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A Startling Discovery

by DMW

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© Copyright 2008 - DMW - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; discovered; F/m; tease; mast; toys; cons; X

John sat at his computer when his mobile phoned beeped with a text message; the one he had been waiting for.

"Hi babe. Now getting in the taxi. Home in about 20 minutes. Love you. X"

John didn't bother to reply to Kerstin, his long term girlfriend.  He just cleared his internet history, closed down his computer and headed to the bedroom. Earlier in the evening, when he had planned his surprise for Kerstin, John had showered and given his groin a little trim.  For the rest of the evening, he'd stayed naked while killing time. Now in the bedroom, he looked at the ropes, belts and handcuffs he'd earlier laid on the bed and allowed himself a moment just to touch them before beginning his surprise for Kerstin and all of his preparation would be for nothing if he left it too long!

Sitting on the floor at the foot of the bed, John started by tying a length of rope around his left ankle then, with a second length of rope, tied his right ankle.  Once they were both done, he proceeded to tie the end of the ropes to the feet of the bed, hoping as he did so that he'd left himself enough slack. Feeling there was only one way to find out, he grabbed hold of the bed frame and began to pull himself up, feeling his legs spread only a little more than was comfortable, he was happy to proceed.

Resisting the urge to play with himself, John instead grabbed a belt from the bed and placed it against his left thigh.  Looping it around the bed, over one of the vertical support bars in the bottom support of the bed, he looped it through the buckle and fed the catch into a specially created hole in the leather; a hole that would support him but not cut off the circulation to his leg. His right leg was quickly tied in the same way and John allowed himself a moment to lean back a little, using his hands to support himself, he held onto the chest of drawers on the wall behind him before letting go.  The bed supported his weight totally and hardly moved at all.

Happy that if he did somehow over balance, John picked up the ankle cuffs.  He'd deliberately chosen them because of the larger cuff size which would allow him to complete his self imposed bondage and make it impossible to "pick" himself free which he knew he could do from the handcuffs. With two pairs of ankle cuffs to hand, the plan was simple.  John intended to cuff just above his elbow, wrap the chain around his forearm then lock the other cuff onto his opposite wrist.  The first two parts went easily and so did cuffing his right wrist to his left arm but when it came time to put his left wrist to his right arm, John found that he didn't have enough movement in his arms to complete the manoeuvre.

It was then, that John heard a car running outside and a door opening and closing.  He knew Kerstin was home and it would only be a few seconds before he'd hear the key in the door lock and she'd be inside.  Panicking a little, John leaned backwards and, pressing his arms against the chest of drawers, he was able to use the corner of the wood to complete the lock.  Straining himself a little, he managed to stand up against the bed, completely helpless, just as he'd wanted. Less than 30 seconds later, he heard the key in the lock and Kerstin enter, her high heels tapping on the wood floor in the entrance hall.

"John?" she called out.  "Are you home?"

"Yeah," John replied honestly.  "I'm in the bedroom."

The sounds of Kerstin's footsteps as she made her way towards him caused John to get an erection.  Up to this point, even though he'd tied himself up, John was still in control.  Now, despite having numerous fantasies about it, he really didn't know how Kerstin was going to react to this and the thought excited him.

"Babe, you would not beli-hey-hey-heyyyyyyyy."  John never found out what he wouldn't believe.  Kerstin entered the bedroom and immediately broke into a huge grin.  "Been having fun have we?"

John looked down at his erection.  "Umm, yes?"

"Without me?"


"I said, without me."  To John, Kerstin seemed pissed off which certainly wasn't what he was going for.

"I did this for you!" John said, the panic in him rising slightly.

"Of course you did John.  This is all for me.  It certainly isn't for you.  I know you expected me to come home, find you helpless, jack you off then untie you so we could go to bed.  Don't deny it."

Kerstin stepped behind John and he heard drawers opening and closing before she stepped out of the room.  As she did so, she spoke. "I'm going to get ready for bed.  I'll decide whether to leave you standing there all night or not when I get back."

John heard the bathroom door close and the shower start running as he chided himself for being so stupid.

Unknown to him, Kerstin hadn't taken her bedclothes with her.  As she stripped naked, she felt drunk, and not just from the alcohol she'd been drinking.  She felt drunk with power and was enjoying the feeling.  It was a startling discovery to herself that was was enjoying the feeling so much.

As she showered, she started to think about what she could do and started to play with herself.  The biggest grin of all came when she realised there was a much better place she could do that!

Stepping out of the shower, she didn't bother to dry herself and enjoyed the feeling of the cool night air on her body, her nipples stiffening even more. She brushed her teeth, enjoying that even though she wasn't in the room with him, she was still tormenting John. When she was satisfied her teeth were clean enough, Kerstin picked up her black string bikini.  Putting it on in a very loose tie, she knew that John loved it.  A black sheer top was put on top of it.

"So close John, but so far away," she laughed to herself.  A pair of black lacy shorts were put on next and Kerstin wondered if that would be enough.  She decided no, and went to the clean laundry pile to find and put on her black leather mini skirt.  On her way back, she passed the shoe rack and her knee high, black boots.  Might as well complete the ensemble she thought and put them on.

