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Slaved to Machines Part 2

by Daemon

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© Copyright 2010 - Daemon - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; cuffs; corset; chain; machine; bdsm; toys; oral; anal; sex; cons; XX

continued from part one

Part Two


beep -

I feel it returning to the room. The breeze as the bedroom door opens and closes. Its (Its, not his! Not his!) feet over the carpet. The voice, taunting me. “Now then. Did you take time to think?”

I turn my head towards the voice, somewhere behind me. Still with defiance, I retort: “Think of what?”

Merely a chuckle, in front of me now. “Are you ready to serve me?” The dildo comes forward again, suddenly pressing against my lips.


“Ohhh, come on... I know you want it. Hell, You know you want it.”

I look up, knowing I don't have much of a choice. He has me. Owns me and won't let me go until I release him first. I run my toungue along the shaft. Up and down, licking it from the balls to the top. Carefully I put my lips over the top.

Tak! “Auw! I'm doing it already!” Tears starting to form in my eyes, I slowly let my mouth sink over the rubber penis.

Tak! Tak! “MM!” Deeper! 'blip'.

I touched them! Feeling that I had to make sure that I touched the sensors correctly while blindfolded, I added a sound feedback. A soft 'blip' I rose a bit and down again. 'blip' Up and down 'blip.

Tak! Tak! Tak! Allthough still hard, the whiplashes didn't follow up as fast as the previous cycles. Thank god that worked. 'blip' 'blip' Then I choke! I rise up and coughing I gasp for air!

“Oh my god! It's too big! I can't do this! Please, just let me go!” I feel the dildo retreating as my time is up and in my mind's voice I hear.

“Sorry to hear that, but you'll just have to learn to take it like a woman. Meanwhile I'm just going to have some fun with you. ”

Defiance rises up in me again and I figh against my bonds again! “No! I do not allow it! I will defy you!”

“And it will be futile...” The next thing I know, is that I'm ripped in two! The vibrator, switched on, plunges deep into my ass and starts fucking me!

“AAARRGHH!! No! I'm sorry! AUW! I meant to Ahhh!!  I meant to serve! AUW! I swear! AUW! Ahh! AUW! AUW! Ahh! AUW!” I don't know how long this continued, but a last fraction of my mind that stays sane commands me to relax my abdomen. An ass doesn't create juices to lubricate the entrance or the hole, but the vibrator was still wet of my own juices. Once I relaxed, the monster didn't hurt so much but it still felt like it filled me to the brim of bursting..

He left again. Leaving me lying there.. Exhausted, I cry into my pillow. Real tears, I was in over my head! I had to get out! No more time for defiance. I didn't have anything to prove! I only needed release, one way or the other! And if the only way was to make that monster cum, then so be it! I was going to give him a blowjob he'd never forget! (Only after I was breaking up the gear and stowing it all away, I realised that somewhere along the line I started calling it 'him'.)

Lying on the bed, I tried to relax.. Controlling my breathing, I approached a meditative state in which I tested my muscles, my motions and my body. I hardened myself to the fact that I was going to deepthroat a large penis and that I was going to be fucked until I did it right. Breathing in deep, I was ready.

beep -

As he enters the room, he must see the resolve on my face. “Ahh.. So you have come to the conclusion, hmm?”

I nod. “Yes. I know what I must do..”

The dildo presses against my nose again. I breathe once, then in and take it into my mouth. Once, twice, thrice 'blip' 'blip' only two??

Tak! Fuck! Deeper! Third, fourth,

Tak! fifth, sixth.. GASP! I panic!

Tak! Tak! I pull back for a moment to breathe and continue, but after the twelfth, it retreats! 'Oh no you don't!'

