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Steel Lover

by Lee

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© Copyright 2009 - Lee - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; corset; cyber; M/f; susp; toys; cons; X

Abby’s husband was stuck, grounded in Chicago due to the snowstorm. She was starting to get horney. She was expecting him to get home two days ago, but due to Murphy’s Law everything had gone wrong. She had just got off the phone with him and he had been teasing her with what he was going to do to her when he got home. She was lying back in bed with her hand stroking her pussy. Abby decided she would have to get a lover for tonight.

After a long soak in the hot tub and a couple of glasses of red wine she was ready. She dried herself off and went into the back of her walk-in closet. The whole back of the closet was their play gear. After browsing over the items she finally decided on what she wanted and picked out them out. It took three trips to get everything she needed and carry them into the bedroom where she laid them out on the bed. She took a tube of warming lube and coated a few select places.  After a while it would start to get quite warm and provided a pleasant tingling addition to what she hoped would be an extended pleasure in bondage.

Next came the little Devils. This was a custom made set of dildos. Both dildos were molded from her husband’s well-endowed cock, the pussy dildo was made a little larger. They had some interesting features. The ass devil had a ring that could move back and forth past her rosebud. The pussy dildo had the same type of ring that would massage her sweet spot. They could even pulse and squirt like it was cuming. Both dildos would vibrate, increase in size, the tip would pulse in and out. At the bottom of the shaft there were two metal pads that could provide some very intense shocks. They were computer controlled and could talk to the computer via bluetooth. You can run the program on the computer or down load it to the Devils. There were sensors in the shafts that monitored vital signs and could even send the signals to any bluetooth device. You could monitor someone’s condition over the internet. Even start, stop or modify the program.

They were smart dildos. While monitoring your vitals they could tell when you were about to cum. The damn things would totally shut down till you calmed down. They were attached together by a strip of steel covered by the same material the dildos were made of. Once they were in she would have to spread her legs and the only thing you would see is the flesh colored strip.

Abby lubed up her pussy and rosebud. She started to slide the Little Devils in. She gasp a little as the back one pushed pass the rosebud. Once they were both in they moved deeper and deeper. Her breathing was becoming more rapid the deeper they went. When she had impaled them down to the rings she paused. This was the first time she had use them. She had stopped and was almost panting like a dog. She had this wild looking grin on her face.

Her husband had built a rack they kept in the bedroom. She had spent many a tortured night on it tied or chained in various positions.  It had a seat at one end that was just about the right height. She twisted around so she was just over it. With one hand on one of the rack’s boards and the other spreading her pussy lips out. She started to lower herself down. Using her weight to drive the Devils down past the rings. As her sweet rosebud started to expand as it started over the ring she gave a short scream from the pain. This is larger than she realized. Maybe she should use her old dildos this time.

 As she started to push herself up the lube on her hand made it slip off the board and she drove herself down on both dildos with a thump. As the rings slammed past her ass and pussy lips she saw stars and screamed again falling over onto the bed. Abby lay there panting with her legs pulled up in a fetal position. As she caught her breath she thought, ‘Well maybe I’ll use these after all.’ between the short breaths she was taking.

When she had calmed down she rolled to her side to get off the bed. Abby walked over to the full-length mirror on the wall. You really couldn’t see the bar between the two Devils. It wasn’t uncomfortable. No more than that steel chastity belt she wore when she lost that bet with hubby. Just having them in her along with the warming jell was starting to get the juices flowing.

She finished the last of her wine and set the glass down on the desk. She found the remote and pressed the load programs button. She looked over to the laptop and saw the connection alert, then the window open and the status bar start to crawl across the screen. Putting the remote down she started to walk back to the bed. Out of the corner of her eye she saw the download complete message pop up. Then a new window opened and the word “Initializing and systems check.”

