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I have always had an interest in bondage since I was a little girl.  I had tried all types of scenarios over the years but my next adventure was by far the most challenging.  Before I tell you about that I should give you some background about myself I suppose.  I am a 28 year old athletic looking brunette with shoulder length hair, 5’10” tall.  When I do a self-bondage scene I usually put my hair up in a tight ponytail at the crown of my head.  I have several body piercings which no-one knows about.  In addition to my double ear piercings, I have both nipples pierced, my navel, a horizontal clit ring and 3 sets of labia piercings.

I am an accountant in my day job for a large firm in the city of Reno, Nevada.  I have a male secretary named Nathan who I love to tease with skimpy outfits just for fun.  When I am in a scene I revert to my alter ego the “desert dog”.  This takes place at the beginning of my scenes when I lock on my metal collar with the tag “DOG” attached to it.  From that moment on I am the submissive slave girl called DOG usually sentenced to some sexually frustrating predicament.

I have an extensive set of draws devoted to my bondage adventures that extend to rubber, leather, chains, locks, gags, cuffs etc and some specially made equipment I have created myself.  One of those items is my chastity plate.  A devious idea that I perfected over three months that completely locks away my pussy for any pleasure whilst still allowing me to perform normal daily routines.  I can wear the plate indefinitely and often wear it when I am away on business with the keys left at home.

It uses all of my genital piercings to attach to me and is not removable without the keys or cutting it off.  It is made from surgical grade stainless steel sheet and is 2mms thick.  It is in the shape of a love heart with a thin 6mm slot down the centre.  At the bottom of the 6mm slot there is a 12 mm hole that joins the slot.  Special jewelry had to be made for this project and it included a clit ring, and three long barbells.  In addition four posts were made, one for each of these items.  The 6mm posts have a hole at one end for either the clit ring or the barbells to go through, and at the other end, each post has a larger 12mm button machined into it with a groove around the outer diameter.  The groove diameter is 6mm and slides along the slot of the plate.  Two of the buttons have an extension with a hole for a lock to go through.

To fit the plate, I first install the clit ring and grooved locking post, next I feed a barbell through one side of my labia.  I insert the barbell through a grooved post and then through the other labia before threading on the locking ball.  The length of the bar is such that I have to squeeze my labia together slightly and around the grooved post to secure the locking ball.  This closes my pussy tightly shut and forces it to stand a bit proud.

I repeat this process with the other two sets of labia piercing.  Now my four pieces of jewelry are fitted, the four grooved posts look like four buttons along my slit.  The top and bottom buttons have an extra extension for applying locks through that will mate with the plate when fitted.  Now it is time to fit the plate.  The plate is fitted by placing the top clit post through the hole at the bottom of the plate slot and sliding the plate down to the next button.  The first button slides up the plate slot and is now captured by the narrow width of the slot and the groove in the button post.  When the hole reaches the second post, it is passed through the hole and slides along the slot as well, until all four posts are engaged in the slot.  When the plate is in position, the top post hits the end of the slot.  Now that the plate is fitted snugly it is time to lock it in place.  To do this, the cover strip is placed over the top of the button heads and open slot.  It has two holes in it that line up with the two locking posts and once the cover strip is in place two small padlocks are placed through the posts and locked shut.

The cover strip is slightly concaved in shape and the edges seal against the plate itself closing access to the buttons, and slot.  The strip also has a series of very small holes between the two locks which allow for good hygiene practices.  The hand held shower head is used to keep the area clean during extended sentences.  The plate is wider than the barbells and they are completely covered by the plate.  The plate’s side edges are also concaved towards the body providing further protection from escape attempts.

When the locks are closed, my stomach spins with excitement. There is no way out of this plate without the key.  It is such a neat fit that to cut it off would require delicate care to avoid injury.

A Chastity Adventure

Let me tell you about the first time I decided to wear it away on a business trip for four days to Chicago.  I had tested it’s usability at home always within easy reach of the keys and had worn it a total of 6 days continuously without any problems, so this was to be the real test.  I had a 10am flight, so I took the time to have a hot bath and complete shave before getting ready to go to the airport.  I fitted the plate and placed the keys in my bedside draw before catching a cab.  Sitting in the cab, the excitement of the situation overcame me and I found myself breathing hard and fast.  The driver did not seem to notice so I tried to relax and calm down.  At the airport, I was a bit worried about the X-ray machines picking up the plate and already had a contingency plan should I be stopped.  I would tell them that I had a metal plate for medical reasons.  The plate and the jewelry were made from medical stainless steel anyway and should not cause a problem.  I nervously walked through the check point and was expecting to be stopped, but there was no buzzer.  I grabbed my brief case and purse and continued on.

