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by Alina Aamu

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© Copyright 2006 - Alina Aamu - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; chair; cuffs; gag; cons; X

I hadn't planned for it since I had made a decision to take some distance from bondage for awhile. But as it so wonderfully often happens, things lead to other things and there I sat, naked on the bed. I gently fiddled my breasts and asked myself once more if I really wanted to go ahead and do this. As it always happened, my mind said no but my guts screamed yes. I could already feel my pussy starting to get wet and I knew there was nothing I could do. My mind was already in the game so I couldn't do anything before I had my session of selfbondage fun.

As always, I jumped from the bed and went to my special closet which is always locked with a complex combination lock. I didn't want my friends to see what was inside this closet, but even less did I want to lose the key to my prized belongings.

When the door slid open, I had no choice but to marvel the contents of my 'special' closet once again. I was extremely thrilled just seeing all the stuff I had in store for myself in the closet. Sometimes I spent long moments just looking at the stuff, thinking about what I could do with the stuff. I had never been into leather or fancy bondage equipment, so most of what was there was actually quite commonplace. The entire closet was filled with ropes, long scarves, belts and other things to use in my self restriction.

I looked through the items, but decided that I need to set up my computer area right before I could tie myself up since I had a special plan. I went to the office and fired up my computer. While it was booting up, I took the office chair and carried it out of the room. Instead, I brought an ordinary kitchen chair too its place. Those are a lot better to tie oneself into.

When I had put the chair in front of the computer, I took one of the small lower desks and emptied it from the papers and an alarm clock that was on it. It was a very handy desk for various uses, but I had actually bought it especially for occasions like these. I placed the desk behind the chair, but didn't bring it close just yet.

Meanwhile, the computer had booted itself and I kicked the browser open. I surfed to a couple of my favourite bondage story sites and skimmed through the newest additions. I was that few new stories by my favourite bondage authors had came up and I also spotted a couple of interesting titles from new writers that I decided to check out.

I opened the stories to separate tabs for easy browsing when I would be all tied up and left the room to go back to my bedroom and to choose items for my restriction tonight.

I decided to use mainly plain old rope today. I had found this very comfortable but strong rope from a local hardware store which according to the package was marketed to use in boats, but I had a feeling that it had been decided for this. I mean, it would be a shame to spend all that money to just tie down your boat when you can tie down yourself, now wouldn't it?

This was actually probably my favourite part of the bondage fun. Choosing the equipment, designing the bond and getting ready for it. Perhaps waiting for something is sometimes better, but I sure did enjoy what came after the waiting as well.

For today, I chose four very long pieces of rope and handcuffs. Handcuffs weren't my favourite bondage tools, but they are easy. And I was quite tired so I really didn't have the energy to start going through the trouble of struggling some more complex way of getting my hands securely behind my back right now.

I threw the chosen items on to the bed and then took my cherished box from the bottom level of the closet. It was a plain old cardboard box, but the contents of this box were something very special for me. Ever since I woke up to the fact that bondage was something I couldn't live without, I had noticed a special attraction towards gags. So immediately when I had moved out by myself and started earning money, I had started to collect different kinds of gags. In this day and age of internet orders it was almost too easy to find all kinds of gags, but I was still very proud about my collection of dozens of different kinds of gags. I have to admit though that several of them I do not use very often, but to open the box and reveal all those wonderful gags still made me shake with arousal.

I had been concentrated so much on just getting the setup done that only the opening of the box made me realise how extreme arousal I had actually developed. My pussy was already very wet and my nipples were so hard that I could almost feel the blood rushing through them. I had to take a few strokes at my pussy and the reaction in my body was almost surprisingly aggressive. I knew that I couldn't do it many times or I'd bring myself over too soon. So instead I decided to center my concentration around what gag I would use in today's session.

I had almost all types of gags one could buy, but I couldn't help but to favour the traditional ball gag above all others. I enjoyed using the other kinds of gags from time to time, but there was no changing the fact that a good ball gag gave me the most satisfaction. For today I chose to use the most restrictive ball gag I had. A medium sized black ball gag trainer with straps going over my head and under my chin, making it impossible to force the ball out of my mouth.

The excitement really started building now, so I quickly grabbed all the items and ran to the office where the computer was waiting. I moved the table right behind the table and placed the wireless keyboard to it so that I could control it with my hands tied behind the back of the chair. I placed the key to the handcuffs to the other end of the table. I knew I wouldn't reach the key without major effort so there was really no reason to place it any further.

I then sat down to the chair, took a deep breath and then took the longest rope from the bunch. I doubled the rope and started wrapping it around my ankles and carefully cinched and tied it hard. I had left enough rope so that I could easily take the two ends of the rope and fasten them tightly to the legs of the chair. I did a few test pulls against the rope and decided that I was happy with the level of restriction the bond provided me.

I then took another rope and tied my legs right under the knees as well. After I had done that, another rope followed to tie my legs right over the knees. Once the leg bondage was complete, I once again tested it and was happy to notice that I could hardly move my legs at all.

I then took the remaining bondage items and placed them to my lap since I would not be able to reach them after I had tied my torso to the chair with the remaining rope. I took the rope and carefully made it cross the bars at the back of the chair as I wrapped the rope several times just underneath my breasts. I have never liked the feeling of tying my breasts so I was careful to not go over them as I went through the several layers of rope. Finally I got to the point that I tied the rope as tightly as I could. I had to adjust the rope a few times so that I managed to get the rope in front of me. I didn't want myself to start untying myself with my hands still cuffed behind me.

