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The Sound of High Heels

by slut_tracy

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© Copyright 2004 - slut_tracy - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; cd; fem; cuffs; gag; caught; F/m; hum; stuck; con/nc; X

I've been into self bondage ever since I was a teenager but all my scenarios have either taken place inside my parents house or my own home. I have always been fascinated with the idea of doing a SB scenario that would require me to be in a public or semi-public area. I have thought about a number of ideas over the years but have always chickened out right before starting the scenario. Well the other week I finally found a spot that I thought I could fulfill one of my fantasies.

I work in an old townhouse building and on the basement level there is a women's bathroom, which is located at the rear of the building. The bathroom is big enough for one person and contains a vanity and a stall. The bathroom also has a closet door that opens up into an area that is about 10x10', with an old tile floor which runs parallel with the bathroom. 

The walls of the closet are not finished so you can see all the 2x4 framing. In the middle of the closet about waist high are two 4x4' cross beams that have been nailed about 2 feet apart. It looks like someone started to build a shelf or something but never finished. I could sit on one of the 4x4 beams while the other came up under my thighs. I thought this could be the perfect spot, the 4x4's were up high enough so that when I sat down my feet didn't touch the ground.

As far as I know this closet is never used. I found the closet last week when one of the women in the office asked me to help her unclog the toilet.

My plan was to take a day off work and come in early via a cab with all my SB gear and slip into the closet. I could be in around 6:00am and spend like 2 or 3 hours in SB and be out the backdoor before 9:00am. Most of the people in the office didn't come to work until 9 or 9:30am. 

The following week I took Friday off and the night before I got everything ready to go. I called the cab company and scheduled them to pick me up Friday morning at 5:30am. It's about a half-hour drive to work so I figured I would get there around 6:00am and have plenty of time to have some fun.

Next, I called Susan a friend who is also into SB and ask her to come over. She happens to work for the copy machine company we use in the office and we had dated some time ago but we still keep in touch with each other; especially when either of us needed a backup release person.

She came over and I filled her in on my plans and she said no problem. I was to call her by 10:00am to let her know I had gotten out and if not she would make up some excuse to come by my work to check on me. I also asked her to write a "ReadMe" note that I could hang around my neck in the event someone other than her found me. I knew being at work that early there was little chance of that happening but I really wanted to have a "ReadMe" note hanging from my neck just for added effect.

In addition to the note I told her that if I was found I really wanted to be embarrassed so what better way than to be dressed like a women. I told her I had shaved my entire body before she’d got there and how I was going to dress like a women for this adventure. She smirked and giggled a little when I showed her my legs but she said, "Whatever it's your SB adventure." 

I told her she could write whatever she wanted to on the note, I didn't want to read it and told her to put it in a small envelope and seal it. 

She took longer than I thought she would to write the note, she borrowed my computer and spent close to a half-hour typing it. She seemed to be enjoying herself typing away smirking and giggling the whole time.

After Susan left I could not get to sleep thinking about what I was about to do. It was about 1:00am when I picked up the phone to call the cab company to cancel my pickup. Before anyone answered the phone I forced myself to hang up. I told myself that I was going through with this adventure. I laid there and played with the "ReadMe" note wondering what Susan had written. I really wanted to open the envelope and read what she had wrote, but I forced myself not too and put the note back in my bag. 

I don't remember falling asleep at all, it seemed like I just closed my eyes at 4:30am when my alarm went off at 5:00am. Before I knew it the cab was waiting for me outside. I got into the cab with my bag of gear and headed for the office. I arrived right on time at the back door of the townhouse and quietly unlocked the door and entered the building. I was the last one to leave last night so I didn't set the alarm. I headed straight for the bathroom and closed the door. I undressed and started to put on the outfit I picked out last week. 

I was getting excited as I pulled on a pair of black fishnet thigh-high stockings. I then strapped on a pair of 7" black high heels. It was a little difficult to stand in them but I managed. The next item I got out of my bag was my 5.5" long, 2” diameter butt plug. I lubed it up nice and good and slipped it in my tight backdoor. Next I grabbed a pair of panties I picked out the other week, a red see thru g-string and pulled them up. My cock was growing by the minute and I was having trouble keeping it under my new panties.