Both of the Devils came alive. The vibrators started and ran slowly up towards their max intensity. The rings pulsed up and down through their range, and the last inch or so of each shaft pulsed back and forth deep in their respective holes. Then a series of pulses from the pads at the bottom of each shaft hit her. Abby was on her knees before she knew it. She through her head back and grabbed her crotch with both hands. Everything only took a second but it Rocked Her World. Then they went quiet. Abby sat back on her heels and caught her breath. “What in the Fuck?” She said.

When she regained her composure she went over the charging base the Devils had been on since last night. Getting the booklet on the first page she saw.

“CAUTION” DILDOS PREFORM A SELF-CHECK OF ALL SYSTEMS WHEN POWERED ON. It is recommended this be preformed before inserting the dildos.

“NO SHIT!” Abby said in a low voice. “Wow.” She picked up the remote and walked over to the bed lying across the covers. She looked at the remote and pressed the off button. Pulling her legs up she pressed the Power On button and dropped the remote to the bed.

As the Devils went into their testing sequence Abby threw her head back and gave a long stuttered moan that grew louder as the systems ran towards their peak, ending with a “YES!” As she laid their smiling over the quick orgasm she just had she thought. “I wonder if a start stop could be included in a custom program.” Abby started to open the instruction to programming but decided she would do that later. She wanted her bondage session; she wanted it bad she wanted it now.

Abby had selected her black shiny latex cat suit. It took her a while to get into it. She always bought one size smaller than she should have. She had used enough powder the suit was going on fairly easy. She liked things nice and tight. When she pulled the suit up over her shoulders it pushed the Little Devils deeper into her. She had to gasp. Another smile came to her lips.

She decided on a black latex hood that only left her eyes showing. It even covered her nose. There were two grommet openings that allowed her to breath and there was a stiff structure the kept the hood from pressing on her nose and cutting off her breathing. Abby loved the feel of latex. The squeeze would kick her into overdrive when she orgasmed. It did make her breathing a little difficult when she got excited. But that added to the intensity. Before she put it on she selected a 2” ball gag that didn’t have a strap. She didn’t need one. She rolled this behind her teeth and stretched the hood over it. She made sure the breathing holes lined up.

It had taken Abby a while to be able to have a 2” ball gag in for extended periods. She would put one in while she was working around the house. As she suppressed the gag reflex and learned how to swallow with it in her mouth. Her husband had finally allowed her to sleep with a ball gag on. Only while he was at home. He was light sleeper and figured he could hear if she was having trouble. She never had a problem.

Next came her black lace up ballet boots. She had gotten pretty good walking around the house in these. Of course she wouldn’t want to try to walk to the mall in them. The boots came up to her knees. She laced them tight and put a lock through the top lace holes. She wouldn't get them off till the timer unlocked the box holding the keys. 

She had decided to use the steel chain body harness. This harness was made out of 5/16" chain. It was custom made for her by her husband. First she wrapped the waist chain around and put the ends to the hooks coming out of a 4-way lock. There was a single chain that went up the center of her back just level with her tits and ended in a 2” ring. Two lengths of chain came over her shoulders. On the end of each was a circle of chain to go around her tits. Two more lengths of chain came from the back ring, around her body and attached to the circles around her tits. The tit circles were connected together in the center just like a bra with a special three-way lock.

Off the bra chain was a single link between the circles. She put these onto the hooks coming out of the lock. She had to work her tits into the circles to get the ends of the single link on the lock hook. Reaching between her legs she grabbed a single piece of chain that was attached to the belt chain and pulled it through and up to put it on the third hook of the lock at her waist. She picked up the piece of chain that went from the lock between her tits down to the 4-hook lock on her waist chain.

These locks were designed so that when you put a handle on the lock and twisted it would pull the hooks into the body of the lock thus pulling the chains tighter and locking the chains in place. When she forced the waist lock closed it pulled the chain against the dildos forcing them deeper still into her already tender holes. It forced a smile.

