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The Spirits of Sumburgh

by Wingco

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© Copyright 2015 - Wingco - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; other/f; castle; dress; bodice; dungeon; rack; manacles; gag; bfold; ghosts; bond; tease; climax; cons; X

Emily McLeod crept into the corridor from her hiding place, her heart pounding with relief she’d evaded the castle’s guard doing his final walk before closing for the weekend. Working here as a volunteer helper over the summertime she knew everything about the place. No internal alarms any wandering staff to interrupt her as a twenty-foot wall and two locked gates were enough to ensure thorough security at this remote bastion of a fallen empire. It only took three nervous hours to wait after Raymond had left before emerging. A quick visit to the bathroom and a drink from the staff cafeteria and Em was ready to play.

Now alone she wandered the rooms until arriving at her favourite. The ‘Royal’ Room and its’ depiction of the Duchess of Sumburgh, a remarkably young lady and similar in age to the mother of the castles’ current intruder. What attracted Emily most was like most girls she loved dresses worn in the ‘old-days’, here being the late Georgian period of the 1820’s. The full-length sort she imagined swishing around in. Bedsheets at home were a poor substitute and now years later she had the opportunity to wear the real deal for herself.

Her target was the Duchess’ favourite dress, a marvellous creamy white satin creation that stretched from neck to ankle. Emily was responsible for all the outfits in the building but with other people always on site she’d never been able to wear, or at least try to use any of them… until now. 

Opening the wardrobe her eyes gleamed on see the target, currently wrapped in a protective bag. This took a few seconds to undo and moments later Emily was sighing as she held it up to the mirror. It just seemed right so she laid it on the bed and after closing the door she stripped naked. An admiring session in the mirror before Em battled her way into a front-lacing bustier plus stockings et al. Then she unbuttoned the dress and inelegantly tried to clamber into it.

For a start it was far heavier than she remembered. This was until Emily realised the underdress was still attached. A grumble and she paused and took the outfit apart. Applying it didn’t take long and soon the lass eased herself into the outer part. Because it was in two bits now Emily had to burrow up underneath and get her arms into the sleeves. This was more difficult and she murmured that at least the Duchess would have had assistance! She was more pleased it actually fitted.

Soon however a quietly smiling Emily was buttoning up her back. Thankfully she was quite flexible and after ten minutes she’d completed the job and the girl was thrilled. Pauses to step into her three-inch heels and buckle the straps. At least it kept the hem from dragging close to the floor. Now she could strut her stuff and Emily went out into the corridor. Marching up and down, feeling the dress as she’d dreamed, swaying and flapping round her ankles.

“Just perfect, now it’s bondage time… ” she grinned and after packing her clothes and hiding the bag in the wardrobe she headed for the door that led to the dungeon. The keys she’d copied last year still worked and Emily descended into the depths, closing and locking each door behind her.

Flicking the lights on Emily was delighted to see the place was as she’d remembered as the girl rarely had need to come in here. The various devices that had caused so much pain and distress over the centuries now hung silently from the walls. Though she knew they all worked as the castle had been used to make a documentory about the Tudors and she’d assisted in the preparations. Getting all the manacles servicable, the rack tested for the character to be ‘tortured’ and so on. 

In fact she’d watched in the background as the guy had been secured to it. The clank and click of the cuffs as his limbs were restrained had started something deep within her and she was amazed as the film later showed what happened. Having a dungeon in a Georgian period castle turned stately home seemed wrong. Perhaps they’d kept it as a threat in case someone tried to invade them!

Now she wanted to try it for herself!

The girl grabbed a cloth from nearby and rubbed the table all over, seeing the material was still clean so the surface would not mark her dress. The manacles too were examined and she groaned at finding they were locked!

“Damn it!” she cursed. All this for nothing before Emily decided to look arou… .

“YES!” was an exclamation as she saw a ring of keys hanging from the cupboard shelf nearby. The rest of this filled with manacles, a collar plus yards of rope and smaller balls of string. Her heart was now pounding as she unlocked each of the heavy metal loops. The girl surprised there was some form of well-disguised padding in each one. She wondered if there was some secret fetish society that held regular meetings in here!

