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Summer Vacation

by Zeferage

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Summer Vacation by Zeferage 
Parts 2 & 3 added and Part 1 updated.
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Part One

Kim stood up, drenched with sweat, stretching her tired and aching muscles as she looked around her garden. Weeds had been springing up like crazy over the past couple of weeks, thanks to all the rain. Up until now there had been little that could be done, Kim had been working overtime so she could have the next couple of weeks off, worry free, with her husband.

John, her husband, was supposed to have time off as well. No sooner did he get back from his last 'short' journey, than his company called him right back for some type of emergency, and now he's off again for at least two weeks. Today would have been the first nice sunny day the two of them could have been together in months.

'Yes, the first sunny day,' thought Kim. 'A nice day, a day without rain, a warm day, actually a hot day, actually a hot, humid, sticky, bug filled god awful day to be here...aaaaarrrr'  she groaned through clenched teeth. 'No John, no sex, no bondage..' this time letting out a loud, angry groan that carried both into her loins and up to the house where her step-daughter and friend were relaxing by the pool.

"Are you OK, Kim?" Lisa called, leaning over the deck railing.

"I'm fine sweetie," Kim called to her step-daughter, as she shuddered from the sudden rush of excitement. "The garden's just very aggravating at the moment, that's all."

" Mrs. H. why don't you come up and relax for the evening, its almost dinner time," Wanda called.

"Yeah Kim, you've been working in the garden most the day. You need to relax a little."

'You know Kim, you need to relax a bit, this is why you are on vacation, and you know what they say about all work and no play. Besides, Lisa is back  from college for summer vacation, this might be some good bonding time.' Kim smiled at her little joke, she loved bondage, "Alright, I'll be there in a few minutes. I just need to change first."  A tingling sensation had started earlier today in her groin area, just after lunch, which had made working much more pleasurable. Every now and then, Kim would reach between her legs to try to take the edge off, but this only made it worse. Now, while walking to the house, the sensation changed to a powerful, lustful feeling which pulsated outwards from her loins, making the walk challenging. With every step, the need to give herself an orgasm increased, the perspiration now forming on her body was due not from the heat but by the sexual energy now building within her. By shear determination did Kim manage not to throw herself to the ground but kept walking

Kim walked up to her bedroom to change into her bathing suit. Trying to put aside her lustful feelings, she thought of the past several years, with John divorcing his first wife, in a very bitter and nasty divorce. Lisa took the divorce hard, as most kids do, but tended to side with her father over most matters. When Kim and John married last year, Lisa was thrilled for her father and not only showed no animosity toward Kim, but befriended Kim in a gracious, loving manner, much to Kim's relieve.

While stripping her clothes, Kim decided on a conservative one-piece bathing suit, not that her body did any injustice to a bikini. Quit the contrary, for being 34 she had a great physical appearance, standing at five foot five, and a lean 125 pounds, with her breasts at a nice perky C size. Just that with Wanda being here, Lisa's best friend, Kim did not wish to seem like she was flaunting her already excited body. Especially since lunch,  just thinking about sex and bondage started making her horny, and seeing Wanda with her skimpy bikini on, Lisa too for that matter, brought on sexual feelings she had not felt in many years. She was not surprised, as she slipped off her bra, to find her nipples rock solid, but was surprised about how sensitive they were as she touched them, bringing a new rush of excitement and a soft moan. Trying not to think about it, she slid her panties off, noticing how damp they where, and the sweet aroma which now filled the room made her a tad lightheaded. 

'What has come over you, Kim? Any little movement or thought about sex is making you very horny,' Kim thought to herself. But instead of answering, she stared at herself in a full length mirror, watching her breasts move up and down with her respirations as if under some hypnotically enhanced spell. Her hands came up from her sides, encircling her breasts and lightly pinched her nipples, sending shivers of excitement through her body! A noise outside briefly interrupted her thoughts. Shaking her head, Kim reached for her swim suit, but it slipped out of her fingers and fell to the floor besides her gym bag.

