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The Spirits of Sumburgh 3: Welcome Home M’Lady

by Wingco

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© Copyright 2015 - Wingco - Used by permission

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story continued from part two

Part 3: Welcome Home M'Lady

Emily escaped Sumburgh unseen. Using Dave’s secret door, well the back gate actually, he used it to sneak outside for a smoke and she knew it’d be opened after his arrival. Arriving to her home a mile away across the bay in Toab and she went to the living room and looked out. It was a marvellous view south across the airport where her dad had worked for the last fifteen years. The castle beyond the control tower with the Sumburgh hotel further away and the other main heritage site at Jarlshof the last stop before visitors fell off this southern end of Shetland.

Having lived here since just after her fourth birthday Em didn’t regard herself as an ‘incomer.’ What Shetlanders call those who move and settle on the islands. In her case she hardly remembered life in Aberdeen, now she devoted her time to this wonderful rustic landscape. 

A lottery win five years before had financed their lives, allowing Emily not to have to earn a living but also had caused a few problems, mainly the fact she’d been under-age when buying the winning ticket. Her parents had ‘confiscated’ it on finding out how much it’d won and they’d refused even to tell her the amount. Promising the girl most of it would be placed into a trust-fund for her, but only to be accessed after she’d turned 21. As that was in six months Emily had been ticking off the time since then. They’d also insisted that she find a volunteer job to stop any suspicious talk from their neighbours and that was how she’d ended up at the castle. Mum too working there when she wasn’t teaching at a local school.

Staring into space a week later sitting in their front room with the parents back, half-listening as Iain droned on about their vacation, Emily looking through the photos trying to be interested at images of this church and that castle. No castle had residents like hers’ mind and she was daydreaming enough that he stopped talking, waiting to see how long it’d be before the girl realised he’d shut up!

“Sorry dad, bit tired and I’ve got a race tomorrow, been doing too much fitness training,” she smiled trying to make light of it. That earned her a pat from mum though she did wonder aloud if Em was all right? “You’ve been rather quiet this week honey, sure you’re ok. Nothing we can talk about?” 

Telling the folks what had really been happening to her in Sumburgh Castle would have seen Emily carted off to a doctor so she bluffed and lied her way out of it. Hating the fact mind, having always been taught to tell the truth. Eventually they let it drop and life continued.

She didn’t see or rather feel much of Henry over the next few weeks. The odd touch and one long kiss and cuddle when he knew she was alone in the castle. He did however scare the heck out of a group of schoolkids one morning. Em leading the party through the dungeon when there was a bang from below. Everyone jumped and a couple of the girls had squealed. Thankfully no tears but Em managed not to laugh when telling the youngsters, “that Sumburgh… Only has friendly ghosts, like Casper. But I call him Henry, I’ll tell him off later, alright?” and a few smiled, relieved this lady was joking.

Four months later Emily thought someone was playing a bad joke on her. Discovering by accident that developers were looking at Sumburgh and wanted to turn it into a hotel! She was appalled. “All our hard work, and the council want to sell up?” she stormed. Iain and her mother surprised at how bad Emily was taking this and were worried this news would ruin Em’s 21st birthday party at the end of the month. The girl went storming into work next morning, grabbing hold of Dave to have a blast, only to find moments into her rant that he didn’t know either!

“Where’s that come from young lady. I know nothing, how do you?” so she explained that her dad, who worked on the helicopters had been told of plans to allow private jets to park on the corner near their hangars. These symbols of corporate excess were going to be bringing in VIP’s to Shetland to play the Islands’ many golf courses. The hotel at Sumburgh wasn’t sufficient for ‘high-end’ clients and the consortium wanted the Castle instead. The council was in secret discussions but obviously word was getting out. A few phone calls by Dave got some interesting responses. “You, dear missy, might have just saved our jobs. Well done.” Earning her a hug from him and handshakes from the others. She hoped Henry wasn’t about, he might get jealous!

Eventually the local paper broke the news and most of the residents were appalled. Only a few wanted the Castle to change, them saying the money these VIP’s would bring in was of more benefit than the way the place was now. Emily began a petition to stop the developers and en mass Shetlanders signed up. Gaining Em notoriety but a lot of support. But the council ignored them, a meeting went to a vote and to most people’s disbelief planning authority was granted if the money was right!