The trip was uneventful and left me to think of what sort of fun I could have with my plate.  I decided that when I was not at work I should try to tease myself as much as possible since I was away from the key with no hope of release.  I would try to pick up a guy or two and see how things went.  I would explain that my husband had locked me into this because I had strayed in the past, but I still wanted to play even if I can’t get any direct stimulation.  As long as I chose carefully, it would be fun.  My sentence would be to please the man with no hope of satisfaction for myself.  It was punishment for overindulgence in the past and if I satisfied one or two men I could go home and be released.  This would be my private itinerary.

That night I dressed in a short red skirt and white sleeveless blouse.  I put on 3” heels that sent out the right message.  I grabbed a cab and asked the driver to take me to a place where a girl can “get a drink in this town”.  The old guy behind the wheel said; “sure thing, I’ll take you to Willy’s where all the collars hang out from the city”.  Willy’s was a fairly modern bar where people went after a big day in the office.  It was near the CBD and was not overly busy, but there was enough activity in there for me not to be noticed as I walked in.  I went to the bar and ordered a drink.  After paying for my drink, I found an empty booth and started to survey the room for potential suitors.

Most people were in groups or couples and the room was getting busier.  After about 45 minutes, I noticed a guy watching ESPN from one end of the bar.  He seemed to be just watching for something to do.  He didn’t seem to be in a hurry to go and when he wasn’t watching the screen he was checking out the finance paper in front of him.  He seemed about 34 or 35 years of age, fit looking and dressed in his suit from his day at work.  His tie was loosened and his jacket was hung over the back of the chair.  I built up the courage and went and stood next to him to order another drink.  He noticed me and took more than a second look.  Great!  He’s interested in me so far.  I got my drink and asked him who was winning the baseball game on the screen.  He responded with a bit of surprise and a vain attempt to improve his appearance by sitting up straight and checking the position of his tie.  He asked if I followed the baseball and we talked about sport, life and work for awhile.  I told him I was just in town for a few days for work and would then return home.  I told him so far there didn’t seem to be much to do in town and I was a bit bored on my own.

It was time to carry out my sentence and I built up the courage to take it to the next level.  I leaned over and whispered in his ear; “Would you like to go back to your place and play some games?”  In the mirror behind the bar, I saw his eyes open wide and his lips part slightly with surprise.  He got off his chair and grabbed his jacket and we were in the street in no time. 

As he flagged a cab, he asked; “What sort of game did you have in mind?” 

I replied; “A special game you’ll never forget?”  He smiled wickedly and we got in the cab.

The moment of truth

Back at his place, he made us a drink and he showed me around his home.  It was a penthouse style apartment on the 23rd floor.  It was very stylish for a guys place and had a balcony that overlooked the city.  The tour finished at the balcony and he leaned on the railing and said; “Tell me about this special game you would like us to play?”

I was very nervous, but determined to go through with this.  I told him that I was a bit of rebel in my youth and had a high sex drive.  He smiled and said; “That’s good, go on” I went on to tell him that my sex drive had gotten me into trouble in the past and if what I was about to tell him bothered him, I would leave immediately, no hard feelings.  He said he was pretty open minded and had had an active sex life and doubted I could shock him.

I told him that on a business trip in the past, my husband had found out that I was with another man and threatened to divorce me.  The only way out for me was to agree to wear a chastity device of his choosing.  I told him that I was willing to do anything and the device was fitted and it prevented me from having actual sex, but it didn’t stop me from giving pleasure of a different kind.  He was speechless.  “Are you serious?”  He asked.  I told him I was, and said that perhaps this had been a mistake and turned to get my things.  He followed me into the lounge and said “Wait, I’m a bit amazed but I don’t really want you to go.”

“What sort of chastity device did he put on you?” he asked.  “A stainless steel plate is locked over my pussy” I told him.  He sat down on the couch speechless, with a look of intrigue and bewilderment.  I went to him and knelt in front of him, kicking off my shoes as I did so.  I leaned forward, undid his trousers and released his cock which was half aroused.  I sucked it into my mouth as it started to come to life.  It was large and so were his balls.  He placed his hands on my back and groaned out loud which made me think he was starting to warm to the situation.  His cock grew in my mouth until it was at full mast.  It was larger than I first figured with a length of about eight inches and a thickness of two.  I reached up and started to remove his tie and shirt as I continued to suck him in and out of my mouth.  Next I removed his shoes, socks and pants until he was completely naked.  My mouth never left his flesh the whole time and he was moaning loudly by now.

