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Something Interesting On The Pier

by OkmrocksU

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Storycodes: Sbf; M/f; bond; caught; foreplay; ravish; sex; cuffs; gag; rope; outdoors; bikini; climax; fantasy; strip; reluct; XX

Morgan was a really hot looking woman who was from the middle of Arkansas. She had long dark hair and a rockin' tight bod, with muscular arms, because she worked out regularly and lifted weights. The only problem was that she didn't date much. Between her somewhat muscular looks and domineering attitude, she tended to scare the boys away a little more than she attracted them, so she was also lonely.

She thought that when she moved away to the coastal areas of South Carolina for a new job, she would have an easier time meeting men, especially when she could show off her body in a bikini on the beaches. Unfortunately, whenever she got a date or boyfriend, she would scare them off with her bondage desires, as most of the men around there were just into quick easy sex and not necessarily a relationship, especially a relationship with such a kinky woman.

Yes, Morgan was really into bondage, partially because she was so muscular and physically stronger than many average men in this area, that is the city born office types. For her to feel natural, like a woman taken by a man, the bondage would give her this feeling and she usually needed this to have a proper intense orgasm. Being alone without a partner, her bondage desires were beginning to overwhelm her, so she had taken up self-bondage for relief.

By this point she had everything worked out, from method to timed release. Regardless of how she tied the rest of her body, she found handcuffs were the best for her wrists and by using a string frozen in an ice cube, it gave her a timed release, for when the ice melts, the string would fall and drop the key within her reach. She needed to do it this way, so she could really feel tied up for the duration, because if her release was already within reach, she never really felt tied up.

Doing this at home was great for a while, but it started to get boring and so she wanted to spice it up a little by doing it outdoors. There was no place around her home that could hide her from prying eyes, so after some intense searching, she eventually found this pier on a somewhat deserted beach, just a little ways outside of town. Seldom does anyone come here, as it is a bit hard to get to and even harder to find and there are more popular beaches around where most people gathered. Hardly ever does anyone show up on weekdays either, so this was her best spot to tie herself up with the least chance of getting caught, but the thrill of someone finding her was still there. 

Several times she had been there and tied herself in various ways. She quickly found that the ice cube release didn't work well, because the sun would melt it in about five minutes, not long enough for her to complete a mental fantasy and a nice long struggle. So she used a small margarine bowl to freeze the string in and tried that out which worked great and kept her tied for almost 45 minutes. What's also great is that she can get some sun and tan while she struggles, but she also ended up with some interesting tan lines on her wrists and ankles.

It was Wednesday, the weather had cleared up and she just got off of work and was excited to head to the pier. Today she wore her bright yellow string tie bikini. String tie bikinis were a staple of her fantasies, as she would fantasize being bound and helpless by some guy and then he slowly pulls the strings, undoing the bow ties and her bikini falls to the ground, exposing all of her for him to see and use to fulfill his desires.

She drove out to the location, cut through the forested edge on an established trail and onto the beach. After looking around to see if the coast was clear, she went out on the pier and got everything set up, first by spreading out a couple of large towels, then removing the frozen release from an ice chest and mounting it to the pier railing. She tied the handcuffs to the post that held the railing on one side of the pier, just under her ice cube key release and tied a rope to a post on the other side of the pier to tie her legs to. Next she sat down on the towel and rubbed sunscreen lotion on her body and got into position. She tied her feet together with the rope she had tied to the post, adding an additional rope to just above her knees, tying her legs tightly together. To finish things, she gagged and blindfolded herself and laid back, reaching above her head to the handcuffs and locked herself in.

Though not stretched completely tight, she still couldn't move very much and immediately got into her fantasy. She would struggle in her bondage and mmph for help in her gag, as she imagined somebody having their way with her helpless body. She now had plenty of time to fantasize, while waiting for her release to finally fall.

It just so happened that today, Adam, a local amateur photographer, was out exploring in the area taking photos with his camera. While he was on the beach, he could sometimes hear faint noises between the waves crashing onto the shore, but had no idea where they were coming from. When he got really close to the pier, the noises got louder and he spotted some movement and went up to investigate. Much to his surprise, he found this sexy lady tied and struggling. His first instinct was to rush up and try to free her, but instead he paused and surveyed the situation. Looking around and spotting no one else and then seeing the key dangling high above her bound wrists, he realized that she had probably done this to herself.

