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Stuck in the Mud

by Melvin

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© Copyright 2007 - Melvin - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; outdoors; toys; cons; XX


My name is Genny and I’ve had a serious desire for a weekend session all alone in the woods in a very wicked self bondage experience. I’ve been thinking of different aspects of this adventure for quite some time. It’s a very intense amount of work I have planned and if something goes wrong, I’d be in a very bad way with no means of escape.

I gathered all of my equipment to carry out this session and packed it all into the back of my SUV and headed out to a very secluded and not highly visited area. I wanted to be totally alone and the spot I have chosen is surely going to guarantee this.

I drove for several hours to my destination to a wooded area and it was well after sundown when I arrived, so I just curled up in the front seat and went to sleep. When I awoke to the first beams of sunlight shining in through my windshield, I got out of my SUV, stripped down and went for a short stroll to an area where I could relieve myself. If all went well, it would be several hours before I could do this again.

I opened the rear door of my SUV and got out my “treasure Chest” full of goodies to be used for my adventure. The first thing I took out was a large vibrating dildo that I had rigged to a timer  that could be set for multiple activation times and was wired to plug into my vehicle’s cigarette lighter for an unlimited supply of power. I plugged it in and tested it and it sprang to humming life. I turned it off and set the timer to activate at various random intervals and set it aside.

Next I took some chains and several padlocks out and got ready to secure my body with them. This would be unique in that I would actually be chaining myself to the vehicle as part of my “torture”. I placed the chains and locks so I could reach them as needed and then retrieved  a pair of handcuffs I bought at the local Police supply store.

Next came a ball gag with a strap and hasp to lock it in place. I went ahead and put this on and locked it on with a padlock. The key to this lock was on the key ring for the vehicle and I had put that in the glove box.

I sometimes tow a trailer with my quad on it when I want to go ride, so my vehicle is equipped with a two inch hitch ball for the trailer. This ball is going to be the central part of my bondage session for the day. I got a tube of K-Y out and liberally applied the lube to the ball on the hitch mount.  I was now ready to begin the most serious part of my adventure. I took out a block of ice with all the remaining keys I would need for my freedom and tied the attached string to a tree branch that was conveniently located over head.

I set up a small table and placed the remaining items within easy reach and closed the back door of the vehicle. Next, I positioned myself with my back to the rear of the vehicle and took a sitting position over the hitch ball with my feet on a milk crate I had placed there to stand on and began to work my anal opening over the well lubricated ball. This took about 20 minutes to accomplish, and once I had gotten the ball all the way into my anus, I felt quite full. The height of my SUV had me standing on my toes at this point.

I picked up one piece of chain and threaded it through on of the holes in the hitch mount for the trailer’s safety chains and using a padlock, locked the chain to the mount. I repeated this on the other side with a second chain. I then took each chain and looped it tightly around each of my thighs and secure the two chains with separate locks and snapped them shut.

Now I took the dildo and slid it into my now very wet pussy and I used a leather chastity belt I had crafted especially for this dildo that would allow access to the switch that activated the preset timer to secure the dildo in place so that no amount of force could expel it until the belt was removed. This too was locked in place. Next came some medium size cotton rope which I wrapped around both breasts until they took on a very angry red coloration form the tightness. This was tied very securely behind my back. I debated on this next step, but decided to go ahead and place to very strong clamps on each nipple. Wow, did that hurt!  I couldn’t scream out because of the ball gag, but I sure wished I could have.

Now, came the most crucial part of my bondage. I took the handcuffs and secured one cuff to my left wrist and loped the short connecting chain up over the rear bar of the luggage rack on the roof of the SUV with the other cuff hanging down where I could secure my right wrist. Once I did that, I would be stuck until the ice with all of the keys in it melted. I then reached down with my free right hand and activated the timer for the dildo and then I reached back up placed the remaining cuff around my wrist and clicked it shut. I was now trapped and could do nothing more than wait for the ice to melt to gain my freedom.

The only other thing I had planned to do now was to kick the milk crate out from under my feet which would have all of my weight supported solely by the trailer hitch ball as my feet would be almost two feet off of the ground. I lifted my feet up and kicked the crate away and suddenly all of my weight was resting on the hitch and it seemed to drive deeper into my anal channel that I thought it would. Definitely an interesting sensation, to say the least.

I could feel the cold water dripping onto my chest from the tree over head and I guessed it would take about three to four hours to melt enough to make the keys drop so I could free myself. All of a sudden, the timer activated the dildo in my pussy and I could remember having set the speed that high. I guess that when I secured it in place with the belt, I turned it up to the highest setting. In a few minutes, I was bucking in a very wild orgasm due to the dildo’s vibrations and the sensation it was causing.

I then felt a very different motion as if everything around me was moving. Oh, NO! I suddenly remembered that I had not put the parking brake on nor had I put the transmission in gear when I parked. I was parked on a slight downward incline and the vehicle was rolling downhill!. It began rolling faster and then I heard a splashing sound and sensed the vehicle was slowing a bit.

Then I sensed a wetness around my feet that was progressing up my legs. I looked down to discover that the vehicle had rolled into a mud pit at the bottom of the hill I was parked on and I was soon up to my waist in the soft mud. It felt pretty good, but the good feeling was offset by the fact that I had no way to free myself since the ice block with all of the needed keys was now about fifty feet away and I had no other means of escape. I couldn’t even scream for help due to the ball gag and even if I could I had no way of knowing whether anyone would hear me and come to my rescue.

While I was considering my lack of planning, the timer shut of the vibrator in my pussy, but then I felt a new sensation as the timer shorted out in the mud and started up once again at it’s high speed setting and soon I was bucking again in an uncontrollable orgasm and with the timer now shorted out, it was not going to shut off.

So if anyone out there in the reading audience happens to be in the area of the High Sierras Mountains in California, and you see a bound and helpless brunette waist deep in mud on the back of a blue SUV having endless orgasms, please set me free and I will let you take the place of this relentless vibrator humming away inside of me!




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