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A Surprise in the Park

by OkmrocksU

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© Copyright 2009 - OkmrocksU - Used by permission

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On the side of my repair shop building is a large picture window that overlooks a small city park.  Moving back and forth behind the counter looking out the window, you can see from the far left a parking area, then just to the right of that is a playground, which includes swings, a tall slide, a covered picnic area and a jungle gym.  To the right of that are two paths that zigzag through a wooded area one of which crosses a couple of small bridges over drainage ditches.  Just to the right of and behind that and one of the bridges is a large gazebo.  Behind the gazebo is a large open ball field.   From there and to the right and around behind a hill is another parking area that cannot be seen from my shop.

The gazebo is about 30 feet across and the floor is concrete which is about three feet above ground level.  There is a bench all the way around the inside edge of the circumference except for the two openings, one facing the path with the bridge and the other on the opposite end facing the ball field, also there are five steps on each end to get up to the floor.  The wooded area between the playground and the gazebo blocks the view so you can’t see one for the other, but from my vantage point, you can see both.  To get to the other parking area you have to go right from my shop, up the street to the top of the hill to the next intersection, turn left and then back down the hill in an S curve into it.

During the daylight hours and at certain times the park is busy with all ages of people, relaxing or playing, but soon as sunset arrives it clears out and seldom does anyone hang around.  There are no lights in the park except for a dim street light over the parking area to the left.

My shop is just far enough away from the park that you can’t recognize any faces, so under my counter I keep a pair of binoculars to focus on anybody I might recognize and to do a little girl watching.  Sometimes there are some hot older teens and young adult women who get my bondage fantasies wound up and I dream of tying them to the equipment and having my way with them.  Occasionally there are even some attractive older women in the park who I wouldn’t mind tying up for a little sexual pleasure.

It was a weekday evening around the end of June.  The temperatures were warm but it was not as hot as we get in the dead of summer.  The evenings however were in the very comfortable mid 70’s.  Although sunset at this time of year was around 8:30, during weekdays the park is usually always cleared out by 7 PM. 

I was working late as usual because this was my busy season and I happened to notice a young lady over in the park sitting on the swing.  Of course I stopped my work and got out the binoculars for a closer look.  My first thought was ‘Nice’, followed by ‘Boy would I like to tie her up to that swing and swing with her’.  She was attractive with short wavy dark blond hair that tapered in and touched her shoulders.  Somewhat short, she was probably only about 5’-6” tall and had a slim almost petite figure.  She was wearing a white halter top that exposed her flat tummy, tight form fitting jeans which she filled out in all the right places, athletic shoes and small framed glasses that stirred some of my office secretary fantasies.

After getting an eye full and fantasizing for a few moments, I went back to work because I had a job that I promised out for in the morning.  Occasionally I would look up to see if she was still there and I would catch her swinging back and forth or going over to the slide and sliding down like a little girl playing in the park.  It was almost 8 o’clock by the time I was finished and I shut down the shop to leave.  I looked out again and she was still there sitting on the swing intently looking around.  I was curious as to what she was doing, so I thought I would watch her for a few more minutes and fantasize about her a little more before I go.

I got the binoculars back out, pulled up a stool and sat behind the counter watching her to see what was going on.  As it was getting dark she started getting a little antsy, looking all around and glancing at her watch as if someone was supposed to meet her, but didn’t show up and then she got up and went to her car.  I thought she was leaving but she opened the trunk instead and pulled out a medium sized duffle bag.  She then walked back into the playground area looking all around to see if anyone was watching her.  Stopping at the bottom end of the slide, she reached down and placed something on the ground just under the lip of the slide and then she proceeded on down the path to the gazebo.

It was now getting a little too dark for me to make out what she was doing and all I could see was a silhouette moving around, so I quickly went out to my car (SUV) to get a night vision spotting scope that I had behind the rear seat.  Back inside I went to my perch and focused in on her.  It took about a minute to realize what was happening.  I blurted my thoughts right out of my mouth, “Oh Man!  I can’t believe this!  She’s taking off her clothes.  Man!  Wow!”  My mouth watered as I was reeling with pleasure at what I was viewing.

As my voyeurism continued, she finished removing all her clothes and started pulling things out of her bag.  I couldn’t quite make out what they were until she started applying them.  As she strapped on her wrist cuffs, in shear excitement I blurted out, “Whoa!  Wait a minute!  Oh you got to be kidding me!  She’s tying herself up!”  I’ve read stories about people doing this kind of thing, but I couldn’t hardly believe it was happening right here in this small town.  Even more intently I watched as she applied the rest of her bondage.

