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The Snowsuit 2

by Philber

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© Copyright 2013 - Philber - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; M/f; suit; cocoon; rope; hood; bond; sleepingbag; inflate; immobilise; outdoors; susp; toys; torment; cons/nc; X

continued from part one

Part 2

Maryanne was in hell. Through her own stupidity, she found herself tied up tighter than a fly in a spiders' web, and left alone suspended in a hammock in a locked, deserted cabin. She had let her desires run away out of control, taking Mike, her husband, for granted, and not taking the time to even read the instructions of use of this diabolical “gift” from him. So she had donned this beautiful snowsuit, and, after a nice walk, managed to zip herself up in it until she couldn't get out.

Mike had not only given her this suit which she had turned into a prison, but he had also paid a mountain guide to come to her cabin and, as he had said, “intensify the experience”. He had described her as a woman who craved being tied helplessly tight. The man had seen her put herself unwittingly in bondage, and decided that, bizarre though it seemed, Mike was correct, and what she wanted was to be tied tighter yet, which he proceeded to do most effectively, despite her efforts at resisting and protesting.

So now she found herself held in the snowsuit that the man tightened into a sort of full-body straightjacket, tied in a tight ball with knees right under her chin, and feet to her ass cheeks. Add to that a stiff collar that prevented head movement, and two hoods that robbed her of sight, sound and speech, and there was nothing she could do except wait, suffer, and fear...

For Maryanne, time went by slowly. At times, she slipped into slumber, at times her fear lead her to desperate, thoughtless struggles against the web of restraints that kept her totally helpless, until she hyperventilated and had to fight for her sanity and survival by forcing her overheated mind to let go, and somehow will herself to cool down. How long was it since the man had left her so unbelievably tied up, she had no idea, having lost all sense of time, and unable to get any cues of sight or sound through the two hoods that bagged her head. Add to that the discomfort of her tightly packed body, and what she was going through was in line with Mike's desire for revenge, and definitely not the “time of her life” that the man who'd so tightly restrained her thought he was giving her. That, she swore, Mike would have to pay for! But she was hardly in a position to do anything other than swear, until someone let her out. The man had said that Mike wasn't going to pay him if she escaped, so he took extra care that this would never happen. That care had paid off, and Maryanne was tied just as tightly as when he'd left her, and that was how he found her, to his great satisfaction, when he returned.

“So, still well and truly tied, are we? Well, I told you so. You see, as a mountain guide, it just wouldn't do if my knots slipped. People could fall and kill themselves, and that wouldn't be good for business, would it? So, if you are still alive, grunt twice, and then I will give you a choice, or choices actually! Good! So here's the choice: stay as you are, except that I will reinforce your restraints so that they can withstand an earthquake, or a more relaxed position, basically lying down, but with greater immobility”

Choices? Reinforce her restraints? Greater immobility? Maryanne couldn't understand what the man was talking about. Weren't her restraints already totally inescapable and strong? Wasn't her immobility already complete? And choices? The only choice she wanted was to be released, to get out of this infernal situation. Wasn't that what the man's return was about? Wasn't her freedom the only choice she was interested in?

“So, no answer? OK, I guess that means you are enjoying yourself so much you want to remain like this for a long, long time. Let me tell you, if I were you, I would think twice, because, once I am gone, I am not coming back. And, as far as I know, Mike is not expected here for a couple of days. But, hey, that's up to you. On my end, I'll be done quicker, which is fine with me. Half a dozen tie-downs ratcheted to tighten you down some more, and I am out of here.”

Maryanne grunted desperately. Nothing could be worse than being left here for, as he put it “a couple of days”. She had already explored all the stages of panic, and her cramped body was hurting all over. She screamed into her gag.

“Aha, I thought so. So, grunt twice if you prefer the change of position. Good! Now, second choice. I can give you an opportunity to pee, and drink, if you cooperate. Now I understand that cooperation may not be what turns you on. So, two grunts for a yes. Ok, so we'll do that as well. Third choice: remain tied in the cabin, or outside? Outside? So be it!”

