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Surprise Me

by Cindy

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© Copyright 2003 - Cindy - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; cd; outdoors; F/m; bond; toys; cons; X

On Fridays, Lisa was scheduled on a swing shift, starting and ending a couple hours later than the regular day shift I was on.  I would be home at least a couple of hours before her.  She suggested I should be prepared for some fooling around after she got home.  When I asked what preparation she might like she replied, "Surprise me."  She would have little to do for the end of her workday and I knew she would likely spend it fantasizing about a hot evening or more.  Both of us enjoyed bondage and self-bondage but readily switched sub and dom with each other.  Her reply was effectively inviting me to be in self-bondage when she got home, as well as cross-dressed.  By the time I got through the day I had pretty well thought out what I would set up. 

Once I was home, I fixed a light dinner for myself, showered, then applied moisturizing lotion all over.  This was partly to be a bug repellent as well as feeling and smelling good.  I pulled on dark thigh high nylons, enjoying the silky feel against my legs.  I put on a black garter belt and attached the stockings.  I sat down to pull on a pair of high-heeled boots.  They would be difficult to handle if left till after the next couple of steps. 

Next was a vibrating butt plug; in the shape of a penis, six and a half inches long.  This was far from being my favorite toy, but Lisa liked the way it kept me on edge, especially when I walked in high heels.  I rolled a condom over it and lubed it thoroughly.  I took a few minutes slowly pushing it all the way in until the base was tight against my rectum.  Once it was in, I had to pause to catch my breath.  No matter how many times I used it, I felt invaded and stretched wide by it.  Despite the lubrication, its length and shape from a narrow join to the base up to a very thick head kept it in unless it was pulled out.  I knew I would very likely have to endure it for most of the evening.  A cock strap with an attached vibrator was next.  I strapped it behind my balls holding my cock and balls out with the vibrator snuggled underneath.  I taped each control to a front strap of the garter belt.

Once the cock strap was on, I could finish getting dressed.  I put on a pair of black thong panties, situating them as best I could in front.  I strapped on my black bra with nipple cutouts next.  I filled it out with breast forms so the hard nipples on them poked out prominently.  The last item of clothing was a black lace dress with a hem that barely reached the tops of my stockings.  With long sleeves and a high collar it covered me completely above my legs but being all lace it wouldn't hide anything.  Finally I put on a long black wig.  Standing before the mirror to brush it, I could see that every stitch of clothing I was wearing was fully visible.

By the time I finished dressing it had become dark enough to set up my bondage.  I placed a pair of foam earplugs in my ears.  With just those in I could only hear the loudest noise, but I added another set of wax plugs to cover them.  With both sets in place I wouldn't hear anything.  I pulled a long black coat over my shoulders.  It was warm enough to be out without a coat, but I wanted it for cover to help stay hidden in the darkness.  I picked up a blindfold and some lengths of rope and went out on the front deck, pulling the front door locked behind me.  Now I was fully committed. 

I checked to make sure it was as dark as I wanted and I would be hidden.  The softball field a block away was not lit up.  The house jutted out enough to hide me from the neighbors on the right and the neighbors on the left were probably already prepared for bed.  In front my only real concern was for cars coming down the street that ended just in front of the neighbors.  Headlights from cars turning there would shine over to where I was.  Anyone who happened to be looking my way as the headlights passed over me would be able to see me, especially with high beams on.  I paused a few minutes to enjoy a last smoke.  Since Lisa didn't care for me smoking, I had no idea when I might get another chance. 

I placed a heavy lawn chair with its back out to the street.  I wrapped one length of rope around the back and arms of the chair and set up slipknots close against the back and under the arms.  I tied one length of rope around my left ankle, then tied it again under my instep.  I repeated the same ties on my right, then with my legs spread, wrapped the ropes around the chair legs and up over the seat to tie them together.  I fixed my blindfold in place; it blocked out all light and was snug enough that I wouldn't be able to get it off without my hands.  I bent over and felt for the slipknots under the chair arms.  I put my hands through the loops and pulled them up tight on my wrists. 

