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The Visit

by desiree

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© Copyright 2002 - desiree - Used by permission

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Slutdesiree - Part Three
The Visit
by desiree
(c)Copyright slutdesiree, 2002
Part 3, The Visit  by desiree, (c)Copyright slutdesiree, 2002
It was finally the much-awaited day for the visit from Mistress Sable. I didn’t get much sleep last night because I couldn’t get Mistress Sable’s visit out of my mind. I don’t know if it was due to the fear of what she would do to me, or if I was really turned by the thought. Mistress had promised to ‘settle the score’ for the last two punishment sessions that she claims I screwed up. I got up at 8:00 AM. I showered, made the bed and cleaned up my bedroom in preparation for her arrival as per her e-mail instructions this morning. The instructions were very specific. They said that I should give myself an enema at 10:00 AM and make certain that I was completely cleaned out so that there would be room for some ‘more important contents’. 

I was to place the key to a padlock on a hook in the garage. (I have to go outside the front of my house to get into the garage.) Then I was to put on my ball stretcher and parachute, with a leash attached, locking leather wrist and ankle cuffs, my leather punishment hood, and my lacey black bra and panties. Then I was to put on my nipple champs that Mistress and I bought at the Pleasure Chest, and my punishment hood with the eye and mouth covers in place and ear plugs. Mistress said that she would arrive promptly at 10:30 and I was to be bound and kneeling at the front door awaiting her arrival. Mistress stated that if I wasn’t ready, I would be in for some unforeseen punishment.

I did as I was instructed and was ready at the front door at 10:28. I unlocked the door, and then dropped to my knees, put the eye cover in place and padlocked the four leather cuffs together, with my hands behind my back. The key was in the garage and there was absolutely no way I could get to it myself. Some time went by, but not enough to make me worry about it. I heard a car door shut, and in a minute, Mistress came into the house. “Where’s my slut?” she barked. “I need service”. “I’m here, Mistress”, I whimpered. Please use me as you will. “You’re damn right, I will.”, She said. “And I don’t need your permission. Is the key in the garage?” “Yes, it is, Mistress.” I figured that Mistress would unlock me and that we would go up to the bedroom and play. I heard Mistress open the basement door. Mistress said, “I’m going to the garage to get the key, when I get back you had better be in the basement, or I’ll drag you there by your leash.” “But, Mistress”, I said, “I can’t go down the steps like this”. “That’s your choice”, she said. “If you’re not down there by the time I get back, you’ll get down there my way” 

Mistress went back out the door, leaving it wide open, of course, for the world to see me. I scurried over to the steps while trying to figure out how to do this. If I tried to go down forward, I would surely roll down the stairs, head first. So, with much difficulty, I turned around and started to back down the steps. I was able to ‘walk’ down the steps on my knees, but it was very difficult and painful on each step. As I got near the bottom, I heard Mistress come back in and close the door. She came down the steps after me. I was just reaching the bottom. “You’re a lucky slut today” she said.

Mistress picked up the end of the leash and started pulling me toward the other end of the basement. In that room was a steel framed bondage horse that I made from an old table I bought at the thrift store. I had no idea that she wanted to use that today. I managed to walk on me knees over to where Mistress wanted me with only a little discomfort. When we got there, Mistress unlocked the padlock and before I even had time to think about it, she snapped, “Stand up, slut”, And yanked on the leash, hard enough to make me scream. “OUCH”.

I stood up and she dragged me over to the bondage horse. “Bend over”. I was instructed.  I bent over as instructed, and my hands and feet were immediately secured to the bondage horse with 4 padlocks. The chain from the parachute was stretched and attached to a cross bar near the bottom of the horse. The nipple clamps were attached to the same bar by two large rubber bands. This caused any movement to tug at my nipples. I was still wearing the punishment hood and couldn’t see what was going on. 

THWAP!!! I felt a stinging sensation on my ass, then another, then another. “Well?” mistress said, “What do you say?” “Thank you, Mistress”, I said. “That’s better, Don’t forget again, or you’ll be sorry, slut”. Mistress continued, “Since you seemed so intrigued by that video that you’ve been ranting about, I thought I’d ‘let” you experience it. did you say she gave him 30 lashes  in 20 seconds?” “Yes Mistress, I did, But…..” She cut me short, “Fuck your but….. Well maybe later, For now just shut up and see if you can be a well behaved slut for a change.”  “Yes Mistress..” With that, the mouth cover was removed from my hood and replaced with some sort of very effective gag. Then the stinging on my ass returned. Wow, it seemed like she was using the welter. “Oh, I forgot”, she said, “you have to count the lashes, so we know when its 30, you can start at 1 now.”  But Mistress, I’ve already had about 10.”, I complained through the gag.  “OK, then. Start at minus 10, and don’t argue anymore unless you want to start at minus 20, you fucking impertinent slut. This treatment is much too good for you.” I started counting, and as fast as I could and as fast as I could count them, another lash arrived. Why did I tell Mistress about the video? “Minus 10, thank you, Ma’am, Minus 9, thank you Ma’am, minus 8, thank you, Ma’am,” Mistress rapid fired 40 lashes across my ass in the next half a minute, which seemed like an hour at the time. Towards the end, there were more screams and moans than counting, but Mistress continued. The lashes finally stopped and Mistress massaged my sore ass for a minute.

