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A Special New Year’s Resolution

by Wishful Husband

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© Copyright 2009 - Wishful Husband - Used by permission

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During a pre New Year’s party I overheard my husband making a joke to a recently engaged man, "How do you cure a nymphomaniac? You marry her." After we left the party I told my husband I had overheard his joke. "I hope you don’t feel that way dear?"

He became nervous and looked away from me. "I want you to level with me."

"Well you did ask, honey you are a very beautiful women inside and out, but since we have been married we don’t seem to have sex as much and the spontaneity just isn’t there, like it use to be."

I was very upset by this and he apologized, but he would not have said it if it wasn’t troubling him. When I got home, I was mad but I was going to prove him wrong so I screwed his brains out. My predictable husband was exhausted after our love making session and quickly fell asleep. I decided right then that he would never again feel that way . Therefore I was going to make a New Year’s resolution that my husband would be totally satisfied with our sex life. He would never dare tell another joke like that again.

Turning to the internet I decided I would do some shopping for New Years. First I found a black leather corset, which zipped up in the front and came up to the bottom of the breasts, and would leave my muff and ass totally exposed and available. It also had four garters on each leg which would help to hold up the stockings better than the traditional two garters per leg. Nothing bothers me more then baggy stockings and I am usually not in the position to adjust them. I also added to my order a beautiful pair of cream colored stockings. My husband loves garter belts but I don’t think he’ll mind the change. Then I decided I would buy a 2" black ball gag with a black strap and an additional chin strap on it. Since New Years was two days away I decided on next day delivery, I don’t think he’ll mind.

In this tough economy, we decided that we would spend New Years together at home. I mentioned to my husband that I wanted to stay at home so I could start one of my New Year’s resolutions. "Want’s that dear," I could tell my husband was curious but I said you’ll just have to wait and see.

It was around 3 in the afternoon on New Year’s Eve day, my husband was out in the living watching the bowl games. So I started a fire and laid out our lamb’s wool rug in front of the fire. I could tell my husband got very excited when I brought the rug out. "Honey I am going take a hot bath why don’t you watch your game and I am going to get ready."

"Are you sure you don’t need some help?"

"No stay there and be a good boy, and when I am good and ready I’ll be out to see you."

After taking a hot bath I went into the bedroom and put on my new leather corset. It was difficult to get it on but I finally got it zipped up. It must have made my waist another two inches smaller and made my curvy figure even curvier. Looking into the mirror my ass and muff looked totally available and I must admit irresistible. I sat down and put on the cream colored stockings. Then I stood up and attached all eight garters to my stockings. I took extra time to adjust everything so it was just right and then I put on a pair of my highest heeled black shoes.

Writing my husband a note,

'Dear John, after your joke and our discussion I decided to make a New Year’s resolution to you. Every month I will find a creative way to package myself for your total pleasure. This will allow you the opportunity to have sex as many times as you can. You will be in complete control and I have a strong feeling I will not be able to utter a word of complaint. I hope you’re up for the challenge and I better not hear anymore jokes about sex and marriage. P.S. my bondage bag is in the front closet.'

Rolling up the note I placed it between my breasts and pushed one end into the top of my corset to hold the note in place. Next taking my new ball gag I popped it into my mouth pushing it past my teeth. I tightly buckled the strap underneath my hair and buckled the new chin strap on the ball gag. This new chin strap really helped to hold the ball deep into my mouth. Finally I took out my trusty fur covered hand cuffs and very tightly locked my wrist behind my back. I must admit being in a tight leather corset with cream colored stockings, high heels, ball gagged and hand cuffed I looked like quite the New Year’s celebration.

Walking out into the living room my husband gasped. "Oh my, what a beautiful women you are, what have I done to deserve such a pleasure".

He spotted the note and quickly grabbed it and read it has I stood in front of him. One not to waste any time he rushed to the closet to get the bondage bag. First as usual he grabbed a leather strap and buckled my elbows together. He then took out another three straps and buckled one above breasts around my chest and another one below my breasts and the third one around my stomach above my belly button. These straps held very tightly my arms to my body while not allowing any movement of my arms. Unlocking my hand cuffs he quickly replaced them with a leather strap which held my wrists very tightly together behind my back.

