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Surprise, Surprise!

by Robert Kingsley

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© Copyright 2003 - Robert Kingsley - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; F/f; M/ff; lingerie; rope; susp; gag; stuck; caught; strapon; tease; bond; mast; climax; cons/reluct; X

A story told by ‘Amy’ to Robert Kingsley

I decided to surprise Ken. It had been a long time since we had seriously played bondage games and our sex life was getting a bit stale. He was away an awful lot of the time and I could not very well wear out a set of dildo’s because of that, could I now?

So this Friday evening he was in for a big surprise!

I had dressed up (or down) for the occasion. Black leather collar with steel rings in front and back, a short chain with two nipple clamps attached to my free-hanging breasts, held up by a tight, black lace corset. Six garters that held up black seamed stockings, my stiletto heels and, of course, no slip to cover my neatly trimmed pussy.

I stood in the middle of the spare bedroom engaged in a delicate balancing act. One foot was resting on a typist’s swivel chair, the other on a small dresser. I tried to move as little as possible in order not to upset the delicate balance. Two stout nylon cords came down from a ringbolt that Ken had fastened to the ceiling long ago.

I had looped one cord around my shoulders and the other one around my waist. Carefully balancing I fastened a spreader bar between my ankles. Next came a vertical bar between the middle of the spreader bar and my leather collar, which locked my body bent forward. A ball gag in my mouth completed the preparations.

I took a deep breath and closed a pair of handcuffs around my wrists behind my back. My heart hammered wildly because I now had passed the point of no return. The key to the handcuffs was far out of reach on the wall behind me.

Then I leant forward against the ropes until they were more or less taut, hesitated for a moment and let the swivel chair roll away. The result was spectacular! The ropes bit my shoulders and waist while I soared in a wide circle through the bedroom.

After a while the pendulum like gyrations finally stopped and there I hung, with my head and shoulders below my waist, legs spread far apart so that I presented my wide-open pussy to all comers.

I had hung quietly for some time and started wondering when Ken would come home, when the telephone buzzed. It buzzed five times and then the answering service kicked in. And to my horror Ken’s voice came from the speaker!

‘Hi honey, got a bit of a problem. We’re stuck here because of fog and it looks like the plane will not leave until tomorrow. If that’s the case I’ll stay in a hotel and catch the first flight home. Love you. Bye!’

I went cold with fear. Here I hung, all tied up and spread open and no one would come until tomorrow! I wrestled frantically with the handcuffs but it was no use. I had put them on tight and there was no way I could free myself. Every move I made was in vain. I was trapped.

I must have hung like this for over three hours or so when I suddenly heard a door open and a female voice calling, “Hallo, anybody home?”

I wrestled with my bonds again and made the loudest moaning noises I could manage around the gag. It must have helped because finally the door to the spare bedroom opened and Liz came in.

Liz is our next-door neighbour. She’s in her late forties, good looking, slim and tall and unmarried. She froze and clapped her hands over her mouth when she saw me suspended from the ceiling. Then she ran over and ripped the gag out of my mouth.

“What happened Amy, who did this?” she said breathlessly.

I had never felt so embarrassed in my life. I turned beet-red and answered: “I did it myself. I wanted to surprise Ken. But he seems to be stuck on an airport somewhere and can’t come home tonight. Thank God you came along!”

Liz looked me over and said: “Yeah, I saw the lights on but no car or movement, so I decided to check if everything was all right”.

I nodded and said, “The key to the cuffs is right there on the wall”.

Liz looked around and saw the key. Then she turned back to me. Slowly the expression on her face changed into something I had not seen before. A slow smile spread as she looked at me and said: “But I think you’re all ready and willing dear”, while she slid her hand slowly over my buttocks down to my dripping pussy and her finger briefly entered my wet snatch.

“Don’t!” I yelled

“Why not? Let’s have a little fun now that you’re in the mood…”


“Yes!” said Liz, and she pushed the gag back into my mouth. “Be right back, sweetie!” she said as she went out of the door and left me hanging helplessly.

I now was thoroughly frightened and fought my bonds in earnest but only hurt myself. “Oh God, what have I done…” was my thought as I hung there, fair game for Liz when she came back. “God knows what she’ll do…”

But to my horror I also found that my fear excited me. My pussy was hot and wet and it itched. I had to endure it because the bloody spreader bar would not let me close my legs.

Soon Liz came in again, now wearing a raincoat. She walked up and turned her back to me. Then she smiled over her shoulder and said, “Surprise!” while she slowly took off the coat and turned around.

I gasped. She was clad in the classic dominatrix outfit. Leather collar, a ‘open’ bra that really just was a couple of leather loops pushing up her ample breasts, a wide black garter belt, seamed black stockings framing a neatly shaved pink looking pussy and, of course, the knee high black leather boots with very high stiletto heels.

Slowly she walked around me, caressing me while she swung a large strap-on dildo from her left hand. Then she bent over me and nibbled at an earlobe while she murmured “I like it when you’re so cute and helpless as.”

She gently lifted one of my breasts and fondled the nipple clamp. I tried to cry out but could only moan as she went on and her hands were all over me, my tits, my pussy, my clit...

