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Steel Bound Pet

by Techster

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Steel Bound Pet
by Techster
Steel Bound Pet  by Techster
My wife, Techie, knows I love to experiment with self-bondage. Unlike many self-bondage practitioners my self-bondage relies on my wife of 35+ years, Techie, for release. If correctly designed there is no way I can free myself. From time to time I enjoy placing myself in a position of complete dependence on her. Today I wanted to use locking steel bondage. 

My design called for a locked steel collar, locking steel wrist cuffs and a locking steel wrist spreader bar that would be locked to the collar and hold my wrists up at shoulder level and apart at the width of my torso. Basically it would look like an inverted letter “T” with the centre being locked to the collar. The collar was already in our “toybox” .  The collar as a two-inch wide piece of one-quarter-inch thick aluminum. It had a hinge and a large “d” ring in the rear and a hole for a padlock in the front. It still had the big vinyl letters that proclaimed the wearer to be “Techie’s Pet”. When locked in place it fit my neck very tightly. I had to use care when closing and locking it so not to pinch my skin. It was not uncomfortable, but I definitely knew it was there. It was a leftover from a previous experiment.
For the spreader bar I started with ordinary one-half-inch iron plumbing pipe.

In making this restraint I used the following parts: 2 each of eight-inch long nipples.
1 each of one-inch nipple
1 each of “T” fitting
3 each of one-half-inch to one-quarter-inch reducers
1 each of one-inch diameter steel ring
2 each of steel spring hooks

All of the pipe nipples and other fittings were threaded so I put them in a vise and screwed them tightly together.
When assembled it looked like this. The ring would be secured by the lock that kept my collar closed was welded in place attached top the reducer on the short end.
The two oval areas at each end were spring steel snap hooks the springs when I welded them in place the springs were pointed upward so when I put the hasp of the padlocks on my wrist cuffs over them and pulled downward they would allow them to enter then snap shut trapping me.

Final preparation
 In preparation I got out a heavy chromed leash and a mountain climbing device called a caribeener. I slid the caribeener over the top hinge of the coat closet in the entry hall on the first floor of our home. I snapped the leash into it. I thought a proper pet need a proper tail so I went out to my workshop and got a 3 foot long piece of black #12 extension cord. It was quite stiff and so would curve gracefully as a dog’s tail would. I put two crimp on ring type connectors on one end of the wire and taped it up with electrical tape. I passed a short piece of 1/8th inch rope through the ring connectors and used that to tie one end around my sex between my balls and my body. Then I undressed and placed my clothes on the stairs. That is a sure sign for Techie that a scene has started.

An old belt was used to hold the tail up I also taped it to the wire. I looked in the mirror it made a nice tail. To complete the look I put a spot of black makeup on my nose so I looked like a true canine. I went to our toy box and got out the three last parts of my bondage gear. I buckled a whiffle ball type gag tightly in my mouth. then I imprisoned my sex with a chastilock that had a bell attached to it.  I put thick black athletic socks on each foot and wrist so my ankles and wrists would not get chafed by the leg irons or cuffs. The socks made my feet look like paws. The leg irons which had a twelve-inch long spreader bar welded between them were snapped around each ankle and double locked. 

The keys for the collar, the leg irons, chastilock and wrist cuffs were attached with a trash bag twist tie to the end of the leash that was locked to my collar. I reached up and slid the lock through the collar and the ring on the leash and my wrist spreader-restraint. It made a resounding click as it locked. Then I locked a cuff around each wrist. These were thick metal cuffs with soft padding inside. Each cuff had a ”D” ring on one end and a steel buckle closing them on the other. I positioned the cuffs so the “D” rings were toward the top. Then I used my right hand and steadied the crossbar as I slipped the “D” ring over the snap and pulled downward. Snap and that wrist was bound! Next I flipped the “D” ring on left wrist cuff over the snap and pulled downward. Snap!

Now I was attached to the closet hinge. I was a nude helpless eunuch pet awaiting my mistress pleasure. My wrists were up shoulder level. I looked like a dog begging. My wrists were sixteen-inches apart insuring that I could not reach anything, My legs were spread so I could not use them to reach out. The end of the leash was attached to a strong steel hinge that was about 3 feet over my head. It was then I heard the answering machine. Techie’s voice said, ”Hon, I hate to say this but the power went out, the computer just crashed here I’ll probably be home in three or four hours.”

Now I started to panic.

I tried brute force on the snaps, but with my arms in the position they were I could not get any real force on them the snaps held securely. I turned with my back to the hinge and pulled as hard as I could. Even though the edges of the heavy steel collar were rounded they still dug into my neck. There was no way for me escape.  A prisoner of my own device.