Emily was devastated but grimly smiled through her 21st party at the church hall. The vote happening the day before and for an hour after the result she’d thought about cancelling it. Only her friends pleading got the girl to go ahead and the photos taken showed her looking happy enough. She’d also worn that maroon dress from the collection and looked stunning. Her mum and dad knew this, like everything else recently was their girls’ way of showing a rebellious side but least on the outfit part they’d approved.

It was a sad occasion when Dave locked the castle door for the last time. A tearful Emily and her parents there alongside Raymond and a couple of others. The movers were due next week to start clearing the displays; the stuff was going to another collection in Lerwick. She said little as they walked to the car but as Iain was about to depart Em said she’d rather walk home ‘to gather her thoughts’ before leaping out and slamming the door and gesturing for him to go on without her.

“She needs to get a grip love, I’m going have words tonight if she gets too stroppy,” he said to Jeanette who nodded. Though disappointed by the decision she couldn’t understand why the girl was so upset about it. It wasn’t as if she was ‘seeing’ Dave or one of the others personally, Em was the only unmarried staffer employed there.  

Arriving home two hours later she said little as they had dinner, but Iain knew she was smouldering inside as plates got banged and drawers shut ‘firmly’. Any answers got a monosyllabic answer, like back in her teen years and there’d been a few barnies then. Late night coffee was served in silence and soon he’d had enough. The TV was switched off halfway through one of her favourite movies and that earned him a glare. Even Jeanette looked startled then the row had started.

Minutes later she was in tears, the elders sighing as Emily stomped to the door saying she was going to bed. “Maybe I’ll be better in the morning,” was her last comment, as another door was slammed shut. A groaning of relief from her parents as her bedroom one went the same way. They looked at each other. “Were we that bad as youngsters?” Iain asked, Jeanette shrugging then grinning wryly. “Maybe I was, Iris isn’t around to confirm or deny anyway!” and that got them chuckling quietly and they chatted over a few things before retiring themselves.

Emily was relieved when their door finally closed and the noises from their en-suite were silenced as she lay there trying to doze but seemingly unable to sleep, waking every half-hour by her watch. Tossing and turning, wishing Henry was with her. There was no need for house alarms up here and hours later the girl was on the move.

Dave wasn’t aware Emily hadn’t handed in her set of Sumburgh’s keys, nor the fact she knew the code for the alarm. So he’d have been amazed to see the girl emerging from the fog striding purposely towards the building. Mind you he might have thought it was a ghost the way she was dressed. A flowing white ankle length outfit, actually one of her nighties with a wrap on top!

It’d been bloody freezing as Emily walked the distance from Toab; it’s three miles by road around the bay yet nobody had passed her. Guessing that with the fog down the night mail flights had been cancelled so it meant she’d not needed to hide on hearing any traffic coming. Shivering in the chilly air she finally saw the gatehouse and knew she was ‘home’.   

The door was unlocked with a lovely clunk and she stepped inside. Tapping in her number and the blinking red light went green again, a sigh of relief at that. Grabbing a torch Emily went to the cafeteria and made herself a large hot drink because she couldn’t stop shivering then sat down with it, ears alert for any sound… but the place was silent, as any normal person would have expected. Gunning the coffee down and finally warmed up inside she washed up the cup then headed below.

Emily stood there sobbing as she looked around the dungeon, knowing that soon the place would be gone and the collection broken up. Why had the society sold out to a mainland developer after all this time and effort in years of fundraising, she thought angrily for the umpteenth time. Though her mother and father were upset they had other interests, well dad was still working but for the girl it was far more personal as she worried about Henry and the others. He might ‘only’ be a ghost but to her he was…

Just the way he’d looked at her when she’d told him the news last week after conformation that the place was being sold. Sad at first, his expression as he’d held her then what he’d said before they’d parted. “We’ll ‘survive’, we did after the place went to rack and ruin. But Emily my dear, please remember that I can supply all your wants… ” 

“Whatever you do, I’ll be waiting for you… ”

Now she looked at the wardrobe then walked across and opened it wide. Seeing the leg and wristcuffs she was so well aquatinted with. Emily reached for them and held both in her hands as the tears rolled on.

The girl laid them on the rack… then ran upstairs, still crying. Quickly she grabbed the three dresses used from before then wriggled her way into Henry’s favourite. The maroon one when they’d first met downstairs in the sub-basement, adding her own high-heels that he liked her to wear. Henry’s clothes were added to the pile.

Returning with the loot Emily packed that basket with the restraints and the clothes before lowering it down to the fireplace below. Dropping the rope down there too. Then she went over and opened that hatch, propping it upright with a stick of wood across one side. Then she grabbed more rope, a much longer one and threw an end over the beam before tying the ends together and dropping it down the hole. Pleased to see it almost went to the bottom. She used a ball of string and carefully tied a length to the stick then cut the correct amount before replacing the rest in the cupboard.