Faced with the choices, Maryanne hadn't needed to think long. Peeing and drinking meant that she would have an opportunity to talk to the man, or to scream for help. Surely he would understand that she was not a willing player of bondage games, but the victim of a diabolical trap. And, if that failed, she preferred to be tied up outside, where she had a chance to attract attention, than inside a locked, deserted cabin.

The man started to undo the bonds that held her. First the ropes that kept her bound inside the hammock. Then those that had kept her tied into a tight ball. She stretched with pangs of pain that were pure bliss. For sure she would be free in minutes!

“OK, Lady, this is what we are going to do. As you and I know, you like to be forced, and not cooperate, so I will leave you no possibility to alter the course of events. I will release your legs from the suit, and open the bottom part of it so that once sitting on the toilet you can pee. Then it will be drinking time through your breathing tube, then time to set you up for your next meditation. And let me tell you this. You know I have a thousand dollars riding on your not getting free. Now I understand that you want to fight me, protest and resist, because that is what turns you on. But if you use the fact that I am being nice to you to give me grief, then not only will any concern I might have for your comfort go away, but I will make it my business to make your position nasty. Such as hanging you head down. Fancy that? Aha, I thought so. So, if you are ready, give me the usual two grunts, and we have an understanding.”

Maryanne was totally conflicted. How could she not try to explain to the man that she desperately wanted out? How could she not resist? But hanging upside down for hours, or even days? She was terrified. So she promptly grunted twice. She felt the man stand her on her wobbly legs, hoist her on his shoulder and carry her to what felt like a few feet away. He set her down on a strange feeling seat, until she understood: it was a toilet seat. As she took in this information by feel only, all her other senses being blocked by the tightly hooded state of her head, she started to think about escaping when he left her there to pee after having inevitably freed her from this diabolical suit.

But, before she could even put some kind of plan together, she felt rope around her torso, and another one on her pelvis, tightly holding her to the toilet seat. He then grabbed the bottom zipper pull and raised it up to Maryanne's belly. She could feel cold air on her hips. How could he expect her to pee with her legs tied together inside the suit? As though the man, once more, read her thoughts, he began to release her legs, first from the laces, then the zippers that held them together. He then extracted them from the suit, the bottom part of which he raised, and she was bare-assed and bare-legged on the toilet seat to which her torso was roped. Before she could do anything with her partial freedom, she felt him put a noose around one ankle and pull it back, then connect it to another noose around her second ankle also pulled back. Her ankles were now tied behind the base of the toilet.

“So, you are now comfortably in position, and I can leave you to it. Hey, wait, what do we have here? Hmmmmm, you naughty girl! Your husband is right, you are kinky as sin! Not only do you tie yourself up, but you insert a vibrator! In his shoes, I am not sure that I would enjoy your pleasuring yourself on your own. But if that is what floats your boat, there is nothing that says that I can't help.”

Maryanne was dying with humiliation, from being exposed like this to this man, to be touched so intimately as he removed her vibrator, to be forced to pee like this, tied up and vulnerable for the man to watch. But her very full bladder demanded release, and, despite her shame, she let herself go. Once she was done, she felt a hand dry out her dripping cunt, and then gently replace the vibrator, to her renewed shame.  Shame which grew no end when she felt what the man was doing: he was putting her in diapers! Maryanne was frantic. That meant the man was serious about leaving her tied up like this until Mike came! She grunted and tried to twist and shake her head: no! To no more avail than her previous attempts.

