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Spring Break 2

by Simpleton

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© Copyright 2001 - Simpleton - Used by permission

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Spring Break 2
by: Simpleton

Well, it’s now another spring break. I wrote about my spring break over a year ago and recently had a better experience that occurred on spring break. So here it goes, I hope you enjoy it.

I could barely fall asleep from the night before, just waiting for the 7 AM silence and the knowing that I had roughly 10 hours and the entire house to myself, with no interruptions. It was a great feeling. Usually I only practice self bondage for the sheer restraint, if I climax, I have to get undone as fast as possible. But today was going to be different. I was about to perform one of my longest sessions to date.

I started off by running thru the initial lock-up procedure. Making sure that all doors and windows are locked and thoroughly blocked off. Then came my own preparation. I started by dressing for the part. First I applied my chastity belt, and a very effective one at that. Then I put on a sheer pair of thigh-high stockings, followed by a pair of fishnet stockings, that were attached to a garter belt. Then I put on my skin-tight leather pants. I love these pants; they had pencil legs and stretched just a little bit on all sides. And they were so tight, they made walking a chore. Then I put on a red lace bra and a special locking shirt. It was made out of a very rough vinyl type material and was very sturdy. I made this shirt with a locking collar, locking wrist cuffs, and a belt sewn to the bottom of the shirt, roughly under my bust line that also locked. I made this shirt because I didn’t want to be able to get rid of the breasts and bra if someone were to discover me. I then locked everything that could be locked on and put on my 5” heels, and locked those on as well. I looked at myself in the mirror and was pleased with the leather and vinyl clad person looking back at me. Next came the bondage.

I began by looping a belt around my ankles twice, then ran a rope between my ankles to cinch it all off. Then I did the same above and below my knees using larger belts and more cinching rope. I got to my thighs next and just ran one large, 2/12” thick belt around my thighs and buckled this in the back. Then I picked up my ball gag. This gag is one of my favorite toys, but it also scares me at the same time. This particular gag is too effective. It leaves me with a lot of personal satisfaction when i’m in its clutches, but if anyone were to “stumble” across me in a compromising situation, nobody would be able to hear me yell. But I applied the gag and locked the straps together at the back. Then I applied my own type of elbow bondage. I used a single leather belt and a rope with a noose at one end. Place the belt into the noose of the rope and put the other end of the rope into the D ring at the back of my collar and run the rope’s free end down to the small of my back. I then work the belt over my elbows and when it is in position, I give the free end of the rope a couple good tugs and that cinches and raises the belt up. Then I just tie the free end of the rope to the D ring at the back of my chastity belt. And it’s done after that.   I then ran through the final preparations, including my release mechanism.

I like to use distance and ice as my primary release. This meaning that I place the key to my handcuffs in an empty yogurt dish, fill it with water, and place it in a freezer for a few hours. Then, when ready, I take the solid dish and place it down 2 flights of stairs and on the other side of our house. The ice is usually melted by the time I get to the key, but just incase it’s not; I would still have to wait. I ran over everything in my head at least twice, said good luck, placed my hands in to the handcuffs that were locked to my chastity belt and locked them shut, using a toothpick to push the lever for the double locks. My bondage was now complete.

I stayed put for a little while, roughly 20 minutes, just testing my binds, making sure that everything was where I wanted it. I finally made the decision to go for the keys; after all, the whole trip to the basement for the handcuff key takes about 45 minuets. So I began my journey to the keys.

I reached the edge of the first set of stairs, which lead down into my family room. This was always the worst part. The family room had a large bay window with no blinds in it. So anyone standing in my front yard could see inside the family room from almost any angle. This meant that I needed to get down those stairs and across the living room floor, without being seen. And being restrained the way I was and dressed the way I was, it would not be a fun situation having nosy neighbors look in on me. But I made it across the floor and to the final set of stairs. These were these weren’t too bad, just a little dark. 

I finally made it to the bottom of the stairs, which was not an easy task and just made my butt hurt. But I collected myself and made a “dash” for the keys. I was about half way to the keys before I realized that one of the basement windows was wide open and not covered up at all. I almost always neglect to check these windows because they are usually never open. But this time, one was, and my neighbor was standing outside working on his motorcycle. He wouldn’t have been able to hear me, but he was sitting in such a position that if he happen to glance over at the window, he’d be able to see everything going on inside, mainly me, bound, and unable to mutter a single word. But I took the risk and went for the keys.

When I made it to the dish, I was suddenly left in a state of defeat. The Ice had not melted all the way and the key was just barely half dislodged. I didn’t know what to do, if I took the chance of going back by the stairs, I risked time, energy, and catching my neighbors eye. But if I stayed still, I wouldn’t have to make the trip back, but I still risked being seen due to the fact that I was a black shiny object with a bright red ball silencing me. I figured that staying put was my only option. Besides, I could check up on the ice melting from time to time as well.

It was a rather exciting 40 minutes that I had to wait for the ice to melt. The neighbor working on his motorcycle had dropped his wrenches a total of 7 times, which either meant that he had too much grease on his hands or he saw me and was making convenient ways to peer into the room for brief moments. But after those 40 minutes, I finally got the key loose. I thought about getting out of my restraints right there, but I figured it would be more of a kick if I struggled back to the stairs and released myself there. I had the key and if I needed to, I could use it in a hurry, but I wanted at least one more thrill before I got out of it. So off to the stairs I went. When I made it, I unlocked my handcuffs, untied the elbow bindings, and unbuckled my ankles, knees, and thighs. I then returned to my room and threw all the gear down onto my bed. 

Now I had to walk out to the back yard, near the pond, and retrieve the keys to my shoes, collar, bustline, wrists, and chastity belt. This isn’t normally a difficult task because of the 6 ½’ privacy fence, but the clack of 5” heels on concrete is unmistakable. But I made it to my keys and back into the house, where I undressed and took a shower. 

All in all, it was one of, if not my best self-bondage session to date. I’d just like to say that I’m still open to any ideas anyone has, or to dares, or to any comments anyone has.                                                                       -Simpleton


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