Now, although it would cause acute embarrassment, she simply had to be discovered. It Megan & Julia walked out of her apartment now, she would be left with no means of escape, which would result in her being trapped here for... how long?  Probably at least until Monday, if not longer. There was no way she could survive that long without water! However much she disliked the idea, she was going to have to make some noise & alert them to her plight.

As it happened, however, Suzy didn’t need to make her whereabouts known to her two visitors. For just as she was about to scream out her muffled pleas for assistance, the bedroom door opened & in walked Megan. Dressed in a white blouse, black leggings & ankle boots, with her long blonde hair cascading around her shoulders, Megan stood for several seconds with her mouth wide open as she tried to make sense of the scenario she had just stumbled upon.

“Suzy? What happened? Who did this to you?”

Her words quickly brought Julia to the doorway. Wearing a tight black t-shirt & equally well fitting jeans, she too remained motionless for a few seconds, not quite believing her own eyes. Then she recovered her composure & advanced to where Suzy sat in all her bound up helplessness.

“Who did this to you?” she repeated her friend’s question word for word, as she leant down behind the stricken woman & grasped the handcuffs.

“Handcuffs? How are we going to get you out of this Suze?”

By now Megan too was at Suzy’s side & was about to start removing the tape from her face, when Julia suddenly spied the key on the carpet. Instant enlightenment followed.

“Hold on a second Meg. I think I know what’s been going on here”

 Julia moved around to face Suzy, the concern for her friend that had only seconds ago been etched on her face now replaced with a knowing smile. She turned to Megan.

“It all makes sense now. Look at her outfit? This wasn’t a burglary or break-in. She’s done this to herself.  Look...”

She pointed to Suzy’s open bag of equipment only a few feet away, from which spare lengths of rope & other bondage paraphernalia could be seen.

At this revelation, Megan’s expression also changed from horror to amusement. Suzy, on the other hand, could find nothing humorous in the way this whole situation was developing.

“Come on girls, help me out of this”

That was what she attempted to utter, although the sounds that filtered through the tights & tape were probably incomprehensible to her two friends. Whatever the case, they failed to respond to her plea. For a few seconds Megan & Julia looked at each other, both, it seemed, having similar thoughts. Finally Megan spoke.

“You know what Julia, I think we can have a bit of fun here”

She turned to Suzy, whose embarrassment & anxiety must have been clearly noticeable in her eyes.

“You know Suze, for some time now I’ve been wondering exactly why you spend so much time on your own in this flat when you could be out enjoying yourself with us. Now it all makes more sense”

Suzy moaned & struggled ineffectually, in an effort to show how trapped she was & how she really wanted to get out of this predicament as soon as possible. But if she was hoping that this would make them take pity on her, it seemed to cut no ice. In fact, it seemed to simply amuse the pair even more.

“Aw, do you think she’s trying to tell us something?”

“I think she’s trying to tell us that she enjoys being tied up so much that she wants us to leave her like this for a while”

Julia’s teasing statement was the catalyst for a more concerted effort on Suzy’s part to convey the message that she really did need their help - right now - to get out of her bonds. It soon became apparent, however, that the more she pleaded, the less likely they were to give in to her requests.

“Look Suze, we came around here today to see if you wanted to come out to lunch then do a bit of shopping. Still, as you’re a bit tied up at the moment, we’ll just have to go on our own”

This produced much laughter from the duo, but had Suzy screaming into her gag to be given the key back. Miraculously, given the efficiency of the gag, Megan seemed to understand what Suzy was trying to say.

“Is this what you’re after?”

Megan stood directly in front of her bound friend & slowly sat down on her lap, with her own legs straddling those of her captive audience. Tantalisingly, she held the key no more than six inches in front of Suzy’s eyes.

“Well if you want it, you’ll have to get it off me”

Suzy could only watch in dismay as Megan placed the key in the breast pocket of her tight blouse.

“There. Now try getting it”

She leaned forward so that her breasts were right in Suzy’s face.

Suzy knew that she had no chance of retrieving the key, but for some reason she felt compelled to try. She lurched as far forward as she could, but the collar & rope harness ensured that she remained in place. More laughter followed.  With Megan right up in her face, however, Suzy had been distracted from what Julia had been doing for the past minute or two, & hadn’t noticed that she’d picked up the sleep mask that had been lying on the bed.

“You know Meg, it looks like Suzy forgot something when she tied herself up this morning”

Suzy turned her head in the direction of Julia’s voice, but it was too late. Almost immediately she felt the mask being placed over her eyes & the world went completely black for her. She tried to stop the inevitable by shaking her head in an effort to thwart Julia from securing the blindfold. But the fact that she was so helplessly bound, plus the fact that Megan was still sitting astride her, all conspired to ensure that this act of defiance was doomed to failure. Within seconds, the pressure around her temples became tighter & tighter until there was no chance of this latest addition to her bonds slipping or coming loose.

