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Stefanie’s Mistake

by ZM

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© Copyright 2012 - ZM - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; latex; costume; gag; chain; hobble; cuffs; stuck; cons; X

Stefanie is a confident, attractive young woman who lives in a small apartment in the town. She is proud of her body, her charisma and the power she had over men. She always has everything under control and does always know what to do next.

It is now several weeks before Carnival and Stefanie searched the internet for a sexy costume for the carnival. Her costumes are always unusual and extremely short so that she can steal the show from the other women. A year ago she went dressed as a Playboy Bunny. She had worn black leather boots, some short hotpants with white pompom and a low-cut black top, so that her beautiful C-cup breasts were shown to advantage. Onto her head she had put two bunny ears in her long brown hair. With her beautiful blue eyes she could get any man she wanted.

This year it should be something special too. She does yet not know what, but perhaps she will find something overwhelming on the web. After a long period of searching, she came across a page which offers sexy costumes. The costumes are made of latex and they are available in different variations and colors. As Stefanie looks at the photos on the website she sees that this material is the very formfitting and accented the figure of a woman, it shows her curves down to the last detail. A costume which attracts her attention is an orange, short latex dress. It represents a prisoner's uniform. At the product photos a very sexy female model is posing. The first two pictures illustrate the dress from the front and rear. The dress is just as long as it reaches the butt of the model. As soon as you lean forward or bend down the dress would slip over the butt. Steffi is very pleased with the pictures and decide that this is something she looked for. She also views the other pictures on which the model wears handcuffs, a transport belt, leg irons and a gag is hanging around her neck. Steffi had never been bound and she will not let someone do it, but these accessories would enhance the outfit.

Without further hesitation, she decides out of curiosity to buy the dress, a few high security hand and leg irons, a transport belt and an orange ball gag.

“I can send it back later if I don´t like the things. But I don´t need shoes, since I own about 60 pairs of shoes and one of them would match the outfit.”, she thinks.

After a week she can´t wait until the package arrives home and she can unpack everything and try it on. But again, a week passes by until the package is delivered. After work she takes all the gear out of the package and puts it gently side by side on her bed. Steffi unfolds the orange dress and by the touch of the latex she feels a tingle in her belly.

Before Steffi tried everything on, she went into the shower and gets herself fresh. After the shower, she goes into her wall closet and searched after the correct pair of shoes. In here are flat shoes next to high heels. Of course, to such a dress belong high heels, but which ones are the right ones? Open, closed, boots. She decides for black patent leather pumps with ankle straps and a metal heel of 5.5 inches. When she turns around, she looks at herself in the full-length mirror, an attractive young woman, completely nude on high heels is looking back at her. At the sight of the sexy woman her crotch is getting wet, she moves her hands over her body, massaged slightly over her nipples and fondles her vagina.

After about 10 minutes she is aroused and lifts the dress from the bed. She steps into it and feels the cold latex for the first time on her skin as she pulls it up her legs. She gets an endorphin surge as the latex encloses her body like a second skin. She moves upwards and covered her now hard nipples, which you can see through the latex. She puts the neck strap around her neck and trimmed the dress again, which is already hiked up over her ass cheeks. She goes back to the mirror to look at herself and a renewed endorphin surge riddled her body. The dress emphasizes her hourglass figure and her curves are now shown to advantage. Due to the high heels her feet are stretched, the orange dress starts just below her genital area and nestle tightly to her 35-24-35 figure. Because of the tight dress her cleavage is forced up and looks stunning. Stefanie's long brown hair dangle slightly in her face and her blue eyes shine brightly.

"This is exactly what I was looking for" she tells herself.

As she caresses and ran her hands over her body, her endorphin level is rising more and more.

Now an idea came up, "I can try all the other accessories too, why have I ordered them. I don´t have to shut them close and I also have the keys!"

She quickly moves back to her bed and looks over all other items. First she fetches the orange ball gag and examines it. The ball is about 2.3 inches tall and its buckle is lockable with a small heart-shaped lock, which was supplied too. She puts the key aside. She wasn´t sure about what she is doing now when she opens her mouth and with little effort, got smoothly the ball behind her teeth. She closes the buckle behind her head, at the same time Stefanie leans forward not to pinch her hair. This means that the prisoner's uniform has again slipped up on her ass. She arranges it and thinks "it's really a bit short, but no matter, just as I want it!" Now she notices how this ball is filling her mouth, she tried to say something, but there is only "hmmmh kmmh nm mmhm omhm". Steffi grabs the little heart-shaped lock and with a click it snaps into the buckle.