“I wonder what they’d do if they found me here like this?” she grinned and took a deep breath then locked one cuff over her wrist. It was tighter than she thought but Emily smiled and looked down the device, seeing the leg manacles arranged… and SO inviting?

“Gotta be done Em!” she said and freed herself.

Another look round the room then Emily climbed onto the slightly sloped surface and sat down. Leaning forward she managed to put both legs into the cuffs then after a long pause locked them. Arranging her dress took a few moments before she was ready…

Now the butterflies were orbiting as Emily lay back and wriggled a bit till she felt slight resistance from the leg chains. Looking above her head she saw the left cuff close by and she placed her wrist inside then locked it. Of course Em was aware of bondage safety so had no intention of doing both her arms but this was surely enough to get the effect as she placed her other wrist into the manacle then rested her head against the wooden surface. 

Trying to wriggle a bit down the table to straighten her arms didn’t work as the dress bunched under her butt. Emily was still pleased though and was smiling as she lay there. If only the other wristcuff would stop popping open… and she looked up and saw the keys…

Slowly Emily reached across and nervously inserted the key into the other cuff… then gently turned it!


“Oh my god… ” Em whispered as she knew her limbs were all LOCKED by solid steel! She grinned even more as her other hand removed the keys and left them in the middle, between her now safely bound wrists and it made her start to tremble, and also get a bit wet. She lay there for ages before deciding she needed a wee. Quickly undoing her arms she was off the rack moments later and trudging upstairs.

Emily returned to the dungeon again, refreshed after a drink and wandered around the room, eyes looking at that rack again and soon decided she wanted another go. To avoid damaging the dress she stripped it off, hanging it by the bellows and was once more ready ‘to be held’. This time tighter so Em adjusted the handle on the rollers and this tugged the manacles further apart. She grabbed some old rags from the bucket to gag herself, stuffing the material in til her cheeks bulged then tied it twice around the lower part of her face. A shame she couldn’t do her eyes but she’d need them to find the keys. 

Her feet took moments to secure then Emily smiled and lay back and reached to lock her wrists. The keys again now resting between her hands and the girl was delighted. Humping slightly she slid down a bit, sighing as the metal dug into her, kicking the ankles a few times so the slack chain links ran clink-clink and more clinking over the base till she was almost taut. The way the device was designed she had to open her arms a bit to the sides to stop the chain touching her hands, same idea for her legs and she wished for a moment for someone to be here with her.

WOW that felt better and Emily sighed, feeling a faint draught coming over her and she looked up, but of course there was nobody there and she was content now.

After what was probably twenty minutes of nothing Emily decided it was time to go. Looking above she was a little concerned to see her wrists were so far apart. The bunch of keys at least a foot away from her fingers. She began to wriggle back up but her leg manacles seemed to grip firmly. Emily tried to kick up but there was NO slack.

“Nggghhhoooo… ” she whispered, wondering if that clicking from the lower rollers had actually been the device tightening itself… she hadn’t checked to see if the catch was in the neutral position after adjusting the chains!

Emily tried to control the rising fear as she repeatedly tugged on her cuffs, both arms, to get them closer to the keys and legs… but soon the girl was sobbing as the heartless steel gripped her firmly. She was definitely stuck now and also getting tired. It was SO unfair and Em wondered how long it’d be before someone found her. Soon however she remembered the place wasn’t opening again for three days!

The breeze again blew across the girl, startling Emily from a doze and she tugged pathetically at her cuffs. Trying to call out but her gag was too good. A faint ‘hgggghhhhhh’ barely audible over the rattle of the chains as she struggled. Getting weaker now and wasn’t the light dimming too? She thought. At least two bulbs were surely not as bright, then she squealed as the first went out, followed by a second, then more until only one by the door glowed faintly. Soon a different colour light started coming from below her feet. An almost yellow or orange and by lifting her head Emily was amazed to see the old fireplace was now lit. Smoke drifting up the chimney, though some was bypassing it and going to the ceiling. Just as well this place didn’t have smoke alarms down here!