He reached down and lifted me to my feet in front of him.  He undid my blouse and skirt.  I undid my bra for him.  Slowly he removed my panties and let them fall to the floor.  He looked at the plate with amazement.  He touched it and moved closer to it.  He shook his head in disbelief and placed his hands on my hips.  He pulled me onto his lap and I straddled his hips as we embraced into a kissing and fondling duo.  His hands were all over me and I could feel his stiffness between the length of my butt cheeks.  He massaged my breasts and tugged at my nipple rings which drives me wild.

Eventually he whispered into my ear; “Can I take you anally?”  I was a bit surprised, not because I had never had anal sex, but because he had a larger than average cock.  The dog came out to remind me it was my sentence to satisfy this man.  I whispered back into his ear; “You can do what ever gets you off with me, but I may need a little help.” 

“What sort of help” he enquired. 

“Well” I said; “I’m not sure I can handle you back there so, what do you say to a little bondage to help me with my courage.”

He placed me on my back on the couch and got up and went to his room.  I decided to go over to the balcony handrail and prepare myself.  I placed myself against the rail facing the bright lights of the city.  The cool breeze of the night chilled my body.  I heard him returning and prepared to be restrained.  I spread my legs wide and placed my hands on the top of the rail on either side of me. The rail came up to just above my navel.  He approached and dropped a hand full of neck ties on the balcony floor.  He quickly tied my ankles to the rail and then moved to my hands.  I was secured well and there was no escape from my destiny.  He reached around to fondle my nipples again, as I bit my bottom lip in pleasure.  I could feel the juices from my pussy running down my thighs from the stimulation and knew it was not over yet.

He nuzzled my ear and I turned my head and said; “You better gag me unless you want the fire brigade breaking down the door.”  He went and fetched my panties and stuffed them into my mouth.  Next he took a tie and secured it over my mouth around my head.  I was in a state of bliss.  Restrained and gagged, chastised, turned on beyond belief and about to be impaled anally in servitude to this well hung man.  He knelt down behind me and started licking my inner thighs.  He found my nectar and consumed it all as he teased me further.  My juices continued to flow and I longed to touch my clit for relief.  I ached to be entered by this stranger.  I almost could not believe I had got myself into this position with a locked away pussy.  Apart from bondage, there is nothing I like more than to be fucked hard with a decent sized cock.  Whilst this was exactly what I planned to do, I did not think I would yearn so much for the very thing I had ensured I could not have.

My breathing became heavy as the excitement grew.  He began to lick higher up my thighs until he was tasting the area between my pussy and anus.  He didn’t stop and he tongued my rear until I was quietly willing him to take me.  I had never craved anal intercourse before like this.  I didn’t care about the size anymore, I had to have him in me any way I could.  I started moaning and pushing my rear out to meet his tongue harder and harder.  He tied me well, as my restraints didn’t budge at all.  He traced his tongue up between my checks and danced up my spine.  I was on edge and visibly shaking.  I was grunting with desire and he knew I was desperate as he came up to cover me from behind.

He placed his cock at the entrance of my anus and I braced for his invasion.  He gently whispered in my ear; “relax” and I tried to calm down.  He pulled my cheeks apart and pushed forward gently as I felt his member pierce into me.  The muscles in my anus resisted but it was futile, there was nothing that was going to change my destiny.  He was about an inch inside me as he slid in and out gently to allow the muscles in my anus to adjust.  This was not his first time taking someone anally, he was so gentle.  I was on the front of my feet and as I felt more comfortable I started to lower my heels to the ground.  I wanted this badly.  It was my duty to pleasure this man as it was my self imposed punishment.  I was so turned on by this whole experience that I needed to orgasm badly.  My nostrils were flaring with my heavy breathing and I just wanted him to fill me with his life juice.

