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Spandex BDSM

by M88

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© Copyright 2014 - M88 - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; hotel; spandex; catsuit; electro; toys; insert; cuffs; straps; tape; gag; chain; hood; urine; irritant; torment; computer; shock; climax; stuck; cons; X

Tamsin was waiting for the clock to hit midnight before she started of her self bondage session. She was a 24 year old red hair with a lovely face and body. Her body was made up of perfect curves and had amazing sex appeal. Tamsin was laying on a large bed in a local hotel. She was completely naked as she played with her soft body. Her hands ran over her large breasts and her fingers pushed themselves into her pussy and ass. She was broken out of her kinky daydream as the clock hit her target time. She was almost unhappy about the alarm going off.

She wanted to keep wanking herself into oblivion as she removed her fingers from her pussy and sucked them clean. She loved her humiliating start to her self bondage session. As she give her pussy juice covered fingers a good working over with her tongue. She was as horny as hell and knew she should get started.

She had already set up the massive layout of chains around the hotel bed. She had done all the work the day before. She had been staying at the hotel for the last three days. And had got everything ready.

First thing her did was place shock pads on her breasts and ass. She then placed more shock pads on her inner thighs and just above her pussy. She covered them with large strips of duct tape. This was to stop them falling off or to stop her ripping them off. She then opened her asshole and pushed a huge metal butt plug deep inside her hole. She let out a soft gasp as her cheeks wrapped themselves around the base of the plug. She had pushed an 8 inch metal dildo into her wet pussy. The dildo was well lubed as it slid easily in place. Her eyes had rolled back in her head as the wonderful feeling on the dildo flowed over her.

She then placed another long strip of duct tape over her ass and pussy. The duct tape trapped the sex toys inside her body. She had luckily shaved her pussy before putting the tape on. She when worked herself into a full spandex catsuit. Starting with her feet and pulling the tight suit up her legs and body. It was tight against her skin as she zipped the suit closed. She then covered her body in thick leather cuffs. Starting with her ankles and moving her way up to her wrists. She had four straps on her legs and four straps on her arms. She also had four straps running across her body and two straps making an 'X' around her body. She wrapped a thick collar around her neck and then placed a large strap around it.

She had washed her spandex catsuit in a tub of her own piss and filled it with itching powder. She worked the wires for her shock pads out through a small hole near the crotch zip. She had also filled a latex condom with more of her own frozen piss and jammed it into her mouth. The rubber did little to stop the cold drilling into her teeth and jaw. She then wrapped the duct tape over the condom and around her head. She was quickly layering the tape over her mouth and chin.

She soon found the bottom half of her face covered in tape. It was now time to restrain herself. The chains looked like a spiders web on the waiting bed. They all met at the base of her back and linked to a outline of the bed. The chains ran around the perimeter of the bed in a rectangle. All her cuffs would be locked to a number of different chains and that would stop her from moving. The chains would stab into her back and upper legs through the spandex.         

She placed herself right in the centre of the chain covered bed and started locking her legs in. She could restrain her legs with little difficulty as she soon had them bound in place. It was the same story with her body as she linked the cuffs and chain together. She was left with just her arms and hands to do as well as a couple more toys. First she taped a magic wand sex toy to her inner legs so it pressed forcefully against her wet pussy. She taped it in place so she couldn't remove it. She also forced a spandex hood over her head and wrapped tape over her mouth, neck and eyes. She was now restraining herself in the dark. She had to feel around for the locks and work the cuffs into the right location. She was just about able to lock all the cuffs to the bed with a nice click welcoming her with each one completed. 

She had linked all the shock pads and sex toys up to her computer by the side on the bed on the floor. She had found a program for self bondage on the internet and had downloaded it. She had spend the last three days setting the system up. The reason she needed to start her self bondage session at 12am was down to the computer.

She had also picked a very humiliating and degrading release mechanism. Three days earlier she had put the keys to her self bondage padlocks in the post. She had addressed the keys to the hotel and told them about a letter she was waiting for. She had sent it second class so it would take at least four day to arrive. She at set the computer to start it's program at 2am and the post was delivered at 8am. Which would give her 6 hours of beautiful self bondage. Someone would then come into her room with the letter and find her. They would then free her from the cuffs and chains.

She was waiting for the clock to hit 2am and for the fun to start. She had a quick test of her handiwork as she struggled with the restraints. She was then hit by a massive shock from all the pads. The sex toys also started up.

For the next six hours she was made to orgasm almost endless from the first to last minute. The catsuit was driving her mad as her whole body cried out to be scratched. She had squirted all over her magic wand and her catsuit was soaked. The smell of piss had filled the room and made her feel dirty and unclean. The piss in her gag had turned back at a liquid and she was trying hard not to bite into it.

In the corridor a female staff member was heading to her room with the letter in hand. Tamsin was a sweaty and piss covered mess and wanted to be freed. The women reached Tamsin's room and just slid the letter under the door. She then walked off as Tamsin struggled with her restraints. She somehow bit into the latex condom and could taste the drops of piss now in her mouth.

She was booked into the room for another night and no one would find her till then.




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