“Aha, the old fighting spirit, again! Your way of signaling me that you want it tight, eh? Well, worry not, if tight is what you want, tight is what you will get! 4 layers, plus ropes and straps, is that enough? Oh, and something special, too, but I leave this as a surprise... But first, while you are positioned vertically, the drink that I promised. I will put a long straw inside your breathing tube. Drink carefully, but drink all of it, because you are not getting any more for quite a while!” Maryanne felt the straw penetrate her mouth, and sucked on it. The drink tasted good enough, though she couldn't recognize what it was. That is when she realized she was indeed thirsty, and she drank all of it eagerly. After all, now she that she had suffered the shame of being diapered, she could at least drink without fear of having to pee in her suit.

“Ok, lady, time to get you back to your preferred activity!” Tied as she was, Maryanne was helpless at stopping him from releasing one leg, inserting it back into the suit, then the other leg, and lacing her legs together again, after having zippered and then laced the suit closed again. Despite her efforts she had totally failed at gaining any advantage from her partial release, and she felt that she wouldn't get another opportunity any time soon. Once more, the man released her from the ropes anchoring her to the toilet seat, lifted her up and carried her back. But, to her surprise, he did not put her back in the hammock. She remembered. She had chosen to be tied outside. Suddenly it didn't sound like such a good idea. What if the man's threat to leave her tied up for days was true? How would she survive outside, immobile and helpless?

She felt the man raise her bound feet and legs, slip them into something. As if on cue, the man supplied the answers to her unspoken question. “A military sleeping bag, warm inside, and very tough outside, with a warm hood. Not a bad idea for your long-term stay outside, isn’t it ? Of course, it is not much in terms of the tight bondage you crave, but don't worry, I have more lined up for you, much more!”

Maryanne tried to avoid the man slipping her bound form into the sleeping bag, but, tied as she was, she was reduced to squirming ineffectively.

“Now for the surprise! I don't know if you know, but I am a mountain guide. All of us guides double as paramedics when tourists get hurt up here or on the slopes. When that is the case, we have to ferry them down even when they need to avoid any movement from an injured limb or limbs. So we immobilize them on a stretcher. Immobilize, is that not what you are after? So this is what I have in store for you. First some ropes to tighten around your sleeping bag and suit. Then inside the immobilization sleeve which we use with the injured. It tightens with straps onto, or rather into the shell-shaped stretcher. But, for certain applications, we slip in between an inflatable device which wraps around the body to keep it from moving at all. So I don't know when Mike will come and release you, but what I know is that you will be there waiting for him, just as I will have left you.”

Maryanne didn't know whether to fight and scream in her gag or just give up. Even though this man was no criminal, she hadn't been able to communicate that what he was doing was very definitely criminal, that she needed saving and freeing, not tying down in some demented way. She cried in her hood, giving up, just wishing it to be over and that the man leave her to her misery. During that time the man busied himself with ropes. Behind her neck, then around her torso, above and below her elbows, at wrist level, then hips, then above and below the knees, then ankles, and finally around her foot soles. She was harnessed from head to foot, which the guide made tighter as he pulled any slack rigorously from the web of ropes.

He tested for tightness by closing with his hand the breathing tube, sending Maryanne into instant panic, and a wild, desperate struggle against her bonds. He let go, and proceeded to re-tighten the harness to eliminate the slack that her energetic movements had created. By now Maryanne felt totally mummified and cocooned, and wondered with fear how he could conceivably make her predicament tighter yet, when she already couldn't move any muscle, and her breathing was restricted to short, shallow breaths by the vice-like web of laces and rope that held her so tightly despite the two down layers she had to protect her both from the cold and the ropes..

The man briefly went outside, which Maryanne could tell from the noise of the door, and came back, putting something down on the floor. He then moved her on this something, a hard surface, which she assumed was the board to which she would soon be affixed. She was right. She felt the man package her into another blanket, designed to keep injured skiers both warm and securely in place, and then tighten the straps that would keep her immobilized. More straps! More tightness! Would this ever end? She was already tied up how many times? She tried to think: the suit, then the rope harness, then the straps. She couldn't hope of getting free. This time, the straps tied her down to the hard stretcher board, making her not only helpless, but also rigidly so. There was no way she could move, and the thought of being left like this for a long time terrified her. But she knew that, if she only tried to communicate with the man, he would understand that this meant she was resisting, and tie her even tighter, if this was at all possible.