Going back into the bedroom, Kerstin stood with her legs apart and her hands on her hips.

"Is this what you had in mind?!" she asked.  John's erection had faded but there was instantly a jerk from him when he saw her.

"Yes?"  John replied, suddenly nervous.

"Yes what?!"

"Ummm, yes Mistress?"

"Very good.  Now tell your Mistress, what have you been doing?"

John decided to start the game in earnest.  "I'm sorry Mistress, I was looking at porn."

Kerstin climbed onto the bed and, without touching it, had a good look at John's erection.  "Apparently, you liked it."

"Yes Mistress."

"Did you cum?"

"No Mistress."

"No?!" Kerstin asked, cupping John's balls and giving them a gentle squeeze.  "Are you sure?"

"Yes Mistress."

"Then what did you do?"

"Umm, I edged Mistress."

"Edged?  What is that?  I've never heard of it."

"It's um....  It's um....  It's when you get close to an orgasm but stop before going over the edge Mistress."

Kerstin smiled.  "And how many times did you 'edge'?"

"I don't know Mistress.  I lost count."

Kerstin not only found this interesting but what she also found interesting was how, when she tapped on top of John's erection, it immediately bounced back. His natural reflex was to try to back away but he'd tied himself so well to the bed that he couldn't move away at all.  She liked this a lot but stopped to grab hold of it and have a close look.

"So, I can do pretty much whatever I want with this then," she said finally.  "This edging sounds interesting.  Perhaps 10 more."

"I can't last for 10 more!" John said, panic filling his voice.

"Oh, how disappointing," Kerstin said as she let go.  "Then perhaps you should be allowed to cool off while I 'edge' myself."

With that, Kerstin slid up the bed, pulled her mini skirt over her hips, spread her legs and slipped a hand into her knickers.  Moaning with pleasure, she kept her eyes closed except for occasional glances at John who was biting his lip as he watched.  Normally, Kerstin would never let John watch but was startled to discover she was getting really turned on.  So turned on in fact, that she needed something else and stopped. Kerstin turned around on the bed, got onto all fours and gave John a full upskirt view of her knickers while she got something from her bedside cabinet. When she turned back, she was holding a vibrator.

"Mmmm, that's more like it," she said as she put it down her knickers and pressed it against her clit.  The feeling was so intense that she almost came immediately but held off, allowing it to build and looking John straight in the eyes as she reached the peak of ecstasy before closing them and throwing herself around the bed. After catching her breath, Kerstin looked at John and was startled to discover how erect he was now.  She didn't think there could be any more blood in there.  It was so hard and thick; it had to be causing him pain.  And she liked that.

"Well, I'd like some of that," she said as she climbed of the bed, "but it seems you've made that impossible for me.  So perhaps I should have fun with other parts of you.  But first, since I can't have you inside me." Kerstin pulled her knickers to one side and put the still buzzing vibrator inside her, causing her eyes to roll back into her head and the need to catch herself on the bedpost, it felt so good.

"You see," she began as she pressed her groin against John's leg, causing him to feel the buzz through her body, "you did leave yourself totally defensless against me.  I could violate any part of you I wanted to."

With that, she dropped to her knees behind John and lightly traced a finger down the crack in his butt cheeks.  Spreading them, she exerted light pressure on  his anus and felt him tense up, causing her to laugh.

"Oh sweetie," she said.  "I'm not going to show you all my tricks in one night.  But I am going to this."

Suddenly, Kerstin was stood and pinching both of John's nipples hard.  She pressed her body against his, feeling the chains around his arms against her belly.  The feeling was good and sudden and caused a tingle down in her crotch to grow quickly and she knew she was cumming again.  Wrapping her arms around John's chest, she let them both feel the power she just had. Moving back to the bed to recover, Kerstin lay on her back with her legs spread.  John could still hear the vibrator buzzing away inside her and started humping the bed.

"Oh sweetie," Kerstin said.  "Did you want to cum?"


"Okay.  I supposed you've been there long enough now."

She stood up, turning the vibrator off but leaving it inside her and walked behind John.  Making an O with her thumb and forefinger, she wrapped it around John's erection.

"Off you go then."


"Hump the bed.  You seem to want it more than you want me.  Off you go before I change my mind."

"But I do want you."

"Clearly not or you wouldn't be here like this now.  Hurry up.  I want to go to sleep.  Hump the bed!"

Reluctantly, John started with as much movement as he could manage.  Kerstin stood slightly to the side of him, watching his facial expressions. Occasionally, when she thought he was slowing down, she'd dig her nails into a butt cheek but mostly, she was just enjoying watching him. It didn't take long before his body tensed, causing Kerstin to adjust her grip and give John a handjob.  His cum shot up the bed and nearly reached their pillows.

John stood there panting, a part of him wondering what, if anything was coming next but was startled to discover that he'd loved being controlled as he was. 

Perhaps Kerstin could be the one after all.


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