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Spandex Self-bondage

by LycraLover

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© Copyright 2008 - LycraLover - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; spandex; caught; F/m; oral; cons; X

For as long as I can remember I’ve had a fetish for spandex, even a little bondage when I was younger, but I didn’t know that’s what it was back then. Now however, through the discovery of the internet, my fetish has grown even more. Which is why I was spending my Saturday night, tightly tied down to my bed in two layers of spandex, trying desperately to find the key to my cuffs which seemed to have disappeared. Let me explain.
My two roommates where going out, so I’d have the apartment to myself, which is a very rare occurrence, so I decided to indulge myself in one of my fantasies. As soon as they left I opened my wardrobe and pulled out my treasure chest, containing everything I would need for tonight. I pulled out a pair of black spandex tights and pulled them over my legs, relishing in the feel of the spandex gripping my legs. There was a slit in the front of the tights large enough for me to pull my cock and balls through, and after I did that I pulled on my black long sleeved leotard. I then pulled out four pairs of cuffs and attached each of them to the edges of my bed. Then I pulled out my ball-gag, dark red in colour and large enough to silence any of my screams, I buckled it tightly around my head. Finally I reached in and got my dark blue spandex catsuit, with hands feet and hood attached.
I slowly put it on, loving every minute of the spandex sliding over my body, and once I’d zipped it up the back, leaving the hood down for now, I ran my hands all over me, groaning into the gag. I unzipped the crotch zip on my catsuit and pulled the crotch of the leotard to the side and started pumping my cock, loving the feel on the spandex covering my hands on my cock. Eventually I stopped, and put the crotch of the leotard back over me and zipped myself up, pulling the hood over my head..
I then went over to the bed and lay down, I cuffed my ankles to their respective corners of the bed, locked them, and put the keys at the side of the bed, then cuffed my right wrist to the bed, locked that cuff, and carefully put the key beside my wrist, making sure I could still reach it. Then I went to the last cuff, which was different because I couldn’t lock this one, so when I clicked it shut after a lot of twisting and turning, I checked to make sure I could reach the latch which would unlock the cuff, just in case the key to my right cuff fell.
Then I was done, I relaxed for a minute, enjoying the feel of the spandex on my body, and the slight pull of the cuffs on my limbs. Then I started to struggle, lost in my own fantasies. I pulled hard against the cuffs and arched my back, feeling back cock slide against the spandex, but not enough to get me off. So I twisted and turned, pulled and pushed, groaned deeply into my gag, desperate for the orgasm that eluded me, until I heard a small giggle. I stopped dead and opened my eyes. I couldn’t see much through the spandex hood, but I could see a shadow that shouldn’t be there, a shadow in the shape of a woman.
“Hi, I’m Kate, Scott’s girlfriend?” She said in a husky voice. Scott was one of my roommates. “I decided to stop by and surprise him turns out he’s not here, but I got a nice little surprise here, don’t I?”
The shadow moved towards me and reached for my head, unzipping the hood a pulling it off me. Kate was a gorgeous brunette, slender and tall, wearing a little white blouse and short black skirt with no pantyhose. She reached over to me and rubbed my hard cock through the spandex, making me moan into my back and push up to meet her hand. She chuckled, and started to unzip the crotch of my catsuit, then pulled the crotch of the leotard to the side, letting my rock hard cock spring out and stand straight up. She grasped the base of my cock and slowly pumped up and down. I groaned into my gag, frustrated.

She smiled and leaned over, taking the head of my cock into her mouth, and started sucking and running her tongue over the head. My hips started rising of their own accord put she didn’t pull back, she let me push my cock into her mouth until I was all the way in, her mouth touching my pubic bone, and my cock down her throat. She started gagging a bit, and the contractions of her throat almost sent me over the edge still she quickly pulled away from me, leaving me to spear the air with my cock, desperately trying to reach her.
She laughed a little and went over to my treasure chest. “Lets see if there is anything in here for me to wear,”

Then pulled out my spare catsuit, identical to the one I was wearing only dark red in colour. She then proceeded to strip off all her clothes, before running her hands over her pussy a few times, closing her eyes and gasping in pleasure, and then pulled on the catsuit, leaving the hood down. She then got onto the bed and knelt between my legs, and started to suck me off again, running her lips up and down my shaft, taking all of me into her mouth, bringing me to the edge then backing off. She continued to do this till I was almost screaming into my gag, begging her to finish me off.
She then moved up till her pussy was hovering just above my cock, only one thin layer of spandex separating them and asked me. “How badly do you want me?”
“Mmmmmph, mmhmm!” I said into my gag, and she smiled, reached under her and slowly unzipped her crotch, then teasingly lowered herself onto me, her dripping wet pussy gripping my cock tightly. She closed her eyes and groaned when I was buried all the way into her, then slowly started to rock back and forth. The grinding, while not enough to make me come, was enough to get her really going. She was running her hands all over her spandex body, and all over mine, grabbing her boobs tight then running her hands up and over my chest.
She eventually started to rise up, then slam back down onto my cock, then leaned forward so her chest lay on me, and I could feel the layers of spandex rubbing against each other, sliding over one another as I started to push my cock into her and fuck her. I pulled against the cuffs so hard I thought they would break, and fucked her as hard and fast as I could in my position, till eventually she came, gripping my shoulders tight, screaming into my ear. She came down eventually, while I was still fucking her, trying to come, but she quickly jumped off of me and whispered, “not yet” into my ear. She quickly untied me, pulled out my ball gag, then get on her hands and knees in front of me.
“Fuck me from behind, then come on my spandex ass, now!” She ordered, I gladly obliged her, thrusting my hard cock into her cunt again and again while I ran my hands over her beautiful spandex body, till she came a second time, screaming into the pillow, and I felt the come build up in my balls.
I quickly pulled out and aimed at her ass, and pumped my hard cock for all I was worth, till I finally came with a loud roar and stream after stream of my come landed on her perfect spandex covered ass until I was spent, and collapsed of the bed beside Kate, exhausted.


Scott and Kate broke up shortly after that, and though we never got together, we met up every so often, dressed up in spandex, tied each other up, and fucked each other like crazy.


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