The answering machine went off again, Techie with a giggle in her voice, “Techster, I know you’re there! If you don’t answer I’ll have to assume that you are helplessly waiting for me. I think I’ll have Linda come over and check on you.”

Now I really started to struggle. It was one of those times when I began to regret that I had designed my restraint system so well. Linda was a dom type who lived down the street and told me once that if she ever had me nude and helpless she was going to show me what real pain felt like. I heard the doorbell ring. My heart stopped, “No, not Linda.” I thought. Then I heard Kate, our closest neighbor call as she opened the door. ”Techster, I know you’re in there. Techie asked me to check on you.”

As soon as she got the door opened she saw me. She smiled and laughed, ”Nice outfit. Really like the tail will you wag it for me?”

I shook my hips from side to side and could feel the tail wagging.

“Good boy. I’m glad you are happy to see me. I think I’ll have to help you test the restraints. I see that your sex is under control too. I’ll have to check that out.”

“I promised Techie I would do my best to keep you amused until she got home. So I brought my electrical stimulation toys. I want to see you dance for me.”

She didn’t waste any time using a ball stretcher to tighten and separate my balls then hooked up a stick-on electrode to my each of my balls. I could do nothing but watch her work on me in the hall mirror. Next she moved my tail to one side and put something like a G string on me. She unhooked the leash from the hinge and pulled it under the bar between my ankles. “Bend over.” She ordered as she pulled on the leash forcing me to bend over. When I was bent over she attached the leash to itself with a small snap. I felt cold steel against my crotch between my legs. I was pulled down further as she inserted a cold steel electrode up my asshole. I could tell it had a large ball attached to a narrow steel rod. I could feel twisting it inside of me.

“Relax. I’m just locating and locking the anal electrode onto your prostate.”

She attached a clip with a wire to the chastilock. Lastly she attached a steel clip to each nipple. The clips were bulldog clips with sharp teeth. I moaned through the gag.

“Now are you ready to dance for me?” she smiled as she began adjusting dials of the control box.

The tingle began between my balls and got more intense then I could feel the chastilock tingling my cock started to get hard and the lock’s cold steel grip made it very painful. Suddenly everything stopped and I cold feel my nipples tingling as the shock got more intense. I struggled trying to shake off the clips. She stood back and watched me wiggle and squirm as the shock pulses got more intense. Then the shock pulses stopped. Next I felt the electrodes on my balls start tingling again. This time she turned the pulses up and I started to writhe and wiggle as each pulse hit. Then the pulses shifted to the chastilock and the electrode under my crotch. Kate released the leash and I could stand up straight again. She hooked the leash back up to the door hinge. Using a small lock she tightened up the leash so I had to stand facing the door.

“OK big boy, ready to ride the lightning!” she exclaimed. 

As the pulses hit me she switched my ass repeatedly. She took a very small laboratory glass beaker and slid it over the tip of my cock. “ In case you haven’t figured it out you are being milked. My husband has a low sperm count so you are going to make a donation to my personal sperm bank. “

I screamed into the gag as each high voltage pulse hit. Pulse after pulse hit me I could feel the cum running out of my now limp cock. She held up a small breaker and noted that it held 9 c.c.s of white fluid. “That’s pretty good for an old guy!”

One by one she released the electrodes. “Well, I’ve got what I want. No need to torture you any further.” 

She released the lock on the leash and I could turn around. Kate smiled and kissed me, “Hey, that was fun. You can dance for me any time. Come over to our house for a drink.”

She unhooked the leash, got an overcoat out of the closet and draped it over my shoulders and buttoned it in front. She unhooked the leash from the hinge and led me over to her home next door. I felt helpless and exposed as I was led next door. After we entered her home she removed my overcoat and gag and offered me a drink. Her husband came into the home, “ Hey, Techster! Neat outfit.”

Kate held up the little beaker and said,” I persuaded Techster to give me a donation. According to my fertility chart this is a good day for me want to install it now?”
“Great let’s get started.”
Kate explained as she started to strip. “ In order for your donation to do the most good I have to be upside down and spread. Mark (her husband) will hook me in the spreader bar and raise me. Then using a vibrator and whatever he will tease me until I am about to come. Then he will inject your donation.”