This particular bag did not contain her gym gear, but much of their bondage gear. Instead of the swimsuit, her hand, as if it had a mind of its own, grabbed the gym bag and dumped the contents onto her bed. Looking down upon the assortment of ropes, handcuffs, gags, blindfolds, and other items, a feeling of erotic bliss swept over her. Kim loved bondage, so did her husband and they played every time they where together. But the demands placed on her and her husband by their jobs over the last several months caused a serious lack of good quality play time, and now lust, which she had denied herself, began to consume her.

Kim's no stranger to self-bondage, she loved that helpless feeling. Thinking back to a time before meeting John, Kim would tie herself many different ways and in many different situations, trying to reach new levels of a sensual high. Incorporating a risk of discovery was one such way which Kim produced thrilling self bondage adventures.  At first this was accomplished just by walking or standing in front of an open window, though the lights where off so the possibility of someone seeing her was quite low. Over time the risks partaken grew in both  audacity and complexity, she knew she was good at it, but as with anything, once overconfidence sets in, mistakes will happen. One such mistake, or her unconscious mind wanting to, led her to being discovered by John, who at the time was just a great next door neighbor, and good looking!

John, though not well experienced, loved bondage as well and caught on very quickly, and very well, to being a dominant lover. His ability to bring her to new levels of previously unachievable highs were unbelievable and the fulfillment she felt afterwards was by far superior to anything she could of done to herself. Kim's and John's favorite was when John brought her to the brink of an orgasm and held her there as she squirmed from within the confines of her captivity, pleading with her innocent, but wanting, puppy dog eyes overtop of her gag to him . . were truly the most amazing, blissful moments of her life. 

But now, after months of sexual deprivation, and a day of hard work, Kim felt her old desire of self bondage coming back rather forcefully. With her hand unconsciously playing between her legs, the other pinching her one nipple, 'Why not?' Kim thought to herself, 'I deserve a few minutes of satisfaction!' She was able to hear the girls talking on the patio, so she knew where they were. 

Knowing this could not be long and must be kept simple, she picked up a large foam type ball gag and inserted the ball deep into the confines of her mouth and buckled the strap behind her head. Glancing at a full length mirror and seeing her nude, tanned, gagged, sweat-glistened body starring back,  her swelling passionate desire started consuming her. With hormones raging, Kim quickly reached for a set of ankle cuffs, with a 12 inch connecting chain, and locked them into place. Next came some rope, encircling her chest just below her breasts and tying the ends between her breasts, which left about three feet of rope at each end. Taking one end and wrapping the rope around her right breast at its base, then the other end to her left breast, tightening just a bit to give a squeezing sensation, then tied the ends in the middle again. Finally, placing and locking a belt around her waist, one with a D-ring in the back and a set of handcuffs padlocked to it. Without waiting a single second she reached behind her, placed her wrists into the handcuffs and locked them into place. 

Now bound hand and foot, by her own hand, she began to test the limits of her immobility. Shifting her arms right then left, up and down, knowing she was trapped, sent her sexual urge into overdrive. The gag, preventing her from anything but incoherent sounds, coupled with the light pressure upon her breasts intensified the feeling of helplessness and desire. Her feet achieving the small shuffling steps allowed by the chain gave her that small amount of rubbing between her legs which fuelled her fire but could not take her over the top. With the handcuffs locked to the D-ring, she could not reach her aching pussy to relieve herself of that burning desire. Kim was in bondage heaven.

A heaven that by now was so hormonally filled nothing short of an earthquake could break through. The pent-up frustrations of the past months completely forgotten. The void being filled by the rapidly approaching, but not yet achievable, orgasm. But the real dilemma was how long could she keep herself like this before one of the kids came to look for her, brought her to the edge of the abyss

Slowly circling her room in a fog of sexual arousal, time seemed to slow down. Feeling the foam ball as it filled the crevices of her mouth, with her breathable air rushing through her flaring nostrils, every breath she took reverberated through her chest and stomach into her loins. The feeling upon her chest as it rose, tightening her breast bondage, her nipples rigid, throbbing from want of attention. Kim felt and heard every link in the handcuff's chain as it moved when she shifted her arms, every step producing its own distinctive joys. The combined sensations were music to her ears.  Kim could no longer fight, she needed to surrender to her desires.