Making me stand there he made me spread my legs apart while he ran his hands all over my legs and soaking wet pussy. Getting me all worked up he pushed me down on the couch forcing me to lie on my stomach. He then strapped my ankles together and buckled a strap around my legs just above my knees. Taking one more strap he buckled my ankles to my wrist creating an extremely extra tight hog tie. I am starting to think my husband’s most favorite position is an extra tight hog tie. "You look so sexy in a hog tie."

Rolling me on my side he began to suck on my nipples while teasing my wet pussy with his hand. He then pulled out his rock hard cock and sat down on the couch. Putting my head in his lap, he unbuckled my ball gag, while having a little trouble pulling the large ball out of my mouth, but before I knew it I was on my stomach, hog tied with my head in his lap and his cock in my mouth mmmrphrph. Some things never change all I could do was suck, it was too difficult to boob up and down. Sucking him hard and deep, it was not long before he exploded deep into my mouth. It caused me to gag and all I could do was shallow and suck him clean and dry.

Like usual I had to start complaining and before I knew it that big old ball gag was jammed back into my big old mouth.

"Honey you would think you would learn not to open your mouth." My husband then tightly buckled both straps on my ball gag, "I hope that’s not too tight?"

"Did you enjoy that dear?"

" Mmmrphrph".

It was too late to do anything about it, lying on the couch tightly hog tied and ball gagged I was my husband’s new sex toy. My husband then went and got his soft cashmere scarf. Rubbing it all over my private parts (breasts, ass and soaking wet pussy) caused my skin to tingle. I was completely frustrated, hornier then hell and getting all worked up. Straining myself against that super tight hog tie I was glaring at my husband and moaning in frustration.

My husband then decided to release me from my hog tie and unbuckled my ankles and legs. Helping me up onto my feet, he then went over and lay down on his back on the soft rug. I could not happen but notice his large erection and think what he had in mind for me next.

" Hey cowgirl I think it time for you to take ride, come on over here". I stood there shaking my head no and moaning. "Honey don’t make me get up you’ll be sorry"

Having no choice I slowly walked over. "I’ll help to put it in, now get on", I stood over my husband my high heels touching his hips and then very carefully I dropped to my knees. He then held the base of his cock while I lowered my soaking wet pussy onto his cock. Being so horny and wet there was no need for lube. Being on top is probably my least favorite position but I was certainly wet and ready. I started off by grinding my pussy down on my husband rubbing my clit into his pelvis. This caused me do orgasm quickly; being on top didn’t seem so bad now. However I had to finish off my husband and the grinding didn’t seem to be doing the trick. So I started off by rocking back and forth and as his intensity was growing I started to bounce up and down on him. Before I knew it he exploded inside of me causing another orgasm for me. Getting up I looked like I tired out my husband but before I knew it he jumped up realizing there was more in store for me.

Reaching into my bondage bag he pulled out my leather crotch harness, "oh no."

He then buckled the waist strap tightly around my waist. "Now spread your legs and bend forward at your waist slightly. Stick that beautiful ass of yours out!"

Before I knew it he shoved the vibrating anal plug up my ass, followed by a vibrating dildo being inserted into my soaking wet pussy. Standing behind me my husband reached between my legs and grabbed the crotch strap threading between my legs and tightlybuckling in back to the waist strap. "Honey that should hold everything in place nicely."

He then led me to the end of the coffee table and forced me to kneel down with my legs open while facing the end of table. He then strapped one of my thighs to the leg of the table and did the same to the other thigh with the other leg on the table. I was wide open except for the crotch strap which was holding my vibrating toys in me. It was not too comfortable kneeling there at the end of the table. My husband then pushed me forward bending me forward at the waist and forcing me to lie on the coffee table. He then took out two long straps buckling one around my lower back wrapping it under the table and then back around buckling it behind my lower back. The other strap he buckled it the same way but it went around my upper back.

I was now completely helpless my upper half tightly strapped down to the coffee table with my arms and hands tightly strapped behind my back. Not mention my lower half with my legs strapped wide open. My ass was completely available for the taking, with my two holes plugged with vibrating toys and a super tight crotch strap holding them in place. Did I also fail to mention my new large ball gag strapped tightly into mouth silencing any pleads for help? All I could do was moan into my gag and wiggle my beautiful ass.