But the man wasn't done. He had mentioned that, for some type of injuries, when the victim needed immobilizing especially completely, there was a special device used, and she was finding out. Some kind of inflatable mattress had been inserted between her and the board, and it was now gradually being inflated by the man using a hand pump. Whereas Maryanne had felt she was already tied with maximum tightness, she now understood how wrong she was. Air inserted itself in every nook and cranny possible, this time not tying her to the board, but molding her to it, making her one with it, pushing her body into the super-tight straps that wouldn't give. In particular, the inflatable mattress molded itself around her hooded head, totally eliminating any head movement she had left. Only when the mattress felt so tight that it might burst at any moment did the man stopped pumping it up. Maryanne was tied so tightly that she wondered how it was she could still breathe at all.

A jolt. Another one. Maryanne tried to understand what was happening? The stretcher moved! The man moved the stretcher! He was actually going to take her outside and leave her there. For days! Maryanne fought desperately, shouted into her gag and hoods, to no avail. She felt the stretcher slide onto the snow, and down a slope. The slide continued for some minutes, and Maryanne began to take heart again. They were going downhill. No way could a man alone push her uphill. So, if they kept going, it could only mean that they were getting ever closer to civilization. For her, to freedom, and the end on the nightmare.

Then the ride stopped. Maryanne heard clicking and clanging sounds, and then felt her stretcher beginning to swing. To swing????

“Dear lady, here ends my cooperation to your ultimate fantasy, and I hope you will agree that I have spared no effort to pull it off as intensely as possible. You had no possibility of getting free or resisting in any way, so that, even though I know that you enjoy this, you could say that I did this to you against your will. Now, you are totally helpless, tied up and cocooned, and tied up again, and cocooned again, gagged, blindfolded, immobilized... I told you I had a surprise for you, but I actually have three, which I will now share with you before we part company. The first is what I did to you without your knowing. Remember that vibrator you set up to pleasure yourself? Not only did I put it back where it belongs after you peed, but I connected a couple of wires to it. In a moment, I will now connect those wires, which extend outside your cocoon, to a battery pack which is higher voltage and much longer duration than the puny batteries you put in. Oh, and I changed the setting, from “low” to “high”, too, so it should keep you “interested” for a couple of days. Now I don't know that a woman can orgasm non-stop for that long, but my guess is that you are about to find out if you can. And another small change. Remember the drink I gave you? It is a special energy drink available to professionals who need to stay awake and aware in a crisis that can last many hours, like commandos, or actually mountain guides like me. With a full drink like yours, no way do I feel any onset of sleep before at least two days. So neither will you, I guess, which will enable you to enjoy your helplessness to the fullest. Imagine that, some 48 hours of non-stop intense stimulation while the energy drink keeps you to a heightened state of awareness, and nothing you can do about it....

Now for surprise N°2. You opted to be left outside rather than in the safety and tranquility of the cabin. Another sign that you are a thrill-seeker. Who else would choose to be left outside, where there are wolves and bears that would, no doubt, find you a juicy morsel? So I thought of something that would give you the ultimate thrill, yet be safe from prowling animals, except for birds, of course. You see, we are on a bridge above a mountain gorge, and what I am about to do is suspend you right under the bridge, inside the structure, so to speak. Hundreds of feet above the ground, and close enough to the bridge structure that no-one, even looking directly at it, can see the stretcher, lost amid the metal beams. There you will be, sightless, voiceless, motionless, gently rocked or violently agitated by the mountain wind, unless it is by your own wave of orgasms, which should begin soon, as I now connect the wires, as promised.

And the third surprise, dear lady, is that I have no idea what will happen to you. Because, come to think of it, dear Mike didn't ask me when, where or how he could rescue you. If he comes at all, because the funny thing is, he arranged for payment in full in advance....”

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