Fighting through tears of frustration and joy, Kim shuffled her way to the bed. Bending at the knees, she reached for a 8 inch dildo shaped vibrator. Carefully lifting the vibrator with her fingers until she could grasp the handle and turned it on high. Throwing herself onto the bed, landing on her stomach, parted her knees as wide as possible, started massaging her clitoris. With her hands cuffed and attached to the belt, Kim could only apply the tip of the vibrator and could not supply the force she wanted but this only heightened and prolonged the inevitable. 

No longer able to control herself, Kim began her dance of sexual ecstasy, reaching  the limit of her bonds she rubbed the vibrator as hard and as fast as possible over her drenched pussy, rolling from side to side, flexing then straightening her knees, trying to rub her loins into the bed. The struggling was reaching its zenith as stars and flashes of light appeared from behind her closed eyelids.  The gag held back much of the noise, but the moaning and grunting were still very audible throughout the room, which Kim heard but could care less about, her only thought was on her approaching orgasm. 

Part Two
(starts with a little history from the night before and earlier today)

After last night Lisa feared that her relationship with Wanda would be discovered by Kim. Either the sounds she produced last night would bring Kim to investigate, or the hazy emotional state her hormones left her in for want of an orgasm this morning. (Wanda had tied Lisa spread-eagled to their bed, after Kim went to bed last night, and played with her body for many hours, but refused to let Lisa have an orgasm, even after Wanda had her third. To make sure Lisa did not give herself an orgasm, Wanda left her tied all night. In fact, Wanda left her tied until shortly before coming up for breakfast. Just in time for a quick, cold shower.)

Either way, Lisa was in a near panic all morning, that by lunch time caused her to be tense and irritable. After lunch, Lisa and Wanda ventured onto the patio for some tanning and relaxation. Wanda, showing her dominant side for the moment, insistent on applying suntan lotion to Lisa's body. From back to front, head to toe, Wanda's fingers worked their magic over Lisa's body. The tension melted away as Lisa became greatly relaxed, and coupled with the harmonic music playing on the radio, let out a soft moan, as her arousal ascended again. Suddenly Wanda stopped, stood up and walked to her lounge chair, to bask in the sunlight as Lisa silently stirred in her sexually deprived state. 

After a short time had past, an angry moan arose from the garden. After a few moments of filtering through Lisa's occupied mind, she realized something might be wrong. Quickly standing, and holding onto the rail of the patio as a rush of dizziness swept over her, Lisa called "Are you OK, Kim!" now leaning over the deck railing as the dizziness subsided.

"I'm fine sweetie," Kim called to her step-daughter, "The garden's just very aggravating at the moment. That's all."

" Mrs. H. why don't you come up and relax for the evening, its almost dinner time," Wanda called, as she joined Kim at the railing.

"Yeah Kim, you've been working in the garden most the day. You need to relax a little."

After a minute or so, Kim called up, "Alright, I'll be there in a few minutes. I just need to change first." 

Lisa and Wanda watched Kim stagger up to the house. Lisa looked on with a worrisome expression, but Wanda showed a slight evil smile, if you looked closely.

"I'm a bit worried about Kim. Maybe its the long hours worked or maybe this heat, but there is something not quite right," Lisa said, watching Kim enter the house. "Maybe I should go up and see if every thing is alright."

Wanda, who had been gently rubbing Lisa's back, knew with a little luck and skill, the three of them would be having an interesting, no, fantastic two weeks together. With opportunity knocking she knew she had to act quickly. As Kim entered the house, Wanda reached around and started to lightly pinch Lisa's  nipples through her bikini top, "NO," she said with a little too much enthusiasm. Then adding in a much softer tone, "I believe she'll be alright, just give her some time. Though I think we need a few minutes together," as she kissed the back of Lisa's neck.

With Kim, for the moment, out of sight and Wanda playing with her body, Lisa felt her already stimulated body cave in. Reaching behind and encircling her arms around Wanda's body, to bring their bodies closer. Feeling the warmth radiated from Wanda as they pressed together, stimulated Lisa even further.

With her body pressed against Lisa's, Wanda moved her slow, passionate kissing along Lisa's neck  towards the front. Wanda's right hand made its way down Lisa's stomach,  her fingers slipping under the bikini bottom, to play with Lisa's already excited loins. 