Mistress walked around in front of me and removed the hood. It was quite dark in the room and I couldn’t see much. I could see that Mistress had removed her cloths and the sight of her sexy body gave me a huge erection. Mistress immediately placed a long scarf around my head and wrapped it around twice to insure once again that I couldn’t see what was happening.  Mistress had pulled up the stool and placed it in front of my face. She sat on the stool with her legs spread apart and instructed me to lick her pussy until she came. I started licking and she said I wasn’t doing well enough. I apologized and started licking faster and harder. Apparently it still wasn’t good enough because she stood up and walked back around behind me and the lashes resumed. “This time its 50, better start counting, maybe this will help you lick me better, don’t piss me off, scumslut.” I started, “1, thank you, Ma’am, 2, thank you, Ma’am….” The lashes seemed to be coming faster than before, if that was possible. The pain was making it difficult to concentrate on the count, but I think I managed to get to 50 and Mistress announced, “Now, we’ll try this again.” Mistress went around and sat on the stool and stuck her pussy in my face again. She must have been enjoying herself because she was really wet.

Suddenly, Mistress moved away from my face and I felt and heard nothing for what seemed like a long time. Then she started rubbing my ass, teasingly, and swatting my ass with what felt like the riding crop, then more rubbing. My panties were slid down around my knees. I felt something cool being rubbed on my asshole. “NO, Mistress, please don’t fuck me, I begged.” “Shut up slut” she replied, ”unless you want to be gagged again and get 50 more lashes.” I remained quiet. Mistress must have gone upstairs to get the strap-on, as I soon felt it pressing against my asshole. She started rhythmically pushing the strap-on against my waiting asshole and finally I felt it enter me. It felt like it was going to tear my asshole open. If hadn’t ever felt like this before. “Mistress, is that the big strap-on you’re using? You promised never to use the big one in my ass, didn’t you?” I asked. “I said shut up, slut, before you really piss me off.” She replied. 

Mistress was pumping my ass with the strap-on and it felt like she had it in all the way and was making long torturous strokes. The strokes continued mercilessly. Just as the pain was receding and I was beginning enjoy being fucked, I felt something against my face, that smelled and felt like mistress’s pussy. HUH? She started rubbing her pussy on my mouth and said “eat it, scumslut.” The fucking continued. I started to lick her pussy again, but who the hell was fucking me? I licked as fast as I could while a thousand thoughts went through my mind. Mistress was screaming as she came again and again. But who was fucking me? Did she bring one of her girl friends along? Cool, a threesome. While Mistress came about 6 times the ravishing of my asshole continued relentlessly. Was it a fucking machine? The thought made my cock swell, more than it already was. Suddenly I felt a warm sensation in my asshole and the probe was soon withdrawn. I felt something running down my legs from my asshole. Mistress leaned over and kissed me on the cheek and whispered “don’t go away. I’ll be back, and be quiet, or you’ll be sorry.” Mistress put my hood back on and securely attached the mouth and eye covers. I was left with my mind running crazy, trying to understand what had just happened. 

I stood there in agony for a long time, still bent over the bondage horse, my balls and nipples still attached to the lower bar. Every time I moved the slightest bit, one or the other or both reminded my of their cruel attachment. I could neither see nor hear anything. It seemed like hours had past. I start to wonder if mistress had fallen asleep (a possibility after all those orgasms), or forgotten about me. 

Mistress finally returned and after asking me if I wanted to relive the video one more time, removed my hood, released me from my bonds and instructed me to go upstairs to the bedroom. I entered the bedroom with Mistress behind me. I noticed the bed was in a mess as if there had been an orgy there. Mistress told me to lie on the bed in spread eagle position. As I did, I felt something cold on by back. Reaching behind me, I realized there was a big wet spot on the bed. I brought my hand to my face and smelled the distinct odor of male cum. It seemed that there was a gallon of it on my bed. 

Mistress noticed what I was doing and sarcastically apologized for the mess on the bed. She informed me that my ass fucker was dissatisfied with the inferior quality of my cunt and needed the services of a real woman before he left. She said she just loved riding his 10” cock. Mistress told that she had to get going, but since I had been good, she thought that maybe I should have some release before she left. Mistress crawled on top me and immediately mounted my begging cock. While telling me that she couldn’t feel my pencil dick in her cunt, she pumped about 10 times and I came with the most incredible orgasm ever. I felt like I shot about a cup of cum. Mistress said “I hope you’re done” and got up. I felt more cum running all over my legs and ass and onto the bed. Mistress got dressed, picked her bag and was out the door before I realized what was happening. 

It had been an interesting day, but who else was there? Hmmm. And how do I get him to come back? I lay there, exhausted and feeling like the slut that I am. At least the cool wet cum on the bed was soothing to my burning ass. 

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