Another look round the room then Emily crossed herself before sitting on the edge of the hole and swung her legs over and down, making sure she didn’t touch the stick. Flicking her dress down so it wouldn’t snag on the edge Emily then put her feet together on the two bits of rope before grabbing it with her hands. Nervously she wriggled forward then slid off the edge till her butt was free. Only her hands and feet now bearing her weight as she began to lower herself down. It took a while but she was smiling happy tears as her feet finally touched the ground. The rope ends were untied then the girl looked up, slowly pulling one end, the other rising till it was light enough to be unable to stay up. Emily ducked away as the other end dropped down and the girl knew now what she’d done…

Reaching for the string Emily stared up at the hatch… then gently tugged the loose end as her tears restarted.


It was both horrifying, and thrilling to Emily as it graunched down and the last line of light vanished. Knowing now what she’d committed herself to. But there was lots of work to do yet and she scrambled through into the chamber. The girl relieved to see it as expected. That gibbet she’d spent so much time in as Henry had tormented her to orgasm, the stocks, the pillory and even that tiny cage, Em remembering the day locked so tightly she’d barely been able to breathe.

Now she was here again and the girl got to work. Hanging up the dresses in their order, placing Henry’s attire on ‘his’ chair before going to the dresser. Doing her face took ages, even though she now had a mirror. Hair again took time but she was smiling at the end as she walked to the rack. Laying out the gag and blindfold above where her head would be as she measured the distances required. A last wander round, trying to put off the inevitable before…

Emily patted the surface as she clambered on. Keys in hand as she locked both legs into the restraints, then the rack cuffs below them. Shuffling up till she was satisfied. Looking above Emily grabbed the gag then packed her mouth tight and tied it off. Reaching up then taking hold of her cuffs and made sure they were open, the girl trembling as she then laid her arms into the arm rack cuffs, to check they were in the correct place.

Satisfied it was correct Emily sat up and stared around ‘her’ room, another look at the metal arranged above her before she reached for the blindfold then secured it. Plunging her into darkness as she settled down again. 

Emily was shaking as she placed her last free limbs into the rack cuffs and locked both then removed the keys, easing her hands closer. Raising and flicking her arms slightly to allow them to slip down beyond her wrists a bit and she shuddered as that meant all she had to do now was place them into the others. Her eyes crinkled behind the blindfold as she felt the loops resting on her skin. With her fingers she flipped the tops across then that first thrilling click as a cuff was locked. The other popped open and she cursed and grumbled as the first key was removed. 

Trying to get the key into the last lock almost defeated her, even though she’d practised a few times but finally she heard…


She was ready. Blindfolded, gagged, her arms and legs locked to a rack and Emily took a deep breath, the keys nestling in her hand… so now it was time… flicking her hand and the keyring flew away

The tinkle as it hit the floor above her head made Emily smile at the fact she was now utterly helpless and only he could save her now.

All she needed to do now was wait…

It took ages then she heard rustling and her heart began to pound…

“Good evening Lady Emily… welcome home… ” Henry said, kissing her nose then touching her breasts. The girl trembling as he worked them hard. The restraints were unlocked and she scrambled off the rack, into his arms for the first of many kisses. 

Breaking off Emily went to sit down, Henry’s hands going for her shoulders, as he knew by now what she wanted. “You know why I’ve returned, yes?” she asked sadly and he worked on. “I do, but it is a big choice you have made Emily. You know now that the hatch is sealed and that it will be impossible for you to leave… as you are… ”

“You’ll only become one of us, to be with me and the others… if you go through what we did… You know what you are asking me to do to you?” and she shuddered violently now. Her hands trembling like the first day when she’d got stuck and thought herself doomed.

“I understand… and I’m prepared for it… all,” she said at last.

Henry said nothing then walked away to open the lower hatch, rotating it up then looking down. Nodding in approval before coming back to look at his lover.

“Very well Emily. We’ll do it now sweetheart.”

She smiled and he came close for another smooch then went behind her and began unbuttoning the dress. Emily stepping out of it then taking it from him to hang up. Bare now except for her shoes she patted the gibbet door and turned, allowing him to ease her inside then readied her hair. Her heart pounded at each tink as the pins locked her deeper into the cage. Hands clasped together and he kissed her fingers before drawing Emily’s arms back and the last loops were secured.

