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Slipping off the Bed

by The West Coast Comet

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© Copyright 2009 - The West Coast Comet - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; hogtie; rope; stuck; caught; M/f; bond; cons/reluct; X

Dotty traveled frequently and found an outlet for her overactive libido while she traveled.  She was a mere 27 years old and nicely proportioned.  She was attractive, if she worked at it.  Actually, she had a very nice figure, and was quite beautiful when naked, but her direct manner and cold approach to interpersonal interactions put most people off.  She knew her profession, and was an excellent company representative, but any contact beyond that was nothing she sought out or responded to.  She was often called a “cold bitch” behind her back.

She had found over her short sex life that postponing her climax by prolonged foreplay created a much more intense orgasm.  To manage this, she practiced self bondage. Dotty fell into this activity through a long-ago boy friend that  used to tie her up and spend the evening teasing her, before bringing her to a raging climax.  At first she had her doubts, then, after several sessions, she became somewhat addicted to the bondage.  She had long since left that guy in her past, but kept the ropes. 

Her usual mode was to tie herself up, struggle for a while, and then work herself loose.  Then she would apply a vibrator to her highly aroused pussy, and bring herself to a roaring orgasm.  She always liked to be in control during one of these self bondage sessions.  That was not quite the same emotional impact of having someone tie her up, but it worked none the less.  After all, she was verbally in control even in those sessions with her boyfriend, so this was hardly any different, at least in her mind.

This particular night she stopped in a small motel on the outskirts of a small town.  Actually “small” was a complement.  It was small enough to only have a single motel, and this one was in need of refurbishment.  She mused as she entered the room that… “Well, at least it’s clean”.  She threw her suitcase on the dresser and began to unpack. 

She ate at the little diner that night, and was clearly in a hurry.  She wanted to get back and into her little fantasy world.  It had been a tough day, and she needed release.  Once back to the motel, she closed the door, but did not lock it.  Of course the door locked on its own when closed, but this seemed to make the whole thing just a little more intense.  Somewhere in the back of her mind she liked the idea that she could be discovered.  She also opened the adjourning room door, knowing it was locked on the other side.  Nobody ever tries to open these things anyway.  Again, this was to enhance the feeling that she could be discovered. 

Next she took a long bath, and started her ritual. She was wearing a bathrobe and nothing else.  She tied a lead rope to the bathroom door handle and stretched it to the bed.  Then she sat on the edge of the bed and crossed her ankles.  She wrapped the ¼” nylon rope around her ankles in a crossing pattern than forced her knees apart and prevented her from straightening her legs.  Once tied like this, she could only wriggle to move a bit, and she could not close her legs.  She placed her safety knife on the corner of the bed, just in case.   

The idea was to use the lead rope to pull her into a hogtie.  She shed her bathrobe, dropping it on the floor.  Now she was completely naked.  She rolled onto the bed, brought her feet up to her bottom, and placed her hands behind her back.  Simple ties worked best for her, nothing fancy to interfere with her experience.  For her wrists, she had a loop of rope that was well used.  She knew that twisted into 6 loops, this rope would nicely and tightly encase her wrists when cinched.  This same loop of rope had been tied this way for over 5 years, and knew she could not untie it. 

She tied a slip knot in the lead rope, passed it through her ankles, and placed around her wrist loop.  She pulled the cinch tight and worked the slack out of the lead.  She liked the feeling of the tightening of the wrist ropes.  Now all she had to do was wiggle forward on the bed a bit and a little sideways, and the lead rope would take all the slack, pulling her legs up to her wrists.  It was a great plan that she had used many times before.

She was close to pulling herself into a full hogtie, and thought, I can struggle a little more if I tie this off.  She reached for the loose end of her wrist cinch.  Then she reached back to the lead line where it went across her ankles.  She was able to grab the lead line and tie another slip knot.  It occurred to her that all she would need to do to free herself was to get some slack in the lead rope, and stretch out her legs.  The second slip knot would slip back, and then she could wriggle her hands to loosen the first slip knot.  