Tak! Tak! I bite down and try to keep it in place with my teeth while putting my lips down a couple more times. But the mechanics is unforgiving and much stronger than I am. I almost damage my teeth as the dildo rips out of my mouth and out of reach. I put my ass up just in time to receive his penis deep inside of me. Again I moan, but this time in a feral lust! Squeezing my thighs together so the vibrator has more effect. Again, I didn't cum that cycle, but as he left me there on the bed I realised what I just did.. I sucked that dick as hard as I could, and actually welcomed him in me. Begging him to rape me and make me cum! I was defeated.. My will broken. He could have his will with me, I couldn't care anymore.

beep -

I didn't count the beeps anymore.. As long as I was on this bed, tied up and at his mercy I didn't need to. I existed to serve. To suck and to be raped. And I was happy with it. He even drove me over the edge two times, not caring about me screaming that he should stop. I was already there, but he'd continue to impale me at a maddening speed! Once or twice he'd assraped me. Once because I thought I'd give my pussy a rest, and once I fell asleep during a particularly long rest. I missed his dick pressing into my hair and woke up screaming as he rammed that cock up my ass! Ohhhh! That hurt! Naturally I begged him to get that out. I didn't mean to fall asleep on the job!

Then disaster struck!

I was sucking him like crazy! No longer simply to get out, but I was in a frenzy! In the back of my mind, I tried to count the beeps.

Tak! '18' 'blip' '19'

Tak! 'blip' I was going to make it! It Couldn't be more than 20! I programmed it so myself! '20!' 'blip'. I pulled my head back to receive the load of (artificial) sperm that would blow out of that tip! It would burst over my face! He would fuck me a last time, extra long to make me cum a last time and then I'd be released!

But then, nothing happened. Tak!

“You've got to be kidding me...” I tried to continue sucking but the dick was already gone. “No! You beeped 20 times! You're supposed to cum! I should be released!”

I struggled to pull the wristbonds free, but they still didn't budge! Almost panicing, I forced myself to think. What happened?? Malfunction? Corrupted program? Or did I miscount? My mind went over lines of code, but that all exploded in a briljant flash of pain as the vibrator burst into my ass unforgiving!

“NOOOO!! You bastard AUW! son of a BITCH! Ahhhh!  Release me now! You're- Unnngg... Supposed to release me! You're supposed to Ohhh! My ass! to have cum and I'm supposed to be cut Ahh! lose!”

But he laughed. “Hah! You really thought it was that easy? No. make me cum, and thén I'll cut you lose.” With that he left.

Laying there, I didn't understand... I sucked him. It must have been enough. He should have cum and I Should have been released... Thinking back, I tried to recall how many cycles I went through by now.. 10? 12? So about 2 hours could have been passed... I wasn't at half the wallclock timer.. I was soooo screwed..

It was only then that I came to realise how screwed. I heard my doorbell! Not in my mind's fantasy, but an actual doorbell! I heard my captor walk over to the door and open. “Ah, there you are. You're just in time. I think I broke her. She's obedient now and finally realises what she's supposed to do”

“Good, lets check her out then!”

I started to tremble... The second half of the progam.. An audiofile of my doorbell would play. Then a text-to-speech set of lines. In case I didn't get myself out in time, my captor's friend that he called last night would visit as well. They'd start fucking me together until I either could make them cum, or just broke alltogether! I started shaking in fear. A sign of weakness where I should show none, but I couldn't help myself.

“Damn, she sure is cute. So you rode her in already? She's subservient?”

“Oh yes.. She knows what to do and became quite adept in both sucking and taking it up the holes below.”

I Still had my blindfold on securely, but I looked in the direction of where the second person should be and smiled seductively. “Don't hurt me. Please..? I will do what you want. Just, please, don't hurt me.”

Both of them laughed.

Beep -

Again I started to suck him. Tak! Tak! Ohhhwww. That whip! Up and down again, up and down, not even counting the blips anymore.

Tak! Tak! Then it retreats. The pattern burned into my brains and muscles, I dropped my head and raised my hips. But as he was fucking me, I felt the dildo pressing against the top of my head again! Of course. They were with the two of them now. They were expecting me to serve them both.