I started to slide down his length as best I could in my restrained position.  He sensed this and started to slowly fuck me, each time burying himself slightly further into me than the last.  My anus was hot and had a pleasant burning sensation to it.  My pussy was alive, wet and I could feel it dripping with approval.  The thrusts got faster and before I knew it he was in all the way inside me.  He started to fuck me with long strokes, in and out the full length of his shaft.  He braced himself by holding onto my nipple rings in front which added to my pleasure and frustration.  Each time he embedded himself fully inside me I would grunt out loud, glad I had been gagged as the grunting from me got longer as the thrusting continued.  He fucked me for what seemed like hours, but was probably 30 mins.  I could not believe so much pleasure could be gained from this part of my body.  I had neglected it for too long and denied myself a completely different erotic experience.

Suddenly he stopped, buried deep inside me!  He breathed into my ear; “are you ready for me to come?”  I shook my head to indicate to him I was not and immediately started clenching my anus to extract the juice from his balls.  He realized what I was trying to do and pressed himself deeper into me.  I clenched his cock harder and harder all the while telling my submissive self that it was my duty to please him like this if I wanted to earn my freedom from the pussy plate. He started to gasp and I could feel him grow inside me and throb when he started to cum.  I kept pumping him keen to prolong the sensations and drain him fully.  He came for an eternity eventually collapsing against my back.  I remained in a state of euphoria, breathing heavily, aroused beyond belief, my pussy throbbing wildly under it’s plate, denied any pleasure of it’s own.  Eventually he began to untie my gag, while remaining inside me.  He asked how I felt.  I told him I felt very turned on by it all, but needed time to “come down.”

Euphoric Bliss

He started to untie my hands and I told him to stop.  “Why don’t you leave me for a few minutes while you take a shower before releasing me, I want to enjoy the moment.  Just pull out and walk away.”  He kissed my neck and said; “sure.”  He pulled out slowly, walked away and I felt his cum begin to run down my legs.  I wanted this feeling, the feeling of being used and left alone. I relished it and this was as good as I had had.  I never wanted it to end but of course it had to.  I called out to him over my shoulder; “take your time, I will wait here for you.”  He laughed as he headed to the bathroom.

I glanced out at the city lights, it was a beautiful night with a cool breeze.  I was hot and my anus still felt like it was open wide from its recent impalement.  Warm cum oozed from it and ran down my thighs.  I could still feel my pussy throbbing, pounding on the plate for attention that was not coming soon.  Its freedom was hundreds of miles away as it continued to exude it’s juices in futile anticipation.  My breathing had returned to normal and I began to cool down.  I heard him return and he appeared beside me in a robe fresh and clean from his shower.  He leaned on the rail next to me and asked if I was ready to be released yet?  I said; “Not really, but yes.”  He undid my ankles and then my wrists.  I straightened my legs and turned around to face him.  I held his face with both hands and kissed him deeply for a few minutes.  The fire inside me began to flare up again.  He pulled on my nipple rings again and I broke away the kiss to enjoy the feeling coming from my breasts, undistracted.

He let go!  “Do you mind if I use your shower?” I asked.  “Hmmm, that depends” he said, “on whether I can see you again before you leave town.” I said I would think about it in the shower and left him at the balcony.  The hot water helped to simmer my temperature to a boil and I sat down in the large shower cubicle to digest what had just happened.  I certainly didn’t expect it to be so pleasurable and I was still as turned on as hell.  I placed my hands on my pussy plate and regretted doing this to myself.  Had I not left home with the plate I would have had surely one of the most sensual nights of lovemaking ever.  He was so tender, caring and understanding about the plate.  I was desperate for an orgasm, so I tried to slide a finger under the top edge of the plate.  I felt the tension on my piercings and was barely able to get under the plate let alone touch my clit.  I gave up and began to wash myself.  Cum still oozed from my anus as I bent over to wash my legs almost as if to remind me of the climax that I had gone without once again.  I finished my shower and joined him in the lounge again.  He was sitting at one end of the couch having a drink, with my folded clothes laid out beside him on the arm rest.

I was still so turned on I had to have more.  I crawled over the arm rest at the other end and along the couch without saying a word until my head was over his lap.  I pulled aside the robe and took him in my mouth as his cock quickly sprang back into life.  I sucked him hard and concentrated on breathing through my nose as I slid my mouth up and down the length of his shaft, each time slightly deeper than the one before.  I was determined to not stop sucking and get him all the way in whilst concentrating on my breathing.  I wanted my lips to be pressed hard against his body while his cock was in my mouth and down my throat.  He put his drink down on the side table and threw his head back with pleasure and I knew I was doing something right.  I kept up the technique, spending longer with my lips around the base of his shaft as I began to master feeling comfortable with a cock sliding along my throat.  Again I felt it was my duty to master this skill to earn my release from the plate.

