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Staked Out

by Kalligurl

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© Copyright 2010 - Kalligurl - Used by permission

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This is a true story of an 18yo guy about 6" tall and has strong, shapely, long legs.

Whilst growing up I had a fascination with both cross dressing and bondage. I loved the thought of being helpless and left to my own devices, totally stuck and looking sexy at the same time. I had fallen in love with pantyhose and stockings my favourites being the ultra shiny flesh toned tights and where I could get hold of them one-piece lycra (spandex) swimsuits.

 I used to dress up whenever I could in my sisters clothing by waiting for her to go off to uni, so I could 'borrow' her swimsuit for my next adventure - These adventures usually revolved around putting on some skin toned pantyhose and her swimsuit and then wearing some jeans and a shirt over the top of them and just going for a walk around the block. This was satisfying for a while but did not get the excitement to the level I had been craving for.

Our family lived in a small country town where all the houses in the town all had a big back yard full of grass and the houses were close together (except for their yards), which meant there was a chance of getting caught but at the same time was reasonably safe due to the fact the front door of the neighbours house was about 40m away from what I was planning.

I have always been a HUGE fan of magician and magicians assistants and especially loved magic tricks where the beautiful assistant is tied up or locked into something that was 'in-escapable' They usually wore some sort of leotard and had beautiful long pantyhosed legs. I dreamed of being in their shoes and wanted to feel that sexy and that helpless. I didn't know how I could do it without help, and planned for weeks a way of dressing like I wanted to and at the same time being tied down and helpless. At this time in my life there wasn't the internet to get ideas from so I had to come up with my own solution.

The night was drawing near, I knew my whole family was going out to see some theatre that did not interest me and 'the football' was on the telly that evening I had an excuse to stay home alone. I had to make preparations prior to the night and did all the work the night before they were going out. My plan was to use the grassy backyard as my place of bondage, I would tie myself down spread eagled using wooden stakes that had small lengths of rope with hang-mans nooses tied on the end of them. The plan was to take place just after they left to go to the theatre and see how long I could survive out in the back yard without losing my nerve.

The time came to put it into action - It was about 6pm in the evening and the family had just pulled out of the driveway. I raced to gather my stakes and headed out to the backyard. Each stake had about 15cm of rope and noose attached and I knew as I tightened them they would lengthen, so I had to make sure they were out at the limits of my reach before I hammered them into the ground. I had a few minutes of natural light left before the sun set and I had to still get changed. The location was set I just had to set myself, as this was the first 'out there' thing I have tried whilst cross dressed.

I went onto the house and removed all of my clothes and nervously got ready. First I pulled on my shiny flesh toned tights that I had bought the day earlier from the local supermarket, I bought it with milk and bread and some other incidentals of a fake shopping list so that the girl at the checkout didn't think I was some sort of pantyhose wearing weirdo. (little did she know). Anyway I slipped the sexy pantyhose over my legs and started to immediately get an erection, I had worn them before and knew I had to be careful not to make them run. To save my sisters clothes from any of my 'accidents' I used a kitchen freezer bag (plastic bag), over my member just in case I lost control whilst I was dressed up, as it would be very hard to explain any mess left in her swimwear. The next thing was to get the black one-piece Speedos (they were lime green  and black camouflaged pattern on the front and plain black in the back) out of her closet and put them on over the top of the pantyhose. I always loved to feel of sliding them up my legs and the tight feeling as the lycra held everything in place. The final thing was to use a couple of her elastic belts that were in fashion in the 80's and early 90's to slide around my waist in an attempt to feel like a corset and add to the feeling of being stuck in her clothes.

The light was fading but it was still possible to find my way around in the dusk light and also meant that if the neighbours were looking in my direction they would see me in all my glory. I decided to bite the bullet and just go for it - I figured that once I was in position they would have to walk over to the 5ft tall fence that separated the houses and look over it to see me, something that I didn't think they would have any need to do. I walked briskly from the back door out into the backyard, my heart pounding a million miles an hour. I got to the stakes in the ground and began slipping my legs through the lops and then pulled them tight. I pulled at the posts with my legs stretched out and there was no movement - perfect. The next loop was that of my left arm, I stretched out and just slipped my wrist though and pulled it tight. Almost there and no going back now.

In hindsight this being the first 'real' self-bondage session I should have had an escape plan but I didn't, I just assumed I would be strong enough to pull out the stake holding my right arm and it would all be ok. More on that later.

Finally I slipped my right hand into the last loop and took a deep breath - here I go. I pulled it tight and the job was done. I was just as I had imagined it. Helpless and sexy - Wearing my sisters swimming costume and my sexy shiny tights, just like the women in the magician acts. They were all helpless and so was I . I had a little slack in my right arm, but not as much as I thought I might have which didn't leave me as much leverage as I had hoped for to aid me with my escape. I decided to struggle a bit and just enjoy it for as long as I could. I had all sorts of thoughts running through my head - what if the show was cancelled, or it was the wrong night, or my little brother felt sick and they had to come home early, I would be stuffed.

Just as that thought left my head I heard the noise of a car approaching and immediately felt sick - what was I going to do? As the car approached the headlights got brighter and I began to struggle in an attempt to get free, the car came closer and then turned into the driveway of my next door neighbour. I couldn't see them from my position and I knew they couldn't see me unless they looked over the fence. Out of the car popped Mike my neighbour (A guy in his late 30's) and two of his best mates, who had obviously been drinking due to their rowdy nature and had turned up to watch the game at his place. I breathed a quiet sight of relief and tried to keep quiet as a mouse. Where his carport was meant that I was about 10m away from the guys separated by a 5ft tall wooden fence. The guys got out and Mike wanted to show them his new motorcycle before they went inside. I knew his bike was almost directly opposite me on his side of the fence so I just remained calm. The next thing was a surprise to me as Mike turned on the light in his carport so that he could better show his mates his new bike - I was basked in light and would definitely be seen if any of them wanted to look over the neighbours fence. I held my breath - After what seemed like hours the guys stopped looking at the bike and retired inside to watch the game. I was excited and relieved at the same time and made the decision that it was time to finish up.

 I wrestled for about another 5 minutes or so trying to get my right arm free and finally it gave way and I was able to pull the other ones out of the ground, given my extra leverage. I decided not to undo the loops outside and go inside into the bathroom where I could lock the door and do it in there. I unhooked myself and then looked at the clock, I probably had about 30 minutes or so before they would be coming home, so I did what I loved to do the most, still wearing the pantyhose and tights I went and humped a pillow on my bed, the amazing feeling of lycra and nylon and the predicament I had been in did not take me long to come.

I tidied up the place and made sure everything was back where it should be- Had a shower and then settled on the couch to watch the end of the game. About an hour later the family came home, we talked about the game and they talked about the theatre and they were none was the wiser of the situation I had put myself in only an hour or so out in our backyard.

I have been more adventurous since then and maybe if people like this one I will post a couple others. Please let me know what you think.

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