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Sofa Fun

by Too Shy

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© Copyright 2002 - Too Shy - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; F+/m; sofa; cd; cuffs; gag; rope; toys; insert; hidden; sat-on; tease; climax; cons; X

I've been into self bondage for several years, and my wife knows I do it - she is okay with it, and even helps out from time to time. I've used many techniques - you can see lots of them here - my current favourite involves an electronic timer safe I built - if you'd like instructions, it's dead easy - drop me a mail - I can even send you the components name and cost if you are in the UK and know who RS Components are!

Well, this time I wanted something as close to public humiliation as I could get without actually being caught. I came up with this idea when looking for a pen then I dropped in the sitting room that rolled under one of my sofas. The sofa is quite large and heavy, and when I tipped it up, I noticed that the underneath was covered with a very flimsy material - closer examination revealed that the base was actually hollow - a set of wire meshed springs held the padding above.

However, the space below this was just enough for a person to lay (squashed a little) under the sofa. - The frame of the sofa is built of wood, idea for screwing eyebolts into. A new idea formed - what if I could attach myself under this sofa, cuffed and padlocked in place, dressed in slutty undies, and gagged - then be there when my wife had her next coffee morning??? - I decided that this was highly do-able, and went about setting it up.

I saw from my wife's diary that the next meeting at our house was a weekday about one month away - perfect - I know that they get together for a couple of hours, and then all leave fairly promptly. The modifications to the sofa would only take a few hours, and getting myself in place just a matter of minutes. I made the modifications over the next week or so, and had another idea while doing them - how about attach one of those fake pussy's to the underside of the springs, and the push my cock inside - that meant that every time someone sat down, or moved about, it would slide up and down my man-hood - fantastic - I included this into the design.

The weeks passed, and I became more and more excited about the plan - I tested out the set up a few times, and was sure that no-one would be able to feel me under the sofa - as long as I stayed quiet, I would get away with it.

Finally the day arrived - a few hours the day before convinced my wife to let me do this - however, she said that if I was caught, she'd deny that she knew I was there. I got ready an hour before - black lacetop stockings, black basque, deep red lipstick, and a small soft butt plug. I used my wide lockable ankle and wrist cuffs - and a lockable gag. I was ready to move under the sofa. I simply tipped it up, and slid underneath. I struggled a bit to click the locks shut on the ankle bolts, but with my wife's help, managed to lock my wrists in place as well. She carefully lowered the sofa down on myself, and slid my cock inside the fake pussy.

All was silent - my heart was beating hard, and I was close to an orgasm just being in that position, with the anticipation of lots of women arriving and sitting inches from my dressed up and bound form.

The doorbell went - my heart skipped a beat - I heard my wife go to the door, and female voices exchanging hellos - they moved into the kitchen to make a drink. Shortly after, the door went again, more voices - three girls had come together - I heard one explain to my wife that the fifth one who should have been there couldn't make it today. Conversation happened, drinks were made, and then I heard them moving into the sitting room - my heart started to beat even faster - my cock raged in the strict confines of the fake pussy.

Suddenly, the sofa moved slightly, and the fake pussy was jammed down the rest of the way on my cock - all the way to my balls. Then something else happened that I didn't bank on, and hadn't tested for obvious reasons - a second person sat down on the sofa! The sofa squashed down completely - the fake pussy was mashed down onto my cock, this pushed me down hard against the floor, and then the butt plug was rammed deeper into me - with my head turned to one side - all of a sudden it felt like I was supporting the weight of two women on my cock!

It took a great deal of effort to stop from moaning out loud - here I was pinned in place, dressed in sexy ladies undies, gagged and plugged just a few inches from my wife's friends.

I could easily hear them talking now - about all sorts of things - every so often one of the girls on my sofa would move, causing hard stroking movements on my cock - it was almost too much stimulation - mental and physical.

Their conversation drifted to annual holidays, my wife started talking about how she'd love to go on a horse riding holiday - I swore I could hear a little sneaky tone in her voice - one of the girls above me exclaimed that she had attended classes for years. My wife said that she didn't really know how to ride a horse - and could her friend demonstrate the correct posture and tempo!!!! My god - you can probably guess what happened next - what a minx my wife can be! - the lady above me started to bounce around on the sofa - up and down, my wife asked her how the tempo and position should change as the horse trotted and moved faster - the pounding on my cock became more frequent and harder - it was terrible!

The women started to laugh at her, and make comments about how the could see why she liked riding horses - this raised more laughs, and the second girl on my sofa started to copy the would be expert, but was obviously joking by making rude noises and doing it faster - it was like I was being fucked by a stranger with out her even knowing - it was too much - struggling to stay silent, my cock exploded into the fake pussy - cum poured out of the hole, and ran down my balls and between my legs.

The women calmed down, laughing, and conversation drifted to other things - but I was still trapped - they stayed for another hour or two before they started to make a move to leave - what a relief!

To miss out the boring bits, after a bit of time, my wife released me, and I cleaned myself up - I now don't feel quite so left out when my wife has her coffee mornings!


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