But if this wasn’t bad enough, worse was to follow, as seconds later, Suzy felt something being placed on the top of her head, as gradually the spandex hood was pulled over her face & then downwards as far as her neck. Momentarily, she felt the collar around her neck loosen & she began to wonder if they’d finally decided that the joke had gone far enough & that they were going to release her. This proved to be a false dawn however, as she soon discovered that the reprieve was only a temporary measure whilst they pulled the hood down as far as it would go, then replaced the collar over the spandex & buckled it again.

“There you go. That looks much better”

Suzy squirmed & made a whining sound that she hoped would engender some kind of sympathy from her two friends-turned-captors. This of course failed to have the desired effect. Instead she felt Megan’s weight shift on her lap, & a second or two later she heard a whispered voice in her right ear.

“What are you moaning about? I thought you enjoyed being tied up & helpless”

As she spoke, Suzy felt Megan’s hand slide between her thighs. She squealed again, but this time more from surprise than anything else. But as Megan began moving her hand gently up towards her crotch, Suzy felt a strange shiver of delight course through her. She hadn’t realised it until now, but it now dawned on her that she was in a state of arousal.  All of a sudden, she no longer wanted to be free. She threw her head back & groaned contentedly into the gag.

Unfortunately, as quickly as it had begun, Megan withdrew her hand & stood up.

“That’s enough excitement for the time being. I wouldn’t want you to get too hot & flustered Suze. I think it’s time we left you to your own devices now, don’t you?”

Suzy felt the rope at her ankles loosen slightly, before it constricted again to such a degree as to make her wince. Her knee & thigh bonds, then the ropes that held her to the chair, all came in for similar scrutiny, as both girls now tightened each of her bonds even more snugly than they had been previously.

“Wouldn’t want any of these ropes to slip & spoil your fun now, would we?” was Julia’s only comment.

Once this task had been completed to their satisfaction, all went quiet in the room for a few seconds, & Suzy guessed that they were standing back, gloating at her helplessness, although she couldn’t be certain. A few seconds more of silence & she began to wonder whether they hadn’t sneaked out of the room & abandoned her. Tentatively, & with no great hope of success, she tested her bonds by trying to pull her arms away from the back of the chair. But it soon became apparent that Megan & Julia were still in the room, & that lifting her arms upwards had highlighted an area of her anatomy that wasn’t as securely bound as the rest of her.

“You know something Jules? Those elbows seem to have a bit too much leeway if you ask me. Grab a piece of that rope from the bag & we’ll remedy that for her right now”

Unable to take any form of worthwhile evasive action, Suzy could do very little to prevent her shoulders being forced backwards & her elbows being brought into as close proximity to each other as the suppleness of her arms would allow. Not only did the rope that immediately followed tightly bind & cinch her elbows, but it also incorporated the back of the chair within its folds, thus ensuring that Suzy’s upper arms were now secured in a state comparable to the rest of her limbs & body, i.e. immobilised & inescapable.

“That’s better. Now let’s see you move your arms”

Suzy vainly tried, but it was hopeless. She groaned as loudly as she could into her gag & begged for them to stop tormenting her. What else could they possibly do to her? The answer came very quickly.

“Well Suze, we’ll be off now. You know, we came around here this morning to see if you wanted to come out with us today. But it looks as if you’ve got better things to do. So now we’re going to go into town, have a nice leisurely lunch, do a bit of shopping, maybe take in a film, then go & have a few cocktails & dance the night away. If you get bored here & want to join us later, feel free”

They both laughed.

“Oh, sorry, I don’t suppose ‘free’ is a very good word to describe your condition at the moment is it? See you later”

“I’ll tell you what we’ll do” Julia broke in “We’ll put the radio on for you. That way at least you’ll have something to listen to. It’ll help you keep track of time while we’re gone. Have fun.”

Suzy immediately heard music coming from the direction of her bedside radio, followed by the sound of their footsteps heading towards the bedroom door. A few seconds later, as Megan & Julia’s laughter died away, she heard them close the door to her flat & then do something that she should have done herself this morning: lock the door!


Suzy felt a shiver of dread surge through her as she realised that she was now alone in her flat with no means whatsoever of escape. But as well as the fear, despair & anger that she most definitely felt, she couldn’t help feeling rather excited as well by the whole scenario. And the more she thought about it, the more she came to see that the end result was, in fact, exactly what she’d always desired. Wasn’t complete helplessness what she’d always craved in her kidnap fantasies?

Well now she was experiencing just that. The fact that she couldn’t get out of this on her own, & that she had no idea how long she’d be here, were all factors which served to heighten the experience. Instead of fretting & panicking about the whole thing, now was a great opportunity for her to experience real, inescapable bondage in all its glory. Just sit back, relax & make the most of it, she told herself.

If Megan & Julia were to be believed, then it was going to be late this evening before they returned, but that was alright because they would return, she was certain of that. Or at least, she was reasonably certain. They were her friends after all. They wouldn’t just leave her stranded like this forever.

Would they?!


Apart from her ability to now keep track of the time – as this was announced with almost monotonous regularity by the presenter – mostly Suzy paid scant attention to the music & conversation being broadcast on the radio. It was just gone four o’clock in the afternoon, however - fully seven hours since Suzy had first tied herself up – when something the DJ said made her prick up her ears. The programme was a request show, during which members of the public could ring, text or email in asking for a specific song to be played, or a dedication made to a friend, family member, work colleague etc.

