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A Stable Mess

by Nightguy

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© Copyright 2007 - Nightguy - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; caught; M/f; bdsm; bond; sack; slave; cons/nc; X

Her name was Ruth, and she had a fetish.

Ruth loved to be tied up, and every time she got a chance to be alone for a few hours she would figure out neat ways of  binding herself up so she could get in some good struggling.  She was very good at it too, and often the only way out for her was to use her escape knife, which she would hide someplace difficult to get to just to make things more challenging.

Unfortunately, a small town like Bethlehem had few places where a young woman could go indulge such a fetish.  But Ruth could usually rely on her uncle’s stable for some peace and quiet if she went there at night.  After all, who would be up and around that late!

So one night Ruth crept into the stable building and found a vacant stall to play in for a few hours. First she stripped off all her clothes and, feeling rather naughty, went and hid her escape knife in the tack room at the other end of the building.  Then when she got back to the stall, she used her ropes to first tie her ankles, and then her knees together.

It felt really good to her, but she had to be careful when she played.  For if she was ever discovered the damage to her family’s reputation would be immense. They were all so old testament, none of them would understand a modern girl like Ruth and her own needs!

So she practiced her art in secrecy, and was forced to keep an eye out as she gagged herself with a special leather gag that she had sewn together herself.  It looked like a big leather ball attached to a strap, and indeed that was what it was. The leather ball would expand a little in her mouth after it got really wet, so wearing it for a long time meant a really full mouth which she loved!  After she tied the gag on, she tried to talk, but it was impossible for her to make anything more than a grunting noise, which was the whole point!

Happy, she then formed the last part of her bondage that night out of another piece of rope. A close knit set of loops that she could just barely squeeze her hands though, which she did after first placing them behind her back.  One more loop of rope, already in place, could then be pulled tight, making the loops about her wrists nice and snug.

And that was it, she was now bound hand and foot.  Ruth smiled behind her gag, or at least did her best with her mouth stretched open the way it was, and then experimented with hopping naked about the stall.  She fell a couple of times into the hay, and almost once in an old manger that her uncle kept meaning to throw out, but that was fine by her. Ruth loved the feel of the hay against her naked skin.

She was just climbing to her feet from such a fall, when she heard her uncle’s voice coming in the stable door at the other end of the building.

“Why don’t you just come this way and we’ll get you bedded down for the night,” he was saying to someone.

“Yes, go fetch them a blanket, Saul,” said his wife, a voice Ruth could easily recognize.

“Oh that’s quite alright,” replied a third voice, a man that Ruth didn’t know.

“Of course you’ll get a blanket, won't they Saul!  That poor dear, all this way on her ass, and pregnant too!”

“I’ll get them a blanket after I’ve shown them where they will be sleeping!” said Saul, the stable master, and Ruth’s uncle.

“No, don’t bother! I’ll just do it myself, as always!” replied his wife in a huff.

Ruth, however, was in a panic. The voices were coming her way and she was trapped in a horse stall naked and bound.  There was no way she could stand being discovered like this by her Uncle.  She would bring misery on her family for generations to come!  And they wouldn’t be that nice to her either!  So Ruth did the only thing she could, which was dive down behind some hay bales at the back of the stall and lie as still as possible.  Just maybe they would go to another stall she hoped.

Ruth didn’t have that luck though, for the next thing she knew the stall she occupied was now filled with people.

“Help her off her ass, Saul!” said her Aunt.

“No, that’s quite alright, I have her,” said the quiet voice of the man.

“You be a dear and let my husband help you,” replied Ruth’s Aunt, “your wife looks fit to burst and it’s about time my husband made himself useful for a change!”

There was a lot of huffing and puffing and Ruth listened as presumable someone was helped down off a donkey.

“I’m sorry about the accommodations, dear,” Ruth’s Aunt said, fussing as usual.