Moving her head back to rest on Wanda's shoulder, Lisa let another soft moan escape her lips. She tried to spread her legs so Wanda could play with her better, but was forced to take a step forward when Wanda gave a slight nudge, then another step. "Wanda, what are you doing?" Lisa asked in a breathless, erotic tone.

"Like I said, we need a few minutes to ourselves," Wanda seductively said, while guiding Lisa to the porch door. "Besides, Kim won't be down right away, she's going to need some time to herself." Without given Lisa a second to think about it, Wanda pushed Lisa through the open screen door. Before entering herself, Wanda quickly reached down and flipped the  radio switch to tape deck and pressed play.

Lisa did not give a moment's thought to what Wanda said. All she heard was "time alone," coupled with Wanda playing with her, and all her thoughts turned to her being dominated by her skillful and lovely partner. Proceeding quickly and quietly, with Wanda's hand still rubbing Lisa's sex drive, they proceeded towards the basement where they where staying.

As the stairs loomed ahead, Wanda bit one of the strings of Lisa's bikini top. At the same time her hand had taken hold on one of the strings of the lower knot, pulled back, releasing Lisa's large breasts from their tight confinement. As Lisa's top dropped to the floor, Wanda's hands immediately wrapped themselves around Lisa's breasts, squeezing and pinching her nipples, as they progressed down stairs.

Wanda knew that time was against her and her goal was not a sure thing, but she planned for today's events as best she could. At the bottom of the stairs, she picked up a blindfold  and quickly slid it over Lisa's eyes. Knowing time would be problematic, she had placed multiple items in their line of travel, the blindfold was first, one with an elastic band so no tying/locking would be necessary, so by the time they took a couple of steps the blindfold would be in place, and she would be able to pick up the next item, a lockable wrist cuff which she quickly located and locked onto Lisa's left wrist. Again, within several steps the item was in place, and Wanda picked up and placed another lockable wrist cuff around Lisa's right wrist. All the while Wanda's body pushed Lisa towards their destination. 

While Lisa's body was gradually being placed into bondage, her mind, temporarily free from Wanda's probing fingers, started thinking about what's happening. Here I am, all but naked, incredibly horny, being placed into bondage by my best friend and lover, while my mother is upstairs changing, expecting to meet us by the pool. "Wanda, I do not think we have time for...mmmmph." 

The next item had come, a medium sized blue ball gag, which contrasted with Lisa's ruby lips beautifully. It slid perfectly into place in Lisa's willing mouth. Wanda quickly buckled the gag in place and with one final step, they reached their destination, the middle of the basement. 

The basement was fully finished, with a soft wall to wall carpet rug, a couple of chairs, a pool table, a couch with contained a queen size bed, which the girls slept on, and other odds and ends. Kim and John spent many hours playing all types of bondage games here, and if you looked around carefully, you might notice that not everything was perfect. The windows had thick curtains so no one could see through, one of the chairs contained scratch marks on the bare wood, around the arms and legs, as well as the legs of the pool table. There where other oddities throughout the room, some of which Wanda discovered since their arrival, to which one was about to be put to use. 

Lisa brought her hands up to touch and hold Wanda, but Wanda already with rope in her hand, picked up from the floor, captured and brought Lisa's hands together in front. Previously doubling over the rope,  Wanda threaded the double-ended end of the rope through the d-rings, quickly brining the ends of the rope through the doubled over end, simple but effective, binding Lisa's wrists together. Standing on her toes, Wanda reached up and passed the ends of rope through a hook, partially concealed, in the ceiling, pulled down which in turn hoisted Lisa's hands upwards. 

Wanda returned to kissing Lisa's sensitive neck, the hand holding the rope played with Lisa's nipples, as Wanda's free hand slowly made its way down Lisa's stomach towards her very excited mound to continue its pleasurable teasing. Now helplessly bound Lisa's arousal shot past the point were she was before, whimpering through her gag in wanting lust. Wanda stopped rubbing Lisa's mound, brought her hand to the top of the bikini bottom, and started pushing down, much too slowly for Lisa's now aching desire.

As soon as the bottom was near Lisa's knees, she brought her one leg up, managing to pass her knee through the leg opening of the bikini. As soon as her lower part of her knee was past the opening, she straightened her leg, which slid the bikini bottom down her legs, and as it bunched around her ankles, she proceeded to kicked it off. Now naked and very horny, Lisa tried the best she could to snuggle against Wanda. But Wanda moved onward with her plan. 