Then she gently rocked my suspended body from side to side and she cooed in my ear, “Don’t resist baby, you know you love it”, while she brushed my face with her tits and her finger circled my clit.

I tried to stop the movement but it was impossible. And I felt an orgasm building up, slowly but surely. I wanted to cry and fight. I am no lesbian and I do not want my clit to be touched by another woman! But my body was disobeying and my pussy was now so wet it almost hurt.

“Shall I make you come now, baby?” Her voice was soft and sure, just like her hands and her fingers probing my cunt and tickling my clit. And all at once I could not resist the caressing, circling fingers any longer and my hips bucked and I shook in my bonds as I had a massive orgasm.

Liz cooed, “That’s good, baby, just come and come!”

And I came and came! Wave after wave of pure white fire slammed through me, while my breasts jumped and quivered as I kicked the spreader bar and wrestled with the cuffs.

When I finally recovered from the spasms I heard Liz’ voice murmuring, “Oh you’re really ready for me and now I’ll have mine; you owe me…” as she strapped on the big dildo.

“What does she owe you?” said a loud male voice.


Liz froze in the act of strapping on the dildo and Ken reacted fast. In one leap he was at her and grabbed her wrists. He dragged her back to the dresser and fished out an extra pair of handcuffs. They snapped shut with a loud noise of steel on steel.

Liz protested, “Hey, what the fuck do you think you’re doing? You can’t…” Then her voice became a mass of mumbles and yelps as Ken fitted an ‘O’ gag in her mouth. He tied her ankles and left her fuming on the floor.

“Now what about you?” he said as he took the gag out of my mouth.

I coloured again as I explained the whole silly situation to him.

He grinned widely and said, “Stupid. I like the surprise but you should have checked my ETA” (After all these years he still uses his Air Force service slang).
I nodded dejectedly.

First he unhooked the bar between my collar and the spreader bar. Then he caught me neatly in his arms as he took off the nylon cord loops and carried me to the bed. There I lay, still cuffed and spread, waiting for him to free me.

But instead of this he said, “To teach you not forget things again we’ll have a bit of fun!”

He went and fished a penis gag from the dresser. I did not understand what he wanted until he pushed it in my mouth and fastened it behind my head.

“Mmmm!!!” I protested but he just smiled, picked up Liz and dumped her on top of me.

Before either of us could react, he pushed her head down on the penis gag and quickly locked our two collars together.

Liz bristled and gargled but she simply could not move her head back far enough to escape my penis gag that was now firmly anchored through the ‘O’ gag in her mouth. Ken then locked her ankles to the spare eyes on the spreader bar and there we were, sandwiched together!

His next move proved he is an evil genius! He came back with a double-headed dildo, the one with both ends at a 45º angle. He pushed the dildo up our cunts and hooked it up to our handcuffs with a piece of rope.

“So, ladies, this is a game for both of you. There’s no way you can escape each other. And the dildo in your snatches will amplify every move you make. But you can do something about it. I am putting the key to Amy’s cuffs right here on the floor. Let’s see how soon you can get off the bed and reach it!”

He walked away and said before he closed the door, “It‘ll probably take you some time, so I am going to take a shower and then a drink”.

There we were, locked on top of each other. Liz started to move furiously but the only result was that the penis gag was moved up and down in her throat and the jerking on the cuffs moved the dildos in our cunts. Soon we could not resist any longer and started crushing our pussies until we came in a shuddering simultaneous orgasm.

It took some time before we found out how to coordinate our movements. With a lot of effort we finally managed to roll our bodies off the bed. We crashed onto the ground and this time I was on top.

Our bodies were covered in sweat. Our breasts and bellies slithered over each other and soon we both arched our backs to press our clits together and again we came, this time seeking the orgasm and no longer pretending we did not want it.

When we finally reached the key by rolling over and over, we must have had at least six orgasms and I was exhausted. With trembling fingers I unlocked my cuffs and took off my gag. Then I released myself from the spreader bar.

Liz gargled something through the ‘O’ gag but I realized that she had not released me when I hung trapped from the ceiling, so I pushed the penis gag into her mouth again, strapped it behind her head and left her there on the floor, squirming and sputtering.

I quickly ran to the living room and there Ken sat, watching TV (football, of course). He grinned widely as he tossed back the remains of his Jack Daniels.

I yelled at him and wanted to hit him in the face but he easily subdued me and forced me onto the couch. Then I started weeping. He put his arm around me and said, “Don’t worry kiddo, it’s all a game and you made it!” Then he kissed me.

“How did you get home, I mean, you said you’d stay because of fog?”

“Pilot wanted to get home too, I guess. We must have been the last plane out. After us they closed everything down”.

He hugged me and said, “I think I came just in time”.

I shivered and just said “Yes”.

“She wanted to do something nasty when I came in.”

I remembered the look on her face and nodded.

Then he stood up and said, “It’s your turn now!”

We suddenly heard a sound as if somebody was furiously butting the door with her head.

For the first time I smiled and said, “It sounds like she’s about ready for it”

He handed me the strap-on dildo and said, “Let’s see how you teach her a lesson!”


© Robert Kingsley 2003 – All Rights Reserved


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