I put on a matching red see thru open cup bra, which left my nipples exposed. Next, I added nipple clamps but I really wanted them to hurt this time so I made sure that the adjustment pin was all the way out. I then put on a white see thru blouse and buttoned it up half way. I slipped into a very short spandex black skirt, which barely came to the bottom of my ass cheeks. My outfit was almost complete except for a few more things. I added my black leather wrists and ankle cuffs and I strapped on a black posture collar. 

The final embarrassment that I wanted to endure was wearing a full wig and makeup. I walked up to the mirror and put on a nice long blonde wig. I have never put on makeup before, but I knew I pretty much just wanted to use some blush, lipstick and maybe a little eye shadow. I patted some pink blush on both cheeks and brushed on some black eye shadow and then applied the lipstick. The color of the lipstick I bought was titled "Cherry Red", I would have called it "Slut Red".

After I finished putting on the make up I looked into the mirror and saw myself fully dressed for the first time. I couldn't believe my eyes, I could see myself behind the wig but with the make up on I really did look like a little SB slut. From that moment forward I thought of myself as Slut Tracy who was about to be bound.

I walked out of the bathroom and headed down the hallway. Walking in heels was harder than I thought it was going to be so I sort of shuffled down the hallway using the wall as a brace. I walked down the hallway a bit further to a small kitchen area we have and opened the freezer. Inside I grabbed a 2-gallon jug of frozen water with a key inside and a piece of string hanging out of the opening. Right before I left last night I’d filled the jug up with water and set my release key up. I've used the jug before so I knew how much water to use but just to make things more interesting I made sure I added a little more water than I usually use.

I walked back to the bathroom and moved my bag of gear into the closet and proceeded to mount the jug of water upside down in-between two boards in the ceiling. I let the string hang down level with the 4x4’s. I grabbed my red ball-gag and two pairs of handcuffs and sat down on the 4x4. As soon as I sat down on the back 4x4 I felt my butt plug go even deeper into me. Before I chickened out I quickly handcuffed my ankles together with one cuff and clipped the other cuff on the chain that was in between the second pair of handcuffs. 

I strapped on my ball gag, I went one extra position hole to make it nice and tight. I hung the "ReadMe" sign around my neck and then I quickly tied my release key string to my handcuffs and then I slipped my hands into the second pair of cuffs. I closed my left waist in and then I heard that final "click" as I closed my right waist in.

Slut Tracy was bound.

It was a little dark in the closet, the only light coming from underneath the closet door. I had left the light on in the bathroom. There was a small light bulb switch with a string hanging in the closet but I didn't turn it on. It was a constant struggle for me to stay on the 4x4s. As I leaned forward my hands would pull up on my ankles and my ankles would always be pulling down on my wrists. All the wriggling I did back and fourth really started to make that plug in my ass burn, let alone my nipples were on fire, I never wore the nipple clamps without the adjustment pin out.

I drifted off into dream world and thought I was Slut Tracy, a bound slut who didn't please my Mistress or Master and I was being punished for it. I really struggled a bit trying to get out but soon I was back in a dream world going through dream after dream. 

Time slowly drifted by......

I awoke with the sound of a door closing. I froze. I heard feet shuffling and a stall door open and close. The sounds were deafening as I heard them just on the other side of the wall. Nothing was between whoever and me except for a sheet of drywall. The next thing I heard was water-hitting water, someone was going to the bathroom. 

My mind raced, what time is it?

I turned my head to look up at the jug of water, I could barely make it out, there was still a chunk of ice left in it. What is going? I heard the person stop peeing and the toilet paper roll spill. God the sound was right next to me. I didn't dare move a muscle. I heard the toilet flush and the stall door open and close. Then I heard water running in the sink. After a few seconds the water stopped. I heard the rustle of paper towels and shoes shuffling toward the bathroom door. The light went out in the bathroom and the bathroom door open and then closed. I faintly heard the shuffle of shoes moving further away from me.

My mind raced again, it can't be that late already. Why hadn't the ice melted yet? How stupid could have I been to fall asleep?

