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Sunday Surprise

by Kold Kurtis

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© Copyright 2008 - Kold Kurtis - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; caught; M/f; bond; anal; toys; cons; X

She wasn't happy when I told her that I'd be going tomorrow for a three day convention, she already had made plans for us two that weekend. I patted her head and apologized, but she wouldn't hear it. Although she knows my job takes me all over the country, she rather had me stay home with her and to be honest, so would I. I don't like putting work before my personal life, but I know deep down she understands.

Well I'm almost back home now, I can see then town’s lights going up as the sun is already setting over the distant mountain-range. Soon I'll be back at our place and I know she will be waiting for me with open arms, crying again for leaving her alone for three days, always the same thing hehe. It's already dark when I arrive at our house and head for the front door, eager to feel her in my arms again. I press the key in the lock and turn it, the door swinging open. Setting my suitcase on the floor on the hall I close my eyes and holding out my arms I wait for her to leap into them…

Nothing... strange, maybe she went out with her friends? No, no message on my cell phone, she always would leave a message if something came up. Maybe I worry too much about her, she’s smart enough to stay out of trouble. Ah well, it's getting late and I'm tired, time for bed. As I approached the bedroom, an odd sound suddenly gets my attention. It sounds like something whirring or buzzing and... breathing? Stepping silently closer it does become louder, I was right about the whirring, but the breathing sounds muffled, strained and irregular. As curiosity got the better of me, I poke my head round the corner to see what all the noise was about... my jaw dropped to the floor at what I saw.

She was face-down, on her knees with her legs far apart and her ass high in the air, her arms were beside her body and seemingly holding the inside of her knees. I couldn't see her face as she had it buried deep in a pillow, but my biggest surprises were yet to come. As for one I saw where that buzzing came from, she had one of her vibrating toys wedged deep in her pussy. Sneaking closer I noticed that she wasn't actually holding on to her legs, but that were wide straps encircling her wrists and around her knees, locking them together. There was also a bar between her knees and as I looked closer I saw its purpose, the ends were tied to the straps at her knees, keeping her from drawing her legs closed.

By the looks of things she'd been like this for a while now, judging by the amount of juice that had run down her legs and the sweat that had formed all over her. As I moved to the side of the bed, she was still breathing heavily into the pillow. My hand only inches from her to check if she was doing ok, she suddenly screamed hard into the pillow and arched her back as far as she could in her position, smiling I sit to watch her having her orgasm.

After she had come down from her climax, she was still breathing deep as I could see from the movement from her chest; all the while that vibrator was busy wriggling in her flesh, not giving her a moment's rest. She tried vainly to shift her position a bit; undoubtedly she must've been getting sore from being like that for who knows how long. All she seemed she could do as turn her head, which she did and at that point she saw me grinning widely at her.

Her eyes went wide as she was noticeably shocked by my presence, as I was also shocked to see a gag inserted in her mouth.

"Hey hun, I'm home."

As I stroked her flushed cheek, immediately tears started forming in her eyes as she tried to speak from behind her gag.

"Now now, seems you've gotten yourself in quite a bind here sweetie.", wiping the tears from her face.

She began mumbling something and her eyes were hinting to me that there was something on the floor beside the bed, I checked around and found two items: the remote for her vibrator and the control for the straps that were holding her in place.

"You were looking for these? Gotten a bit out of hand and you knocked them off the bed huh?"

She nodded as I waved the devices in front of her. Setting the control on the side-table, I turn the dial on the remote down a bit.

"That's better, yes?"

She nodded again as she groaned into her gag.

"But having fun by yourself while I was thinking how lonely you must've been over the weekend. I come home earlier especially for you and I find you like this!"

She cringed at that last sentence.

"Hmm, you have been a naughty lil girl, seeing you all trussed up like this has gotten me exited as well."

Running a finger over her spine I walked behind her and out of her view.