Instead of tying the rope off, Wanda brought the rope down Lisa's back, through her butt cheeks, up through the folds of her pussy, to her stomach. With one hand holding the rope just below the belly button, Wanda encircled Lisa's waist with the remaining rope, tying it off in front. Now every time Lisa pulled her hands down would, in turn, tighten the rope through her crotch, creating minimal friction. Friction Lisa most desperately desired.

Quickly grabbing an adjustable spreader bar, with attached cuffs at each end, from a nearby closet that she found the night before, Wanda went to work securing Lisa's legs. Applying one cuff around Lisa's right ankle, Wanda spread Lisa's ankles apart and applied the second cuff to her left ankle, forcing Lisa's ankles to remain 3 feet apart. Thus, slightly reducing Lisa's height, thereby reducing the slack in the rope running through her crotch to naught. 

For her final, devious, torture device, Wanda picked up a vibrator, one with a cylinder handle and a 2 inch thick by 3 inch wide vibrating head, which was slightly curved, along with some rope and an extension cord. Encircling the base of the vibrator's head with rope, the remaining rope around Lisa's waist, and tying the rope off, meant that the vibrator would be held hostage within a fraction of a inch from Lisa's nether region! Quickly plugging the vibrator in, Wanda leaned close to Lisa's ear, running her tongue around the outside, while one hand played with her nipples, seductively whispered, "I love you," as her other hand switched the vibrator on, then adding, "I'll be right back!" With this, Wanda turned and quickly bounded up the stairs.

Moans of erotic passion spilled from Lisa's gagged mouth. Struggling within the confines of her bondage, perspiration quickly glistening her nude body, as her gyrating hips fruitlessly tried to bring her pussy and vibrator together.

Part Three

Kim's earnest struggling and unbroken thoughts caused her to cross many highways of fantasy. A prisoner not only to her self applied bondage but her cravings for her denied orgasm. No longer conscious of her surroundings, all her thoughts, desires and energy were directed towards her one goal. 

A goal that seemed to have finally arrived, as the first waves of her orgasmic bliss swept through her body. But, suddenly, the unthinkable happened. Kim's vibrator slipped from her grasp onto the bed. 'Not now, not now,' Kim thought, as she continued to gyrate her hips into the soft covers of her bed.

But the stimulation caused by the soft covers was not enough to carry her down that blissful mountain. Her mini-orgasm was not even remotely close to what her body craved and needed. Moans of frustration escaped from her gagged mouth, as her withering body made its desperate attempt to locate the missing vibrator. 

Her search seemed to be in vain. With her body rolling left, then right in its failed search for the missing object of her desire, her feelings of frustration intensified. Frustration quickly led to despair as her blissfulness began to subside, as her attempts at finding the vibrator failed...   That's when two events brought Kim back to reality.

The first was a lack of sound from her vibrator. 'Why can't I hear it?' thought Kim, as she lay upon her bed, trying to compose her thoughts. Her heart pounding at a mile a minute, coupled to her lack of oxygen slowly forced her struggling to ease and finally cease. 

With her thoughts and spirit slowly returning to normal, the second event once more intruded. Another flash of light penetrated her closed eyelids, only this time a very low-pitched whiney noise accompanied the light. Earlier, she had dismissed the light as part of her exhilarating high. With her senses no longer distracted, she felt that something was not quite right. As she heard the sound again, curiosity finally overcoming her orgasmic passion, she opened her eyes.

Her eyes needed a few seconds to adjust themselves to the environment, but as her vision came into focus the image that greeted them shocked her like a bolt of lightning. Wanda, Lisa's best friend and almost a second daughter to Kim, stood but a few feet away, with a camera in her hands!!!  Her eyes lit up as if caught in the headlights of an oncoming car as the light, again, flashed from the camera catching Kim in her moment of truth and panic.

Panic now set-in to Kim's now fragile emotional state. Her struggle to be free of her bonds reached new levels of desperation. Fear of being found not just by anyone but by a person she loved as a daughter, who would probably mistake her craving of bondage for the antics of some lunatic type madwoman, was paramount to the ideas flooding through her mind. But this very same fear had been and still was the basis for many of her deepest fantasies and true feelings. 

