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by Jan Smith

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© Copyright 2002 - Jan Smith - Used by permission

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I have enjoyed self bondage for quite a while now. I have spent many an enjoyable hour naked and wiggling in my bonds. Lately though it has seemed a little tame. I saw a show in which a woman was suspended by her wrists and watching her hang there suffering was a real turn on. It did not take long, with my hand down my pants on my pussy to make myself come. I decided right there and then that I would be that woman. I spent many a night playing with myself, making plans. It would be my greatest self tie ever.

The first step was to rig up a release. I installed a ring in the ceiling of my basement. I ran a rope through the ring and down to another ring attached to a post. This ring was larger so that the rope would slide through, even with a knot tied in the end of it. I tried it out many times to make sure it wouldn't stick. It slid through with no problem. The rope would be tied around a large block of ice before it ran through the ring in the post and up through the ring in the ceiling. Until the ice melts I would be like a slab of meat hanging in a locker.

The next step in my plan would be four smaller blocks of ice. These would be positioned under the ring in the ceiling with a sheet of plywood on them. It would be a short table with ice legs. As the ice melts, the wood would lower, slowly taking my standing platform away leaving me hanging. I made these blocks less than half the size of the ice that holds the rope, so that I would be released a short time after my table legs melted.. My self imposed torture was ready.

Saturday evening I prepared my imprisonment. After I stripped I put on my padded wrist cuffs and made sure they were positioned properly. My ankle cuffs with a short piece of chain between them came next. They were not necessary, but added to the look. I set my camcorder on a tripod and aimed it at where I would be. I wanted this event recorded to enjoy later. Hobbling back and forth from the freezer I positioned the table legs and put the plywood on top of them. The ice with the rope came next. I adjusted the rope through the rings so it was just the right height. All was ready. I so much wanted to satisfy myself but I fought the urge.

I started the camcorder and stepped up on my platform. As a little extra, I snapped on a pair of nipple clamps. I fed the lock through the rings on my cuffs and reached up and slid it through the ring on the rope. A quick check that everything was in order and I was ready. I took a deep breath and snapped the lock closed. The fire between my legs was intense, but it would be a while before I could remedy that situation.

I had hooked a TV to the camcorder so I could see myself. Not bragging, but I was a sight. I have long blond hair and a better than average body. I stood there admiring myself, helpless and vulnerable. God I wished I could reach my pussy. I stood there twisting in my bonds enjoying the view and anticipating my suffering which was soon to come. The nipple clamps I had put on were not that strong, but the continued pressure was making my nipples burn in a wonderful way. A trickle of water was coming out from under the plywood. It wouldn't be long.

I stood there with my eyes closed dreaming that a strict master would be returning to have his way with me. Shortly I realized that I had less movement. The platform was lowering with the melting ice and slowly I was being hung by my wrists. The strain on my shoulders was starting to increase. I twisted and moaned, and begged to be released. There was no one there to hear me, but it would make my tape more enjoyable.

The minutes ticked by and slowly I was stretched. It took quite a while as the ice melted, but eventually I was standing on my tip toes. The strain on my arms was making me moan for real. I had turned the heat up in the house, so it was quite warm. Sweat was glistening on my body as I looked at myself on the TV. This would be a tape that would be much in demand if I ever decided to share.

The ice was melting much slower than I had anticipated. It had been over an hour since I had snapped the lock shut. I now hung so that my toes just brushed the plywood as I swayed back and forth. The pain in my arms was growing intense. I glanced at the block of ice that would release me. With horror I realized that from the size of it it would be a long time before the rope would pull through. Suddenly I realized my mistake. The ice legs on my platform only had to melt half way before it lowered enough to suspend me. I had calculated the melting of the release ice to a time after the stand blocks had melted. I didn't realize that I would be hung before that.

Panic ripped through me. How could I stand hanging till then. I tried to pull myself up and grab the rafter and maybe untie the rope from the ring I was locked to. I did not have enough strength as the pain in my arms weakened me. I tried to flip my feet up and hook my legs over something, but there was nothing I could get a hold of. Again and again I tried until I was exhausted and hung there limply. I looked at the image on the TV screen. Sweat was pouring off my body and my soaked hair hung over my face. I had wanted a realistic torture scenario and I had one.

I screamed and yelled for help, in the hope that maybe someone would be walking close enough to my house to hear me. The thought of someone finding me in this position terrified me, but the thought of suffering until the ice melted terrified me more. Finally I did not even have the strength the yell. The nipple clamps by this time were making my nipples burn like fire, but it was hardly noticeable compared to the pain in my arms. Through the sweat that was running in my eyes I could see that the Plywood had finally melted to the floor. I looked at the rope ice and it was still huge.

God, what had I done.

I couldn't stand any more, but I had no choice. Every muscle in my body screamed in pain.

Periodically I would glance at the poor pain racked creature on the TV. Even with all the pain, my pussy was burning. I cursed myself for not setting up some way to satisfy my self. I hung there limply. Through the pain induced fog I could hear the drips of water as the ice melted. Every drip brought me closer to release. But how long? The block did not seem to be shrinking. I hung there moaning and crying. I was not doing it for the camera, which was now forgotten. The only thing that filled my brain now was my pain and the sound of dripping water. Please! Melt faster, my brain screamed.

I hung with my chin on my chest, not even having enough strength to hold my head up. I would have promised anything to anyone if I could be released. I managed to lift my head to check the ice. There was a lot of melting left to go. Suddenly there was a crack and I was laying on the floor in a pool of ice water. The block had not completely melted but it had weakened enough that it broke in half allowing the rope to slip through the ring and release me.

The cold water felt wonderful on my body as I lay there on my stomach. I tried to get up but my limbs wouldn't function. I lay there resting and thanking my lucky stars that the ice had broke. Finally I got some feeling in my arms and rolled over on my back. Every movement was an effort. I was laying in the water cold and wet, but still my hands went to my pussy, my prolonged suspension made the movement necessary to rub my pussy almost too much to bear. The pain made me cry and yell out as I rubbed myself, but I couldn't stop. I screamed when I came and my whole body jerked like a fish out of water.

I don't know how long I lay there before I regained enough strength to get up. I managed to get to a sofa and cover up with a blanket. I didn't even untie myself, I just fell asleep. The next morning when I woke I untied myself and took a long hot bath and soaked my aching muscles. It was days before I could move around well.

When I was feeling better I plugged in the tape. I lay on the couch playing with myself as I watched the poor creature on the screen slowly being stretched. When the part came where she started screaming and trying to release herself I had the most intense orgasm of my life. By the time the ice broke and released her I had come twice more.

I lay back thinking about my experience. MMM I thought---if I cover the ice block next time it won't melt near as fast.

P.S. If you like my story please write. Especially any women. I would love to hear your experiences or any suggestions. And I'll bet you guys would have loved to have seen me. What would you do to me ????


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