I felt him throb and begin to swell as he filled my mouth with more of his cum.  He groaned out loud and gripped my left butt cheek tightly in his left hand.  I kept the sucking action going and swallowed all of his cum easily.  I was proud of my achievement, but still very turned on.  I covered him up with his robe just as I found him and said; “that should keep you going until next time.”  It was late and I had to be at a meeting in the morning.  I stood up and put on my bra and blouse.  I put on my skirt and went to pick up my shoes as I asked him if he could cook. He responded with a sudden “yes!”  “Good!” I said picking up my soaking panties from the balcony, “then I will see you here 7pm tomorrow night, if that’s ok with you.”

He said “of course!”  I walked over to him and leaned down to kiss him good night.  As I did so I stuffed my panties in his robe breast pocket.  I kissed him deeply and said good night and sleep tight.  I turned, headed for the door and made my way back to my hotel for some rest.  I was exhausted but absolutely electrified.  I couldn’t get to sleep and my pussy was leaking and pulsing.  My nipples were erect and my anus was slightly sore.  I had the widest smile and couldn’t wait until tomorrow night.

The Next Night

I knocked on his door at 7:10 and he let me in with a broad smile.  He offered me a drink and I accepted a glass of white wine from him and we toasted to new friends.  We sat on the couch and I could smell there was something nice cooking in the kitchen.  He seemed to have everything under control to entertain some conversation which impressed me no end.  He told me how he enjoyed our first encounter and how it had been all he thought about since.  I asked him if the plate bothered him and he replied; “not at all.”  He said; “in fact it heightened my enjoyment because it was like I was enjoying forbidden fruit.”

From the kitchen, I heard a buzzer sound and he announced it was time to eat and we headed to a well prepared dining table.  He dished the meal onto our plates and sat down opposite me to enjoy his.  “Dig in” he said, and we began to enjoy a wonderful pasta dish accompanied by a selection of breads and salad dishes.

Just then, there was a knock on the door and he went to answer it.  From the table I heard a ladies voice say: “Hi Bill, I was in the area and thought I would drop in and catch up with you, it’s been awhile.”  Bill seemed genuinely surprised and announced that he had a guest over for dinner and perhaps another time might be better for him.  Suspecting this person may be an old flame, I got up and went over to the door, introduced myself and suggested that Simone join us, as Bill had made plenty for all.  They both agreed and an extra place was made for her to join us.

I couldn’t wait to find out and as soon as I had the chance, I just had to ask Simone how she knew Bill?  Simone said that Bill and her used to go out for a year or so until her work moved her to Boston and they amicably split and remained friends.  Her work brought her to Chicago every two months for meetings and she took the opportunity to drop in.  Bill quietly ate his meal, possibly thinking that Simone’s visit could jeopardize the after dinner entertainment, but it was obvious that without my presence, he would have been more than happy to rekindle an old flame, if only for one night.

We all enjoyed the meal, each others conversation and the wine for a couple of hours, and then retired to the lounge area with a new bottle of white wine to polish off.  As the alcohol took affect, we were all getting very comfortable with each other with Simone bringing up stories from her and Bill’s past.  I needed to go the ladies, so I excused myself and took care of business.  When I returned I found Simone on top of Bill embracing him while they kissed passionately.

I decided to sneak up to them and join in. I kicked off my heels, came up behind them, reached around either side of Simone and began massaging her breasts.  She stopped kissing Bill momentarily and smiled broadly before returning to force her tongue back into Bill’s mouth.  I undid Simone’s blouse and bra, so I could better access her chest.  I soon discovered she had a stud pierced through her left nipple which pleased me no end.  A girl who’s into being pierced!  I knelt on the floor and sucked on her left pierced nipple as best as I could.  Simone obliged by turning her chest towards me while maintaining her lips on Bills.

Simone and Bill then both began to remove my top and bra with a free hand each and soon I was naked except for my short black skirt.  They broke off their kiss and Simone slid onto the floor, wrapped her legs around me and we locked in an embraced kiss.  It was so passionate!  Simone reached over to Bill and began undoing his trousers as I joined in and started to undo his shirt buttons.  She soon had his member out and was stroking it in her right hand all the while maintaining a deep passionate kiss with me.  She reached behind my back and undid the button and zip on my skirt and I panicked and wondered what was about to happen next.