Realizing that escape would be impossible without the keys to the handcuffs, Kim's hopeless struggling diminished as she glanced at Wanda, noticing that in addition to the camera Wanda held the missing vibrator and her keys! Panic slowly turned to intrigue as Kim watched Wanda stand a few steps away watching with what appeared to be a loving passion in her eyes, and not the anger and outrage Kim half-expected and feared. 

Wanda stood several feet away watching Kim struggle and coming to terms with her situation. Stepping over and placing the vibrator, keys and camera on the nightstand, Wanda sat beside Kim on the bed. Reaching out with one hand, she started lightly caressing Kim's cheek she said, "After watching you for the past 4 or 5 minutes,  I really believe you enjoy being tied up. I just want you to know that I do not find what you did to yourself appalling, especially if you enjoy it." Wanda's other hand began to lightly touch Kim's stomach. "As I stood there watching you, I realized just what was missing."

As Kim lay on her bed listening to the comforting words Wanda softly spoke, her panicky state began to subside. Her fear of the unknown was still there, and thoughts from it soon followed. 'What if Lisa walked in on us,' Kim thought. 'Here I am, tied up naked on my bed with Wanda sitting next to me, caressing my body with those wonderful fingers! Seducing me!' Suddenly the thought of Lisa and what she would think gave a quick rise to Kim's anxiety, but Wanda's magical fingers caressing her body swelled her feelings of lustful desire.

 As the two separate emotions struck home, Kim's body, already overburden with hormones of excitement and fear of the unknown did not know how to respond. Her eyes opened wide out of fear but the moaning coming from her gagged mouth sounded more like a plea for more!

Wanda seem to understand what was wrong. "Don't worry," she seductively whispered, "Miss. Tillman from down the street called and needed help with something. So Lisa went over to help, she'll be gone probably for an hour or so." Wanda turned her head and body so she could reach for the discarded vibrator, turning just in time to hide her devilish smile which she was unable to suppress. Taking a moment to regain her composure, Wanda turned back towards Kim. She laid the vibrator, turned on low, on the bed between Kim's legs but not touching her sensitive zone. Her fingers continued their playful but gentile teasing of Kim's body, moving slowly and lightly up and down Kim's neck, chest, sides, hips and legs. Laying on her left side next to Kim, Wanda placed her right leg over Kim's right leg to prevent Kim from closing her legs around the vibrator and to provide extra comfort.

Kim's fear and nervousness quickly melted away under the relentless assault of Wanda's fingers. Wanda's words and the vibrations coming from the vibrator, felt through the bed, caused her blissful state to return with full force. The feel of Wanda's bare leg draped across her own provided a stimulating, warming touch that she had seriously lacked before. Whimpering through her gag, Kim strained against her bonds, attempting to move closer to her captor.

Wanda continued to soothe Kim's emotions and arouse her obviously excited body with soft caresses and softly spoken words. "You are one of the most beautiful and intellectual women I have ever known. Ever since I first met you, my thoughts never strayed far from thinking about you. You know I would never do anything to you that you don't want but I truly believe you love being controlled," as a moaning Kim nodded in agreement. "I love the way your body trembles as I touch your skin. Your nipples are so appetizing," with this, Wanda leaned over to run the tip of her tongue over Kim's right nipple. Kim squealed in delight from this unexpected pleasure.

Continuing her attempts to conquer Kim's mind and body proved fruitful as Kim's gagged mouth produced a continuous stream of desperate moans and delightful whimpering. Wanda did nothing else for a time except to torment Kim's body with her hands, occasionally with her tongue, and kept Kim's thoughts in place by whispering soothing words into her ears. With her teasing reaching its crescendo, Wanda felt the time was ripe for her conquest. "Kim, I want you to be my slave," stated Wanda not as a question but as a demand!

Kim laid on her bed starring wide eyed at Wanda. Numbness settled across her body as Wanda's words sunk in. 'Slave,' that's what Wanda said, 'Slave!' 'No, this isn't right. She means too much to me and Lisa for this to happen. I can't! NO!' thought Kim. But the caressing felt so gooood! 'No, I must not think of myself! Lisa would not understand, she is Lisa's best friend!' But her hands! 'No! Lisa! John!' thought Kim, and with what seemed like the last of her will power shook her head no.