“It’s good of you to put us up like this, really.  There wasn’t a room at any of the Inns in town at all!” replied the man. “Even the Howard Johnson downtown was fully booked.”

“Probably some convention,” said Saul, muttering under his breath.

“Well let us know if there is anything you need, dear,” said Ruth’s Aunt, giving her husband a dirty look. “Would you like a cup of tea?”

The stranger said he wouldn’t mind one, but it was a new voice that got Ruth’s attention as she lay hidden not a few feet from where everyone was talking. It was the voice of a young woman, and she sounded a little panicked.  “Oh no…oh no!” She cried.  “I think the baby’s coming!”

“Uh…uh…uh,” said both men.  But ever regal, Ruth’s aunt swept them aside.

“Get some towels and water, Saul, and have this nice young man step outside.  I’ll deal with this!”   And Ruth knew she would, a formidable person was her Aunt.

So Ruth lay still and listened quietly as her Aunt helped this young homeless girl deliver a baby, something she was well suited to doing having delivered a lot of the animals that had passed through these stables over the years.

It was a wondrous thing to hear, the miracle of birth, and Ruth wished she could poke her head up to see what was going on.  But then something strange happened.  She heard the child take its first breath and start crying, and Ruth could swear that she also heard a chorus of angels singing in the back ground.

No one else seemed to notice though, and after a lot of movement Ruth heard her aunt say “There you are dear, a beautiful baby boy.  Do you have a name for him yet?”

“Jesus,” replied the tired voice of the young woman.

“What a nice name.  Saul, get in here and bring that young man in with you! He’ll be wanting to see his son now!”

“Are you all decent?” asked the stable master.

“Like you care!” replied his wife.

Ruth heard steps and some shuffling as the baby was passed over to its father.  “A handsome boy!” she heard the man say.

“He looks a lot like Herod to me,” said Saul, to which his wife gave a harrumph.  Point of fact though, the baby did look like King Herod, for it was a strange quirk of nature that human babies tended to look like a significant historical figure of the time. For instance right now babies tend to look like Winston Churchill, although recently if you looked at one and squinted a bit, you would swear you were looking at George W Bush.

Ruth couldn’t see the baby of course, nor did she see the next miracle to happen in this stable, although she benefited from it.  For as the baby’s father handed the child to its tired mother, a heavenly light shone down from above, lighting up the stall and the entire stable.

“I told you to get that hole in the roof fixed,” said Saul’s wife.

“Shut up woman, don’t you know a miracle when you see one!”

“All I see are the Smiths up the street laughing at us because they have a decent roof.”

“Shut up and pay attention, wife.  We’re in the presence of greatness here,” said Saul reverently.

“Then maybe we can charge them a little extra,” was her reply.  But she did quiet down when she saw how the light focused on the baby.

Ruth, however, was making her escape.  The heavenly light had lit up the stall enough for her to see that there was just enough space under the wall next to her and the ground for her to wriggle under.  She hoped that all this baby business would distract everyone enough for her to sneak over to the tack room and free herself.

So she wriggled and struggled and scraped her way under the rough boards, before standing up and hopping out the stall directly behind.

She looked quite a sight too, for every hop made her breasts bounce rather nicely, and the ropes she wore set off her complexion rather well too.  An opinion held by the three men who had just stepped in through the stable door, almost bumping into the bound girl as she tried to hop to freedom.

Everyone froze, the men staring at the naked girl, the naked girl feeling like she was about to feint.  But again, another miracle.  One of the very richly dressed men talked to her.

“Oh…er…excuse me. But, is this the way to the Prince of Princes?”  he asked.

Ruth didn’t have the faintest idea what they were talking about. Besides which, she was gagged and couldn’t tell them anyway.

“The Prince of Prices, the Lord’s Prophet, the Son of God.  Any of this ring a bell, girl?” continued the stranger.

One of the other men pointed down the aisle.  “They must be down there, mate,” he said. “Come on, let’s take a look!  This slave girl obviously doesn’t speak the language!”