Now she was really panicking, having never believed in ghosts, giggling at silly stories about the afterlife, and even spirits in those internet bondage tales she’d recently begun reading. Yet now she felt this was happening to her.

Locked deep in a dungeon with no chance of rescue for at least 72 hours.
Helplessly chained to the rack.

Well, least she was alone in here, wasn’t she?

Looking around the walls, that lovely old dress hanging motion…

Emily gasped as the right arm of the dress begin to move of it’s own accord. The shocked girl watching in disbelief as the outfit slowly came off the hook and filled out into a female form, the bodice equal to that of her own as material bulged outwards. It then drifted towards the helpless and now terrified captive as she squirmed and struggled on the rack. The dress circled her, Emily’s eyes following every move, the hips and hems swaying as if there was a real lady inside it. Now it went down to her reddening feet as Emily again tugged against the steel.

The filled sleeves came together by the waist and if there had been hands emerging from them, the fingers would now be touching the roller handle as ‘it’ stopped there.

Emily’s heart froze as the handle moved…


“NGGGHHHH… .” Emily screamed into her gag as she felt the leg cuffs tugging her tighter! The dress paused and moved away, coming closer to her left side and looking down. Em staring up, seeing the bodice slightly going in and out… as if it were breathing!

A white clad arm reached over Emily’s head and her heart jumped as she heard the keys being lifted, seemingly under their own steam with a gap between them and the sleeves as the ring came past her face and up to the top of the robe. She was appalled as they touched the part where the cleavage would be… then it was dropped inside out of her sight!

There was no clunking as they hit the floor; the robe even shook a bit as if they were cold. It moved away and round the other side to the top handle. Emily’s eyes bulging now… as it moved…


The dress ‘jumped’ as Emily wailed so loudly into her gag, the strain on her body now considerable. Pausing for a moment as the girl thrashed and shuddered in the grip of the rack. Breathing was hard for Em now as she wondered what was next. Finding out as the robe moved back beyond her feet and seemingly bent down. Coming back up with another rag that it twisted and wadded into what Emily soon guessed was to be a blindfold as the figure arrived by her arms. There wasn’t any point in struggling against the inevitable. Crying as her vision vanished, the material was tied off and Em’s world went black.

Now she waited for what seemed ages her ears trying to discern what was next. But there was just no sound at all except her hoarse breathing and the occasional rattle of chain.

“Emily… Emily… ” a whisper came so quietly she thought it was her overwrought imagination.

“Emily dear. Isn’t this is what you wanted sweetheart… ?”

She shook her head… no it was NOT and nothing happened for a moment.

“Very well… ” came an almost disappointed voice.


Emily squealed as the grip lessened so slightly and her blindfolded eyes stung as a new wave of tears seeped into the cloth. More clicking and soon the girl was sighing as the strain on her body eased. The keys clinked above her and by now she could just move her arms though it was very painful at first.

Ten minutes later a crying but VERY relieved Emily was free of the rack. Standing there trembling at what had just happened. The dress back on a hook and lifeless again. She’d sure have to write a tale and post it to the site; they’d never believe it to be anything other than a work of fiction.

Emily paused then took the dress down, kissing it so gently before carrying the robe to the door and leaving the dungeon. Her feet echoed in the corridor as she walked back into the Duchess’ bedchamber and replaced the outfit in the wardrobe. It was going to be a long three days before opening time and a chance to escape. She might even wear another outfit and have more explorations?

She worked hard next day cleaning up the staffroom and doing other menial jobs they’d put off for too long. Of course she hoped Dave and the other guys wouldn’t realise what had happened. But being blokes of course they wouldn’t! The afternoon spent polishing all the china in the main display rooms and Em was chuffed at her labours.

That night she was ready and dressed in that robe again. A quick swish up the corridor then down to the dungeon. Hoping her instincts were right, carrying two more dresses and soon after arrival all three were hung there in a row. Her’s in the middle; the two ‘ladies-in-waiting’ either side of it, one of them light grey the other a pale blue. Emily paused then finished undressing, wanting to be naked this time rather than in skimpies though she did leave her heels on.