She lay down on the floor as Mark buckled the spreader bar to her ankles. Next he buckled a pair of leather wrist cuffs. He used double-ended clip hooks to eyebolts to a heavy piece of Oak that was six inches by six inches.
“Relax, if he doesn’t restrain me I could thrash around and hurt myself. I assure you’ll get a good show.” Kate said with a laugh. 

 could tell by her smile, almost an evil grin she was enjoying being restrained and the teasing that was to come. Mark pushed the switch the small winch on the wall hummed and Kate was now suspended upside down. She was a beautiful sight, Her young athletic hard body with perky, not saggy breasts that stood out even when she was suspended upside down 

Saying, “Techster you’re going to want to watch this show.” He hooked the “D” ring on my collar  tightly to an eyebolt on the wall. Now I had no choice but to stand and watch Kate being teased and impregnated. A large vibrator was lubed and slid into her eager pussy. Mark smiled as he looked my way and said, ”Now watch her squirm it is set on high. Next I’ll clip a butterfly type vibe to her clit.”

Mark clipped a small butterfly vibrator to Kate’s clit and turned the control on high. Kate started to moan and wiggle as the intensity of the vibrations ran through her. Suddenly she shouted, Now, Mark, now!” Mark shut down the vibrators, removed the large vibrator took a large syringe sucked my sperm from the container put a piece of clear plastic hose on the end of the syringe and injected it inside of her. He reinserted the large vibrator, turned both vibrators back on high and sat down with a drink to watch his lovely wife cum and cum and cum. 
“I hope this works.” He remarked. “The fertility clinic wanted about ten thou to do the same thing.”

After about 10 minutes he removed the vibrators and released Kate. She lay on the carpet her sweaty body glistening. “Thanks for the donation Techster.”
“How about we just let this be our secret.” I said as I stood there awaiting wondering what my fate would be.

“No problem,” Kate laughed, “ I told Techie what I was going to do and she approved. As she put it after all he’s fathered 3 sons even though he’s over sixty he still has what it takes.”

The doorbell interrupted our little talk. Kate pointed toward the door and said, “ It’s probably Techie. Mark please be a darling and get the door. I want to lie here and let nature take its course.”
Techie entered with a jaunty stride kissed me and asked,” Hi, Hon, been having fun?”
“It was different.” I answered.” I was milked like a lab animal, led around like a dog on a leash. Then, if that wasn’t enough, being chained against a wall and watching a pretty lady suspended upside down as she does the orgasm dance and is fertilized with my sperm.” I said with a smile.
“Well sounds like it’s been fun, but it’s time to get my pet home.” Techie responded,

Mark released my collar from the eyebolt and handed the leash handle, the gag, and the overcoat to Techie. Subservient, bound, helpless, and sexless I obediently followed her to the door. “What about the overcoat?” I asked meaning that I was going outdoors nude.
“Oh, I’ve got it right here. Its dark now and I won’t tell anyone.” Techie said as she tugged on my leash. “Besides a little humility will be good for you.” 
She led me in the front door of our home I was in full view of anyone who looked.
“OK, my pet. I’m going to feed you and we’ll have some fun.” she said as she hung up the over coat, took off her coat and stripped.

She asked me how I had hooked the chain onto something to keep me from moving around.
“Easy.” I responded, “ See that caribeener on the end of the leash.  Just push it over the hinge and one restrained pet. With my hands in begging position like this I can’t reach it.”
“Tell me my pet, are you a lap dog?”
Eagerly I stuck my tongue out, nodded “yes” and wagged my hips.
She pointed to her groin and said, “ Kneel and lap on this!”
I knelt in front of her inched forward on my knees, extended my tongue licking her sex. 
My tongue found her clit and I concentrated on that until it was swollen. I could feel her body tensing up. I could hear her panting as she came. 

I thought to myself, “Here I am a sex slave and boy toy for my wife and lover of 30+ years! How lucky can one man be!”
She remained nude to tease and touch me at every opportunity knowing that when she released the lock’s steel grip on my sex I would “Rise to the occasion.” 
Our dinner was take out steak. 

After dinner she had me lie down face up on our bed. She released the lock and I rightfully rose to the occasion. We celebrated our love as she slowly drew out my cumming by riding slowly up and down my swollen member. When we were finished she said, “Could you sleep like that?” 
“Yes.” I responded, “Why?” Techie didn’t say a word, just a kiss and a touch.
Techie looked over smiled and gave me a deep kiss as she handled my penis. “Comfy?”
I nodded and said, “Sort of, but knowing that my wife of 30 plus years is also my mistress, keyholder, friend, dom and lover. Makes it all worth while. I wonder how many men don’t have the trust, faith and love of their wife to give them complete power over them.” 

I slept wondering two things: (1) Was Kate pregnant with my sperm? And (2) What other surprises did Techie have planned for me this weekend?



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