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Sucking for Freedom

by Sir Psycho

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© Copyright 2006 - Sir Psycho - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; Mm; bond; cons; X

Sucking for Freedom by Sir Psycho Sbm; Mm; bond; cons; X

Unlike my other stories, this one is fiction, and hasn’t happened… yet. If anyone thinks they can help me out, please e-mail me.


One thing I’ve always wanted to try was being in a situation where I would have to suck a guys cock. I’m not gay (I have a gorgeous girlfriend, who I am very happy being with) but the idea of having no choice but to give a blow job, because of a situation I had put myself in really appeals to me.

So, I went to a gay club to look for someone who could help. It took a while, but eventually I started getting chatted up by this guy. I flirted a bit with him, but before it got too out of hand (I really wasn’t going to kiss him – stupid, that I want to force myself to put his dick in my mouth, but I could face kissing him) I plucked up the courage to tell him how it was. I explained that I was straight, but if he was willing to go along with my crazy request, I promised him I would suck him off. He was pretty unsure at first, but eventually we headed off to his flat.

Once there I gave him an envelope that contained instructions I had typed the day before, and told him to go and take a shower, then read the instructions and come back in. I gave him my house keys as insurance against me running off or stealing anything while he was gone.

Once he was out of the room I got to work. First I took off all my clothes. I then took some thin rope I had brought along and tied both my ankles to their respective thigh, effectively forcing myself to remain kneeling. Then I took a long plastic zip tie and formed a loop with it.

Before I could back out, I slipped it around my wrists behind my back. With my heart pounding in my chest, I pulled the loose end hard trapping my hands behind me. I was now trapped in a gay mans house, naked, with my hands tied behind my back and no way of escape until he cut me free.

Of course the instructions I had given him had said that how ever much I tried to bargain and plead with him, I was not to be let free until I had sucked him off and swallowed every drop of cum. It also said if I refused, he should untie my legs and throw me out of the flat as I was. Finally, it said if I didn’t swallow everything, he could keep me tied all weekend, gag me and fuck my arse, make me suck him again, etc.

So now I waited, the realisation of what I had done sinking in. I was in a complete strangers house, naked and tied, having just given the stranger instructions to make me suck his cock, and possibly fuck me if I didn’t swallow his cum. Not that I could stop him doing anything he wanted to me anyway. I pulled at my bonds, hoping to find some way of backing out of this situation I had only just now put myself into. It was no good. Zip ties really do the job well. I even tried untying the cord around my legs, but that too was useless. I couldn’t reach the knot (I’ve done this to myself before, so knew what I was doing). I wasn’t going anywhere. My last chance was to plead with the guy, but considering the instructions he had, from me, I didn’t hold out much hope.

Eventually I heard the shower stop, and tried to prepare myself for what was to come. He walked in to the room with a towel wrapped around his waist, looked round the room probably expecting me to have run off, then saw me kneeling by a coffee table. He smiled and walked towards me, saying, “Jesus. You’re serious”. I tried to back track, explaining I had made a mistake and had changed my mind. He walked towards me, his prick becoming stiff under the towel.

“Really? Well you have a choice, and I’m serious when I say I’m only giving you one chance to answer me. Either you tell me right now that you want to suck my cock and swallow all my cum, or I’m going to throw you out as per your instructions”.

I stared down at the floor, momentarily considering if I could cope with trying to get home naked, and with my hands tied behind me. Not a chance. I didn’t have my keys, and I lived miles away.

“So what do you have to say” he said.

Still looking down, I said, ”Please can I suck your dick?”

“Sure… And what will you do when I cum?”

“”I…I’ll swallow every drop”

“I hope not. Because if you don’t I’ll enjoy keeping you a little longer for some more fun”.

Bizarrely I was partly relieved by this conversation. He could have fucked me anyway, but for now it seemed he was sticking to the rules. All I had to do was stick to my side of the bargain.

He walked closer to me, all the time his cock getting bigger under the towel, until he was standing right in front of me.

“Ready?” He asked.

I looked up and simply nodded. He slowly pulled the towel away and discarded it to the side, leaving me staring straight at the tip of his dick. I wanted to look away, but I knew there was no point.

“Open wide” he said.

What could I do? I couldn’t risk him deciding to throw me out. So I did as I was told.

“Now, stick out your tongue.”

I slowly stuck my tongue out, a few centimetres away from another mans cock. He moved forward and placed the tip on my tongue, then slowly pushed it towards me, into my mouth.

Well, there was certainly no turning back now. Instinctively I closed my lips around this foreign object, sucking as he pushed further into my mouth then slowly withdrew. I wanted to get this over with, so I sucked him with as much enthusiasm as I could, as he fucked my mouth. It wasn’t long before I felt him start to tense, and his dick felt like it was going to explode in my mouth. I’m was certain if I didn’t get every drop and swallow it he would do exactly as the instructions said, so I tried my hardest to keep him deep in my mouth, but he kept pulling all the way out until just the tip was in my mouth before plunging back in. 

As he was getting closer to cumming, he started doing small thrusts, just allowing the tip a few centimetres into my mouth before pulling all the way out. He held my head, so I could do nothing but try and suck him deeper. I now had 2 things to worry about. The thought of swallowing his cum, and the thought of not being able to and the consequences. Finally he plunged deep into my mouth and spurted semen deep down my throat. I swallowed as best as I could, as he continued to pull out and thrust in. After a couple more thrusts he pulled out completely, and I was forced to open my mouth wide and try and catch the last few spurts, which I just managed, holding them in my mouth, and forcing myself to swallow.

Finally he put his dick back in my mouth and held it there, allowing himself to go limp in my mouth.

Thankfully, he proved trustworthy, and cut me free. I dressed quickly in silence, before thanking him, and leaving, but before I went he gave me his number and told me I was welcome to come round with more instructions any time I wanted. Maybe next time I’ll give him more freedom.




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