I started to struggle, I wanted out now. My arms and waists started to hurt as I pulled and pushed on the handcuffs. As my body woke up more, I realized how much my nipples hurt and how much my ass felt like it was going to split me in two by the butt plug. That's when it hit me, how chilly it was in the closet, that's why the ice hadn’t melted as quick. I was almost in tears, I had no idea what time it was but I knew I couldn’t be found like this. I struggled a little more and soon my arms and legs gave out so I rested.

I thought maybe it was just a person in early but I was soon proven wrong as over the next hour three more people came and went in the bathroom right on the other side of wall from me. Each time someone came to the bathroom I froze but was oddly turned on to the fact of being so close to other people while I was bound. When I heard the sound of each women’s golden nectar hit the toilet water, my cock got even harder. It must of have been maybe 15 minutes since the last person left when I heard the faint clicking sound of high heel shoes coming down the hallway. I froze again as the sound grew louder. 

I knew none of the women in the office wore high heels to work except for one person, Linda "The Office Bitch". Every office has one and ours was Linda. You know the type, wears nothing but tight short business suits, walks around in high heel pumps and is drop dead gorgeous. She has legs that reach the sky with tits and ass to worship. She treats everyone like dog meat around her and probably makes six figures because of it. 

The sound of her heels clicking on the tile floor in the hallway were sending daggers into my ear drums. The sound stopped as I heard the bathroom door open and close. I heard her turn the lock on the door. Click, click she moved toward the stall door, it opened and closed. I heard the rustle of Linda's clothes as a drop of water from the jug above hit me on the head. I heard Linda start to pee. I scream in my mind, Where is Susan? I heard the toilet paper roller moving and then I heard her get up and flush the toilet. As the toilet flush finished I heard the water running in the sink.

The water stopped and I heard paper towels rustling. Click, click the sound hit my ears again as she stands in front of the mirror. Click, click she must be wearing her stiletto pumps today as the sound traveled from my ears down to my hard cock. It felt like 10 minutes had gone but maybe only a couple of seconds. 

I heard her turn and start walking toward the bathroom door click, click, click. All of a sudden I heard her say, "Shit". The next thing I heard was something hitting the bathroom floor and rolling toward the closet door. My eyes flashed to the bottom of the door and I saw something roll underneath the closet door and stop against the far wall. I couldn’t scream but I screamed in my mind "NO!!!".

I saw her shadow moving underneath the closet door as I heard her approach. Click click click.

I saw and heard the handle of the door turn. The closet door opened and in comes the dim light from the bathroom.

As my eyes recovered I saw a hand reach up for the light bulb switch hanging in the closet. The hand grabbed the string and pulled turning the light on. 

The next thing I saw was her long leg as she took a step into the closet and bent down to pickup what looked like a small pearl sitting on the floor.

She turned her head my way as she started to get up and then she jumped back, her face in shock. She put her hand to her mouth and said, "What the".

Her eyes scanned me up and down a number of times and then her eye's come to rest on the "ReadMe" sign hanging from my neck.

She paused and then stepped forward click, click and took the sign from around my neck and examined it. She looked at me than she looked at the envelope and began to open it. As she started reading the note, I watched her facial expressions go from shock to understanding. I saw her eyes scanning the note a second time and then she looked straight into my eyes and I saw a small wicked smile begin to build in the corner of her mouth.

She reached up grabbed the jug of ice from above and untied the release rope from my handcuffs. She then stood back and with her left hand traced my face with her finger nails gently gliding her hand down over my ball gag and down pass my collar. I felt her hand move beneath my shirt as she gently raised the chain attached to my nipple clamps. She looked into my eyes and said, "Susan wanted me to say hello for her" as she pulled hard on the nipple clamp chain.

I screamed into my gag as my head rolled back. She held the chain tight and said, "Seems I need to go call Susan and let her know you are doing just fine”. Linda took a step back and dropped the chain. 

She turned and took a few steps toward the closet door and then wheeled around. In her most wicked voice she said, "So you like to suck cock do you? Well, it looks like you will be doing a lot of that this afternoon, my slut".  She laughed as she turned pulling the string to turn the closet light switch off. The room went dark as she closed the closet door.

I saw the light go out in the bathroom and then I heard the bathroom door close. I dropped my head forward in utter defeat and hopelessness. I have never felt so lonely and embarrassed as I did then.

The last thing I heard before I began to cry was the clicking of Linda's heels fading down the hallway.



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