“Now I’ve just received this email in from Julia & Megan, who want me to play something for their friend Suzy. They say that Suzy is having a few difficulties at the moment & is in a bit of a tight spot. Don’t know what that means exactly but Suzy, if you’re listening, I’m sure you understand. They go on to say that they’re sorry that they won’t be able to see you today, but hope you have a good night & they’ll be around to see you tomorrow evening”

Suzy could hardly believe her ears. It must be a coincidence, surely? But to think that another Megan & another Julia would be dedicating a request to a different Suzy, who just happened to be in a “tight spot” at the moment, seemed to be stretching the bounds of probability, didn’t it? But what clinched matters, & made the helpless woman realise that it really was her supposed friends that had sent in the request, was their choice of song.

“The song Megan & Julia have chosen for you today Suzy, which they say is one of your favourites, is the 1983 hit “Tied Up” by Olivia Newton John”

“Tied Up”?  Suzy had never heard of the song, but she had to hand it to them for their sense of humour. But what really concerned her was the declaration that Julia & Megan had no intention of coming back to release her today, but intended to leave her here until tomorrow evening! That was more than twenty four hours from now! And by then she would have been handcuffed, bound & gagged for over thirty hours!!

For a few minutes, Suzy panicked, & wrenched & writhed in her bonds as never before. She even tried to raise the alarm by screaming repeatedly into her gag. But none of this did any good. Her bonds remained tight & secure, & her cries went unheard, as she knew that they almost certainly would. This had to be a wind up, didn’t it? They wouldn’t be so cruel & thoughtless as to leave her in this predicament for another whole day. Or would they...?

But there again, if they thought she enjoyed being perpetually bound up, then perhaps they assumed that they were doing her a favour.

Which, when Suzy had calmed down & taken a few minutes to reflect on the situation, she realised was probably true.


As the evening crept by, with no sign of Megan or Julia returning, Suzy became more convinced by the minute that the message on the radio had been genuine; she was not going to be released from her imprisonment tonight. But she didn’t care. Normally, when she tied herself up, she was in control of her own destiny. But not on this occasion; this time she was completely in the hands of her friends, who weren’t around & were not contactable.

And Suzy revelled in it.

Okay so there was a huge amount of uncertainty as to when she would be getting out of this, which was frightening in a way. Then there was the embarrassment. What if, she wondered, Julia & Megan decided to tell her other friends about her strange little hobby? Would she be the victim of endless whispers & sniggering behind her back? Would the word get out to a wider section of the local community that she had a kinky side & liked to be tied up?

And what about her friendship with Julia & Megan? Could that ever be the same again? But even taking all these unknowable factors into account, the wonderful feeling of complete captivity couldn’t be dampened. This had been her dream, her goal, her nirvana, for so long now, that it was difficult to believe that it was actually happening. In fact, Suzy had to keep attempting to move her arms, her legs & her body every few minutes just convince herself that she wasn’t dreaming. But every movement – every twist of her wrists or wriggle of her legs, reiterated the point. This was for real. And it was best experience ever!


It had just turned ten o’clock, according to the man on the radio, when Suzy’s phone began to ring. Who could that be at this time of night? After four rings the answering machine kicked in & her outgoing message could be heard:

“Hello this is Suzy. Unfortunately I can’t come to the phone right now, but if you would like to leave a message after the tone, I’ll get back to you as soon as I’m free”

(The irony of the final few words had never been more poignant than now)

There was an elongated bleep, before the caller – or in this case callers, plural – identified themselves. It was Megan, with Julia audibly close at hand.

Two things became immediately obvious to Suzy. Firstly, the sound of music & general hubbub of voices & laughter in the background suggested that they were in a bar or club. And secondly, their slightly slurred voices & the tendency for one or other of them to frequently burst out into fits of laughter, spoke of them both having had several drinks this evening.

“Hi Suze. I assume that the fact that you didn’t pick up means that you haven’t been able to work your way out of that little predicament we set you today. Presumably you’re enjoying yourself so much that you haven’t even tried too hard. Hope you’re not getting over excited. Anyway, I hope you caught our dedication to you on the radio this afternoon. Appropriate song title, don’t you think? Like we said, we’re having such a good time that we simply won’t to able to get around to seeing you again tonight.  And you know what Saturday’s are like, don’t you? Just one long day of shopping, eating, drinking & partying. I guess it will be similarly enjoyable for you too. Anyway, we’ll try to slip in for a few minutes before we go out clubbing tomorrow evening, just to make sure you’re alright & perhaps get you something to eat & drink”

All the while, Suzy sat there in her helplessness, not knowing whether to laugh or cry. So she really was going to be here for the long haul. But it was their parting shot that really set her mind reeling, & sowed the seed of doubt as to whether it might not be just Saturday that she would be forced to endure this tight bondage.

“And you never know, if we’re feeling really generous, we might even set you free... Not going to make any promises though. See ya!!”

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