Tak! Tak! “Auw! Ok! Ok!” With the vibrator deep inside of me, I struggled up and towards the dildo near my face. Ohhh! The pain! I forgot to check! I knew that this part of the program might kick in, but allthough I checked the position of the vibrator and the dildo seperatly, I never thought of checking whether I could reach it while being fucked!

Tak! Tak! Tak!   I managed to deepthroat it a couple of times, but not nearly enough. While I was still mouthfucking the dildo, the vibrator retreated with a 'plop' and I managed to squeeze out a few more 'blip's. But then it retreated as well. Oh. My. God.... I miscalculated. Months of planning, designing, building and dreaming. I was such a failure!

The next two cycles, if you could still call them that with the sucking and fucking and whipping more or less at random, I evaded the dildo (taking the whiplashes for what they were: punishment) while being fucked hard again and again from behind. After all, the release mechanism wouldn't work. Being whipped continuously while being raped, it was intolerable and I came twice in one cycle as the leather landed hard accross my ass and shoulders! Other times, I stubbornly still tried to suck him hard enough and was getting quite good at it. I learned how to relax my throat so that it would slide in deep enough. I learned when to breathe. It was kind of like swimming, where you develop a rythm to take a breath when you lift your head rises above water.

It is difficult to reach far enough when you're being fucked in the 'right' hole, but by now I was fucked in the ass so many times that I started to like it. Often, when I was deepthroating the dildo, I didn't have the flexibility or the mind to raise my cunt to be fucked as well. All too soon I developed a rythm that allowed me to quickly go up and down that shaft while whipped and fucked in the ass. By then, I had abandoned every notion of decency, defiance and prudence. There was no notion of time. Just me helpless, being fucked front back and sideways! I was a plaything, a puppet. Ohh! I loved it! Again and again I scream and moan in orgasm! I no longer feel the whiplashes over my back as pain, but more as paths of heat. By now, I mainly came when I was both sucking and fucking it up the ass, while the blows rained down.

Then it struck. I am sucking his dick and the other one just started fucking me in my ass. One or two whip blows come down, but this time I was satisfying him too much to really give him reason to drive me. I wasn't even counting the blips anymore. They didn't work anyway. Then suddenly, the dildo starts pulsing! Before I knew what happened a large load of warm liquid shoots in my throat! “GARRGGLL?!?” I didn't even stop sucking, but I had to swallow. Then a second wave of cum blasted into my mouth and that was too much!

Still being assraped I pulled back from the dildo, just as a third wave explodes from its tip accross my face and hair! Sweet, warm cum still dripping from between my lips, for a moment I wonder what happened. Then it dawns to me. I've done it! He came! I feel the other one retreat from my ass. Knowing what comes next I raise my ass a bit, my muscles sore but not weak. When I designed the software, I knew I had to cum no matter what. just in case that every single cycle I hadn't cum, he was going to fuck me one last time extra hard! Looking over my shoulder I say smiling: “Yea baby, fuck me one last time! Hard!”

With force he sticks his dick me into my sore but still so slick little cunt! The frequency on the vibrator went to max and the trainfucking started immediatly. For this final time, the machine would go at roughly 1.5 times the normal speed. I was on fire! Screaming into my pillow, my hands clenching and unclenching, I came again and again wave after wave for 10 minutes! I swore in English, Chinese and all other languages I know and thrust my hips as much as possible against the movement!

Finally, just as I think I can't take anymore, it pulsates as well! Together we come one last time! No artificial sperm though. (I didn't need any anise in my bottom.) Then it retreats! Out of breath, I drop my head. It's over... I hear a soft clack and my arms fall slack. I just lay there though. Crying hard with long howls and tears in my eyes but a smile on my face. Released and fullfilled.

