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Sneak Attack

by Lee

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© Copyright 2007 - Lee - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; M/f; bond; susp; leather; toys; F/f; cons; X

I like to think that I have a sexy body. I’m only 5’ 8” tall and weigh about well we won’t talk about my weight. My chest is a 38C and I have a 26” waist. My corset’s can bring that down to 22”. My hair is just below my shoulders and its color is strawberry blond, and I love bondage, leather, latex, and high heels.

I practice it mostly by myself. I do have a friend that visits and we play together. We flip a coin to see whose turn it is under the ropes, hers or mine. She is also my safety. I’ll call her and let her know if she doesn’t hear from me to come on over. I have a husband that is really good with his hands and knows how to build things. So I have a neat basement full of remote control goodies. He is out of town most of the time. At least I don’t get bored when he is away.

He went out of town yesterday. So last night I decided to do a little bondage. Before he left I came down to the dungeon and rummaged through my closet. I decided on a tight fitting leather full-body catsuit. It was black and had a full-face hood, the whole thing laced up the back, there were built in gloves and booties.

While he was watching I picked out the latex brief that had 2 nice fat vibrating dildos. As I pulled them up my legs I noticed he was starting to sweat. I knew he had to leave so I decided to play him a little. When I got the briefs up to where the plugs needed to go in I rolled the panty down till he could see the plugs and started to lube them up. I took my time getting them started and while I forced them in I gave out a low sexy moan. I glanced over and noticed that he was now a little red in the face.

I rolled the panties up in place and went back to the closet. I selected the red ball gag and strapped it on. Then I stepped into the leather catsuit and pulled it up my legs. I love the feel of leather. I put my hands into the sleeves and he helped me smooth the leather out. He started to lace me up the back. Once he got to the neck I slipped my face into the hood and worked my hair out the hole in the top.  Now he could finish lacing me up. I was now fully encased in leather from toes to the top of my head.  And couldn’t see a damn thing.

Hubby helped me into my thigh high boots, laced up the front of course. He put a lock through the top lace holes, on the wrist straps and neck straps of the cat suit. Next came the corset. It was black with white lacing and trim. It went from my hips to the bottom of my tits. I think he was a little cruel when he laced me into it. I don’t remember it being this tight last time but I really wasn’t complaining. Damn that felt good.

After the corset came the arm binder. I held my wrists together behind me and as the glove slid up I got chills. I knew that when this is buckled up. There is no way I can let myself out.  The last 2 straps he did lead from my hands through the crotch across the dildos and to double d-rings at the bottom of the corset. As he pulled them tight I could feel the Little Devils forced deeper into me.  He added a strap around my arms and torso just above my waist and pulled it tight.  

He asked me to shake my head if I could breathe ok and there was nothing too tight. I nodded my head. He helped me sit down on the table edge. I could feel him putting the heavy straps on my ankles.  I heard the snaps of what I knew were the cables to the hoist. Then I heard the sound of the hoist. As the cables became tight and started to lift my legs he stopped and helped me lay back on the table. It was a little uncomfortable lying on my arms but I knew I wouldn’t be in that position long. The winch started again and my legs were pulled straight up. As my ass started to leave the table he stopped again.

I felt him put his hand under my head and bump the hoist. I heard the table roll away and at that moment he let go of me. I gasped as I swung back and forth. He finally stops me swinging and started the hoist again. As it ran I could feel my feet pulled apart from each other as I went up. I was hooked to the double cables, this pulled me apart nicely. He finally shut it off. I could hear him walking around. I wondered what he was doing.

I found out really quick. The dildos started to vibrate together.  "I put them on full random," he said. "I called Kelly and told her the party’s started. She said she would come by in about an hour to see how you were doing. I have to go, have a good time."

I heard him go up the stairs and then the back door slamming. Now I was alone.  I started to get lost in my world. MMMMMMMM that feels good. I struggled against the leather testing the bonds. I loved to feel the tight straps. "UUUUHhhhhhhh," I moaned. That’s about all that came out was a muffled moan. The Little Devils started to get more active. OOOhhh Damn that’s good. I caught myself starting to pump my hips to the rhythm. I was glad at that point that the ball gag had a breathing hole down the center.