So the three men moved on, discussing among themselves whether or not there was slavery in Bethlehem these days, before falling under the spell of the baby Jesus at the end of the row.

Partly in shock, Ruth turned and hopped into the tack room.  She took her knife and started to saw through the ropes binding her hands, but only got a short  way into freeing herself when a meaty hand landed on her shoulder.

Shocked, she jumped, dropping the knife on the ground.  When she turned to see who had startled her, she was face to face with another man, dressed like the other three, but with a bit more skin showing.

“I don’t think you should be doing that,” he said to her, shaking his head.

“MmmMMM?”  replied Ruth, wondering what he was talking about and feeling very embarrassed.

“Slave’s aren’t usually supposed to go freeing themselves, or at least they don’t where we come from,” replied the man. “Just think about it, there would be anarchy if slaves were allowed to untie themselves willy nilly. A real lack of respect that, and discipline.  If I was to go unchain myself when my Master chained me up, he’d be right put off he would! And no doubt I’d feel the lash!  Ever felt the lash, lass?”

Ruth shook her head, and then tried to tell this big man that she wasn’t a slave. But of course all that came out was a muffled moan.

“Aye, I bet you haven’t,” continued the slave, for that was what he was, slave to the three rich men who had just gone in to pay their respects and make a few deliveries. “Soft around here, that’s what they are.  But never you mind, I’ll make sure you learn your lesson, that way you can show some proper respect to your owner when he next sees you.”

And before Ruth could react, the slave picked her up, sat down on a handy hay bail, set her across his lap, and then started spanking her.

Ruth squealed and wriggled for all she was worth, but the big man easily held her down while giving her a butt warming of biblical proportions.

When he was done, he set her on her feet again while Ruth cried into her gag. Her ass felt like it was on fire and she wished she was free so she could put some clothes on and tend to it.

“Never been spanked either, lass?” asked the slave, looking at her strangely. “What sort of a slave are you?  Maybe I should take you in and let your owner handle you.”

That frightened Ruth even more. She’d take a hundred such spankings rather than be exposed like this in front of her family.  But the slave took her frightened expression to mean something else.

“Ah…like that is it! He doesn’t hit you but he frightens you all the same.  Still, I’d best take you in!”

Ruth shrieked, and backed away as best she could in her bound condition.

“You’re that afraid! Not good, not good. You act like you’d rather be someplace else, is that right, Lass?” asked the slave, looking concerned.

Ruth wished he’d at least take out her gag so she could answer him properly, but as she did indeed wish she was somewhere else, she nodded.

“I thought so,” said the slave standing up.  From his belt he took a bag of coins which he opened.  He dug a few coins out and put them on the bench, then after another look at the rather beautiful naked girl bound before him, he took a few more out and added them to the pile before putting the bag back on his belt.

“There, that should cover your cost. My Master said we were going to go shopping after his stop here, now I’ve saved him a trip.”

Ruth squealed once more as the slave picked her up and slung her over his shoulder, but could do nothing as he took her outside to where several camels were waiting.  Helpless to stop him, all she could do was try to hide her face from the people slowly gathering on the street outside the stable, as the slave stuffed her into an empty sack hanging on the side of one of the camels.  He fastened the sack around her neck, hiding her bound body from any onlookers.

Ruth groaned and struggled, trying to get free. But the ropes she had placed on her body with her own hands, and the sack itself, were too much for her. So she was still there when the three rich men came out to claim their rides.

“What’s this?” asked one of the men, gesturing at Ruth.

“Present for your wife, Master,” replied the slave. “You did mention wanting to pick up something useful this trip.”

“Oh, so I did.  Very good, very good. Well, let’s be off!”

The slave smiled and everyone mounted their mounts before heading out of town once more.  And the last thing Ruth was to see of her home for a long time was a bright star hovering high in the sky.





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