The gag was inserted and tied then Emily laid the wadded up roll for her blindfold between the wrist cuffs along with the bunch of keys. Then she clambered on and wriggled into position. Feet placed between the leg manacles with both arms by her sides, eyes closed in anticipation. 

All she had to do was wait…  

It took longer than she thought. In fact Emily was about to nod off when she heard the pop and crackle of the fire in its grate. Opening her eyes she was thrilled to see all the lights off except one by the door, flickering torches in holders elsewhere was a surprise but least it made the scenario more real.

The grey dress began to move, filling out properly and it made her smile. Minutes later the others were too, the three going to the far corner and seemingly conferring. It was eerie watching them there before blue and grey went to her feet, white coming to stand alongside her, leaning closer and Emily felt light breathing as it whispered to her…

“Emily dear. Are you wanting to be bound this time… ?”

She paused as the figure waited… before nodding!

The rattle of keys made her jump as the white dress drifted silently down, the keyring just in front of the sleeve as they were handed to grey. Blue’s now moved towards Emily’s leg and she tried not to squeal as something now TOUCHED her skin. Invisible fingers wrapping themselves round her ankle and lifting the limb across and INTO the cold steel manacle.

It was eased closed then Emily shuddered as she heard the clicking of a lock.

‘That’s one… ’ she murmured into the gag. The second following before all three moved up next to her shoulders.
Gently blue took Em’s left wrist and drew it up, placing it into the cuff and the metal snapping round. More clicking followed and soon all four limbs bound Emily to the rack.
White came back up and leaned over again. Startling Emily as it leaned in again. Unseen lips kissing her nose then going back slightly as the keys were dangled in front of her face.

“That’s better isn’t it sweetheart? Bound to the rack, as you want to be, gagged, as you’ll need to be. Are you wanting to go any further with this Emily… ?”

The girl paused for ages then nodded again.

“How far my dear… ?” it asked and Emily looked quizzically as of course she couldn’t reply. A faint ‘mmppphhh’ all she could manage but she did flick her eyes up to where she knew the blindfold to be.

“Very well. We will do our best for you my dear… ” it said, the keys vanishing into the cleavage then it drifted away for another chitchat with the others. Lasting a few minutes as Emily flexed her limbs, slight rattling of the cuffs as she waited, almost begging them to get a move on!

They came up again and Em smiled behind the gag as blue’s ‘hands’ came round with the blindfold. Emily raising her head to assist, soon the girl was plunged into blackness and the job was done. The gag was also tightened up and Emily was thrilled as a ‘finger’ caressed her glowing cheeks.

“Ladies, begin slowly together… ” came the whisper…


Emily’s heartrate rocketing as her limbs were tugged outwards, the metal cuffs not yet painful as the rate of clicking slowed almost to a stop. By now she was taut… then fingers began to gently roam over her torso! One set going to her nipples and Em sighed as they were worked hard. More poking and prodding elsewhere, a pair sliding up her trembling thighs and she moaned as they finally went into where she expected the spirits to go. Slowly another joining it and they stirred Emily up and wetness began to flow from her.

“Are you enjoying this my dear… ?” came an amused ghostly whisper from close by and Emily eagerly nodded. Relieved there was still a little give in her bonds and the fingers returned to her fanny… easing in and out, the rate increasing and Emily knew she couldn’t stand that for too long before…

“Good girl… We’ve got another two days of this pleasure to give out… we’ve waited two hundred years to find someone special like you… and dear Emily, my husband and our family are due home tonight… While the Duke and myself are busy… our eldest son will be delighted to find you here… Henry is old enough to wench properly now… ” 

Emily lasted another few minutes before erupting into a thunderous orgasm and squealed into her gag.

“That’s the idea, you’ll be good enough for my boy… he needs a spirited one to… break in.”

The girl grinning tiredly at that, hoping for a few minutes of freedom before whatever. This being confirmed when her bonds started relaxing. It took Emily longer to free her body as the pain was considerable and she wept quietly as she stood up for a while. Em was amazed however to see the three dresses still ‘filled’ out and moving around, a cleaning cloth near both blue and greys’ arms as they headed towards the trembling youngster.