Then came the time for the most exciting piece of bondage gear from the bunch. My gag. I always take time to apply the gag since it really is probably the single most exciting moment of any selfbondage adventure. I pressed the ball against my lips, but didn't open them. I smelled the sweet taste of rubber I had grown so fond of and closed my eyes. Pretending that someone was forcing the gag on me, I slowly opened my lips and let the gag slide behind my teeth. It was a moment that could've been enough to tip me over the edge in itself, but I managed to keep my concentration in finishing my bondage. I buckled the straps behind my head and under my chin specially tight. I tried to push the ball out of my mouth with my tongue, but it did not move even an inch.

My breathing had become quite deep by now and my pussy was screaming for my hand to finish it off, so I quickly grabbed the cuffs and applied them to me behind my back. I heard the familiar sound of the cuffs clicking on and I knew that I had trapped myself once again for who knows how long.

For a moment I just sat there with my eyes closed, waiting my breathing to calm. When I decided that I was calm enough to start to read the stories, I opened my eyes again and made sure that I could reach all the necessary keys from the keyboard to make the reading experience possible. This was my favourite way to spend my selfbondage sessions. A lot of selfbondage fans know that just lying there in bondage looses its charm after a moment and you need something to keep you excited. For me, that was selfbondage stories. They were very exciting since I have a vivid imagination and they are much better than bondage videos since either those bore me out of my mind or then take me over the edge too fast, depending on the day.

But soon I found that I had made a small error in planning this session. I hadn't made sure that the straps of my trainer gag didn't go over my eyes and I saw that the right left strap was slightly over my eye. It didn't make the reading impossible, but it was a major annoyance. I tried correcting it by shaking my head and trying to find something to lean against to correct it. But of course it was of no use since I was very tightly strapped to the chair. So I just decided to ignore it and read the stories regardless...

After a couple of stories I was starting to wonder how much drool can a girl produce and why was I producing it so much right now. Even though my gag was very tight, some drool constantly managed to escape and roll over my chin and to my chest. It did annoy me somewhat. In addition, the strap over my left eye had made my head hurt and I started to feel the urge to pee. All in all, I decided that it was time to let myself out of the bonds and retire for the night.

However, as I knew, that was easier said then done. Or in my case, it was not since my ball gag made speech pretty much impossible. Regardless I had taken the habit of trying to say some of the lines and other things from the stories out loud just to remind myself that I was indeed well gagged and that nobody wouldn't understand me.

However, now wasn't the time for gag games since my urge to get out of my predicament grew every second. The key was at the other end of the small table, so I basically had two choices on how to get it. I could slowly and painfully try to move the chair, or try to tip the table. I wasn't too keen to tip the table because the keyboard would fall to the hard floor and the key would probably slide past my hands anyway, and that would be considered a very bad thing. I had had previous luck with moving the chair, so that was what I decided to try.

But after just a few attempts I had to come to the conclusion that it was impossible in this bondage position. I had forgotten that I had never tied my feet so securely to the legs of the chair before. It made all movement in the chair impossible.

So there I sat, then. Securely tied and gagged in a chair without a plan as to how to get out. I wasn't worried, not yet. I had had several of these moments before and I had grown quite fond of them. This is when the feeling of bondage really set in. Right this moment, I truly was inescapably tied and gagged and there was nothing I could do about it. I closed my eyes once again to take in the feeling, but it was stopped short when my bladder reminded of itself again. I needed to get out, and I needed to get out fast.

It took me a few minutes, but I finally decided that the best thing to try would not be to tip the table, but try and turn it instead. It was a risky manoeuvre because I knew that I could knock the table down accidentally or otherwise make the key unreachable. Therefore I had to be very careful, and do it very slow.

I started by pushing the table a few inches away from me to make room to move it. I then carefully started to push it to the right. My hand were only cuffed and not strapped to the chair in any way so I still had a surprising amount of movement that I could use with my hands.

When I finally touched the corner of the table, I started to turn it so that I could move it again but following the other side. This turned out to be probably the trickiest part of the move since the table started to jump on the carpet when I started to turn it. I turned my head as much as I could to see to the table. I couldn't see the key, but I heard that it was jumping on the desk. This was very concerning, since there was a chance that it could fall down or move out of my reach completely if I wasn't careful.

So I just had to bite my gag and use every bit of patience I had in me. And I have to say that for a person who loves self-restraining, I didn't have too much of it. Finally I managed to reach the other side of the table and could once again move the table sideways.

After another painstaking turn at the corner and little way into the last side of the table, I finally felt the key and grabbed it. By this time I was covered in sweat, and it felt like my entire lower face and upper torso was flooded with drool that was coming around the gag. My bladder was killing me by this time and I had to remind myself to use patience again several times when I tried to get the key into the cuffs.

Finally I felt the key sliding in and I was able to free my wrists with the turn of a key. However, as it often happens with the closing possibility of getting to pee, my urge suddenly lifted itself to new heights. This time I no longer had the patience, so I struggled with the ropes for quite awhile.

Once I finally got all the ropes off, I just left them as they were and didn't even remove the gag as I rushed to the toilet. When I finally got to release the pressure from my bladder, my moans of satisfaction behind the gag was almost like the ones I make then I get an enormous orgasm.

And speaking of orgasms, that was the main reason I left the gag still on. After I had finished my restroom things, I went directly to the bedroom to release all the sexual pressure and frustration I had built during my session. After that, it would be time to write down my experiences as I always do, but that wouldn't become a concern until several major orgasms later...



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