A kiss followed then Emily received her gag, packing it as usual and she could barely squeak. The blindfold was last and he saw her fingers trembling as he did the knots behind her head. Stroking Emily’s neck and a gentle sigh emanating from the girl before the gate was closed and secured. He clambered on top to do the ropes then lifted the cage up and over the hole before pausing.

“Ready my dearest Emily… ?”

The longest pause of her life then she nodded.

Trying not to scream as she felt the gibbet begin the descent into the hole, knowing she’d soon be with him properly was comfort enough for her. What fun they could have down here. More to the point she could get revenge on the developers by haunting their guests!

The thump as it hit the bottom made her jump then a brief pause as he undid the rope. Another wait then she felt the air move and the hatch came down. Henry pressing hard to seal her in then he stood above and listened…

Emily waited then gradually she heard it… drip… drip… then more drips, coming faster and faster still. The temperature dropping slightly and she blushed, feeling her nipples reacting to the change. Jumping as best she could on feeling the rising level of the water beginning to cover her feet.

‘Least it’s warmer than his was’ she murmured into the gag. The storm that had taken Henry’s family had been midwinter rather than the July it was out there now. Slowly it came up and she mentally ticked off the distance left to go. Knees, thighs, midriff all submerged now. Splashing a bit with her fingers as it came over her butt and before long it was beyond her breasts and up to her neck… as Emily suddenly realised what was happening… that she was about to…

“Nghhhoooo… ” she wailed, struggling against the bonds. Head thrashing above the collar. She DIDN’T WANT this after all and screamed again…

Her bedroom door crashed open and Jeanette rushed over. Grabbing hold of her screeching girl before she woke the rest of the village. “Bloody hell Emily, what on earth is the matter?” she gasped. Trying to work out why the youngster was halfway to eating the corner of her pillow. Her eyes were still shut however and Jean lifted her to a sitting position and gradually Emily awoke. Stunned to find out she was still at home and not about to drown in the gibbet after all!  
An hour later a shamefaced youngster was sitting at the dining table trying not to tell the truth about her nightmare. Just fibbing that she’d ‘been on a boat’ and fallen overboard then thinking she was drowning! 

Jeanette listened in silence but smiled at seemingly the right places as far as Emily thought. Whether she actually believed the tale wasn’t known. Em was a damn good swimmer, besides she’d been overboard on more than one race occasion and survived! But once she was up and dressed her parents sat the girl down in the living room and told her some stunning news to try and cheer her up.

Now that Emily was officially past her 21st that trust fund had matured. This had actually comprised most of ‘her’ lottery win that Iain had wisely invested. “So we didn’t steal it for ourselves after all young missy, used it to finance your education and you must have enjoyed all our recent holidays?” dad said with a grin and she blushed SO red. Apologising for her rant yesterday. “Yeah, you cannot even blame teenage angst now love,” Jean said and everyone laughed this time. The amount however was a real surprise… nearly £6 million after tax! 

“So we are still planning to move back to the mainland when I retire, to Edinburgh probably but we will understand if you wanted to stay here… ” Iain began, raising a hand, as Emily was about to interrupt… again. She stopped and thought about it… then smiled wryly and got up, going to the window and looking out… due south.

“Yeah, I probably will. My friends are all here and you know I won’t like city life, too noisy. Cannot play my stereo loud enough… ” Cue more laughter and she stared at those distant walls…

“In fact… I am… I want to buy Sumburgh Castle! Keep it going like it should be and not developed as that hotel. The locals will be delighted,” she said at last. Mum just stared as her dad grinned, his wife slowly reaching for her purse and extracting a £10 note. “I really didn’t believe you’d do that Emily, so he gambled,” she said, handing the bet to her smirking hubby.

Six months later.

Emily locked the carpark gate then skipped up the pathway, happy that her first season of opening had been a great success. She’d received rave reviews from various heritage organisations, doing all sorts of media stuff prior to the big showday. Once that had gone well things had settled down though the flow of visitors was still good. The idea of her place and Jarlshof being on a joint ticket was a great one. The guests would do one attraction, have lunch at the Sumburgh Hotel then proceed to the other site.

The spirits mainly remained in the background while she was working. The odd touch or whisper from Henry if he saw she was flagging. ‘Keep going my dear’ he’d murmur, stroking her gently and that would do the job. Once however Emily found a note written by the Duchess alongside the cash register as she’d prepared to open for the day ahead.