Just then Bill sat up and turned around on the lounge to face us both on the floor.  I was kneeling while Simone sat facing me with her legs wrapped around either side.  Sensing this Simone and I turned and began to use our mouths on Bill’s cock.  Simone licked down her side of his length while I began to lick and nibble on his scrotum.  Bill lent back in awe as two hungry ladies went to town on his manhood.  Simone joined me and sucked one of Bill’s balls into her mouth and I could see she was playing with it, with her tongue.  Bill let out a long deep groan, so I decided to do the same with his other ball.  He groaned even louder and Simone and I both started sucking and toying with the respective balls in our mouths.  At times our lips touched as we played with Bill’s balls which intensified the situation even further.

Simone began to play with my nipples with her hands eventually finding my weakness by pulling on my rings.  I placed a hand under her skirt and into her panties and began to explore.  Incredibly I discovered a clit ring and a pair of labia rings as I played in her wet pussy.  She moaned as she rolled Bill’s left ball around her mouth slowly.  I pulled away from Bill and looked up at his face.  His mouth was open and his eyes were half closed with pleasure.  When he saw me looking at him he smiled and rolled his head hack on the lounge in great enjoyment.

I took Bill’s shaft into my mouth and decided to deep throat him like I had done the night before.  I removed my hand from Simone’s crotch and she slumped back onto the floor to catch her breath.  I placed my hands behind Bill’s lower back and pulled myself over his cock until my lips were touching his stomach.  He inhaled rapidly in surprise.  I concentrated on breathing through my nose while maintaining constant suction on Bill’s cock.  I could feel the head of his cock sliding down my throat and I tilted my head back to receive him better.  Out the corner of my eye I could see Simone moving as she removed her skirt and panties and laid on the lounge to study what I was doing.  She looked at me and then at Bill to see the effect I was having on him.  She was intrigued at what she was watching and complimented me on my effort.  I tried to focus on the job at hand and could feel Bill nearing an orgasm.  His breathing was faster and he almost appeared to be in pain he was enjoying himself so much.

I pulled away suddenly, denying him of what he was about to enjoy.  Both Simone and I watched him look at us as if to ask why I had stopped.  I asked Simone what she thought we should do next as Bill appeared to be in some discomfort.  She smiled and said: ‘the first thing that should happen is you two need to get fully naked and then I am in need of some serious pussy fucking and sucking.”  This was it! The moment when anything could happen!  I wasn’t wearing any panties and I wondered what Simone would think of my chastity plate.  She seemed too liberal to be offended and surely Bill would not have let things get this far if he thought Simone would be offended.

Bill began to take the rest of his clothes off and said that he thought Simone should take the rest of my clothes off as she was so keen for us all to be naked.  Simone said fair enough and I stood up while she knelt in front of me and began to remove my skirt.  She placed her fingers under each side of the skirt and began to pull it down.  She lowered my skirt in one swift motion revealing my pussy plate and leaned back in amazement.  What have you got on here Stacey?  I remained silent and allowed her to investigate the plate.  “Oh my god!  How do you get this thing off then?” she said.

“It can’t come off, it’s locked on” I said.  She looked at first to Bill, then me in stunned silence with her mouth wide open.  “Let me explain” I said.  I told her the whole caught by the husband story and now every time I go away on business I am locked in this pussy plate for chastity, story.  She was stunned, to say the least.  Her amazement soon turned into intrigue and she wanted to know more about what it was like to wear and why I would torture myself with Bill and her knowing that I could not get any direct relief.  I told her that I craved sex all the time and that even though I could not have intercourse, I still loved all other forms of sexual play, so why not.  Bill poured fresh wine and we told her about our night together the previous evening.  We were all sitting around the lounge discussing the situation and I knew this was going better than I had imagined.

Simone declared that, after the initial shock of the situation, she was quite aroused about the plate and fascinated by its “security.”  She inspected it closely a few times as we chatted, even trying to slide a finger under the plate to penetrate its security.  When she did this, I could feel the posts pull on my piercings under the plate, which got my juices flowing again.  Simone could not believe how accepting I was to my “husband’s demands” about the plate, little did she know it was of my own doing and the untrusting husband was merely a smoke screen to allow my submissive fantasy to be played out whilst away from home.