He quietly crept up onto the pier, snapping a few shots with his camera until he was next to her. She didn't hear him because of the waves crashing below them and she continued to mmph and struggle, while lost in her fantasy. He watched for a couple of moments, admiring her tight body and enjoying her struggling, while she pulled and tugged against her bondage and occasionally thrusting her pussy mound upward like she was trying to break out of the bonds. Whenever she did that, it would increase the definition or crease of her clit in her bikini. This really excited him and he started rubbing the hard on developing in his jeans.

He decided he would tease her a little, so he knelt down beside her and ran his index finger from the rope tying her knees, up her inner thighs and up thru the groove of her pussy mound to her tummy. She jumped and squealed at the touch and frantically struggled and tried to see who did that, but of course her blindfold prevented that.

Next he ran his finger up the side of her body to the bottom strap of her top. She jumped and squealed again with a slight giggle because it tickled. She gag-talked "Who are you?" but he didn't reply. He just kept touching and stroking her with his fingers, as she excitedly wiggled in her bonds to his touch.

All the sudden she felt him untying the strings to her bikini bottoms. This fired her up and got her frantically struggling, mmphing and shaking her head from side to side. But the thing is she didn't gag talk the word 'no', which was sort of giving him the okay, although in this situation, it wouldn't have made any difference. He was going to take her, whether she wanted it or not. 'Hey, if you tie yourself up like this, then you are just asking for it,' he thought. After pulling her bottoms down exposing her already wet pussy, he pushed her top up over and exposed her breasts. As he did this, she was in a mental frenzy, a little frightened, but really turned on by this stranger taking advantage of her bound and helpless body.

Before proceeding any further, he took a good look around to make sure that they were completely alone. Then he laid down beside her and started kissing, licking and sucking on her breasts and moved his hand up and down her torso, caressing her body and giving her pussy some extra attention. As his fingers dragged her wetness from inside of her and up her clit, with as wet as her pussy was, he knew she wanted it. Even though she would struggle and mmph, she seemed to be purring and moaning with great pleasure. All the sudden he stopped and she felt him moving away. She could hear the clank of a belt buckle and rustling of clothes, signaling that he was stripping down. She knew what was coming, or is that cumming next.

Again she frantically struggled, as he straddled her and lay on top of her. She felt the tip of his hard cock sliding between her wet inner thighs and knocking at her door. Even though she struggled like it was against her will, she thrust her mound up to aid his efforts, as he easily slipped inside her now hungry dripping wet pussy. She let out a loud pleasurable moan when his cock penetrated her and she moaned even more pleasurably as he started to slow fuck her.

While stroking in and out of her, he suckled on her breasts, nipping her hard nipples with his lips. This sent twinges of pleasure down her spine only serving to stimulate her even more. Between the bondage, the nipple stimulation and the internal stimulation, she all the sudden came with a massive orgasm, bucking, jerking, twitching and moaning loud enough that anyone on the beach could have heard her. Her moans may have even re-directed some boats out in the shipping lanes.

She was still moaning in her gag, as he started pumping harder into her from the excitement. He was almost ready to cum, when another orgasm hit her again. She bucked up against him as he pounded into her harder and harder and then he exploded inside her, taking all his pleasure and reveling in hers. He slumped down on top of her momentarily, as twitches of residual orgasm was shooting up both their spines. As soon as he regained his composure, he rolled off to the side and lay there while he was regaining his strength. He watched as she wiggled and moaned, purring like a content cat and probably wondering what would happen next.

She felt him get up and heard the rustling of clothes again as he was getting dressed. He grabbed his camera and took a few pictures of her exposed ravished body and sloppy wet pussy. Then he knelt down, restoring her top over her breasts and then pulling up her bottoms and retying them. The ice had almost melted enough to drop the key, so he beat it off of the pier and ran up to a rock outcropping, so that he could hide behind and watch what she would do. No sooner than he got up there than the key had dropped and she was busying herself unlocking the cuffs.

He watched as she quickly undid the cuffs, sat up and removed the blindfold. She frantically looked all around to see if she could see the person who just ravaged the hell out of her. With no one in sight, she removed the gag and undid the rest of the bondage and stood up, looking all around again. She hollered out, "Hello? Hello?" She waited several seconds for some reply, while looking again in every direction and then, in a sort of loud questioning tone, she yelled out, "If you can hear me, I'll be back here tomorrow!"


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