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The Straight Jacket and the Elevator

by Tigon

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© Copyright 2009 - Tigon - Used by permission

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So, tonight I decided to have a little fun with my straight jacket... (mind you, I can get out of it on my own it just takes a long time, or I have a hook on the wall in my place that makes it easy and quick.) So, Wearing shorts and a tank top (with sandals) i set off for the basement of my 12 story condo building, my straight jacket folded under my arm. I saw nobody on the way down but I was still nervous.

Once down there I checked to make sure it was empty and headed down the hall toward the storage area. I slipped on the straight jacket and clipped the back and crotch straps. Next I wrapped my arms around me and clipped them loosely together on their ends. The using a loop on the excess strap, i slipped it over a door nob and pulled. I just love the feeling of my arms tightening to me, knowing that I am nearly helpless.

So I walked around the basement some, explored really, only with a fun new predicament. After a bit I decided to head back up to my place, only here is the catch, I live on the 10th floor. So my options were to climb 10 flights of stairs tied up or take an elevator and risk being seen, having nowhere to hide or an easy way to untie myself. So I decided to take the helpless route of the elevator. I used my elbow to hit the elevator up button and waited.

Now normally the elevators are on the main floor when not in use, so it should have been a short wait. It was not a short wait... so I feared somebody may be using it. As I waited for a minute or so for the elevator I thought of how many people could see me; people could come in from the garage which was right next to me, or a big group of people could be getting on the elevator on my way back up. The prospect both excited me and scared me.

Well eventually the elevator light went off and I was ready to get on. However, getting off the elevator was a lady in her 60's that got off. She first greeted me, then as she past she stopped, looked over my predicament, and chuckling asked if I was ok?

I replied that I was just having some fun, she chuckled and was about to walk away.

Well in the time she asked me the question, the door shut and the elevator went back up (probably to the main floor), and I had no free arm to stop it. So the lady then reached past me and pressed the elevator call button for me, commenting on how I was "a bit tied up at the moment".

Instead of going about her business she decided to wait with me. I had hoped the conversation was over but I was not so lucky. She asked me what kind of jacket it was, to which I replied that it was a straight jacket.

She then asked if I liked being restrained like that, if I did it to myself or somebody did it to me.

I was tempted to say that it was a joke some friends played but since she was nice about it all I stuck with honesty.

I told her that I did it to myself and that I liked it a lot.

She also noted that she should help me out of it but since I did it to myself it was my predicament to figure out.

By that time the elevator was there and I got on. I was reaching with my elbow for my floor's button but she reached in and after asking what floor, pushed 10 for me. She then said for me to take care and that being tied up should keep me out of trouble.

The elevator did stop and open at the main floor but nobody got on and soon I was back at my floor. I opened the door with my foot, as I left it unlocked. With the help of a wall hook to pull on the straps I got the jacket off and undid the rest of the straps. It was really exciting to be seen tied and talked to about being tied. I am tempted sometime if that happend again to either talk some more or go away only to come back a little later claiming that I was trapped and ask a person to help me out. I am interested to see if people would help. Or maybe I could put it on loose and ask them to tighten it.

As a side note: most all of the people in my building are older and super nice, so even if I got caught I had little to worry about.


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