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Summer Bikini

by Wishful Husband

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© Copyright 2009 - Wishful Husband - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; leather; cuffs; M/f; bond; hogtie; outdoors; oral; sex; cons; X

Not wanting to disappoint my husband and stay true to my promise that I would tie myself up for my husband's complete enjoyment (see previous stories). I decided I would do some more shopping on the the internet. Since it was summer I decided I would order a black leather string bikini. I also wanted to try a new gag that was a little more comfortable and because my husband rarely removed it from my mouth once it was strapped in. Really the only time he would remove my ball gag was when he made me suck his cock. I decided I would order a 2" ball gag with a latex stretch strap.

My items had arrived before the weekend and my husband told me that he had a lot of yard work to do and was planning on doing it on Saturday. Checking the weather for Saturday it was going to be sunny and hot, perfect for my new bikini.

Getting up early Saturday morning I decided to surprise my husband. Taking a shower I then decided to rub myself down with skin moisturizer making sure I was extra soft. It was a hot sunny day so I decided I would tie my blond hair back hoping it would keep me cooler and out of the way. Putting on my leather bikini bottom first, I took my time to adjust it just right. It had a thong back and I adjusted the strap so it went tightly into the crack of my shapely ass. Tying the two sets of strings over my hips I tightly tied them into double knotted bows. The bottom fit very tightly and the string in my ass was already turning me on. Maybe I should have bought a size 36 instead of a 34 but I don't think my husband will mind.

Next I put on the top tying it around my back and then around my neck. I had bought a 36D which fit just perfectly and I must admit the bikini looked fantastic on me. Finding my black high heels I slipped them on. Next it was time to try out my new latex strap ball gag. Opening my mouth wide I pushed the 2" black ball deep into my mouth past my teeth. I then buckled the latex strap tightly behind my head. The latex strap stretched comfortably around my head but provided a very snug fit. Now was the point of no return I took my white fur covered hand cuffs and tightly locked my wrists behind my back. I spun around in front of the mirror a couple of times checking out the job I had done on myself. Unfortunately there was nothing I could do now but walk out to the kitchen and present myself to my husband.

Entering the kitchen you should have seen the smile on my husband's face. "Honey you look unbelievable, that bikini looks fantastic on you. You could easily win a major bikini contest in that bikini." Grabbing hold of me he ran his hands over my body causing me to let out a moan. He then pulled on the back of the thong causing me some more excitement.

Noticing my handcuffs, "Honey you know I don't like handcuffs lets get these off of you right away". Walking me back to the bedroom he pushed me down onto our bed and told me to lay there on my stomach. He then went into the closet to get the hand cuff key. What a great guy he was going to unlock my wrists but before I knew it he was tightening a black leather strap around my elbows. My elbows were almost touching one another. He then unlocked the handcuffs but then quickly strapped my wrist tightly together behind my back.

"Honey you look much better with you elbows and wrists tightly strapped behind you back then in a pair of loose fitting handcuffs."


"Also the black leather straps match your new leather bikini." He then quickly strapped my ankles together and then strapped my ankles to my wrists, which put me into an incredibly strict hog tie. By now you must know that my husband's favorite position is me in a tight hog tie,

Picking up all the pillows in the room he piled them up on the side of the bed, Creating a big pile of pillows he pulled me up head first up onto the top of the pile. It was like I was laying on a ramp my head was high up at the edge of the bed and my knees were at the bottom of the ramp. My husband's large erection was directly in front of my face now. You don't have to be a mind reader to know where this was going. He then dropped his pants and unbuckled my ball gag and before I could say a word he grabed my pony tail and stuffed his rock hard cock deep into my mouth.

Holding onto my pony tail he said, "We can do this either the hard way or the easy way. "

He then let go of my pony tail and I knew I had no choice but to suck him hard and deep. Maybe I could fool him and pull out just before he exploded. My husband was truly enjoying himself at my expense again. I could sense he was about to explode but my husband knows me too well and he grabbed hold of my pony tail forcing me to swallow his load and making me suck him clean.

Like always I started to complain which caused my husband to quickly jam the big ball gag back into mouth and buckled the strap behind my head. Letting out a moan of frustration my husband said he liked my new gag, "It's big enough to be very effective but its also very pliable and it fits the contours of your mouth better then a leather strap. This gag fills your mouth completely but it must be much more comfortable, I bet you could wear this one all day?"

"Is that right honey?" All I could do was glare at him and let out a muffled moan.

"Honey I have a lot of yard work to do and you look like you could use some sun." Unbuckling my hog tie and releasing my ankles he helped me to my feet. "Lets take you out onto the deck and you can work on your tan." I began to panic I certainly didn't want the neighborhood to see me like this.

"Don't worry honey the neighbors are away and the deck is fairly private."

Pushing me out onto the deck my husband led me over to our chaise lounge chair. He adjusted the lounge so it was lying flat, he then said, "Why don't I untie you so you don't get any tan lines".

What a nice guy my husband is? Expecting my elbows and wrists to be unbuckled my husband began to untie the strings on my bikini. Before I knew it my bikini was completely off and I was naked in my high heels. I let out an angry moan and my husband just laughed and said, "you must have misunderstood me. At least your not going to have any bikini lines;" All I could do was glare at him.