‘My dearest Emily
His Grace suggests for you to keep a very close weather eye to the southwest this afternoon’


She’d smiled reading that, knowing the forecast for the day had been pretty ropey and a check on the Internet now confirmed that. Phoning the Sumburgh and suggesting the next touring party do Jarlshof in the morning rather than afternoon as intended. After a debate they’d done so in bright sunshine then the coach brought the party to her as clouds gathered. Hardly had the last guest come through the door when a tremendous squall struck the peninsular. Em surprised to hardly be able to see across the bay as rain and hail began to lash the castle walls. 

Least that warning had enabled her to close Dave’s ‘smoking door’ and secure any windows facing that way. It lasted almost two hours as she led the tour upstairs. Noticing as usual that despite the Georgian and Regency period theme of the place, all the kids wanted to see was the dungeon and soon they’d headed that way.

If only you folks knew what was below your feet, she’d think as the children stared wide-eyed at the rack and stuff lying around.

By the time they emerged from below everyone was amazed to see the sun again, allowing them time to take exterior photos before they’d left. Arriving back inside Emily looked around to check there was nobody present.

“Thank you, your Grace for the warning… ” she’d murmured. A ‘tink’ from nearby acknowledged her comment.

Now she had two days off, being closed Monday and Tuesday during the off season and Emily guessed that it might involve her not seeing daylight for that much of it. Hurrying inside she closed the heavy wooden door then bolted it securely, the big old key turning with a satisfying clunk. A pause to listen for friendly noises, a faint round of applause coming from the dining hall made her smile.

“Not the only lock I’ll hear tonight,” she grinned, going upstairs and making supper in her quarters in the roof section that had never been used in the original display. A bedroom, lounge, a new bathroom was it, all she’d needed and the cost hadn’t been that bad. £2.5 million for the property, then another half mil to fit it out to her tastes and finish the renovation of the main tower. Even paying the salary of her ‘old’ boss wasn’t that bad. Dave happy that she’d taken him on, Raymond had retired anyway, so the two kept it going well enough. Plus she didn’t say that on closed days off was the ghostly sight of ‘Mary and Margaret’ wielding dusters as they’d resumed ‘duties’ once more.

The food bubbled away while she did the accounts. That was dispatched and after clearing up Emily had a long chat with her mum on the phone, a quick bath and hairwash then…

“Usual rig my dear, please,” she said imitating Henry’s voice, selecting ‘that’ dress and buttoning herself inside. This time adding the new high heels in the same colour. Before long she was strutting downstairs then locking herself in the dungeon. Heading for the wardrobe and leaving two sets of cuffs plus keys on the corner of the rack then stood expectantly. Wondering what ‘pleasure’ she’d get this time. 

Last week it’d been just in here on the rack rather than downstairs. The time before she’d not even left her floor as Henry had materialised in the lobby shortly after she’d locked up. Once dressed he’d spent the whole break with her upstairs doing ‘normal things. Lying in his arms all night had been lovely and it was hard for Emily to forget just what he was. But she wanted him here now so…   

“Honey, I’m hooomme… ” 

Hands landed on her hips minutes later, a long kiss followed and she was thrilled to be in Henry’s loving embrace as he briefly stroked her before letting go. She watched as the leg cuffs drifted over to be by her waist, the girl lifting her dress and soon felt and heard delightful clicking as her ankles were secured. Grinning as he checked that Emily was wearing modern underwear and the right shoes, he’d taken quite a fancy to this stuff recently! Accepting the offered gag and while doing it she felt a breath passing her neck as he returned to the rack.

The other set moved and her heart was beating faster as she knew what was coming as they waited… holding her hands up and allowing them touch the restraints. Taking the loops from his grasp, kissing both cuffs then handing them back, watching as they sank from her view and she dared not move to see. But the clicks as they were undone were enough for Emily to smile inside. Shuddering as his voice gently spoke words of love that meant so much to her.

“Good girl. Now Emily, you know what is required of you next?” and she nodded.

“Wrists behind your back then sweetheart… ” 

She smiled as the loops enclosed her arms and the locks were done. The invisible Henry pocketing the keys as they vanished from her view. Emily looked to where the hatch was and it opened moments later so she shuffled towards it. Shivering at the thought of being with Mary and Margaret again! The blindfold drifted closer and the lass was thrilled as she lost her eyesight for the rest of the evening… or possibly longer? A kiss on the nose then his hands clamped under her armpits and Emily braced herself, sighing happily as she was lifted up.

“Excellent my dear. Now we’ll begin… ”

The End.

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