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Strapped Part 3

by I. M. Stuck

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© Copyright 2011 - I. M. Stuck - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; cuffs; gag; bfold; susp; caught; M/f; bond; nipple; toys; mast; sex; climax; cons; X

continued from part 2 Strapped 3: The End?

(Reading part one and two will help to follow the story line.)

Anjali hung weakly from her bonds. She just experienced an incredible orgasm unlike any that she could do on her own during her self bondage sessions. Some of her muscles were cramping slightly from the exertion of pulling against her ropes and chains. At the moment her mind was in a post ecstasy haze. That was incredible but could she go on. She delivered herself to John to do as he would please. She had fantasized about something like this for years. She never shared these desires with anyone until she “accidentally” discovered that John had similar interests. On top of that, she discovered that John had very serious feeling towards her as well.

So, it was Anjali that tied herself spread eagle from floor to ceiling, blind folded and gagged, and it was she that invited John to come to her home to find her in this position. Find her, John did and John did not disappoint. He seemed to know the right buttons to push. He was in total control of her body and her needs. Furthermore, there would be no escape until John would release her. John just tongued her to an incredible orgasm after a lengthy teasing of what seemed like her whole body. Anjali was mesmerized by what John just said “That was number one.” John said that he will “keep” her until he makes her come three times or until she uses her safe word.

“I have already come one time,” she thought, could she go on. Right now, she thought about using her safe word but the anticipation of how John might make her come next was overwhelming.

John felt well, really well. I guess you could say that John felt in control. John had loved Anjali for many years since they met in college. He had hid his feeling from Anjali fearing rejection and now their love for bondage has brought them this chance encounter. If they were of like minds then John must have confidence and for now he must be her Master. This is what he would want if the roles were reversed. Here was a chance for John to bond Anjali to him, to show her that he does understand her and considers her needs above all else. He still had two more chances to prove this and the first one seem to go pretty well.

John knew that she must have a special place that she puts her toys. He has one, and the leather restraints she was wearing was not something you find just anywhere. Anjali looked like she needed a short rest. He gently caressed her and told her that he would be right back. This peaked her curiosity somewhat since she lifted her head as if to ask a question but could not because of the ball gag.

John left her and walked to the closet. On the floor was a chest and it was unlatched. He opened it and was not disappointed. He did a quick inventory of the contents and knew exactly what each item was intended for. Number two should be interesting he thought. John found some nipple clamps and a vibrating dildo.

Anjali could hear John rummaging around. “What in the world could he be doing?”

John came up to her and said, “Anjali, I am going to do something different. Use your password if it is too weird or intense. We are going to do a little role play. It is ok to enjoy it.”

Unexpectedly, Anjali felt her head forced back. John had grabbed a hand full of her hair and pulled back gently by firmly. While doing so, with his other hand, he was touching, squeezing, and fondling whatever he wanted. In a very firm voice, he told Anjali that he was her Master and that she was to do whatever he wanted.

Anjali was surprised by the sudden change of moods and when she did not answer, she felt a sharp slap to her buttock.

John repeated his question and when she did not answer again, she received two slaps to the buttock. This got her attention and she quickly answered without thinking. “Mmmphff, Mmmphff” which John took to mean “Yes”.

Telling Anjali that she was a good girl, John began to fondle and kiss her breasts with his hands and his mouth. Between the slight pain in her buttock and the simulation of her breasts, her groin started to tingle again. When the nipples were firm John grabbed one between his fingers and slowly put a nipple clamp on it. Now Anjali figured out what John was rummaging through. He had found her “toys”.

The initial bite of the clamp is always the worst and she could not help but struggle and yelp, but John was considerate and lowered the teeth slowly. After it was on, John gave it a slight tug forcing Anjali to thrust her chest forward. John then applied a nipple clamp to the other breast. John then took a string and tied each end to the nipple clamps, so that pulling on the string would pull on both breasts. Anjali had used these clamps many times before in her self bondage play and enjoyed the stimulation, but this was unexpected and was heightening the stimulation. The tingling in her groin was definitely getting stronger and her juices were flowing.

John reached between her legs and she was wet. He was a little nervous at first thinking that he was going too far but Anjali had the nipple clamps for a reason. Although she thrashed within her restraints and moaned loudly, she did not use her safe word. Something must be working since Anjali was trying to hump his finger. John had a surprise for her. John had borrowed Anjali’s vibrating dildo. The dildo had straps at the base which John surmised were used to keep the dildo in place. John had placed lubricant on the tip of the dildo to message her opening. She was so wet, the tip was sliding in very easily. John was pumping the dildo back and forth gently but firmly going ever so slowly in deeper.

Anjali had no choice but to accept this invasion. She imagined that she was being taken but her body said otherwise. John stopped when he thought that it could go no further. He then secured the dildo in place with the straps tied up to her waist. Satisfied that it was not going anywhere, he then set the dildo on a low to moderate vibration. Since Anjali was not responding too greatly, he doubted that she would be able to come at this setting. It would tease her but not make her come.