She sat down on the edge of the bench with her right side facing me and applied the ankle cuffs, followed by a pair of ‘very’ high-heeled shoes, five inchers I would guess.  Picking up what looked like a dildo, spreading her legs and fumbling with her sex, she threw her head back as it appeared like she inserted it.  Then she buckled on a wide belt with several rings attached around it and a strap hanging down which she adjusted to the center of her back.  Raising herself off the bench a little she pulled the strap between her legs and fastened it securely to the front of the belt.   Sitting back down she then picked up a small pack with what looked like a string or wire coming out of it and she clipped it onto the front of the belt.  She pulled up on the wire and then reached for her sex again.  It was at this point I realized it must have been a vibrator that she inserted into her sex and she was attaching the battery pack.  Even with night vision the distance was just far enough that it was hard to make out details but it was obvious this girl was going to have some fun.

She picked up a short piece of chain, I’m guessing about eight inches long and locked it to her ankle cuffs.  Leaning back she seesawed her legs tugging on the binds to make sure they were secure.  Sitting back up she gathered up her clothes and stuffed them into the bag, zipped it up and appeared to lock it.  At that moment I realized, from reading self-bondage stories, what she left under the slide must have been her method of release.  I was now fairly sure she set up her ordeal so that she had to struggle on her hobbled legs to the slide for the keys to set herself free.

I continued watching as she applied the last of her bondage.  Picking up the ball gag, she quickly inserted the ball in her mouth, buckling the strap securely behind her head and locking it.   Then picking up another short piece of chain, a little shorter than the one used on her ankles, she locked it to one of her wrist cuffs.  She then put that arm behind her back and reached back with the other one to feed the chain through one of the rings on the belt.  After taking one last look around, she reached for the pack in front on her belt and after a couple of seconds threw her head back as the vibrator obviously kicked on.  Just as soon as she regained her composure, she picked up a lock and fumbled with her hands behind her for a few seconds.  You could tell when it was done as she twitched and then sat there motionless for several more seconds allowing her predicament to settle in.

It was now time for her to play.  She started struggling, looking around and though I couldn’t hear her it appeared that she was pretending to mmph for help.  She put up a good hard struggle until she started convulsing at which point it was obvious she was having her first orgasm.  Other than her chest heaving from the waves of pleasure she just experienced she sat motionless for a couple of minutes regaining her composure.  She then raised herself up onto her feet and started the struggling dance again.

Hobbling around with short steps she performed her struggle on the gazebo platform as if she was on the stage of a Broadway play, playing the poor kidnapped girl frantically struggling to get free.  After several minutes she squatted slightly, crossed her knees and through her head back as she fell victim to another orgasm.  As she was coming back to her senses she hobbled over to the bench and sat down to rest and recover from that pleasurable ordeal.  At that moment I had an idea.

Quickly darting out the door of my shop, I headed for the playground.  I made my way to the bottom of the slide and picked up what she left there.  I thought it would be several keys on a ring to undo her locks but it was only a single key.  It was then I thought that this must be the key to her bag and everything she had and needed to get free was locked in the bag.  My intentions were to steal the keys so when she got to the slide they would be gone and I would get to watch her go frantic as she struggled with what to do, but looking at the key I changed my mind.

The key was a Master brand key and I thought how appropriate because until she was free this key was her master.  It was also the same size as a Master key I had on my key ring so I thought it might be fun to switch them.  That way she will complete her ordeal all the way back to her bag but won’t be able to open it.  Besides if the keys were gone when she got to the slide she might panic and go out to the street and expose herself for help and that would ruin the other fantasies, or should I say ‘plans’ I had thought about for her.
I didn’t have much time so I quickly switched the key, put it back under the slide and ran back to the shop.  No sooner had I made it back and looked through my scope that she was making her way around the path where she could see the playground.  I thought, ‘Whew, just in time’.

Even though it was dark, she was now exposed to the traffic that passed by on the street running along beside the park.  Fortunately for her, she could see the headlights of the oncoming cars far enough away so she could hide before they got there.  Only a few cars passed by at this hour, but each time one did, she would hobble her way over behind a tree and hide out of sight.

I continued watching her make her way along the path.  She was having a good time as the helpless victim playing little struggle games until she would succumb to an orgasm.  Once she even backed up to a tree and pretended to be tied to it and unable to get free.  As a car passed by, she froze but didn’t duck behind it while continuing to play ‘tied helpless’.  After the car was gone she struggled some more and had what looked like a massive orgasm, crossing her knees, shaking and convulsing, and then had a long rest before continuing. 