“Be still Emily, they’re only helping you my dear,” White said as grey bent down and went between her legs. Dabbing gently at her, soaking up the juices flowing far too readily for Em’s liking. Meanwhile blue was soon cleaning the rack, replacing the manacles and locking each one. Emily wishing they were going around her wrists again! The cleanup finished and Em headed for the doorway, only for white to quickly drift across and stop her.

Emily felt slightly afraid now but told the dress what she intended to do. Use the bathroom, have something to eat then she’d return. “I promise… ,” she said. The dress paused then agreed… “But to prevent any escape, you’re going to wear some cuffs first,” it said. Going to the cupboard, opening it and to Emily’s amazed eyes drew out a set of leg irons with about a six–inch chain on them.

She stood spellbound as it brought them over, handing them to the stunned youngster. Emily paused then unlocked the manacles and bent down, clipping both over her ankles then waiting.

“Lock them both my dear, then pass me the key… ” was the order. Slowly Emily obeyed, the clinks SO loud then she nervously reached out. Invisible fingers took them away and the girl watched as the key vanished into the bodice. White now moving away and unlocking the dungeon door and ushering Em out.

“You have one hour. Wear something fitting to meet His Grace and my son!” was the last instruction before the door closed, leaving a surprised young lady outside. Listening as the key rattled in the lock.

Emily’s mind was churning as she tried climbing the stairs, this damn chain doing its best to trip her up along with her heels but she succeeded with only one fall. Re-entering the main part of the castle and going to the ladies only room. Thankful once again that the low crime rate up here had precluded the purchase of internal security cameras. Sitting down with a sigh she did her business, then tugged on the cuffs. Of course there was no chance of them coming off!

Having washed her hands Emily dined on toast and jam, easier than cooking in the microwave, it was more the fact the smell would dissipate before opening time rather than anything else as coffee too was dispatched. A last-minute bathroom visit followed before the girl hurried away to get dressed.

Arriving back into the Duchess’ bedchamber Emily went to the wardrobe, aiming to use a maroon dress seen near the back. Grabbing it and soon the youngster had buttoned herself inside. A shame she couldn’t swish in this with her ankles secured!

A careful descent brought Emily back to the dungeon door, already ajar but she still knocked before going inside!
Finding the three dresses in conference before the white one turned and came close. Handing over the key and Em freed her ankles, the leg-irons being replaced in the cupboard.

“An excellent choice young lady, well done. Now we must take you downstairs… ”

Emily stopped. This WAS downstairs, there was nothing below them surely and she shook her head and the others gasped. “But… there is no further. This is the basement… your Grace… ” Em stammered, trying to remember some formality, despite knowing she was talking to a ghost!  

“Nonsense dear girl, this place has always had a sub-basement… look it’s easy to get to,” White said then seemingly began to drop through the solid stone floor. Leaving the crumpled dress in a heap as the spirit inside went ‘down’. Emily almost grinned as it began to emerge again but thankfully stopped herself in time.

Emily tried the same, crouching down but as expected going no further before her knees hit the stone. “Oh dear, we’ll have to find another way. Erm… Mary, Margaret, please open… the hatch,” white ordered. Em amazed that the other two dresses actually had names! She assumed these were the Duchess’ servants at the time they’d lived here. If only Em could remember when that was. Then she did, realising this was the end of the line. 

These were the two ladies-in-waiting that were lost when the Duke’s ship was wrecked just west of Sumburgh, killing all aboard in the early-1800s’. Crew and family alike perishing in the raging waters that surround Shetland. Emily was an excellent dinghy sailor who respected the elements and learned a lot through reading history books too. If these ghosts wanted to chat later on she’d have to ask them all about this place, seeing if the restorations and stuff were a true reflection on what their lives had really been like. But for now she was anticipating something more for herself!

She watched in fascination as the two pushed aside the bellows and the framework beside the fireplace, revealing what appeared to be another patch of stone, the same as the rest of the floor. But to Emily’s shock the grey dress placed its sleeves on one corner and the whole thing began to open as blue grabbed the edge and folded it back! 

