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So Little Time

by West Coast Comet

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Ronnie was a classic MILF. She worked out, did Yoga, and stayed in shape. She had a pretty figure with ample breasts. She even had a nice waist with one of those butts that only Yoga can produce. Next to being 16 years old, she had what I considered to be a great figure. Not only that, but she was really pretty. Shoulder length blond hair cut in a younger style that framed her face nicely.

Ronnie had been my neighbor for several years. Over the period, and over many alcohol fuelled lunches, I learned about her frustrations. Yes, she was happily married, but not everything was great. In fact, she confided in me that she was having trouble getting satisfied in the bedroom. Afterward she swore me to secrecy. Ronnie did love her husband and would never hurt his feelings.

I frequently flirted with her, hoping to get some action, but knowing that it would probably never happen. She once told me that she appreciated my flirtation, but she was never going to have an affair. That is, until this past summer. I guess it started with one of my heart-to-heart talks with her over a lunch. I had confessed that I liked to tie up women. She seemed to be very interested and started asking me lots of questions. Then, just as quickly, she stopped. Maybe for fear of exposing her interest in the same perversion. It was too late. Now I knew there was a crack in her armor, and it was rope.

After that, I would bring up the subject often, and add more and more details and ideas to the subject. Each time, I knew I had her attention, but only for a short time. Then that internal alarm clock would go off in her head, and she would change the subject in the hope I would not detect her interest. It soon became a private joke between us. She would flirt right back to me each time I got fresh with her. The subject was usually bondage related. She would always giggle, and sometimes blush.

At one lunch, Ronnie got a little more serious. She confided that Tom would never tie her up, and that he would probably find the whole idea too weird. Of course, I volunteered. She just smiled and said, “No way buddy”. Then I suggested that she could tie herself up.

“Why not?” I asked. She just laughed and said that she did not think it possible. Here was my one opening, and I had to be concise and quick about it – so little time! I said that I knew a girl that did that regularly, and that I had actually seen the results.

“Really?” She said, “How did she do that?”

Now my mind went into overdrive thinking about how exactly someone might bind themself. I had to describe something that Ronnie could actually do to herself if this was going to happen. That meant no handcuffs, no chains, and nothing too complicated. Okay, so now I had her interest, and we could talk about this using this other young lady (I called her Mary) as the subject of the discussion. I had so little time to help Ronnie understand.

First I talked about having a safety. I told her that it was absolutely required. She said that Tom, her husband, would not be her choice, then quickly switched back to asking about Mary’s experience. I said that Mary would often asked me to stop by her house at a certain time, but did not tell me why. She said to just check on her and make sure she was alright. Usually, Mary would be just fine, or she would call me just before I was to leave for her house and tell me not to come over. However, once I did stop by, and found that Mary had done too good a job of binding herself and could not escape. It turns out she was using me as her safety. I told Ronnie that I performed that role honorably, releasing the young lady, and I was a gentleman about it.

“How did she do it? What was it like? Did I talk to Mary about it?” Ronnie was intent, and pelting me with questions.

I told her that Mary and I discussed my “discovery of her kinkiness” and I found out some interesting aspects of bondage. It seems Mary had been doing for some time, and she did it because it gave her the most intense orgasms she had ever experienced. I could tell Ronnie was homing in on this aspect.

“Why?” she asked. “Why so intense?”

“Well, I think it was the complete helplessness enforced by the bondage, coupled by the adrenalin rush of being so vulnerable” I said. “Maybe it was also the physical struggle to get free that added to the intensity,” I added. “Mary had to surrender to her bondage and her sexual desires. She had no choice”.

Noticing her attention was fixed on this I began to spring the trap, “Imagine yourself naked, hands tied behind your back. Legs tied apart, with a vibrator inserted. Maybe held in with a rope through your crotch. Nobody around to save you, and no way to avoid the stimulation. You have no way to talk yourself out of it. You just have to succumb to the feelings and stimulation”. Ronnie licked her lips involuntarily, and squirmed slightly in her chair, as I continued to describe the situation. I had expected her to react to how explicit my description was, but all I saw was a little blush on her cheeks.

She finally burst out with her key question, “How the hell did she tie herself up? I don’t understand this. If you can tie yourself up, then can’t you just untie yourself?” She shook her head, “No way. I don’t see how this would work. I think you’re just making this up”

I was, of course, making this up, but I still had a chance if I could tell her a plausible way to do this trick. I talked about slip knots and other various approaches to binding oneself. By now I had several interesting ideas I shared with Ronnie. She would judge each one, telling me if it might work or not. We talked about how you could release yourself. Finally she asked how Mary had done it, and why did she not escape.