John wanted Anjali to earn her climax. He told Anjali to squeeze her vagina against the dildo much like someone trying to stop urinating. When her abdominal muscles did not move, he gave her a sharp slap on the buttock. This time she obeyed. By clamping down on the dildo, she felt the vibrations more strongly. By repeating this exercise, Anjali could feel the stimulation but it was not strong enough to build to a climax. John just kept on saying “Again” in a firm voice and at the same time, he would pull on her nipple clamp or spank her buttock or pull her head back. Both John and Anjali lost track of time. Both were mesmerized by the experience. John knew that Anjali could do it and Anjali was completely focused on trying to come.

Anjali was unsure in the beginning. John was firm but gentle and she was not afraid. She was however excited by the fact that John was in control and playing with her however he liked. The clamps and dildo were only enhancing her fantasy state. Having her make herself come was a new twist however. She had used the dildo before where she could control the pressure and the vibrations. Now, she was forced to bear down on the dildo to make herself come. She had never done this before when she could gratify herself more quickly and easily. But, she was bond, gagged, and blindfolded and John was very insistent in motivating her. The heat in her buttock and nipples was evidence of that.

Anjali found that she was losing herself in all these sensations. She became focused in doing what John wanted. He wanted her to come and she certainly wanted it as well. At first she tried and squeezed and squeezed. She could stimulate herself but not push herself to climax. In bearing down on the dildo, it also reinforced the fact that she was bound tightly since she would also reflexively pull on her tethers for support. Without knowing it, she began to beg John to help make her climax. Her mind and body needed it and it turned to the only outlet available. “Please,” she would moan through her gag over and over again as she would thrust her body towards him.

When Anjali thought it was hopeless, something changed, she submitted completely to John. When he would say “Again”, she would bear down on the dildo and when she did, John would pull the sensitive nipples. John and Anjali continued this pattern and each time John would vary the nipple play but it was clear that he was applying increasing pressure. This was doing it. Anjali could feel her climax build and this time it did not go away. She kept on building and at some point, her vagina was totally contracted on the vibrating dildo. She could not release it. She could no longer talk, she was gasping. She was so close to climax that her body refused to release her buildup.

At that point, she heard John say “Come, Come now!!” With that, he was vigorously pulling both nipples and fondling her body as he pleased. The clamps made the sensitive nipples and breast tent out. The sensation pushed her over. Like a dam that breaks, she felt waves of immense contractions all over her that seem like it would never end. She pulled and thrashed and screamed. She was no longer in control of herself. She did it. John was very proud of her and was supporting her until her breathing became more even and the orgasms were subsiding.

That was number two.

It was almost 8:30 pm at this point. She had be been tied up spread eagle for at least two hours John thought. Anjali needed a break. Leaving her momentarily, John went over to her “toy” chest to prepare for the next session. He tied a 6 ft rope to each corner of her bed. While she was still weak and in a post ectasy haze, John removed her dildo. He then very slowly released each nipple clamp. The rush of the blood back to her nipple made her cry out each time. John then untied her legs. John had the key from her release mechanism and he unlocked the pad locks from her wrist restraints. He left her wrist cuffs and ankle cuffs on. John was ready to catch her if she were too weak to stand. Anjali was still blindfolded and gagged. Anjali could only drape herself over John while John carried her over to the bed.

Anjali was relieved to be let down. She had been standing in her high heels immobile for over two hours and she had just experienced two incredible orgasms. The last was like nothing she experienced. She had never worked so hard to make herself come like that before. She needed to rest. She felt herself floating in John’s arms as he carried her to the bed.

John placed her in the middle of the bed. Climbing on top of her, he began to undress her completely but slowly and deliberately with care and respect. He was massaging each of the areas that he was undressing especially her shoulders and legs. Anjali thought that was very sexy. He turned her over onto her stomach and removed her ball gag. She began to talk but was quieted by John telling her to “Shhhh”. He was massaging her back and buttock and legs. Not lost to Anjali was the fact that John had a raging hard on. She could feel it pushing against his pants. John did all this work for her and she wanted to give some back. She wanted him inside. She tried to turn over but John gently pushed her back down. She was wanted to say something but John told her to “Shhhh, remember you are mine until you come three times.”

He then turned her over and told her to spread her arms and legs. John then tied her spread eagle on the bed. He undressed and climbed on top of her. He touched and kissed her body like a long time lover but careful not to kiss her lips. Anjali wanted John to penetrate her. She wanted the feeling that no hand, mouth, or dildo could give her. She wanted the cock of the man on top her right now. John’s foreplay was only increasing this need. If she could not talk or touch him, then she could tell him with her body. She purred and moved her body in the most suggestive ways and tried to kiss or bite John where she could.

Despite the fact that Anjali was tied to the bed with her sex exposed, John asked if he could make love to her and she nodded yes. John lowered his penis gently into her while starring at Anjali’s face. He wanted to remember this for the rest of his life. Sometime later, they both came together and that was number 3.

Their story continues. Like life, their relationship will be full of twists or shall we say kinks, however their end will be a happy one just not what they planned.

I.M Stuck.
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