Abby moved into the large closet. The chair and table was already in place. Using the hoist remote she lowered them down to where she could reach them and sat on the chair. Putting the remote on the table she selected the two long lengths of chain lying on the floor. Abby took a 4” wide leather strap that had a large d-ring attached to the center and wrapped it around her ankles. Using the 3 straps on it she pulled it tight and put a small lock on each of the buckles. She lowered the hoist hook and snapped the hook onto the d-ring on her ankle strap. She screwed down the safety.

She selected a section of chain and wrapped it around her thighs. Using one of the locks she tightened the chain and heard it lock with a click. Coming off the waist chain there were two lengths that ran down the outside of her legs. They stopped midway between her thighs and knees. A section of chain was connected to each of these that wrapped around her thighs. It was tightened with one of the special locks.

There were two chains lying on the floor. They ran through two eyehooks that pulled up from their recess in the floor. They ran back to the wall where they wrapped around a remote controlled hoist block. This hoist was programmed to keep a preset amount of tension on these chains. She hooked these to the d-rings on her wrist straps.

She picked up a neck corset and wrapped it around her neck. It was made with thick leather. When she pulled the straps tight it would just squeeze her neck like a lovers caress. She pulled it tight and hooked the buckle into the end hole. This made it impossible to move her head or to look down. She did not put the lock she had for it. “Not unless I am here.” Was her husbands comment when he ordered it.

Abby paused for a moment double-checking everything. She picked up the remote and pressed the notify button. She looked over to the laptop that was running the programs. A window came open and text scrolled across the screen for a few seconds. Then a window came open and she saw her husband’s face. He was looking at the screen and just shook his head. He could see his wife with the web cam. Putting on a headset Abby heard him say. “I guess you want me to do the honors.” She blinked her eyes. She couldn’t move her head.

Abby could see his hands move as he typed on the keyboard. She heard the hoist above start and her legs start to go up. She leaned back onto the chairs back pad and relaxed. As her legs were pulled up the chairs back lowered until the hoist supported her. As her back left the chair it pushed the chair across the room. As she was pulled up the chains attached to her hands started to tighten up. This pulled her hands apart till the chain was tight. The hoist pulled a little more till the preset tension on the chains signaled to stop.

Abby was almost there. She was drawn extra tight in her position. She could pull up on the chains attached to her hands but she couldn’t hold it very long. There was 40lbs of pull on each of the chains. “Everything looks good. Here we go” She heard her husband say. The Little Devils kicked. He had started the program and was watching the show. Abby was just starting to enjoy her self when she heard the computer beep three times. This means her husband modified the program.

Both of the devils kicked into overdrive. Abby was moaning around her gag. Loosing herself in the steel lovers embrace. As she hung there starting to feel the warm wave start over her, in the back of her mind she heard the computer. First her husband said.  “Abby my flight is being called. I will be home in about 6 hours.” Then a few seconds later she heard several beeps and the computer say, “Connection lost. Program modifications accepted. Time limits reset to max.”

AAAaahhhhhhhhhh SSSSsshhhhhhiiiittttt Abby screamed into the gag as the Devils carried her over to the edge. She was straining against the chains. Her body started to swing back and forth to the limits allowed as wave after wave crashed over her. UUUUUhhhhhhhhh NNNNNNoooooooo she screamed as the devils did not back off. She was having orgasm after orgasm. AAAAAaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh Abby screamed as her body convulsed from the orgasms.

Finally the Devils calmed down but did not go away. They did not stop. Her body twitched from mini shocks. She finally calmed down enough to comprehend what the computer had said. Time limits set to max. This meant the program would run until it was shut off. Oh God. 6 hours before he got home and hours drive home. As the Devils started back up she felt the rings start to pulse. Every time the ring moved back and forth across her rosebud she saw stars. She struggled against the chains. The weights pulled her hands back tight. UUUUUHHHhhhhhhh SSsssshhhhhhiiiitttt. That only made things worse. She tried to resist it. But the waves were building more and more. As she went over the edge Abby wondered if she could DDDDDDDdiiiiiiieeeeeee BBbbyyyy OOOOOooorrrrrrrggggaaaasssssmmmmmmm.



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