I told her Mary had allowed the slip knots to pull too tightly between her wrists. She had attached herself to a plant hanger with a long rope. She had pulled herself into a naked hogtie while lying on a bunch of pillows. She used a crotch rope to hold in her vibrator. The rope from the plant hanger was used to pull the wrists and ankles together. Mary pulled it through her ankle bindings and tied it around her wrists with a slip knot. Once Mary had slipped off the pillows, she had no way to restack them. The rope to the plant hanger pulled her wrists to her ankles and allowed no slack. She was stuck. Her arms were pulled against her ankles, and she could not get enough slack to work the slip knot open.

I told Ronnie that Mary had her most intense orgasms while she was pulled into this position. There was something about being really stuck that kicked Mary’s sex drive into overdrive. She had climaxed multiple times while lying there. Again Mary licked her lips and squirmed. Her eyes had an intensity in them I had not seen before. This was getting interesting.

I told Ronnie that after I had discovered Mary, and Mary’s secret was out in the open between us, I would often find her in some sort of rope bondage. Mary became less and less careful planning an escape, knowing that I was okay with rescuing her occasionally. I described various scenarios as I went along, being careful to keep them simple and believable. Ronnie wanted to know about what type of rope and how knots were tied. I did my best to describe this stuff to her. Those were some long, hard lunches.

It was later that summer that Tom had to go to Europe on business. He was going for 3-week blocks of time, returning home every 3 weeks for a couple days. Ronnie and I continued our lunches, and I would often suggest that this would be a great time for Ronnie to experiment with bondage. She would giggle and tell me I would never know if she did.

We were to meet for lunch the second week Tom was gone, on Thursday. Ronnie didn’t show up. She didn’t call and she didn’t text me. Of course what went through my mind was that she was experimenting and was now stuck. I rushed back to her house and found it locked. She kept a key in a planter near the back door. I let myself in quietly and listened. My heart jumped into my throat. I heard moaning and grunting down in the basement.

The basement door was slightly open but the lights were off. I went down the stairs quietly. I saw the taunt rope dropping from the ceiling first, and followed it down to see a naked woman, bound in a brutally tight hogtie. It was Ronnie and she had managed to tie herself up very well. She was completely naked except for some rope around her wrists and ankles.

She had done this just as I had described the fictitious Mary. She had crossed her ankles and tied them. Then she had rolled over on her stomach and slipped her hands through a loose set of pre-tied rope loops. She had tied another rope to a hook in the ceiling. While lying on the sofa, she had looped the ceiling rope around her ankles and wrists, and finally tied it with slip knot around her wrist loops. She had slipped off the sofa and onto the floor, creating a very tight bow hogtie.

She was really stuck. Only her pelvis touched the floor. Her knees and her chest were both pulled into the air by the rope from the ceiling. I thought this would be pushing her Yoga training to the max. There was no way she was getting out of this self-bondage. I noticed she had also tied a crotch rope on herself, no doubt to hold in a vibrator. When I walked up to her, she was in the throes of an intense orgasm.

She saw my legs and let out a scream. She looked up at me and blushed, then hung her head. I said, “Are you okay?”

She just moaned, and said, “Ah shit”. I could hear the vibrator buzzing and began to touch her gently. I asked if I could put her back on the sofa. She nodded her head. I said, “Your secret kink is out, Ronnie. To tell you the truth, I am not surprised. Don’t worry, your secret is safe.”

She said, “Thank you. I was getting tied. I was not sure how much more I could take. From the sofa to the floor was further down than I thought it was. I used you as my unknowing safety. Sorry about that”.

Her skin was hot to the touch and I caressed her back and her ass. I untied her crotch rope and pulled out the vibrator. I began to rub her vaginal lips, gently massaging her clit. With my other hand I pulled the ceiling rope tight, keeping her in her hogtie. Her wrist bindings were still tightly held by a slip knot that was so tight it would need to be cut later. The wrist loops were not too tight, but the slip knot held the loops firmly against her wrists.

She began to move with my hand and I brought her to orgasm there on the basement sofa. It wasn’t long before I had stripped off my clothes and joined her on that sofa. I rolled her over and slipped through her bound legs, fucking her furiously until we both collapsed in a sweaty mess.

I untied her ankles and helped her upstairs. She confessed that she had been wanting to do this self-bondage since we had talked about it so many lunches ago. She couldn’t start until Tom left for Europe, so she had lots of time to plan it. She said I was right. The orgasms she had while bound were simply incredible. She had started the day Tom left.

She told me she began to get more and more adventurous, taking more risks as she tied herself up each day. She would always do it in the mornings before our lunches. She did not want to be discovered, but she needed a last resort in case she got really stuck. I told her was glad to be of assistance and I really liked the way she thanked me. She laughed, and said it was just what she needed.

We ordered in that night. It wasn’t until late that day that I finally cut that slip knot out and freed her hands. There is nothing like a naked bondage dinner with Ronnie tied tightly to her dining room chair.

Ronnie did warn me that we just had a little time to play this game before her husband returned, and then, the games would stop. We were able to explore lots of different positions and locations as Tom labored away in Europe, but those are for the next chapter.

So little time, but such a nice ride.

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