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A Stubborn Ice Timer

by Shy Rookie

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© Copyright 2021 - Shy Rookie - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; mpov; rope; tease; toys; ice-timer; mast; true; cons; X

The self-bondage itself was quite simple, having two long loops of parachute cord tied together into a large loop, one wrist and ankle are inserted through the loop and then figure eights are made around the wrists and ankles until there is just enough slack to place the end of the loop over the wrist and ankle.

The look is very neat as wrists are tied together along with the ankles. Once another rope is tied between the figure eights and cinched tightly, escape is impossible until the ice timer melts and the attached knot is untied from the figure eight.

A homemade ice timer, consisting of a small plastic bottle that was stuffed with parachute cord and filled with water was then frozen for a few days. Out of the top of the bottle was each end of the cord that had two loops, waiting to be attached to the bondage.

A length of heavier rope, (without any stretch whatsoever) is tied between my ankles and then passes under the foot of the bed and connects to one side of the ice timer, the other side of the ice timer is attached to a one-way ratchet tie down strap, with its end tied between my wrists.

I lay there for a moment and without too much thought started pulling on the rope that started stretching me out toward the foot and head of the bed and once I was done, I found myself tightly bound, hands above my head and ankles firmly held at the foot of the bed. The figure-eights looped around my wrists and ankles distribute the pressure evenly and, though tightly bound, there is no pain.

I pull hard against the bondage but there is no give and I am thrilled at the helpless state I now find myself in.

Prior to this act, a wand massager had been attached to a hook in the ceiling and hung by another rope that was carefully measured to make sure the “head” of the massager would hang at the level of the head of my erect penis.

The wand massager was quite light and was set on the lowest vibrational setting. The bondage had my cock perfectly centered under the center of gravity of the hanging massager that was now dancing around making intermittent contact with my now very erect and excited penis.

The massager seemed to have a mind of its own. At times, (due to the internal source of the vibrations I assume) it would circle around the head of my cock in a counterclockwise direction, keeping constant contact until my erection flexed it off of my cock only to come back to the center of gravity and again stimulate my very sensitive hard on.

It was a sweet intermittent sexual teasing as my cock would flex or push the head of the massager away only for it to swing back at another angle of attack. After maybe ten minutes of this, my erection was as stiff as a board with pre-cum beginning to cover my cock and the head of the massager.

I was helpless to do anything about this situation, my only defense was my cock itself. The distance between the ceiling and the bed allowed the massager to swing quite widely as my stiff erection contacted the head of the massager and again flexed it away briefly.

What felt like another ten minutes or so, (I really had no idea of how much time had passed since this first started) I found myself pulling against the bondage in a vain attempt to escape and gain sexual release. The sexual teasing of my erect member was driving me to an intense state of sexual desperation and despair.

I had kind of drifted off, now imagining that a sexually cruel mistress had tied me this way and would continue her teasing ways upon my whole being. She would not allow me sexual release no matter how much I begged her. She seemed to take delight in my great sexual need and took even more delight in her ability to deny me what I most wanted at this moment. Her dominance over me was currently without mercy.

I could almost see the smug look of satisfaction in the slight grin on her face as she continued her torment upon my helpless bound form.

My erection was now harder than ever and was beginning to ache. The light touch of the massager worked around my head a couple of times, then bouncing on and off the head of my cock, and continued its teasing assaults. I was literally begging loudly for release. That did not happen, the light touch of the vibrator and the intermittent contact did not seem that it would be enough to grant sexual release, just continued teasing.

I was forced to endure this desperate sexual state that just continued to build in intensity and it was driving me sexually crazy. I had floated away somewhere, in an intense sexual daze. I was aware of the soreness now building in my body brought on by my physical struggle against the strict bondage, the ice timer not yet granting me any play.

It now felt like my sexual member was standing apart from me, it felt like it was its own entity that was now in control of my body. It was all that mattered in the universe at the moment, and at this moment the massager was continuing the relentless touch and go teasing that I was unable to escape no matter how hard I tried.

Held securely in place I tried mind over matter to maybe gain a little composure over my now tormented state of mind, but every time the vibrator made contact, I was snapped back to my current reality of helplessness and a true state of sexual hunger and utter despair.

I seemed to have fallen even deeper mentally into a state of utter humiliation at the sexual despair I was experiencing and the inability to do anything about it. The once erotic and exciting bondage was now just bondage, cruelly holding me in place as the massager continues to intensely tease and torture my cock while not allowing sexual release.

Deep past the part of my brain that was being dominated by my singular need to gain sexual release was a thought that this had gone on longer than anticipated, I felt the ice timer should have released by now. Had I screwed up and somehow tied both ends to the same loop on the timer? Had the ratchet part gotten snagged on the bed frame? I pulled and thrashed as hard as I could but nothing gave and I was left to endure this now madding and desperate sexual teasing that I had placed myself in.

Panic seized me for a moment at the thought of not being able to escape the self-bondage, I did not use a back-up escape plan, after all, if you can escape at any moment, it is not true bondage. I realized that the timer was indeed tied correctly as that is the most critical part of the timer. I also realized the ratchet could not get tangled as the hook end had been bent over itself and tapped to prevent a problem.

Now, I fell into a deeper despair that I think was brought on by the amount of time that had passed, the sexual desperation had been driven deeper than I had thought imaginable and the vibrations were causing my body to tense at every touch. It felt like sensory overload took over and I really drifted off. I was still tightly tied to my bed, my cock was still being teased unmercifully, I was aware of all of this but was really out of it.

I drifted off and was looking down at my tortured and desperate body when the ice timer gave up a little. I snapped out of the stupor and pulled as hard as I could and was relieved that the timer gave me enough slack to shift the bondage away from the vibrator. What a relief! It took about ten more minutes for the timer to give me enough slack to finally reach my penis.

I wrapped my hand around my pre-cum covered, rock-hard cock, slowly stroking it and had a huge climax. I guess I should have untied myself first as I made quite a mess while getting out of the bondage. I was going to try and make it last longer but once I started stroking it there was no stopping.


I cannot begin to explain with words the sexual torment and despair that I experienced. Even now, after the fact, I myself cannot quite understand what all I went through. There was intense sexual desperation over quite a long period, there was intense humiliation involved as well, being helpless and held in that position begging for an outcome I had no control over for a time.

The ice timer lasted way longer than I had thought and that was the biggest issue regarding a, (now) great self-bondage session. I will most likely do this scenario again, maybe I will use two or three massagers and a longer ice timer.

It all sounds great now that I have escaped, we will see.


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