Finally after ducking behind trees, a lot or short steps and a few more crossed leg orgasms she had made it to the playground.  It was a little ways out in the open to the slide, so she paused for a few moments looking and listening for cars, and when it appeared that she thought the coast was clear, she headed for the slide.

After reaching the slide it was obvious she had not thought out how to retrieve the key out from under the slide.  With her hands cuffed to the belt she couldn’t reach outward.  She squatted down in an attempt to reach it and ended up falling back on her butt.  She then scooted her back up against the slide and tried to reach for it, but she must have failed because she scooted back around and started pulling stuff from under the edge of the slide with her feet.  After tugging under the slide for a minute, she scooted back around and after fumbling a few seconds it appeared like she got the key and started to try to stand up. 

This was another ordeal.  With her hobbled legs and high heels on sandy ground, she couldn’t quite get her feet under her to stand up, so she scooted her back up to, and wiggled herself up on the end of the slide and then working her way up the edge far enough to stand.  It was a good thing too because another car was coming, so she ducked behind the slide and bent her back against the back of the slide until the car passed by oblivious to her predicament.

As she started making her way back towards the gazebo, I thought it’s time to go.  It took her about 45 minutes for her to make it from the gazebo to the slide and though I had plenty of time I wanted to scope out things and decide what I wanted to do when she got back.  I quickly locked up the shop, hopped in my car and headed for the other parking area.  After backing out of my parking area my headlights shown straight into the park from the side street I was on.  She obviously heard my car and had already ducked behind a tree because I couldn’t see her.

As I turned on to the main street and drove up over the hill, I sort of chuckled to myself thinking about knowing she was there but not seeing her, and that she thought she was getting away with this game, but she was soon to find out differently.  I turned left on the street that goes down into the other parking lot and as soon as I got into the S curve I turned off my headlights.  The moon was out bright tonight and I could easily make out the parking area with it’s aid, so I rolled to a stop at the bottom of the hill, quickly shutting off my engine, grabbing a small flashlight and exiting the car so she wouldn’t see my dome light.

The moonlight also lit up the path to the gazebo, so I quickly made my way over to it.  I wasn’t going to use the flashlight until I make my presence known to her.  I stepped up into the gazebo and checked things out.  It was dark under the roof, but the moon reflecting off the surroundings gave me a little light.  It took a few seconds for my eyes to adjust until I could see her bag and make out where the edges of the benches were.  Checking out the bag I found it was just like I thought, all her stuff locked inside.  I thought ‘this is going to be fun.’

Now all I had to do was wait so I sat down on the steps on the back side of the gazebo, sideways with my head turned toward the front, gazing down the path watching for her return.  I didn’t have to wait long before I heard her coming, or is that cuming.  I couldn’t see her yet but I heard short shuffling steps on the gravel path along with a couple of short pauses for some moaning.  Finally she rounded the corner from behind the wooded area and was heading straight for the gazebo.  I think the vibes batteries were running down or she was becoming numb because she made it back a lot quicker than I expected and now she was making a beeline back to her bag.

I ducked down as she got to the gazebo but she stopped and sat down on the front steps to rest for a bit.  With the gag in her mouth she was having a little trouble catching her breath and it took a while for her breathing to return to normal.  Quietly, I made my way around to the side while peeking over the edge watching for her next move.  I squatted down and watched until she struggled herself up and tried to go up the steps.  The shackles hobbled her feet enough that facing the steps, she couldn’t step up, so she sat back down and scooted herself up one step at a time until she was on the platform.

Using the post and the bench by the steps she worked herself back up on her feet then turned and shuffled her way back to her bag.  She sat back down on the bench by her bag and rested again for a while.  Since there was no buzzing sound it was obvious the batteries had completely run down and the fun for her was over, or so she thought.  I guess she was a bit exhausted because she sat for a while, leaning back on the bench resting.  It was beginning to be too long for me as my legs were starting to cramp, squatting down like I was.

Finally she sat back up and scooted backwards against her bag and started fumbling with lock trying to open it.  After she felt the key go in she tried turning it but it didn’t work.  With her hands chained behind her she couldn’t see what she was doing, she could only work it by feel, but it wasn’t working.  She mmphed and moaned as she pull the key in and out of the lock trying to turn and open it.  Now getting frustrated and using short jerking motions, she squealed and cussed in her gag, then went back to trying to open it again.  After another unsuccessful attempt she let go of the lock, stood up and turned around looking at the bag trying to stomp her feet and gag talking cussing at it.