Forcing me onto my stomach onto the chaise lounge chair, "I am going to have to figure out a way to keep you here." Taking a strap he buckled my ankle to the bottom corner of the chair and with my other ankle he did the same on the opposite corner of the chair. I was face down with my legs strapped wide open. Then he took another strap and buckled it above my knee to the side of the chair while repeating it on my other leg. Now I was completely helpless all I could do was lift my head and scream into my new latex ball gag.

"Honey I can see that you're mad let me help you." Going back into the house he came out with a bottle of sun tan lotion. "We don't want you to get a sun burn, let me put some lotion on you." He squirted the lotion on my legs, back and neck and gently rubbed it in. My husband gives great massages and this helped me to relax a bit.

"Now lets make sure that your sensitive areas get covered", so he squirted a generous amount on my ass. Knowing what he was doing to me he gently rubbed it into my inner thighs and ass. He then gently ran his fingers through the crack of my ass and along my very wet pussy. Teasing my clit he brought me to the edge of orgasm and then he stopped. He stood up and said, "I have to cut the yard why don't you relax and work on your tan."

"mmmrphrph mmmrphrph."

Now I was fit to be tied maybe that is the wrong expression at the moment my husband was really playing with me. It was hot and sunny and I was totally helpless and exposed to the neighborhood. This made me totally horny and with the warmth of the sun I was tingling with anticipation. My pussy was soaking wet; was it from the heat of the sun or was I just horny then hell?

All I could think of was that this naughty girl needed a good hard fucking from her husband.

My husband finished the yard and came up onto the deck. "I think its time to turn you over".

So he unbuckled my legs and ankles from the chair. He helped me up onto my feet and all I could think of was that I needed some release. Rubbing my ass up against my husband's crotch and looking at the expression on my face my husband knew what I wanted. "Is someone horny?" Nodding my head yes. "Well maybe I could help you with that." He than stood behind me and dropped his pants. "Spread you legs and bend over." Which I quickly complied with. He then rammed his cock into my soaking wet pussy, causing me to let out a loud moan. He was pumping me hard and deep while I tried to push back and rub myself into his groin. It did take long before we both exploded in orgasm . Getting fucked hard when you're hot and sweaty really gets me off.

Hoping he was done and would release me I gave him a hopeful look. Not a chance he adjusted the chair slightly elevating the top section of the chair. "Now it's time to work on the front side of your tan". He forced me to lay down on my back and with top half of chair elevated I was able to lie on my back with my arms strapped behind me. He then strapped my ankles to the corners of the chair and buckled a strap above each of my knees to the side of the chair. Again I was spread wide open and totally helpless the only difference is that I had a much better view then when I was on my stomach. My husband then applied sun tan lotion all over my front side. Taking extra time to rub it all over my throbbing tits, "I would suck on your tits for you but I don't like the taste of sun tan lotion." He then paid close attention to my inner thighs and soaking wet muff. Enjoying himself he teased me again bringing me to the edge and stopping before I could have another orgasm. "Honey I can see the sun is in your eyes let me get you your sunglasses." Going inside he came out with my glasses and put them on for me.

"Honey all I have left to do is the trim and after I am done with that I"ll work on your trim".

"Very funny;" I was totally helpless my legs strapped wide open, my arms tightly strapped behind my back, and a 2" ball gag strapped deep into my mouth. All I could do was wait for my husband and work on my tan. The hot sun was making me very hot and horny, my muff was dripping wet. When was my husband going to finish the yard and work on me. I was really beginning to heat up in the sun but at least I would have a great tan. My husband has become quite good in placing me in super strict bondage, totally helpless and completely available for his pleasure.. Today I felt like I had been locked into a tanning bed and the only difference from this and the tanning salon was that I had gotten several orgasms.

A hour later my husband appeared on the deck, being hot and horny, I was frustrated. "Honey boy did you get a lot of sun and that muff of yours looks all wet and bothered." He then drop the elevation of the lounge chair so it was completely flat. Taking off all of his sweaty clothes he then got on top of me and slide his cock into my extremely hot and moist pussy. Taking his time he made slow and deep thrusts into my tight love hole. It wasn't long until I was quivering in orgasm and it was a good thing I had that mouth filling ball gag in or I am sure the whole neighborhood would have heard me.

Finally my husband exploded inside of me causing my toes to curl and I was overwhelmed in ecstasy.

My husband got up, "Dear I think its time to get you out of the sun and into the cool house."

Unstrapping my legs and ankles from the chair he help me up onto my feet and walked me into the house. Inside the house felt wonderfully cool and it felt good to be out of the sun. Now I was standing in the kitchen nude except for having my high heels on, my elbows and wrists tightly strapped behind my back, not to mention a 2" ball gag strapped deep into my mouth I still was in my husband's complete control. Hopefully my husband was tired out by now.

"Honey I have a proposal for you, it looks like you could really use a shower? We could do this two ways, the first way I could keep you this way and put you in the shower and I could wash you up in the shower myself. Or we could do this way, I will release you now and you could go and take a nice long shower, fix your hair and rub yourself down with coca butter. Then you will put on your latex black garter belt, with silk stockings and high heels. I will then open a bottle of champagne and you can have a couple of glasses in your lovely garter belt."

"Finally I will get the leather straps and ball gag out and you can be my tightly restrained sex kitten for your husband's pleasure"

"So are we going to do this the hard way or the easy way honey?"

"What's it going to be?"

I can never make a decision. To be continued...

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