I tested the bonds at my legs and wrists and I had almost no freedom of movement.  My only way to get loose was for someone else to loosen my wrists.  I was completely helpless to do anything now but wait.  I knew from experience that being unable to see or hear, I would have no sense of time and minutes could seem like hours.  The main sensation left to me was what I could feel.  Just my underwear gave me a feeling of being strapped in and my ties added to that feeling.  I was constantly aware of the butt plug deep inside me.  Any slight movement on my part seemed to make it move around inside me.  Sometimes it seemed to have a life of its own moving around just with my breathing. 

I tried to calm myself and settle down to wait but I was already extremely horny.  I could feel that my panties were very wet.  My fantasies were taking over all my thinking.  I wanted so much for Lisa to come home and untie me so I could lick her to a mind-blowing orgasm, then let me bury my dick in her pussy.  I fantasized having her sit on my face so I could suck on her clit.  That would drive her crazy.  It was impossible to think of anything but sex.  It seemed I had been fantasizing for hours when I realized I felt a tremor.  Someone was coming up the stairs.  The motion detector lights would be on.  They wouldn't shine on the spot I was in but away and I hoped that my coat kept me hidden behind their glare.  Lisa had to see me and I expected her to do something, even if nothing more than a pat as she went by.  But there was nothing!  I could only hope it was she and perhaps she had her arms full and would be back after she put her things down.  There was nothing I could do whether it was she or not.  I could only wait impatiently, knowing I was helpless and had put myself in a very vulnerable position. 

Only a short time passed before I felt a touch at my shoulder, then my coat was lifted off.  A light breeze whispered under my skirt.  I was relieved knowing it had to be Lisa, but I could only hope she had waited till the motion detector lights had gone off.  I felt a hand at my leg, brushing the silky stocking at my inner thigh.  Then it moved up against the bare skin above my stocking.  Then two hands were under my skirt finding my bare cheeks.  She was exploring to find out what I was wearing.  One hand pushed against the cock in my ass, then brushed between my legs to find the strap holding my cock and balls out.  She easily determined that I was erect and my panties were very wet.  Her hands soon went around my legs and found the controls for the vibrators.  I felt her stand between my legs pressing against me then leaning over me while both hands explored my body from the waist up.  Even though there was no feeling other than the pressure, it was erotically pleasant to have a body pressing from behind while reaching around to handle my breasts. 

After she had explored just about every inch, she settled back with her hands at my legs.  She knew my sensitive spots and the things that turned me on.  Her hands brushed up and down my legs, feeling wonderful both against the silky nylons and the bare skin.  She was deliberately building up my excitement.  I desperately wanted to get into her panties, but I was helpless to do anything but wait for her to let me loose.  When her hand brushed against the silky strip of panty between my legs, it was like an electric shock.  She reached between my legs to cup my balls in her hand while her fingers played against my shaft.  With my legs spread and tied to the chair legs I couldn't press down against her hand nor close my legs to hold her hand against me.  I was able to rock my hips a little trying to get some friction against her hand.  As I rocked, the cock in my ass moved back and forth inside me but I was desperate to feel her hand moving against my shaft.  Just as I felt I was getting a good rhythm going she removed her hand, leaving me feeling high and dry. 

She moved her hands around to the front of my legs.  I felt her handling the vibrator controls.  Then they were both turned on.  A whole new set of sensations flooded through me.  While one churned away inside me the other vibrated at my groin.  The two together seemed to shake up everything inside me from my crotch up to my chest.  I soon realized Lisa must have left me alone and gone in, leaving me to suffer the torment from the vibrators.  I wondered if she had gone in to fix and eat supper or might sit and relax in front of the TV for a while.  Whatever she was doing, I had no choice but to wait for her to return. 