Next, she picks up the metal shackles for her feet and opens them with the key. She notes that due to the 7 inch long connecting chain, she can´t make big steps. She closes the cuff with a few clicks to her right leg. With each click, it tingles more in her belly. The left bracket followed immediately afterwards. When the irons are close, she tests her mobility and walks a small circle around in her bedroom.

"At the party these cuffs are not relevant to wear, because you can´t even walk properly" she thinks.

Back at the bed she takes the black leather transport belt to hand and strapped it around her waist. Stefanie secures it also with a lock and then thinks about where she should places the metal ring.

"Front or back? Real criminals are always tied at the back. "

So she turns the ring to her backside, due to the fact that at the party she will not apply the handcuffs anyway. With that Steffi has already arrived to her final accessories. The handcuffs! She looks at them closer, they look very sturdy and do not have a chain between them, instead there is a hinge. She is testing the steadiness a little by pulling on them. In her mind there is a firework at the thought that she is completely helpless in them. Her inner voice says she should not do that and she obeys at first. But she slides them through the ring on the belt above her butt.

Again, she got off the bed to look in her mirror. When she gets there with her small steps, her knees get quite soft due to her appearance and she can hardly stand on her feet. She turns and re-turns in front of the mirror, with that the chains between her ankle cuffs jingling slightly. When she stands with her back to the mirror, she spots the open handcuffs and wonders.

"How would it look if my hands are in the handcuffs? I don´t have to close them all the way and nevertheless I can look how it would look like."

She closes the cuffs one click and then puts first her left hand in the first cuff, followed from her right into the second. She moves her hands in the handcuffs back and forth and testing what she can do bound like she is now.

"Not much I can do now. But they are still a little loose. I can close them a little bit more."

With that in her mind, Steffi closes the cuffs on both sides a couple of clicks, till she can just slip out.

Meanwhile, it´s in the afternoon and Steffi is always looking the news on TV. With her hands in her handcuffs she goes into the living room of her apartment because that´s where the TV is. She also is interested in how long she can wear these shackles. It is a bit awkward with her hands behind her back, but she manages to turn on the news. Relieved she let herself fall into the couch. She jumps out of her skin as she hears some clicks behind her back. The pressure of the cushion on the couch closed the handcuffs tightly around her wrists.

She screams through her ball gag loudly, but there is only a faint "Nnnnnoooooo".

Steffi immediately tests if and how she gets out again of the cuffs, but they will not give or loosen and keep her hands securely behind her back. Desperately she is trying to rotate and turn her hands, but there is no way, she is caught. She is somehow also excited and has her first bondage orgasm because of the thought that she cannot get out here. After a short cooling period something immediately rushes through her head.

"I've still got the keys."

She moves as fast as she can with her high heels and ankles cuffed toward the bedroom. Once there, she takes the key and tries to find the keyhole. She goes to the mirror to see where it is. Stefanie notes with dismay that she has made a second mistake. The keyholes are on the upper side of the hinged cuffs, that´s where she can´t reach with her hands, even if she is flexible. She gets a bit panicky.

After she runs around for 10 minutes as wild and as much her ankle cuffs permit, she calms down a bit and considers what to do. She can´t call anyone because Steffi can´t say anything with the big ball gag in her mouth. So she must solve the problem herself, but she can´t. After further reflection, there comes a somehow exciting and also scaring thought, "Tom live next door. He is a good soul and I can always tell him everything." She likes him only as a good friend and would never start something with him.

"When I would go over, he would definitely help me out of this predicament. But I need to get out of my apartment. If someone sees me like this! Tight latex dress! High heels! Cuffed! Ballgag in my mouth! What will my neighbors think of me?"

All these thoughts shot through her head, but she have to do it. Steffi grabs all the keys lying on her bed and heads for the door. She stands behind her door, looking through the peephole again and again. In her stomach there is a tingling sensation.

"Nobody to see and hear, then go"

So she opens the door and steps out into the hallway. With small steps, she comes up to Tom's door, but she can´t reach the bell, because her hands are firmly placed on her back. She bends down to use her nose to push the bell. With that her dress slipped up her ass cheeks and again everything is visible. After some time, Steffi thought Tom would not be at home, he opens his door. As he sees Stefanie, he initially moves back a yard, but then allows her quickly access into his apartment. With a little grin on his face, he closes the door behind her...


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