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Spring Break

by Simpleton

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© Copyright 2001 - Simpleton - Used by permission

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Spring Break

It was the spring break of my sophomore year in high school. I had been into bondage for several years and had been reading many stories on self-bondage and reading many techniques on different positions, time-release mechanisms, and just general experiences. Until recently, I was just doing simple self-bondage, the usual hog-tie (very escapable and nothing spectacular about it), tying myself to a chair, crudely tying myself to a bed, and very basic tying (tying ankles, hands and lying on the floor to struggle). But slowly, my collection of toys began to grow. Going from ripped T-shirt material and bandanas to ball gag harnesses, double locking handcuffs, rope, and leather straps. I had always had the key to my cuffs near me and I almost never stayed bound for more than 20 to 30 minuets, but today was going to be different.

My muscle-clad mom usually left for the Gym at about 6:00 AM and my father left at around 7:00 AM with my little sister, which left me ’sleeping’. Actually, I was lying in bed (with a tremendous hard-on) waiting for that blissful moment when the back door to our house slammed shut. Then, my fun began.

I am by no means a homosexual (I don’t have anything against that lifestyle, but it’s just not my thing), but I do like to cross dress, especially in leather and vinyl. I had purchased a vinyl halter top ‘for my girlfriend’ from a local punk shop and I had made some very, very short cut-off shorts from an old pair of jeans (roughly about 3 sizes too small). I made some makeshift D-cup breasts out of some socks and some ‘nude’ colored stockings. I liked this outfit. It made me feel like a bondage slut, which in all honesty, I was. With this outfit, came a black snap-front bra, 2 pairs of pantyhose, and a pair of thigh-high black fishnet stockings. Damn I look good in that. Not to be tooting my own horn, but I looked damn good. Now came the supplies for my new ‘real but not real’ bondage experiment.

I started out by binding my ankles tightly with a soft, white cotton rope, wrapping it around a few times then cinching it over approx. 5 to 6 times. Then, the same to my knees, making sure to cinch it around 5 or 6 times before tying it off. Then, came the fun part, all bondage enthusiasts know about it, the terribly uncomfortable positions that just feel oh so right. I knelt down, sitting on my ankles, and tied a piece of the rope to my ankle rope, then I looped it around my thighs a few times before cinching it too and tying off the ends. I am not a very flexible person, so this was one of those delightfully uncomfortable positions. Next, came the ropes that would attach to my head harness and my handcuffs. This just looped around the cinches in my ankle rope. Then, I crammed the incredibly large and difficult ball-gag into my mouth and buckled it shut with the straps from the harness.

Next came the thud of me hitting my floor (lying on my stomach). Then, I grabbed the rope from my ankles and pulled one loose end through the D-ring in my gag harness, it jerked my head back and it hurt, but if felt damn good. I tied the rope off very tightly and gave it a pluck, it sounded like a horribly out-of-tune guitar string. Finally came the handcuffs. I was sure to put myself in a position where I could see myself in my mirrors (closet doors) and see when and if the key to the cuffs dropped before I even thought of clasping the cuffs shut. 

I used the ‘ice’ method of self release that I read about on a self-bondage web page, it utilized string frozen in water with the key attached to the other end, this way I could now remove the cuffs without the ice melting, and since ice is stubborn and takes a long time to melt, I would be there for much longer than the 20 to 30 minuets that I was used to. As a fail safe, I had a key to the handcuffs on the opposite side of the house, and down 2 flights of stairs. I also had a sharp box knife set out in the hall way, in case something happened to the first key, then I could cut myself out of the hog-tie and hop down both sets of stairs to where the second key was. However it was easier for the ice to melt so I relied upon that as my first method of escape.

I ran over my ‘check list’ about 10 times in my head before I squeezed the clasp shut on the cuffs. Now, the ‘point of no return’. I just said to myself that I would be a better and overall more experienced person after the whole thing was over. And with that, I closed the clasp on the cuff to my only free hand.

I had done it. I was totally helpless and vulnerable to anything and/or anyone for the next hour or 2. It was a great feeling; I don’t even have words to describe it. It was just great.

After a few booming climaxes, some squirming, and roughly 1 hour and 45 minutes, I heard the key drop to the floor in the hallway. It was unbelievable to be bound and helpless like that, but I was glad to hear that key hit the floor. Now came the hard part. Hog-ties are not meant for mobility, obviously. And it wasn’t as easy as I anticipated it to be, getting from my room to the hallway to retrieve the key. It was very frustrating and time consuming, but I managed to go the short distance in under 30 minutes. Not too bad for a lazy-ass like me.

Then, as I reached the key, I had a change of heart. It was too soon for me to be getting out now; I still had 5 hours until anybody would even be thinking of coming home. So thinking with my penis, I managed to throw the key into the bathroom. This meant that I had to cut myself out of the ropes and get the key from the basement, 2 sets of stairs away. Or hell, I could inch my way down the stairs, still in the hog-tie, but I didn’t want to die yet, I was still young. So I slowly inched my way to the box knife and cut the rope to my head harness first, my neck was killing me and the stress needed to be relieved. Then I cut the rope to my cuffs, then the rope on my ankles, and last, the rope on my knees (this was the most difficult to cut given the degree of where my hands were relative to my knees).

Then, I leisurely walked down the stairs to the basement and retrieved the second key. And it was over, just like that, it was done. Looking back on it, I would have liked to add a more daring approach to this scene, but I am still young and inexperienced, so if any of you fine readers could send me some input and/or info. it would be greatly appreciated. And this is also an offering of a cross dressing, bondage slave/bitch to all who want one. As much as I like self-bondage, having a real bondage personality in my life would be better. A real person or an online personality (master) would suit me just fine.

                        -By: Simpleton
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