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Stood Up

by Anteros

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© Copyright 2006 - Anteros - Used by permission

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It’s about 5am and I have just got in from a first date with a rather lovely young lady. I am a cross dresser and enjoy a bit of bondage and the way she was dressed plus the signals coming from her indicate she might not be adverse to a few games. Being a first date I was not willing to push it too far, but have come home very frustrated. I have been mesmerized all night by her tottering about on really high stiletto heels.

Yesterday, funnily enough, I took delivery of my first pair of 6” stilettos that can be locked on, so why not try them out now.

I shall use the ice cube method to hold the release key. I have made an ice holder out of a penny washer with stiff wire soldered on to be able to attach it to a light fitting. I have soldered a half inch wide strip of thin metal around the edge of the washer, making it into a cup with a hole in the bottom. The key is attached to a loop of thin string which I push through the hole from underneath and then feed an ice cube through the loop. The ice sits in the cup and the string attached to the key cannot be pulled out until the ice melts. I usually use a half inch round fishing lead attached to a brass key to make sure it falls, but this time I have to use a lock with a steel key for a magnet to be able to work. It is heavy enough by itself. All the other keys necessary for my release are on a high shelf, just at arms reach, in a built in cupboard. A backup set of keys are in the garage.  The garage door is very exposed, facing a busy, tightly packed, residential area with street lights.

First I put on a pair of shinny opaque tights with cutouts front and rear. I pull my cock and balls through the front one. Next a pair of rubber pants goes on. They have a very small hole in the front which I have to pull my cock and balls through. In the rear is a very thick butt plug. I lube the plug and push it in. My ring feels really stretched and I know I will be in quite a lot of discomfort before too long. The tight rubber of the small hole for my wedding tackle is already making itself felt. I now put on a white suspender belt a pull on a pair of white fishnet stockings. They show up very well against the black of the tights. A bra and silicon breast forms are next, followed by a white, high necked, satin dynasty type blouse with short cuffed puffy sleeves and shoulder padding. 

I lock a chain around my waist with another chain attached to it that I position at the back. This chain is for my wrists. I find I can get locks on with the distance between my wrist not much different than hand cuffs and a lot less easy to pick. Another chain is attached to the front that I wrap and lock around my genitals. A further chain is attached to the genital chain on the underside. This goes through my legs and locks to my waist chain at the rear. There is a ring on the rubber pants at the base of the butt plug and I lock this to the chain. Even though I will be able to reach the butt plug with my hands secured behind my back, I will not be able to remove it. 

Now for more discomfort I add a black satin corset that goes from just under the bust, pushing my false tits up and out, to my hips. I pull the chain for my wrists through the laces at the back and pull them reasonably tight before tying them off at the front. A rubber hood with a penis gag is next, with one way lenses for the eyes and breathing tubes that go up my nose. I have coated the lenses with demister that should work long enough for the ice to melt. Once they steam up everything is very blurred. The breathing tubes are not very wide so with the restricting corset I have to breathe long and slow to get enough air. A posture collar goes round my neck, stopping me form moving my head, keeping it up and looking forward. Finally I put on a pair of black satin opera gloves that reach up over my elbow and stop just short of the cuffs of the satin blouse. This black and white contrasting outfit is embarrassingly visible.

It is now about 5.45am and the final phase of my preparation. I now, with great difficulty as I can hardly bend, sit down, pushing the butt plug further in my painfully stretched ass. Put on my 6" stiletto court shoes that have locking ankle strap. With my shoes locked on I hobble myself with a chain around my ankles, leaving only about 6" of slack.

I totter to the kitchen; my toes hurt crammed into these ridiculously high shoes, and get an ice block from the kitchen fridge. I totter with the small steps that the hobble chain allows, to the hall. My heels click on the bare floor boards (I am in the process of redecorating and have thrown away the old carpet). I am careful not to let my stilettos go down the gaps in the boards. The ice holder attached to the overhead light fitting, is just in reach with fully outstretched arms but not with them locked behind my back. Checking I have the right key, I set the ice and key in the holder. I have a magnet fixed to the end of a 5ft pole allowing me to pick up the metal key when it falls. I put this on the side board, being at a height that is reachable, standing with my hands secured behind my back, next to the garage key. Now that my waist has had time to adjust to the corset, I pull the laces as tight as I can before tying and locking them off. The corset is now really tight. It is a size 22” waist and it is very nearly closed at the back. The corset is now so tight I can only breathe in small gasps through my chest, which makes my supported tits heave up and down.

All is set and it is now nearly 6am, an hour before daylight, when the neighbors start to rise and move about.