I got up and moved over to where Bill was and knelt in front of him as I was before our intermission.  I said out loud; “Now, where were we?” and took Bill’s half rigid penis in my mouth again to continue what I had started earlier.  Before long his cock was filling my mouth and touching the back of my throat.  I pulled his balls down gently and circled my left thumb and forefinger around the top of his scrotum.  I began to pull down with a firm tension as his balls, trapped in their bag, were squeezed against the confines of the Bill’s scrotal sack.  I gently started to squeeze and release his balls with my hand, in a rhythmic pace.  Squeeze, release, squeeze, release.  Each time I did this Bill inhaled deeply as the pressure on his balls increased with each squeeze.

Simone was paying close attention once again admiring my technique.  She knelt next to Bill on the couch and offered him her pierced left nipple to suck.  He obliged and she started to moan and breathe loudly through her mouth.  I reached between Simone's legs and started to caress her pussy with my right hand.  I rubbed her clit with my fingers and entered her pussy with my thumb at the same time squeezing the front wall of her vagina as I did.  Her moans became louder.  I felt Bill twitch in my mouth and before I knew it he was coming like a sailor down my throat.  It seemed like gallons of his spunk was being pumped directly into my stomach as he groaned out loudly.  I continued to suck him until he slumped on the couch leaving Simone's nipple wet and alone.

It was obvious Bill would be out of action for awhile, so I continued to massage Simone's pussy which she appeared to be enjoying immensely.  She turned her upper body and looked down at me over her shoulder with a look of surrender.  Between breaths she muttered; "You're…….very…….good…….aren't …….you?"  I just smiled up at her and kept working her pussy with my fingers.

Simone slowly turned and lay back along the couch and I positioned myself between her legs.  I continued working on her with my hands and began to use my mouth on her clit.  She responded by holding the back of my head in her hands and pressing my face deeper into her crotch.  I enjoyed the submissiveness of my situation as my chaste pussy pulsed with arousal.  I felt Bill moving behind me and wasn't expecting him to begin tonguing me from behind so soon after his climax.  Simone began pulling her studded nipple as I probed into her wetness with my tongue.  Deeper and deeper I forced my tongue out of my mouth and into her depths, exploring her pussy continuously.

I slid a finger into Simone's anus and then another, turning and twisting them to gauge the reaction.  She squirmed on the couch and obviously liked it.  I entered her pussy with my thumb and started squeezing the wall between them in a gentle massaging fashion.  Bill was really busy on my ass, licking me royally and entering my anus with his tongue.  I was confident of what was about to happen, so I tried to relax as much as possible.  Simone was getting close to climax and I knew it would not be long before she peaked.  I felt Bill lift his face from my ass and pull my cheeks apart gently as I continued to tongue Simone's Clit.  He placed his cock at the entrance to my anus and began to push it forward.  I started to suck on the clit before me with renewed vigor in anticipation of what was to come.

Simone let go of her studded nipple, grabbed my head and forced it into her crotch as she climaxed loudly.  Bill stopped about two inches inside me until Simone's orgasm began to subside.  Her juice was all over my face as I lifted myself up to be on all fours between her legs.  She sat up and kissed me passionately enjoying her taste as she did so.  Bill resumed his assault on my rear as Simone and I continued our tongue dance, mouth to mouth.  Occasionally between kisses I would suck on Simone's nipples before reacquainting our mouths again.  Eventually Bill was stroking into me with his full length and I was unable to entertain Simone's kissing due to the intermittent breathing.  At this stage Simone began playing with my nipple rings and egging both Bill and I on.

"Fuck her ass good Bill, she's earned it" Simone began.  "You're loving it aren't you Stacey?  Tell me how it feels to have Bill's thick shaft impaling your ass, is it big enough for you?"  "What a shame your pussy is all locked up and can't join in the fun, not to worry I will make sure my pussy gets twice as much to make up for it."  I was loving everything she said, the taunts and all.  I was barely able to hold myself on hands and knees as Bill relentlessly pummeled me from behind.  Again and again he drove it in deep until his loins slapped loudly against my ass cheeks.  Simone had now spun around and had begun sucking on my nipples from underneath.  My pussy was pulsing like crazy and the juices were flowing out around the plate.

I returned the gesture and leaned down to treat her nipples to the same pleasure.  She reached up and slapped my ass hard and said; "Enough! Just enjoy your impalement, ass girl"  I did as I was told and felt Bill start to pulse inside me.  I pushed back and instinctively he stopped thrusting.  Bill grabbed me by the hips and pulled himself into me as deep as he could.  I was breathless and gasped out loud.  Simone was going to town on my nipples as I started to clench Bill's cock with my ass muscles.  She reached up and pulled down hard but slowly on my nipple ring, sending a fantastic lightning bolt of pleasure through my breast.  It wasn't long before I felt Bill coming into me and I was shocked to find myself climaxing at the same time.  I fell down onto Simone writhing in pleasure, still with Bill embedded into me.  It went on for ever or so it seemed. I yelled out loudly and felt Simone's hand partially cover my mouth to muffle my screams of pleasure.