I felt a shock from the guys that caused my whole body to jump. 'OOOoohhhh Shit AAAAhhh.'

As I pumped my hips harder I could feel my whole body start to swing back and forth. As I did I felt a pull at my head. Hubby had hooked the straps to the d-ring in the top of my helmet and connected me to the ring under me in the floor. As I reached the end of the limits of the straps and cables the pull on my legs and head was like an extra caress. Like a lover that was grabbing hold as he forced himself into me. UUUhhhh. Just think about it made me shudder. That’s what I was doing making love to the bondage, and it was making love to me.

I could feel the wave starting to build up deep in my crotch. The anal plug started to enlarge itself. Not much just a little.

"AhAhAhAhAhAh NNNNoooooo."

I was just about to cum when I heard a swishing and then, in that instant I knew hubby had not left.  Shit!

The cat of nine tails swept across my tits. "OOOOOOhhhhhhh SSSSSshhhhiiiiiiitttttttt".

I started to shake as the wave built. The leather swung again. Even in the leather hood I could hear the swish of the cat of nine tails. This time across my thighs. Swish the leather whispered to me again across my stomach. Swish they kissed me across my tits. Each stroke seemed like a lifetime. The sound of the leather coming through the air. The harsh touch of the leather as it wrapped itself around me AAAaahhhhh.

Harder every time. I wanted them to hit me. Harder. My whole body shook. I found myself trying to turn my body into the stroke of the whips, grinding my hips, into the Little Devils, wishing I could explode.

'AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Oh Shit, OOOOOOOOO SSSSSSSShhhhhhhhiiiiiitttttttttt.'

I can’t catch my breath. The whip kissed my body and every time it did I would cum. Not just cum, but CUUUUUMMMM. Swish the leather would say, Over and Over again. I didn’t want it to stop.

The whipping stopped. I was still swinging back and forth. UUgh. Shit. Aftershocks were gripping me OOohh. As the waves finally started to slow my breathing took a little while to calm down. I was trembling. The little devils were calm right this minute. I didn’t need them, my senses were in over drive. The leather and straps were holding me. Telling me they were there. A gentle lover now. OOOhh. I could just think about having an orgasm and I would. As I swung back and forth on the cables my heart was pounding.

Damn. I finally thought I couldn’t believe he did that. Him leaving was a ruse. He eased his way back down, picked out my favorite cat of nine tails and waited till I was just about to cum. God that was intense. God that was good.

“I couldn’t resist that.” He whispered.  I said something that to him was nothing but a mumble because of the gag and leather hood. He rubbed his hands across my tits, grabbed both of them and gave them a good squeeze and I swear I came again. He said, "This time I am going. Kelly should be here in about 40 minutes."

His last act before leaving was to swing the cat of nine tails through my legs across the Little Devils. As the tails of leather wrapped themselves across the cheeks of my ass "OOOhhhhh SSSshhhhhiiiiiittt."  I wasn’t expecting that. God I love that man.

I heard the door slam and wondered if he was going to do it again. As I hung there slowly swinging. I felt the vibrators start up again. My mind was swimming. MMMMMMMMMmmmmmm, they were real slow, but in my condition it wouldn’t take much. AAAAAAaaahhhhhhhhh and my hips started to move again.

Now what I didn’t know is Kelly had a flat tire on her way over. It took her two hours to finally get here and let me down. By then I was a wreck. The batteries had just about run down on the little Devils. But it was still enough. I couldn’t take a breath without cuming.

As she touched me my mind was in another world. She hooked a strap to my hood and I heard the winch start.  The cables holding my feet started down just as I was having another orgasm. She finally got me down and helped me get undressed. I was exhausted. 

I just lay there on the dungeon floor. The cool air running across my body was enough to cause aftershocks. Once I stopped trembling Kelly helped me get back on my feet. She said, "Damn Girl."

I looked over at Kelly and she said, "My Turn."

I pointed to the closet and as I was going up to get me something to drink, I heard her moan as she was putting the plugs from the brief in.

I just smiled. It was going to be a long, long night.



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