I now take a 3’ 6” pole with a ring at both ends and lock one end to the middle of my ankle hobble chain. Lift it up behind my back a lock it to the waist chain showing through the laces of the corset. I am now forced to stand, the pole stopping me from sitting, crouching or kneeling. I can only fall over!

I now lock my right wrist behind my back to one end of my waist chain. I pick up the final lock, the one to the key in the ice holder. I hesitate. Do I bottle out and get the set of keys on the high shelf, while I still have one arm free. My legs are shaking and my feet are already painful. The rubber pants seem to be getting tighter around the base of my tackle and my sphincter is being really stretched. I make the mistake of starting to masturbate. As I get more excited, inhibitions go and before I know it - click- my left wrist is secured behind my back.

Oh no, I am now stuck like this until the ice melts, usually 2 to two and a half hours. I have never stood for that length of time in 6" heels.

The initial excitement recedes and the realization of what I have done kicks in. I am being forced to stand on 6" heels with suspenders, stockings and privates totally on show. My tiny black satin corseted waist shows up nicely against the white satin blouse. Ever increasing discomfort from my overstretched anus and my head held rigidly with a penis in my mouth. I now realize that I have done the corset up too tight. I panic. That makes things worse as I try to take deep breaths in my panic, which I obviously cannot do with the tight corset and restricting breathing tubes. I feel that I am suffocating. I go light headed and start to totter. I must get a grip! If I fall with my hands secured my back I cannot break my fall and will probably do some serious damage. I force myself to take slower breaths and start sucking on the cock in my mouth - thinking erotic thoughts.

I look at the clock and it is only 6.15! It’s only been a quarter of an hour and things are already getting quite uncomfortable. The ice hasn't even started dripping yet. Oh my feet. I try to crouch but I only bend my knees a bit before the pole stops me. If I try to move about that might ease the discomfort in my feet. The pole forcing my hobble chain down restricts my steps even more and I really am unsteady as I take small mincing steps.

6.25 My feet are now very uncomfortable. I try to shift my weight for one foot to the other to ease the pressure for awhile. The corset and posture collar remind me how controlled my body is - I have to breathe very carefully. I am sure the anal plug and penis gag have grown as my ring feels so stretched and I now feel on the point of gagging.

If I can get my sexual excitement up a bit it will ease the pain. I hobble over to the wall, lean against it, close my eyes, suck on the cock in my mouth and drift off into a sexual fantasy.

I come back with a stiff cock but cannot do anything about it with my hands secured behind my back.

I cannot stand much more of this!  Should be able to get to the garage before it light! It’s very risky: Even in the dark with dim street lights, my privates being held up and forward will show up well against the black rubber pants. As will the white blouse and white stockings and suspenders. I hear a car door and an engine start! How can that be its too early? I cannot see the wall clock from where I am leaning but I can see some of the front room’s pulled curtains. I get a sinking feeling as daylight is showing through them. I totter into a position to be able to see the clock - its 7.20. I only drifted away for 5 minutes - didn't I?

The ice looks as though it’s got a least an hour left. My feet are in absolute agony, my legs really trembling now with the prolonged effort - I have been standing in these 6" heels for nearly an hour and a half. I futilely try to hook one off but of course the padlocked ankle strap makes sure they stay firmly on.

I look into the sitting room at the easy chair - The desire to sit down is overpowering. But that is out of the question

My ass aches badly now - I try to push the plug out - it moves out a bit but only snaps back in as my muscles give in.

My cock is still frustratingly erect. It must be the combined effect of the butt plug and tightening opening in the rubber pants.

I really want to take a deep breath and expand my stomach.

My jaw aches and my I can feel my saliva filling the mask - it is starting to get up my nose and bubbling from the breathing tubes.

I want out NOW!

8am when will the key fall!  Pleeese let it be soon. My feet and ass hurt so much. I tell myself I will never put myself in this position again. I never knew that standing in extremely high heels for a length of time could be so painful. I can hear lots of activity now from outside so getting the key from the garage is definitely out of the question. How could I live it down? 1am is probably the earliest, anyway near safe time to make a dash for the garage and that is 17 hours away!

Time passes so slowly when you are in agony. I am now standing, holding the pole with the magnet and staring at the key willing it to drop. There's a slight twitch and it falls. The relief is overwhelming. There's a click as the key hits the floorboards, bounces ------ and disappears through a gap in the floorboards.

A black and white, wasp waisted figure stands on towering 6" stilettos, with an erect penis, heaving chest, black rubber ball head and saliva bubbling from the ends of the breathing tubes. Behind the misting one way lenses nobody can see the horror in the wide staring eyes. .


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