I think I went out for a moment, but then I wake up. My arms free, I remove my blindfold and blink against the light. I try to push myself up, but fall back and untie my upper legs first. Then I try again. I look at my alarmclock and try to determine how long I've been at this. I started around 9:30AM... It was now 1:03 PM. Wow.. For four hours I've been raped and abused. Reaching for one ankle and then the other, I unhook them from the chains and pull my legs up. Ohhhh! I was sóre! I slide off the bed and try to walk, but sink through my legs and fall down! Damn.. I try again and unsteady I wobble to the bathroom. In there I start the shower and relieve myself. When the water is warm, I step under the shower..

It isn't until I raise my arms to wash out my hair that I notice that I still wear the chains around my wrists. I unclasp them and just let them drop to the floor of the shower cabin. For half an hour I just let the water wash over me, soothing my muscles and rinsing my back and hair. Only when I feel more or less human again, I dry myself off and wrapped in towels I walk back into my bedroom. Immediatly I walk over to the controller that is now switched off by the wallplug timer that by now also switched off. I take out the chip and grin menacingly. “You! I could do So many much things to you! I could crush you like the bug you are! I could toss you out the window, or toast you in the microwave but no! That's too easy an end for you! I'm going to store you! You will NOT see the light of day again, leave alone take seat in this relay box ever again! I'm going to enjoy knowing that I own you and you can't do anything to me ever again..”

I put the chip back in the little box I shipped it home with and put it in a drawer in my workshop.

Never again.

Taking my time, It took me several hours to disassemble the setup into its components and stash them away in a wooden crate. The wooden crate is then stored in my workshop as well.

Never again... (Part of me saddens by that thought.. But he did promise. If I could make him cum before the time was over, he'd release me and never bother me again.) I shake my head and close the door.

The next weeks I don't do any selfbondage at all. Once I playfully help myself over the edge with a vibrator. But as I lay there smiling, my thoughts slowly drift back to what happened that Saturday. I did go over the program to find out what went wrong. Did I miscount? Or was it a glitch? Apparently I screwed up the programming.. For each time it would let me suck its dick, it would take a random number between 15 and lower than 21. (Thus max. 20.) Or so I thought. I mistyped the symbol and it was  between 15 and lower than or équal(!) to 21. If I didn't stop my blowjob then and there in anticipation of cum and freedom, I would have been free. Just one last deep suck was all it would have taken. Poetic really, I mused.

By the end of the fourth week I can't take it any more! One night I lay in bed. In my mind's eye, I pick up the phone. After he released me and dropped me off at home bound and blindfolded, I had to untie myself with the knife he had left me. By the time I cut myself free, he was long gone. I never saw his face, but with his voice, the camera's around my home and some common sense It took me five minutes to find out who did it. An ex colleague that I caught stealing earlier and he got fired. Apparently he wanted payback. It took me less than a minute to get his phone number from the companyphone directory. I punched in the numbers and the line connected after 3 rings.

“Hello.” I hear. I smile as I recognice the voice.

“Don't hang up.”

“... Who is this?”

I grimace. Bastard. “You know very well who I am. I know you did it and I have proof.”


“You've never done this before, have you? Kidnap somebody, tie them up and fuck them? Next time, beware of camera's asshole.”

“I- I don't know what you're talking about. Surely you must be mistaken?”

That ticked me off! “You can call me a lot of things without insulting me because I know they're true! Call me a whore, a bitch, a plaything or whatever you want. But Never, EVER try to insult my intelligence!”


Breathing in deep, I started again. “I could go to the police. I could blow this wide open. I've already proven I know no shame and will happily make a verbal statement.”

“Then why are you calling me?” He asks.

“Because... Because I need you to do it again. All of it. Take me. Rape me and humiliate me.”

“...”Silence. I could hear him think..

“Just one thing.”


“Bring your friend again.”

With that I hung up.

I have re-designing to do. Next time I'd try to keep his dick in reach by biting down, I had to know that was a bad thing to do. And I wanted hands on me, dammit! Fondling stroking and slapping breasts, back and ass!



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