Wanda laid next to Kim as her fingers continued their wandering. She watched Kim's face as it seemed to mirror the internal struggles going through Kim's mind. Wanda knew the devotion Kim both showed and felt towards Lisa and John. So when Kim finally shook her head no, Wanda wasn't at all surprised. 

In a kind and loving tone Wanda said, "You cannot fool me, I know more about you than you realize. I know you secretly love being teased by someone unexpectedly. Your love for John and Lisa is unparalleled, but I have known them far longer then you have and I deeply care for them as well. Please trust me on this." 

Kim could only plead with her innocent looking eyes, while withering under the endless onslaught of Wanda's hands, as they continued their ever-so-soft roaming across Kim's shuddering body. Again, Wanda's hands approached Kim's mons, and again Kim's hips thrusted towards them desperately straining for release, and again Wanda's fingers lightly brushed against Kim's very neatly trimmed hairs to continue their journey. Whimpers of frustration erupted once again, the one place Kim desperately wanted attention was bypassed.

"You can not fool me," said Wanda. "I know you love what I am doing, its in your eyes and shows in your body. If you agree to be my slave, I promise, you will not be disappointed and best of all no one will be hurt, not Lisa, not John. Best of all, if you're a good slave, you may be pleasantly surprised by some things." This time there was no answer from Kim as she lay there. "I am going to undo the gag, if you promise to be good," said Wanda as she reached behind Kim's nodding head to unbuckle the gag.

Kim liked the foam gag for the simple fact that the foam would fill her mouth making speech almost impossible without over stretching her jaw. Wetting her dried lips, she still felt grateful for the gag's removal. "Wanda, I just.."

"Shhhhhh," whispered Wanda, as she removed her leg from it's resting place on  Kim's thigh and helped Kim to roll onto her side so the two beautiful women could face each other. Wanda slid her left arm under Kim's head so it would rest on her forearm and placed her hand on Kim's back for further support.  Wanda's right hand continued its teasing of Kim's body.   "Slaves do not talk unless spoken to."

"But Wanda I, " Kim started to say, but the sound of a firm smack followed by a startled "ooouch!" ended the sentence. Wanda had smacked Kim on her butt, hard enough to sting, but not to hard.

"I told you, slaves do not talk! Am I going to have to gag you again?" said Wanda.

"Wanda, I, OOOuch!!" This time the smack was harder.

"I do not wish to hurt you, but.." Wanda let this hang in the air for a few minutes. The room became quiet enough to hear a pin drop as the two stared at each other with bewitching lust. Wanda gently rolled Kim onto her back, sliding herself over until her body pressed tightly against Kim's. Her left arm slid a little further under Kim's head until she was able to bend her elbow and reach Kim's left nipple. At once, both left and right hands started pinching Kim's nipples, at the same time Wanda leaned over and kissed Kim on the lips. 

A long, passionate kiss lasting an eternity as far as Kim knew, but she did not care as she hungrily kissed back. Her nipples being pinched and played with sent her into a quivering frenzy. No longer caring or thinking, her one thought and desire turned back to her denied orgasm. Straining with all her might against her bonds, Kim leaned towards Wanda for far more attention. Managing to roll onto her left side and looping her ankle chain around Wanda's foot, Kim wrapped her legs around Wanda's right leg, rubbing her aching mound into Wanda's leg. 

Wanda broke their kiss and smiled. "I think my pretty needs something more?" While running her right hand through Kim's hair.

Kim could only muster a breathless "Yesss!" As she attempted to continue their kissing.

"Will you be MINE?"


Wanda broke their embrace, reaching for and inserted a yellow ball gag into Kim's not so willing mouth. Kim wanted to scream no, she needed more than the one kiss, but all that came out was "mmmmph, mmph, mmmph!", as Wanda buckled the gag in place.

Wanda laid beside Kim, placing one hand under and slightly lifting Kim's head, as her other hand snaked in between Kim's legs and applied pressure in small circles to Kim's erogenous zone! "Kim, will you be my slave?!"

Tears of joy and aspiration rolled down her cheeck, as a wave of sexual ecstasy swept through her body. All Kim could do was nod her head yes!


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