Juice was pouring out around my plate and my anus was contracting madly squeezing more of Bill's cum from his body.  Eventually the world stopped spinning and we all lay there recovering.  I felt Bill go limp and he extracted himself from me and sat upright on the couch.  Simone rolled onto the floor gently and looked up at the ceiling while I laid on my side on the couch trying to understand what had just happened to me.  Nobody spoke, we just tried to recover.  Eventually Bill stood up and picked me up off the couch.  I was limp.  He took me to the shower and Simone followed.  We all sat down in the large shower and using the hand held outlet we enjoyed the spray of the water on our bodies.

We cleaned each other completely as we restored our energy.  We dried each other off and Bill brought all of us something to wear.  Resuming in the lounge room, Bill fixed everyone a drink and we began to discuss what had just happened.  We were all amazed at the intensity of the event and my orgasm occurring.  Simone said while she enjoyed the best sex she could remember, she felt that I had a better trip with denial followed by orgasm.  She said she was envious and would like to be in my shoes right now.  Bill jokingly said that all she needed to do was get fitted with a pussy plate like mine and he would be happy to help her try it.

We all laughed and then a look of "why not" came across our faces.  Of course, the plate was my own creation and the thought of someone else having one had never crossed my mind until Simone had shown her keen interest.  I could understand her excitement after witnessing me having a mind blowing orgasm above her while my pussy was denied direct stimulation during the entire event.  I tried to figure out how I could entertain the idea of making Simone a pussy plate but maintaining my chaste wife story.

I asked Simone what would be the point if she had the key and she said she knew someone who might hold the key for her as she looked at Bill.  Bill smiled wildly and declared he would be happy to hold it, but it would cost Simone dearly to be let out of her chastity.  Everyone laughed!

The next day I flew home to Reno and made my way across town to my house via a taxi.  The only thing I could think about all the way home was getting my hands on the pussy plate lock keys and stimulating myself madly.  I burst in the front door and began ripping my clothes off as I headed to my bedroom. When I got to the bedside draw I was wearing my ankle boots with three inch heels, stockings, garter belt and nothing else.  I opened the draw and grabbed the keys. I laid on the bed and undid the locks.  I removed the plate and labia piercings and gently touched my pussy for the first time in days.  I was already oozing my sexual juices.

I started rubbing the entrance to my pussy continuously, I couldn’t' get enough and it was like being reacquainted with a lost treasure.  I began to pull on my clit ring while rubbing my pussy eventually entering myself with one then two fingers.  I was in heaven as I went to town on myself like a crazed animal.  I needed penetration desperately and had to have it now.  I went to the walk in robe and found my largest dildo.  It was 2" in diameter, 7" long with a rippled surface.  I grabbed my dildo strap and my 12" chain with a small snaplock at each end.  I ran to the dressing table chair and sat the dildo on the base followed by the strap that fastened it to the chair securely.

I stood above the dildo facing the back of the chair as my juice dripped below me.  I connected the chain to one nipple ring and ran it around the chair's wooden back rest.  I then connected it to the other nipple ring.  I lowered myself onto the dildo and it slid inside me making me gasp and inhale abruptly.  Gently I continued on until my pussy accommodated it's old and occasional friend.  I made it all the way to the base of the chair and began to ride my noble steed as I held the back of the chair in front of me.  As I rode up and down, pounding the dildo into me, I began to lean further away from the chair back increasing the tension on my nipples.  The sensation was exquisitely pleasurable to say the least.  I was moaning loudly as I felt myself nearing orgasm.

Harder and harder I rode the chair whilst leaning back further and further stretching my nipples as I did so.  I felt my climax building and sweat was pouring from my body as I went over the edge of reality and into the surreal world of my orgasm.  Fluid poured out around the dildo as I slumped against the chair back.  Tears of pleasure ran down my cheeks as I began to come down with the dildo fully buried in it's warm, wet and appreciative environment.  I was completely spent.  My pussy was sore and so were my nipples.  I removed myself from the chair of pleasure and ran a bath to sooth my body from the ravages of the past few days.

What a trip.




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