Now she was ready to finish her bondage.  She wriggled a little more, but this time she was on the far edge of the bed.  She had made the lead rope a little long, and now she had a problem. She felt herself begin to slip off the mattress.  She arched backward to stop the slide, but the worn mattress simply gave way and allowed her to slide off the bed.  She slid slowly but there was no stopping the slide.  She tried to stop when her knees hit the floor, but lost her balance.  She fell to her side, sliding along the bed, until the lead rope stopped her in a groan of taunt rope and tight knots. It was a slow, gradual fall that was as gentle as it was irreversible. 

The bathroom door was opposite the side of the bed she slid down, so that the lead rope went directly across the bed and down the side to poor Dotty, who was now in a tight hogtie, with her wrists pulled tightly against her ankles.  She was pulled into a tight arch with her pelvis on the ground and her breasts lightly touching the carpet. She panicked just a bit and began to struggle, but everything held tight.  She could not touch any knots because the cinch had slipped around her wrist loops to the top of her tie.  The slip knots were hard and now under the pressure of her own weight.  She knew right away she was in trouble.  She was stuck.  She began to struggle and pull at her bounds.  Each time she thrashed, her breasts rubbed across the carpet.

She found her predicament arousing beyond anything before.  There was no boyfriend to bully into letting her go.  There was no way to undo the bondage she had place herself in, even if it had been by accident. This time she was completely helpless.  Furthermore, each time she moved, her breasts became sensitive as they rubbed across the carpet.  This was maddening!   She struggled and struggled, but to no avail.  She could neither get off, nor get loose.  She moaned and thrashed.  Her knees did not touch the floor, so she had no way to move.  The ropes were comfortable, but tight.  She had no way to escape this tie, and she knew it.

After about two hours of this helpless tease, she could stand it no more.  At this point she would have fucked anything she was so aroused, but she realized that she had to get free somehow.  She thought she heard someone next door.   She could hear a male voice talking on a phone.  She had not moved one inch in her struggles, and was beginning to get exhausted.  She knew she had to act, and now was the time.  She called out, asking for help.  She heard him respond, and she told him to open the adjourning door.  She knew it was a huge risk.  He could be anybody.  He could be a thief, a sadist, maybe even someone she knew.  It would be embarrassing as hell, but she had to do something.  She heard the door lock click and the door opened.  She could not see the doorway, but at this point she didn’t care.   

He looked in the room and saw the taunt rope stretched from the bathroom door handle, across the bed and down out of sight.  This could be interesting he thought. 

Dotty’s immediate response was to go on the offensive with this stranger.  “Get me loose right now!” 

As he looked around the bed, he laughed, “You did this to yourself, didn’t you?” 

“Yes, but now I need to get loose”.  

He responded, “Well let me see what we have here”.  He refused to be intimidated by her brisk manner. 

She said, “Listen, you can fuck me if you want, but turn me loose, now!”

This was just too good to be true.  She was stunning, bound as she was.  She had a wonderful figure, he could see that, and she was wet as hell.  That also was obvious.  He lifted her up onto the bed, and she attempted to pull the slip knots immediately.  It was useless; the knots were too tightly pulled by two hours of her partial suspension. He picked up the knife off the bed and walked over to the lead rope and cut it in half.  He untied the section from the bathroom door knob and held it in one hand.

He walked over to the sink and wet a washrag.  He folded it into a small compact square and walked back to Dotty with the washrag and rope. 

“I understand your situation and will help you.  You are missing something that will make all the difference in the world”. 

With that comment, he grabbed her hair and pulled it back.  She gasped and opened her mouth to say something.  However, he quickly stuffed her mouth with the washrag, and began to loop the rope around her head and through her gaping mouth, effectively cutting off any further abrasive comments. 

“Ugh!” “Mmmmph” Mmmmph”. 

He wrapped the other end of the lead rope around her bindings, tying it tight.  Now the slip knots the least of her problems in getting free.  

He smiled, “Now we can get down to business”. 

Dotty could not remember a time she felt more aroused or more frightened.  What would he do to her?  Would she ever be released?   One thing was certain, she was not in control of this situation, and she was somehow thrilled at that prospect.  The second thing that was certain was she was about to be thoroughly used.


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