“A smugglers cellar,” we used to call our secret area. No Customs man ever found it from the day our ancestors built the castle, it’s where our income mostly came from,” came a smug sounding voice as white drifted alongside her and held the side chunk of stone up. Emily looked down through the hole and saw nothing at first, only by crouching and letting her eyes adjust by shielding them could she see a faint yellow glow, as if there were torches lit. Like the ones on the walls up here.  

“I see, but how do I climb down ma’am,” Emily said as the dresses seemingly waited for her to make the first move. Grey however then glided over the hole then sank down into it, a faint draft blowing her skirt up a bit but it seemed so strange as Emily could see right through the bodice to the floor below that.

Emily paused and there was an audible tut of disapproval. “I suppose you cannot do that either. Really, this latest generation… ” came the voice and Em tried not to grin, this wasn’t the time to get flippant with the nobility.

“Could you lower me down, say by using a rope or cords or something?” she asked blue. Who turned to ‘her’ boss and saw white move over to the cupboard and open it. A few lengths of rope were indeed there and soon the grey dress floated back up to assist in lowering Emily down.

A set of cuffs was heading towards the youngster and she obeyed the order to hold her arms out. Trembling as the metal waited in thin air then the two manacles snapped round. The key too then drifted into each lock and rotated til that lovely clicking sound told Emily she was bound again. A visible shudder got white chuckling and the sleeve came closer then the invisible fingers stroked her cheeks. “It’s alright sweetheart, we understand… your desires,” it said. 

If only you could, Emily thought, feeling more than a little damp below now!

The rope was tossed over a high beam that ran right across the dungeon then the shorter end was tied several times around the chain between Em’s cuffs and knotted. She was told stand right next to the hole, to grip firmly on the rope and they would lift her up. But if she let go the metal on her wrists would stop her falling all the way. The girl thought the shock of that would probably shatter her arms first so was determined not to fail as they took up the slack.

She gasped as they smoothly lifted her off the floor. White’s ‘hands’ gripping her waist as she eased the girl forward a foot. “Don’t look down young lady, look up instead.” Came the order and of course Emily obeyed. The rope began to slide down and she shook badly as white let go, the youngsters’ full weight on her own hands as she clutched it. 

Sloooowly Emily began to descend into the hole, feeling someone poke her dress behind as the hem snagged on the edge. Her eyes widening as the hatch rim came passed her head and she stared back up at the rope. Slightly worried at the fact she thought that knot was moving… wasn’t it? As she kept going down.

It was and Emily called up for them to go faster as the damn thing moved again. A jolt didn’t do her nerves any good as the hole grew smaller above. Now the knot was unravelling faster and she was about to scream when her feet touched the base! A sigh of joy as she lowered her wrists to her heaving chest, just as the last of the loops fell off the chain and it waved in front of her. 

The end snaked back up as the dresses pulled it over the beam… why not just leave it there? Emily thought as she stared up. No way would she be able to climb out without that there, the sides were too smooth and it made the girl shudder again. Now she really was going into the unknown and it made her slightly afraid but it was also exciting damn it, so she was determined to enjoy whatever happened next.

Turning round with some difficulty Emily bent down and crawled through the gap in the wall… and gasped!

The room was ablaze with torches and after a moment staring round Em realised this was a larger and better-equipped version of the chamber upstairs! And she looked at all the furniture around.

A rack taking centre stage for starters. 

Pillory, stocks, even a human sized gibbet cage along with other small metal ones that she assumed had either held victims in the past… “Or are intended to be used on me… !” 

A row of manacles hung silently and Emily prodded them. The metal similar to her current ones and the girl wished to be freed… before a session on the…


The thumping sounds from the hole startled Emily from her dreams and she rushed back to the gap and looked up… just in time to see the last edge of the light vanishing and naturally she screamed now as the hatch was placed across. Soon dragging sounds indicating the bellows and stuff were being replaced into their positions. This was way beyond what she’d wanted… wasn’t it? The idea of playing in your own private bondage dungeon… with ghosts who willingly aided you in your darkest desires?

How many tales had she read and ‘wished it were me?’ being bound, gagged and so on. Now she had and it seemed that whatever she’d been through so far was about to get… well she was going to find out soon enough! 

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