"Honey where are the remote controls for your toys? I am sorry I can see that your little tied down at the moment."

" mmmrphrph."

Reaching into the bondage bag he found the two remotes, "here they are." Before I knew it the vibrating toys were buzzing away inside of me. My husband had a huge smile on his face and was really enjoying my helpless predicament. I began to moan as I got closer to orgasm but suddenly my toys were turned off. Having a two inch ball gag in my mouth, I let out a much muffled scream of frustration. Glaring at my husband, "honey it’s only 9 you need to pace yourself it a long time to midnight."


My husband then started to rub my ass causing me even more frustration. He then turned my toys back on again taking me to the edge and then turning them off. He did this again and again making me completely mad and frustrated. "I am sorry honey you deserve better," he then went around in back of me and unbuckled my crotch strap and pulled out the dildo out of my throbbing pussy.

Kneeling behind me he slowly and genteelly inserted his cock into me. Taking his time he went in on out in and out causing me to reach to the edge of orgasm. I could feel him getting ready to explode causing him to pump me has hard as he could. We both exploded into orgasm I was now completely filled up with sperm.

My husband got up and as usual reinserted my dildo and tightly buckled my crotch strap. "Honey I think it’s time we change your position", as he unbuckled my thighs from the end of the coffee table. Then he unbuckled the two straps around my upper body that held me down on the table. Helping me to my feet, "Why don’t you sit down on the couch next to me?"

Having my hands and arms tightly strapped behind my back and my toys held in me by my crotch harness, sitting down is not an easy task. I carefully sat down next to my husband wondering what was next in store for me. My husband ran his hands all over my body and began to suck on my nipples. All I could do was to moan into my ball gag. "Two hours until midnight honey, why don’t you sit here and watch the game with me".

" mmmrphrph."

My husband got up and said he had to go and use the bathroom. "Honey you stay right here and I’ll be back in a minute".

Squirming around on the couch I just couldn’t get comfortable in a sitting position. Having a dildo and anal plug shoved up my two holes and a tight crotch strapped between my legs makes it very difficult to sit still. So I stood up and tried to stretch out by bending forward at the waist and then by squatting up and down at the knees a few times. One thing I have noticed about straps they certainly don’t loosen like rope after they have been tightly buckled. Before I realized it my husband had reentered the room," did I tell you that you could stand up, and are you trying to get away?"

Shaking my head no and moaning.

"Well I know how to handle a bad girl who can’t follow directions."

He then grabbed hold of my crotch strap on my harness and pulled me over to the rug in front of the fireplace. Forcing me to lie down on my stomach he quickly strapped my ankles together, Followed by placing two straps around my legs, one above my knees and another around my upper thighs. He then took a strap and ran it through the strap that held my ankles together and then pulling my ankles back bending my knees he pushed on them until my heels were touching the back of my thighs. He then finished it off by buckling the strap around my wrists strap putting me into a super tight hogtie.

"Now that should help you to stay put!"

" mmmrphrph".

He then threw a bunch of logs on the fire, "that should keep you warm."

Trying to get some relief from the hog tie all I could do was to squirm around on my soft rug while rolling onto my side then back on my stomach. I was getting myself all worked up and my husband seemed to be enjoying my frustration. Before I knew I felt the toys vibrating away sending me into multiple orgasms. "One more hour until midnight honey!"

" mmmrphrph."

It was 15 minutes before midnight and my husband turned the television to the ball dropping in Times Square. He released me from my hog tie and unbuckled my legs. Helping me up to my knees he then made me bend at the waist and forced my face into the rug. Still on my knees with my legs spread wide open and my beautiful ass sticking up and out for his taking. I looked like an ostrich with its head stuck in the sand. Unbuckling my crotch strap he removed the dildo and rammed his cock up my now sore pussy.

"Honey its one minute before midnight" he said as he was screwing me hard and fast. "I am going try to explode inside of you at exactly midnight. 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1..." then my husband exploded inside of me followed by another orgasm for me. I thought I saw fireworks but it was just my body and mind being overwhelmed with pleasure.

"Happy New Year honey and I hope you stick with your resolution mmmrphrph."

"Oh no what did I get myself into?"

I guess I’ll have to start to plan for Valentine’s Day. Happy New Year!



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