Eventually I felt her hands on my legs again.  She repeated the whole routine again, but with the vibrators going.  I was ready to scream for sex.  I was just aching with arousal.  She stopped for a minute or so.  Then I felt her push my skirt up around my waist.  I was more startled than hurt by a sharp smack from a stick across my cheeks and I let out a yip.  As further smacks followed I clamped my mouth shut to keep from making noise the neighbors might hear.  When she stopped I was sure my buns were glowing. 

I was relieved when she turned off the vibrators but then she pushed my dress up all the way to my arms.  I was left alone again, but now without even a dress to cover me.  I was stuck there in little more than bra and panties, with pretty nipples poking out.  I felt more exposed than if I had been left naked.  I welcomed the feel of a little breeze over my body as the torment had me feeling flushed, and my buns felt hot. 

After what seemed a very long wait, I felt Lisa behind me.  She pressed against me and I could feel her pubic hair against my cheeks.  She was naked!  I hoped that meant she was finished teasing me and was ready for sex.  As she leaned over me, I felt her breasts against my back.  I thought how I would really like to suck on them.  She reached down around me and turned the vibrators on again.  She continued to press against me, even introducing a humping motion, while her hands roamed freely.  I was fully aroused.  I didn't care what she wanted; I was ready for anything.  She pulled away and I felt her loosening my wrist ties.  When my right wrist was free, I was able to undo the left myself.  I pulled my dress down.  It didn't really cover anything but I felt better for it.  I turned off the vibrators and reached up to undo my blindfold, but Lisa pushed my hands down.  I reached to my ankle ties and she didn't do anything to stop that.  As I freed my legs and straightened up, she took my hand and started to lead me inside.  She led me to the bedroom and pushed down on my shoulders.  I knew the drill and knelt at the foot of the bed. 

I felt her legs in front of me, then reached up to her pussy.  I used the fingers of both hands to spread her pussy lips, leaned forward and began licking the insides of her lips.  I tried to stay slow and easy, licking gently and thrusting my tongue in as far as I could.  I moved my left hand up to uncover her clit, and began licking there while I pressed one finger inside her.  As I felt her getting more aroused I used two fingers, pumping them in and out.  I changed my licking, sometimes licking around her clit, sometimes back and forth across it, probing for her G spot, trying to gauge what was turning her on the most.  Shortly I felt her shudder through an orgasm.  I pulled back but when I tried to get up off my knees she put her legs over my shoulders to hold me. 

I remained kneeling until she got up and tugged my arm to stand.  She stepped behind me and tied a rope around my wrist behind my back, then the other wrist, then around my waist tying it off in front.  She pushed me back on the bed, then tied my ankles together.  I could only wonder what she was up to, but I felt anything could be enjoyable.  When I felt her getting into bed and pulling up the covers, I realized the worst.  She was going to sleep, leaving me tied up helpless, horny, still in my dress and boots, strapped in, and with a monster cock probing inside me.  I tried to roll over toward her but she had my waist and ankle ties secured to the side of the bed.  She was satisfied and could sleep without me bothering her.  I was stuck for the rest of the night and couldn't do anything but wait for morning and ponder what I had done to myself.  It was a long, interminably slow night.  I know I slept at least a little with strange dreams running together into fantasies, but for the most part felt I had to wait forever for morning. 

Finally I felt Lisa stir and then get up.  She returned shortly and I felt her getting on the bed.  She straddled my face and lowered herself so I could suck on her clit.  I alternated sucking and licking hoping I could get her aroused enough to give me some satisfaction.  After a few minutes, I felt her push down my panties, then lean over and wrap her lips around my cock.  I loved it. I was in heaven.  It was well worth waiting for if she would just keep it up.  But she got up off me and off the bed, then got up to straddle my cock letting it slowly enter her pussy.  She felt so warm and tight.  Once it was all the way in she started a slow steady rhythm up and down.  I only lasted few strokes before I let go and flooded her pussy.  She continued a bit more to reach her own orgasm, then collapsed over me and rested a few minutes before untying my bonds.  Once I was free I felt too weak to move much but I began planning how I was going to get even.


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