‘Now’s the time,’ I thought and I stood up shining the flashlight on her and said, “Is there a problem here?”  That startled the hell out of her and she screamed in her gag then frantically looked for cover but there was none.  I continued, “I’ve been watching you since you started this little ordeal and I must say it’s been a real turn on.  I happen to be into love bondage myself and I’ve really enjoyed watching you cum.”  I then focused my flashlight onto the bag and said, “let’s see what we got here!”

After laying the flashlight on the bag in a way it wouldn’t roll off, I pretended to try to open the lock fumbling with it for almost a minute as the girl intently watched.  I then pulled the key out, holding it up to the light and said, “Humm, I think I see what the problem is!  Be right back!”  She let out a loud concerned moan as I left her and went to my car.  There, I switched the keys back while hiding my hands behind the car door where she couldn’t see.  I then returned and said, “That should do it!”  After inserting the key and opening the lock, I turned to her and said,  “There was a spot of gum on the key.  I guess it was preventing it from going in the lock all the way.”

She easily bought that explanation and watched as I opened her bag and pulled out her keys.  Sitting back down on the bench she lifted her legs, mmphing and se-sawing them as if to say undo these first.  Fumbling with the keys to find the right one, I complied and unlocked her shackles.  I then moved up to unlock her gag and to my surprise she shook her head no and said, “MMM, mmm!  MMM, mmm!”  Thinking maybe she wanted to remove that herself, I moved down behind her back to undo her wrists and she scooted away shaking her head no again saying, “MMM mmm!”

I then asked, “What?  You don’t want me to let you loose?”

Shaking her head no again she moaned, “MMM, mmm!”

“You want me to leave you here to get loose on your own?”

Again she replied shaking her head no, “MMM, mmm!”

Jokingly I asked, “Oh, I suppose you want me to take you home with me and keep you tied up as my sex slave all weekend?”

My jaw hit the floor when she replied shaking her head yes, “Emm, Humm!”

I said, “You’re kidding me, right?”

She replied again shaking her head no, “MMM, mmm!”

I then asked,  “Why would you do this with a total stranger?  You don’t even know me!  I could do terrible things to you!”

She just shrugged her shoulders and moaned, “Eeeeh!”  I think by the way I was helping her, she determined that I was probably a kind soul and wouldn’t really hurt her or so she hoped.

I stood there speechless for about a minute then stepped over leaning my body against her as she instantly snuggled her head against me.  I gently reached down and stroked her back along with her head and cheek and said, “You know, if you do this, if you commit to letting me basically kidnap you for the weekend, there will be no escape!”  She glanced up at me as I continued stroking her hair and added, “I am really into rope bondage and I will tie you up tight so you can’t hardly move.  None of this sloppy chains and shackle stuff, tight inescapable rope ties and then I will violate you sexually and force you to have orgasm after orgasm!  Looking back down, she snuggle rubbed her head against my side and let out a long pleasurable accepting moan.

I thought for a few seconds and then said, “Ok then, I’ll tell you what!  I’ll grab your bag and take you and it to my car.  You have until then to decide for sure if you want to go through with this.  If you change your mind, I’ll just drive you around to your car and drop you off.  But, if you still want to go through with this, when I fasten the seat belt around you, that’s it!  From that point on, there will be no escape until the weekend is over, understand?”

Looking back up at me she accepted, “Uumm, Humm!”

After picking up her bag, I helped her down the stairs and we made our way over to my car.  I decided to put her in the back seat behind me because the windows are shaded in the back and there was less of a chance anyone would see her.  Opening the rear door I tossed her bag across to the other side of the back seat.  Before helping her into the car, I faced her pulling her in close and kissed her on the forehead.  She offered no resistance as I hugged her and held her to me, to which she replied by rubbing up against me and let out a very pleasurable moan.  I thought to myself, ‘Oh how I love my slaves!’

Then helping her into the back seat I got her situated and pulled the seat belt around her.  I said, “This is it!  The moment of truth!  The point of no return!  Are you sure you want to go through with this?  Once I fasten this you’re mine for the weekend!  There will be no escape!  So what’s it gonna be?”  She looked me straight in the eyes with what seemed to be a smile on her face, then after closing her eyes for a few seconds and without any sound, she nodded her head ‘Yes.’ 



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