"As you already plugged up two of your holes, looks like I'm going to have to take my fun in your third hole."

Stopping my finger over her asshole and pressed against it, causing her to writhe. In a quick motion I took the still buzzing vibrator out of her self-abused slit, she moaned terribly hard, maybe even cursing at me. I rubbed it between her cheeks and then slowly pushed the tip into her ass.

"Here's a little preview of what you are going to get, plus that you will be nice and wet there for when I start to put the real thing inside here."

I think she yelled very hard at this point, but the gag was effective at keeping her volume down. The bulge in my pants was straining against it, so I took them off and the rest of my clothing as well. I was already very hard from seeing her in her self-imposed torture.

Kneeling on the bed behind her I readied my cock and slid in fully into her cunt.

"Ah, how I missed your warm and wet cunny."

Stroking in and out a few times to get my rod lubricated, she already seemed to be on her way to another orgasm.

"Now now, not thinking of cumming without me again, are you?"

At that I slipped myself out her wet slit and pulled the vibe from her ass, almost with a plop. She groaned again and started wiggling her butt at me.

"Oh, still wanting more huh? You are the dirty lil slut. But then again I never could say no to such a tempting sight."

Repositioning myself, I slide the vibe back into her slit, set to low and begin to push my cock into her asshole. Both of us moan as I breach past her ring and insert the whole length of my shaft.

"Aw damn, this ass sure feels tight round my cock, sure was nice of you to let me fuck you here, but then you really aren’t in a position to protest. This position only gives you the privilege to get fucked hehe."

She tried to look mad at me, but her own body was running away with her again to another orgasm. Setting a steady and even pace I start thrusting away at her ass, bending forward I reach down and fondle her tits a bit. I was getting really close and she seemed to be getting close also, hearing the increasing grunting coming from behind the gag. I grabbed her hips and after a couple quick strokes I slammed my cock deep into her as I came hard, releasing my warm load deeply into her. She bent her back bent as far as she could in her bonds, grunting and groaning as she buried her head in the pillow again…

As we both came down from our highs, I reached down and turned off the vibe, then slowly slipped it out of her spent slit. I also guided my cock from her ass and exited with a small plop.

"Here hun, let me get you more comfortable for the night."

Working the control-unit the locks were released although the individual straps around her wrists and knees were still secure. Removing the spreader bar from the bed I gently lowered her onto the mattress and turned her over onto her back, her arms crossed in front of her. Her eyes were closed and she was breathing heavily, but looked fine despite what she'd to endure. Unbuckling the strap of the gag, I gently pulled it from her mouth and kissed her on the cheek.

"There you go sweetie, you must be really tired from all that."


I chuckled at her impaired speech, unable to work her jaw from being pried open that long.

"Noth 'unny! Ith urtsh!" She glared at me.

"Woops, sorry hun here let me." I gently massaged and nudged her jaw muscles until she could close her mouth. "Now don’t talk till the morning, got it?"

She nodded.

"Oh, almost forgot about those sleeping arrangements."

Pressing a couple of the buttons on the control-unit, the straps by her knees and the ones around her wrists locked together, effectively holding her legs closed, although she could've still walked in small steps if she had the energy for it, and handcuffing her. I rolled her onto her side and spooned behind her, nuzzling her neck as I placed my arm around her.

"Get some sleep, me and you got a whole day ahead of us to play some more."

She turned her head round and looked at me puzzled.

"That's right, tomorrow is Monday, but I'm gonna call us both in sick, think I caught some bug from that convention."

I grinned at her and faked a cough; she just rolled her eyes and sighed.

"Oh, and guess who's in charge of the fun all day tomorrow? Here's a hint: it's not the one who's bound at the moment."

Her eyes widened a bit on that.

"And seeing how much you love being bound, I'm gonna give you a full day of it. Sleep well hun."

I sensed she was looking at me again, but I already closed my eyes to get to sleep.


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